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  1. Movie Madness- Omar Elderiny

  2. Mauro Candiago

    Why they need to make another movie but just worse and less funny?

  3. Movie Madness- Omar Elderiny

  4. Movie Madness- Omar Elderiny

  5. Movie Madness- Omar Elderiny

  6. Movie Madness- Omar Elderiny

  7. Movie Madness- Omar Elderiny

  8. Movie Madness- Omar Elderiny

  9. Movie Madness- Omar Elderiny

  10. Elgan Syrefa


  11. MeiSter 2.0

    Hey can anyone clear my doubt. In the first kiss in the movie Guy kisses Molotov girl. He can do it because he is alive in the game even there is no button to kiss. But in the second kiss How did Molotov girl kissed him if their is no button and only guy do it .

  12. Mark

    PewdiePie was left out

  13. Who's the stiff ?

    Nobody asked for this tripe. That kid does not engender the reaction you're hoping for.

  14. Anatolii Kryvorig

    Such a disaster…

  15. Bella Bella


  16. Caydan Parker

    Literally came here to watch this before I went to the film, yet now, I feel like I’ve watched the whole thing…

  17. Samuel The 2nd

    NPCs live matters!

  18. Pepper Potts

    Home Alone 3👌🏼💯

  19. D Filthy

    Remember that Home Alone Google Assistant ad from a few years ago? I'd rather watch a full length version of that. This is Ghostbusters(2016) awful.

  20. kayla cox

    This did not do the movie justice. Its a great movie.

  21. Mayank Parashar

    I feel bad for the kid

  22. Vincent Gallagher

    I give this a fart out of ten

  23. zed

    Crap film

  24. Luis Heffer

    I already hate the kid

  25. Andrey Martyanov

    Terrible. First, Disney destroyed Star Wars, now it's tackling the classic films of old Hollywood. Not a single cent to the greedy bastards.


    That’s a no to me. 👎🏽

  27. FAG Sporco

    Imagine, just someday, they will get to other old and loved movies. Like Forrest Gump, and, god no please, Back to the Future

  28. Darth Revan

    Dont tell me that is Pete holmes...

  29. David

    Movie about the French Accents are English That's ironic

  30. Marcello Sz.

    Please do not ruin my childhood and Christmas tradition in the form of the film "Home Alone" English

  31. Marcello Sz.

    Per favore, non rovinare la mia infanzia e la tradizione natalizia sotto forma del film "Home Alone" Italian

  32. xPlicit

    cringe why just why

  33. Haruru Chua

    Hone alone 1and 2 have multi verse too haha

  34. Faith Mack

    Always women -__-

  35. D

    So it makes perfect sense that 007's "M" founded the Kingsman, but after the Kingsman dissolved did he take his position in M16

  36. Avoozl

    Can't help but feel those likes are inflated.

  37. Musicissmylife 05

    Yeah nice...but as IF any movie can compitt with the original...come ON

  38. Danail Marinov

    *The Mitchells vs. the Machines - the Spinoff!* Now featuring a homicidal knockoff Baymax!

  39. Alegro -Yotuber

    So they made movie based battle grounds like fr why it's seems they just started make worse movies ever I will be happier if they do ever apex legends movie I would watch it

  40. Jolenny DC

    The boy’s voice actor is spider man (a.k.a tom holland??????)

  41. Candy for Breakfast

    This has ghost busters remake written all over it.

  42. Dandy Frontline


  43. fahzy lazuardy

    well... umm... please don't...

  44. Malik Ramazanzade

    After what Disney has done to Star Wars it is so painful to see them going after another iconic movie. Although I don't care much about Home Alone - I simply can't help remembering what they have done to my favourite saga

  45. Obito Uchi-ha

    what a BIG JOKE

  46. Bareera Ahmad


  47. Paintpool

    It might have been smart to take Kevin from back then as a father. And also to shoot in the old house. My dream has burst😐

  48. Dindo Yop

    At least he's not fighting as a Nazi anymore

  49. aløne

    Dude just stop Jesus let Home Alone Rip

  50. JadeGabriel XD // JGXD

    Imagine a grown man Macaulay Culkin as a burglar xD...

  51. Neptor

    I hope most scenes are about the child and not his family making bad jokes.

  52. Charlie Albuero

    widow Morris county NJ

  53. Eros Pata

    Cancel this already. Thanks.

  54. WolvedMusic


  55. Anshuman

    This is great but the originals will always remain my favorite 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  56. Bennett Barlow

    British. Ew

  57. SladeBallard

    wooow no POC in the cast? twitter is gonna love that I'm sure

  58. Karim K

    I was wondering which classic they were going to slaughter next. I thought it would be Back to the future

  59. SpoonGNG

    Y'know there has to be atleast 1 person on this earth who enjoyed this movie, this makes me clench my fist with anger until they bleed

  60. ♠️PaddyTheBaddy♠️

    You know it’s bad when it doesn’t even deliver the NOSTALGIA!!

  61. わせ

    ☁  🌙 ✳ · ☁  ✸ ☁ ✴  ✶     ☁ ✴  • ✵ ·     Please don't come to JAPAN......   •   •         - --−−−−✈️                By the Japanese who want quiet✨ ____🚥🚙🚗🚐🚚____________🚏🚃_______🌴_____________🌲🌲________

  62. Сергей Войтович

    Ні. Тільки не це. Вони що просто змінили акторів? Який сенс дивитися першу частину , якщо є оригінал. Могли і постаратися зняти щось нове з новим сценарієм. Не дивно що у трейлера скільки дизлайків.

  63. Aaron Drake

    lol this is gonna be great. They're gonna have to deal that not all actors including Kevin will make it's return. So far we have Buzz McCallister appearing in this movie.

  64. Roma Ninja

    Тобто вам занудам навіть у голову не прийшло? якщо не подобається то можна не дивитися)) "Тут має бути мем з тим чуваком з тікток"

  65. Sergej Meleshko

    Только пробудило желание пересмотреть оригинал! Ремейк в топку!!!

  66. Sergio Palacios

    "Now what you don't want to do, is eat these paints. Trust me on this one." So funny Deadpool is a troll.

  67. Alex Sp

    I know it’s Disney but even though Netflix is good and since Hollywood practically died films have been kinda crap. Not all but many. They need to adapt in films not remake them.

  68. Jordan S.

    “I don’t want me or my people to be used to push an agenda” - you mean like communism/Great Reset(corporate fascism)?

  69. akademon83

    Давненько такого лайна не було від Діснея. Хоча стоп, Мулан та круїз по джунглях теж були лайном.

  70. m1key

    why people gotta hate



  72. Руслан Паславський


  73. Kaushik Raj

    It was a complete tiny budget revisit to the original one. So,why waste time for the movie when u have already re-visited.

  74. Star Light

    so im guessing now that the squid game is a big hit, producers and directors that lacks sense of creativeness will make movies like this again. they better not touch battle royale (2000) or people would totally lose it.

  75. GFUNK714

    This is worst than the Coronavirus 🤦🏻‍♂️

  76. Karolina Gronostajska

    I never watch thise movie 🤬😡😡😡😡i watch Kevin for this Christmas part one and two The reboot doesn't stand a chance IT the garbage now 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡IT sad

  77. Zug G

    Adam Driver saying "The Accusation is False" cracks me up so bad

  78. ben Warwick

    don't waste your money, its a load of droppings! someone in comments mentioned its a