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  1. MemesAreDreams





  5. I S M A H E N E


  6. hihi

    dopierdolone to

  7. Sarah soriano arnal

    three years later i’m still crying to this song.

  8. MemesAreDreams

    amazing based nostalgia classic!

  9. MemesAreDreams

    amazing based nostalgia classic!

  10. MemesAreDreams

    amazing based nostalgia classic!

  11. MemesAreDreams

    amazing based nostalgia classic!

  12. Olga Prikhodko

    Are you a god, Abel?

  13. Pavan Kumar kachala

    Cersei: Power is Power The Weeknd : Rise from my scars Travis : TUTUTUT

  14. savage3202 2

    This lowkey hit

  15. Olga Prikhodko

    The dawn is coming Coming Down hmmm

  16. nomena marine

    the weeknd please be my whole week😭💓💓ily

  17. theSadMad

    It's JULY 2021 Let's see how many people are listening to this masterpiece ❤️

  18. Poorvisha Vasanth

    10 years 🖤✨

  19. Mohamed Belghanjouguia

  20. weeknd

    we need collab

  21. Shrey Jain

    I was here. Great song Abel

  22. En Esprit Et En Vérité

  23. Ruth

    Who else is back here in 2021?

  24. Rebeca Luana


  25. Steve Man05

    Damn this is so underrated

  26. zz

    Need this shit injected into my veins, tattooed onto my forehead.

  27. Sasha Martinez


  28. Fábio Oliveira

    One of my favorites.

  29. Hector Mayoral

    Wow this song is dope as shit. I first thoght "Cool, he released a new track I adn't heard of" uploaded 10 years ago O.O whoa a head of it's time

  30. Saurav

    The outro is everything I believe in...

  31. Evellyn Pita

    Cara tu fez sucesso em 2020 com essa música 👩‍🎤

  32. TheNorthmen Gaming

    Probably one of the best songs he ever made

  33. Samuel Attias

    Dad Tesfaye

  34. 𝐽𝑎𝑐𝑘.


  35. Edwin Escalante


  36. N A G C

    Listening to Thursday on a Thursday evening.

  37. Ronald Nascimento


  38. myytb6

    Does anyone know what Abel says at 2:57 ? Thx 😅

  39. h u h

    i love this song

  40. Einrich Leica Williams

    Danger at my mind

  41. xcarraski

    Pls dont show the kids this song :(

  42. mace


  43. Thomas Robb

    Can you make this into a full song please I want This

  44. bash mogd

    he should do more accoustic versions to his songs

  45. Bindu Shaji

    A masterpiece

  46. The Iconic

    Legends opinion : this is addictive

  47. MemesAreDreams

    amazing based nostalgia classic!!!

  48. S20FYN

    The Grammy part of this aged badly

  49. Jeflin Wenancis

    Littlefinger : Knowledge is power Cerci : Power is power ( Years after it became a song)

  50. Fries

    That beat drop oof

  51. Mayni 1111


  52. Hayden Biju

    Why am I watching this 7 years later

  53. Bachiri Cherif Abdelkrim

    Official fuckboys anthem

  54. Juan Sebastián Elgue

    Este cantante tiene una voz maravillosa… cada vez que lo escucho me hace recordar a Michael Jackson

    1. Patrício Figueira

      Unfortunately i couldnt see mj singing but im Glad that we have him 🥺🥺🥺