Hi Im Dylan Ayres. You may know me from my Tik Tok Dylandoestiktok1. I make longer form videos on this youtube channel and share my life along with it.

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  1. Rahel Kamwi


  2. Jon Doe

    Gay asf thanks for not entertaining me

  3. Okay And?

    This is what Jesus walked on

  4. Elizabeth Archer


  5. xAestheticGachax

    Hey u should play basketball with the rubber band ball

  6. Skye Lategan

    Spend 24hours in it

  7. Skye Lategan

    Spend 48 hours in it because 24 hours is so original

  8. Skye Lategan

    Ive always wondered how do you start a rubber band ball So HOW

  9. A BoringDay

    why don’t you fill it up with slime

  10. KitKat5700

    That sounds fun 🤩

  11. Eli S.

    make a full web

  12. Birbboi

    That white stuff is cu m

  13. Centuria Proxima

    A stack of parts

  14. Minty Milk

    Also me: cant evan solv one side in a hr

  15. Minty Milk

    I live anime it meh life

  16. Flamable Luke

    Omg look at that face Phil swift here for flex tape

  17. LiLImcuz2

    Play tennis

  18. Ashley Frye

    I’ve been here from the start when it started from exploding a watermelon

  19. devil celina 🖤❤

    Make a little living room

  20. SwankLolx

    A stack of parts, if u know what I mean.

  21. Lori Lucas

    Walmart is like “Where are all of our rubber bands going?

  22. Owen Jenner


  23. Maevin Ward

    The real ones remember when Collins Key did this… the og ooblek pool

  24. sherri hershey

    Mack a

  25. Kenna Moyer

    I been to that creek

  26. M.A.X war Ford

    What gonna happen on day 69 tho?

  27. Reddit Bnsmemer

    Fill it with hellium🤣🤣

  28. Hampster lord

    Make a rubber band boat FLEET (:(:

  29. demon_slayer042

    Cut a knife with the knife plzzz😏😏😏

  30. Wesley Baker

    Take the rubber band ball to the pawn shop again

  31. MovieEclips

    I use that stuff when I bake! Btw, it edible

  32. Helen Bannister

    Get it to 700

  33. Mohdsyafiqhafizan Rezalman

    Just a bunch of nerd trying out their rubber ball🤣

  34. J and C Royalty

    make a ball of gold rubber bands

  35. chris kaluza

    With out those things he runs like a girl

  36. Elizabeth Archer

    Fill your storm shelter I’ll put watermelon

  37. Marselo Pistola

    I love how everybody is talking about the "robot" being the iron giant.



  39. Gisibus


  40. mr. Poptart

    If you’re getting good tape you’re getting flex tape

  41. Melon mushroom and Pink popcorn

    That is amazing

  42. Dalton Mccallister

    He called a pool float an air matress

  43. angeleyes green

    Used to make that for my kids to play with

  44. RomanVilaS

    ¿Your parents are cousins right?

  45. This thing

    Wait when you sucked up the helium you sounded like graig from south park

  46. Fernando Montoya

    Newer cars are easier to do this

  47. Fernando Montoya

    Older cars have stronger parts

  48. Manzaruł Ałam

    Don't harm your car for useless facts

  49. Dheeraj Hassani V E

    Soda explode 😂😂

  50. marley wyatt

    Let the glue dry then do it

  51. Shean Wan

    Man bought watermelon from Walmart just to experiment trampoline 10/10

  52. Willow Rosa


  53. Lil_legalo

    My dog vomited in my mouth

  54. Envoy Ziplock

    You're driving through Pierre or around it for a soccer tournament we saw a giant black rubber band ball

  55. Freya Boddington

    Ho here has tiktok 🤪because I don’t but I want to get it 😂😂😂

  56. Bhawesh Joshi

    Try Plunger 😂

  57. Jordan Brannock

    Y’all can’t bench 125?

  58. neon seon

    Fill it with with with bouncy balls and go inside

  59. Russell Snow

    This is what "boys will be boys" means

  60. Cakeimbo

    I like how when he says a bad movie it's the emoji movie disc

  61. dragonballz

    You are just wasting money

  62. Drake Miller

    Where part 41

  63. ミIɳƚҽɾɠαʅαƈƚιƈ Sραƈҽ Kιƚƚҽɳ ඏ

    Should of painted the frame before putting the cubes in it. But eh, it's not a big deal. Still looks dope.

  64. Rainbow Dash is Da Best

    What movie is it?

  65. LiamStillLost

    Me: Can we get a trampoline Mom: No, we have one at home The trampoline at home:

  66. Aubrey

    Walmart Collins key that you?

  67. Jennivie Tagulao

    Haters saying fake Karens saying it's illegal. Fans saying wow 😳. Me e

  68. Oliver Doano

    My fellow minecrafters: 🤚 Part 64 👉 A stack of parts

  69. 🦋 Avalynn fidgets 🦋

    No offense but y’all are being babies. YALL COULD HAVE PUSHED THAT RUBBER BAND BALL

  70. adrienne chester


  71. vollbreit420

    Wtf thats so lame 🤣

  72. Tracey Condon

    Its called Cornflower and water

  73. Andrew Lerberg

    120 the Rubber band ball

  74. mainn 0606

    Your profile picture looks like young mark zuckerberg

  75. lol loli

    Am i the only one who thinks why most of these people who try this hacks aren't creative and patience and a hand of art But then again i remembered creative people aren't stupid like these people