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  1. Charlotte Morris

    I suffered so badly with indigestion and intermittent gastritis for years and was on preventative medication until a year ago I was so unwell from gastritis that I decided to try a fully plant based diet I’ve never looked back I don’t take medication anymore and haven’t had gastritis since and had heartburn not even 5 times also lost 2 stone without trying, I know this may not be something your interested in but just wanted to share what helped me

  2. Stefanie Taylor

    I’ve been training for my first fitness competition for the last 18 weeks. I have a coach and he doesn’t believe in “bad foods”. He asked my fave foods when we started so I literally have eating a cheeseburger, tacos, 2 cookies DAILY but it’s all worked in my plan. And yet I’ve lost 20 lbs. I suggest stop doing this yourself and seek a professional.

  3. Lunah's Library

    I’ve never related with Jaclyn more. This series is really help motivating me for my own health and well-being because I feel the EXACT same way about food that Jaclyn does and I do struggle with it. You’re going to do great! 💗

  4. BrandiAnn

    I’m loving the vlogs!

  5. Vrinda Mulwani

    Omg jaclyn you motivated me so much! The last few minutes were so amazing and made me realise that I can do it.. I’ve been feeling so sick of being tired all the time .. I’m loosing weight and I don’t feel good in my body so I’m gonna get into it and gain it back like a bitch!!!❤️❤️

  6. karen nicholson

    So proud of you and your journey, you can pick yourself up, carry on. I am on that strugglebus and need to see the highs and lows, thank you xx

  7. Н. М.

    I feel these series and I want to cry, because I relate.... You are great 🥰🥰🥰

  8. T-Virus Terrance

    Hello, Humans. Bookworms are actual insects that bore holes in books. A major book feeding insect is a paper louse that feeds on microscopic mold in poorly kept books. TERRANCE OUT

  9. Brandi Lepage

    UHHH I DONT WANNA WAIT ALL WEEK FOR THE NEXT VIDOES! I am LOVING this vlog style food journey!!!!! Jaclyn, you are such a gem, you always have such beautiful energy& bring me so much inspiration & joy.! U are motivating me to eat cleaner & to start exercising! Thank you!!!

  10. Taylor Read

    Can an American pls let me know what animal style means ? 🇦🇺

  11. Runninman Fudalaw

    This is funny

  12. Nik Nak

    So proud of u I actually wanna give u a hug.. u have been so real with us during your journey and i love it.. dont ever be upset with ur self over haters.. do what makes u happy and the loyal followers will support u.. sending love and hugs xx ❤️❤️

  13. Rachael McAvoy

    Amazing job showing the good and the bad!!! You got this!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  14. James Kelvin

    Well, for starters, you could stop posting videos.

  15. Denisse Luna

    TIP WITH ALLL MY LOVE NO HATE INTENDED: ditch the diet culture crap like having "cheat days" food has no moral value. if u classify your new lifestyle as" diet" you will end up dropping the whole thing. u don't need to completely ditch your cravings, its all about balance. eating healthy and also eating the things u like, don't give into feeling like you are depriving yourself and then you are cheating. eating things u like doesn't equal cheating. that is literally a vicious cycle you will never be able to break if the mentality doesn't change.

  16. Sarah Lightfoot

    Haven’t watched Jaclyn for a couple years TBH. But what on earth has she done to her face?!!!!! I’m literally shocked

  17. Galaentertainment .Blizzmia

    I’m not an especially healthy eater but I don’t have that much bread in a year….. 😂🙈

    1. Carole Ann

      I've never known anyone eat as many meals/snacks in a day! There will be people watching this who can't afford one meal a day!


    People around you also needs to understand your limitations and behave accordingly.

  19. Anindita Chattopadhyay

    You will come out victorious from this journey ! I trust you and your decision! Transition is a great but its a slow process as it is a change of lifestyle which is difficult but I trust you and you can do this !!!

  20. C Rose

    Instead of focusing on the food, focus on changing your mindset first 🙏🏻 try a food delivery service pre made meals and you only need to warm it up

  21. laali x

    I think it’s important to take it slow and also it takes a little while before you create a habit. Something that might help you I think would be to add more fibers and beans to your diet. I listened to a podcast where a nutritionist explained how it can help with autoimmune diseases and with pms, because it’s connected with the hormones. Check it out ☺️

  22. Simple Living

    This series is honestly better than TV! Thank you for letting us in on your journey. We’re all rooting for you!

  23. Pooja Amane

    The blush palettes that Jacklyn has launched recently look similar like the shade in this palette 👌❤️

  24. Dam

    Consistency over perfection. <- Best advice I was ever given as it allowed me to understand that it’s not a “failure” if I have a burger for lunch, because I can have a salad for dinner. There are no bad foods, only bad relationships with food.

  25. Sana Heit

    Yes you should be proud of yourself💕 change aint easy 😊step by step sister

  26. Amy More than mum

    Yes Jaclyn I love how honest you are!! Thank you 🙌 I'm trying so hard to be healthier its so frikken hard I fail alot too but I'm getting there day by day .. it is so refreshing to see someone show the bad and good . Keep up the good work 🧡

  27. Tracey Burnhams

    Your not alone…..thanks for letting us in. It can’t be easy!!! Go girl 💄

  28. bellabelle00

    You know, instead of going cold turkey on your favorite things, you should probably try a healthy alternative or even a vegan option.

  29. Ashley Marone

    you should really work with a registered dietician through this

  30. Monica valderrama

    Girl you got this! I don’t think you need the negative hate! You are human and it’s easy to fall but you will get back up and keep fighting be happy. When you eat with family around don’t pay attention to what they are eating just pay attention on how your not alone eating. As someone who grew up eating TV dinners and sitting at the table alone eating I learned how to just be happy I had a roof to eat under and table to sit at.! I can’t wait to see the video of you looking back at these moments and notice how far you have gone!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  31. TimeBucks

    Jordan being so supportive is so beautiful

  32. Dominique

    Jaclyn, I'm not even sure if you'll see this, but if I could offer you some advice it would be don't beat yourself up for having food that you completely enjoyed and lastly, that maybe you should focus on the things you want to eat more of, instead of putting so much emphasis on the things you can't have or that you are not supposed to eat. It might be good to make this mental shift and also to find ways to make veggies more delicious, besides eating more fiber helps your body to do a better job of eliminating waste. Lastly, i'd like to recommend a few salad dressings that are good tasting to me and hopefully you find them enjoyable as well: Trader Joe's Spicy Asian Style Peanut Vinaigrette, David's Unforgettables Honey Mustard & David's Unforgettables Balsamic Vinaigrette. :). You can do this girl and you've helped motivate me to eat better also :)...so thank you. 🙏🏾

  33. Passthatdutch

    Girl you got endo. Its not pms. Rapid weight gain and severe cramps is endo. Its really common unfortunately, and weight gain will make it worse so its a vicious cycle

  34. A S

    I think measurements are more accurate in shorts and cami

  35. Sarcastic J

    Girl you need some discipline

  36. Lidia Zmitrowicz

    Bugs in lettuce is not disgusting, is nature!

  37. Talitha Banton

    I’m loving the authenticity of this series!!

  38. Amelia Hindrikes

    Love this! I'm on my own weight loss journey and this makes me want to continue. Thanks so much! Can't wait for the next episode❤️🇸🇪

  39. Jaci Harper

    Okay but literally Jaclyn you’re inspiring me so much! 🥺💕 keep on pushing girl you got this!

  40. KayLynn Gerhart

    This was the wrong video to watch after eating unwashed salad 😂 and I'm trying to make some good changes in my lifestyle too. Even if they're small it's still progress.

  41. Cara Wooden

    We’ve all been at this stage in our lives at one point or another. I never told myself no to that cookie or cake so because of that I gained weight! The “junk” will be there after you lose the weight! However, don’t keep cheating yourself in the process of getting to your goal. You got this 🙌❤️

  42. Daniela Romero

    I love you we’re all so proud

  43. Emma Whittaker

    I’m from Australia and you ordering burgers I think? Sounded literally like another language to me.

  44. Erika Galdamez

    I love how real you are in this subject, Im extremely over weight feeling depressed and not good in my own skin seeing your video is motivation to start a healthy journey. You are amazing! .

  45. Dani Claudi van Zyl

    Please do more videos like this 😍

  46. Stfany D

    Does anyone know the Mexican restaurant she bought food from is called? 😩

  47. Thereal Nouf

    This episode is so raw and genuine. I can relate in so many levels it’s insane. I started my journey with you and this gave me hope and a push to do better. I’ve been giving myself excuses for the past 2 years and it’s enough. I’m only 141 pounds but like you said it’s not about the number but it’s about how I feel about myself. My goal is to reach my pre-body by December. I hope I get back to my comment and find myself at my goal weight. I hate my relationship with food and my goal is to make it better. Wish me luck!!

  48. Dimepiece 1994

    Also why not get a personal trainer, personal chef to meal prep good food. If I could afford it, that’s what I’d do.

  49. Casey Dylan

    I think Jordan comments on your eating a little too much. Your constantly having to justify eating things that aren't low calorie. Eating in moderation is good. Crash diets are not.

  50. Sherry Kennedy

    Jacklyn, I have never been more proud or admired you more since you’ve started this series! BRAVO to your courage and authenticity! Dieting is hard AF when you love food like we do! You also have such great taste even in restaurants. I live in L.A. & would love to know where that Mexican food was from? BTW, seeing Hrush in this video was a nice surprise, also adore her! 💋

  51. Maria Cervantes Alises

    there's nothing more beautiful than seeing someone fighting for her dreams. be strong, it's tough but you're gonna make it! and don't feel bad if you fall, just keep trying 💜

  52. Dimepiece 1994

    Satin pillowcase and I always bring them on vacation or satin scarf to prevent breakage.

  53. cowboy like me

    That's some unhealthy relationship with food bruh. Hope this gets better

  54. Journeytopeace Peace

    I can see that you gain the weight in your face!

  55. Danielle Littlejohn

    Is that an engagement ring I see? Am I losing my mind? 😂

  56. ganjabong master420

    crying at what jordan said in the kitchen. definitely relates to my relationship and the year i’ve had as well with my confidence and weight difference

  57. Jason

    :26 it's raining outside, sheesh, I'm in Sacramento and we had a whole week straight of 114 degrees Fahrenheit, at this point I'll do almost anything for rain, I'll kick a dog off a bridge and then if rained I'll lay down outside in it, it is so dusty and pollen is everywhere I hate this place so much

  58. Amanda Olsson

    I’m doing my health journey with you jaclyn 💕 these videos inspire me. We’ve got this!

  59. Caitlin Doyle

    We’re all doing this with you jac! I know it’s so hard I’ve cheated too but we’re gonna get there! Every cheat makes you cheat less I’ve found so although we both cheated I know it’ll be one less cheat we have to suffer through!

  60. Erica Ferreri

    Food has no moral value. The restriction and constant babysitting is not helping. You should look into intuitive eating instead...you shouldn't have to feel bad about yourself constantly for just eating.

  61. Hamster

    I hate this. this woman is more privileged than 99% of the population yet still managed to whine about her champagne problems every single minute. I'm over it. bye

  62. Teresa McMullan

    I think you are incredible and I love being on this journey with you ♥

  63. ori vazana

    I belive in you! You can do it! I love you...

  64. Boring

    Be better instead of boring me, dude

  65. Sandra stone

    I’m not even a min into the video and can already see you’ve dropped some weight in your face. Nice going! You can do it!

  66. TC Nance

    Remember...it is a Journey!! You Got This!!

  67. Emma Stopher

    I don’t think you should label foods as “good” and “bad”. You can still enjoy the foods you love in moderation. For example, you could still have a sandwich for lunch, you could still have a small chocolate at the end of the day for dessert etc.

  68. Nicole Proctor

    I haven’t watched you in years but, I’m proud of you. I understand this. I lost 80lbs.. and still need to loose 80 more.. I haven’t worked on it in a year.. 😞 Following you so I can take some tips. It will be an emotional roller coaster. Trust me. You got this. You have a good support system. ❤️

  69. Glorious Harmony

    Jaclyn you are an icon to so many. I find this video quite sad. You have to take control of your own life no matter what is said in the comments. Losing weight is such a challenge but it can be done. Walking in the open air is great for mental and physical health. You have the know how and the tools, so be an example for others while you go on this challenging journey.

  70. Nike L

    Movement = life!

  71. Neoma Semora

    At least I'm not the only one that smells my fingers after cutting onion and garlic. Its different but good 😂 yayyy im not the only one now

  72. Nike L

    Screw the treadmill and do a long danceparty to your favoritesongs. 5 songs is i15 minutesish. Do ten squats while waiting on the coffee to brew. Also of you have access to sauna - great! Do some sauna sweating for detox. Lemon and ginger in the water you drink ❤️ Please dont do salad only, you need to eat proper food! Fasting helped me to get rid of my need to binge.

  73. ruru the fool.

    before I watch this, will this trigger my recovery

  74. Allison Sherman

    You got this!!!

  75. Maria H

    A healthy relationship with food is much more important than losing weight… also exercise! You were right next to a beach go on an hour walk

  76. Emma Claire

    Enjoying this series Jaclyn I've been on the opposite spectrum of not eating which is surprising for me as I normally love food. Being diagnosed with Endometriosis has been hard in not eating finding a solution has been hard. Loved hearing your story so far mindset is so important. <3

  77. Jessica Flores

    Omg I’m so happy your doing this because I have been wanting to lose weight but I’m so weak when it comes to food and when I watch your journey I’m like ok your going through the same so let’s do this together we can do this food will not define us