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  1. Mahendra Choudhary

    i got suspended

  2. Supreme KB

    Found one car today after looking for those all day and some oily b#@## came and blew me up with his broomstick.

  3. T_R_Car_Talk

    futo to tofu is from the anime initial d

  4. Tom Arundel

    Anyone know how to get the ifruit app working, tryna get them custom plates

  5. Kemar Henry

    Need a new city liberty or vice city


    Gtx futo is parody of inital d 90 's anime

  7. clint Williamson

    You know it’s sad when the voice actor hates his own character

  8. illegal spawnz

    The finally put a dark character in the game

  9. Ni Gello

    I know this dude ain’t talking about annoying🙄🤦🏽‍♂️

  10. william crawford

    I’m not good at racing but I enjoy it

  11. Aeri Baeky

    Jack morston finally get range rover

  12. 日本語は話せません

    My xbox live gold ran out years ago buy I think I'll still miss it

  13. Mustansir taher

    When I got to know about the normal Kuruma being armored I bought one the next day

  14. Arize_shawn Shawn

    I ain’t even get money yet😐

  15. Ozcar07

    The thumbneil is from horizon 4 XD

  16. DopeStyle Tha Don

    I robbed El Rubio 67 fkn times already, I better get some kinda bonus! "Throw me a frickin bonus here" 😂

  17. Zca channel

    yeah we just see a random female in gta turn their mic on and its a man

  18. Howard Lee

    Tofu is from AE-86

  19. mathew hyland

    Their not bullet proof , don't be fooled.

  20. Will Lovelace

    Delivery boy is from the original fsst and furious film

  21. Roderick Doss

    Its a 17,000 dollar pay cut

  22. DoeyPP

    What happened to the overalls and all the other stuff

  23. fogalicious

    Imagine this for gta6, but include the entire northeast megalopolis from boston to DC.

  24. 23+ FFMI Natty


  25. 23+ FFMI Natty


  26. 23+ FFMI Natty


  27. 23+ FFMI Natty


  28. 23+ FFMI Natty


  29. 23+ FFMI Natty


  30. 23+ FFMI Natty


  31. 23+ FFMI Natty


  32. 23+ FFMI Natty


  33. MaxoSteve

    Moody man and Sessanta isn’t bad, so for you to call em knuckleheads and diss them like that is a lil over the top😂 This update isn’t bad either… it’s so bad for a game to make you actually play it…? Do y’all forget how games work? This coming from the guy who post a video about this game since 2013 talking about “take wit a grain of salt” 🥱

  34. o5dKMB6yNbTj QtDdKjk6F6cR

    Why does it always say races are "Currently Unavailable" when I talk to the race organizer?

  35. o5dKMB6yNbTj QtDdKjk6F6cR

    Test driving a vehicle doesn't appear to give me anything. I've tried for several days now.

  36. Incognito

    The cops and crooks game mode wasn’t added due to stuff happening with cops at the time irl

  37. hollywood Khan

    When is the ubermach cypher coming out?

  38. Jamz Z

    I’m waiting for the BMW to drop

  39. The7thHokage

    Why are you on single player?😂😂

  40. Isaiah Roberts

    The Male one is locate somewhere in new austin by a cabin near water I'm pretty sure

  41. Mhd Khairy

    How does Niko looks very old while Johny doesn't age well

  42. Pyoubes

    Simple answer, you’ll fail the mission and have to restart

  43. Indiana Fishing

    I thought that the blue blips just don't start popping up, because there are 1 or 2 cars on the list you have to find first before any other blips will start popping up.

  44. C K

    I discovered that if you bring any of your non tuner cars 🚗 into the auto shop ..when you modify it you can actually respray for chrome or i believe other metals that are otherwise locked in los Santos Customs. Normally in Los Santos customs the chrome and o believe other metals are locked until you finish 1st in 50 races for that class of car. You still have to pay but it's unlocked and is a little cheaper than Ls Customs if you did unlock it. Also if you want color headlights that you can get in the arena mod shop... you can now customize color headlights for any car you own by using mod shop at the LS .eat mod shop.

  45. RINH

    1:32 lol

  46. Skylor Morse

    Do the rp u used to

  47. Cetic

    The car didint come out yet, or its just for me?

  48. B

    Delivery Boy is from Intial D

  49. Ajus Vibes

    Know why my update is showing me 38gb instead of 3.6 gb?

  50. PSN Psychosocial0666

    When are they going to fix the ifruit app?

  51. Josh Josh

    Mr clickbaitftw

  52. Murky

    Jumping 2 generations would be so moronic because all those ps3 and 360 players cheat that’s all they know how to do is cheat, plus that shet ended a long time ago. Buy a ps4 already or a XOne you bums

  53. versace hotel

    imagine not watching his videos in 1.5x speed

  54. Phil Losier

    Is to be honest the game sucks Rock star should be given us something a lot better There's a lot of people who put time and work into this game to get where they're at But yet rockstar makes changes to the game Now the whole game sucks is it freezes That's why they're losing their customers

  55. Metalfacedoom

    This guy doesnt even make his own background footage smh.

  56. Phil Losier

    Everyone keeps on talking about receiving money for getting the new update I haven't received anything

  57. Phil Losier

    Every time I try to sell my car to my client in my auto shop I get to where I have to go And the person won't come out when I'm in the yellow circle

  58. Phil Losier

    Is my game has been freezing

  59. Prabha Mathur

    Arthur should have fled with John to avoid all that chaos

  60. MR_WEST_DAWG 420

    Is anyone els having problems with the low grip tires not staying on your car??? Cuz every time I buy it and then when I’m done playing and come back they are gone and I have to buy em again I just wanna drift and have to spend money every time..

    1. MR_WEST_DAWG 420

      Not have to spend money*

  61. SirShields RS

    i need someone from ps4 gta v to use the calico GTF to vs me with rat truck :3 PS4: Sirshields

  62. Nate_Dogg_12345 Nate_Dogg_12345

    They need to fix the loading in the tuners garage when u start the game and try to load in a game it glitches out and don’t let you load into a game season

  63. let playsgames1

    I never got the money in the game

  64. lll Frosteelll

    Welp once again...this guys video is wrong...I have the Remus and it's great

  65. ReadyAimFly

    Is no one going to talk about the issue with Prize Ride Challenge stats not progressing?? I've done plenty of the new street races with different amounts of racers each time placing between 1st to 3rd place. No progression with the Prize Ride Challenge. Rockstar Support even replied to me and they are aware it is an issue. It's broken. :(

  66. king_ jaheem

    Bro I ain't got no money yet

  67. Underdog Marine

    R* should allow engine swaps. Some vehicles engine sounds doesnt match certain vehicles.

  68. Morgan Höglund

    I got cheated out of the podium vehicle I had 1 more race to place top 3 I placed 3rd and went back to claim it but it now said 1 of 3 completed, this game has so many glitches it gets frustrating to play sometimes

    1. ItzJay

      same here

  69. itiSn8

    Amor is still best cause it takes more bullet from a laser gun but it is a good starter vehicle for rank one players

  70. Templar Gaming

    Still not got my oversized tin sunglasses and I just found out there were some overalls too, Mr boss you failed to mention them in your previous videos 😡

  71. The imposter

    Even at 2x he is not fast enough

  72. T McGraw

    always complaining ab no money now theres easy money glitches an now its a problem 😂

  73. Chuku HD

    Why do u need to explain every single livery? We can just see it

  74. FieryKai

    I really want to do this dlc but I can’t because I’m literally broke in the game and I can barely do the casino heist because I chose the big con and it’s annoyingly hard

  75. DanceTweety Looney Tune

    I think it is a list of shops paying him protection money and how much.

  76. Eegho Deduytsche

    i do it still

  77. Johnnypardoe

    3 fuckin videos on the same topic

  78. Yariel Flores

    I just subd to your channel man and u have great videos this should get more views honestly


      He a clickbaiter

  79. BLIXZ

    8:23 LOOK AT THAT!

  80. ScoTTYblueTUBE 27

    this was HELPFUL!