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  1. Peter Perry

    Notice how they cut out the last question that was asked as if it never happened 😂😂 won’t be seeing that guy in a Utd press conference anytime soon can’t ask questions that the manager can’t answer

  2. sounak banerjee

    Nani ❤️

  3. M K

    Our future No. 9 Norkett partnering with Greenwood will be wonderful to watch

  4. Rabi Thokchom

    Ole out plz Bruno he give penalty to senior CR7 Greenwood he was most seilfe n lose the game 😂😂😂

  5. Yangto


  6. moses kinyua


  7. Yalçın Durgun


  8. Lakshya Varshney

    Sir Alex Ferguson is the happiest person right now

  9. Red Devils

    Did we watch the same game as ole?

  10. VietNam Farmer

    Wish he came to MU earlier . Such a waste of a legend . Glad finally he got what he deserved.

  11. Gary Geoghegan

    What a view for his 2nd goal. Lady working at 19.48,seemed just to be doing her job through the early parts of vid ,by time stated above you had her phone out in awe of what was happening.

  12. NN D

    At best this couldve been a draw. Is this what United should be satisfied with? Already behind in CL, out of Carabao in first game. This season was the best in transfer market ever, and the worst already in results.

  13. doire aintu


  14. Alex Ruwndar

    I love the sound of the boot hitting the ball..

  15. Mahad Ahmed

    If ole can't win something with these squad he will never a trophy in his career

  16. Shaun Booval

    McFred will end Ole’s career at MUFC. Sadly he will deserve it because of his stubbornness to play people like DVB and his insistence to put players out of position. Cone on Ole, you can turn this around!

  17. Nihad

    Why Greenwood Played Like Selfiesh....

  18. Gabriel Ashaye

    Why is Sancho on the bench, what's wrong with Ole.

  19. DHYYY


  20. DHYYY


  21. Dzul Faudzan

    The reason why UTD is always inconsistent in winning is because their game system is stale and lacks creativity

  22. Ymey RADENME

    Greenwood egois n no skill

  23. Ymey RADENME

    Ole out zidane in

  24. Cristian A

    Quien mas le dio un sentimiento como lo trato el dt van gaal a chicharito y luego que falla ese penal

  25. Jimy Mahyudin


  26. toan lo

    Ole Out

  27. Aloha Tigers

    You have the best squad in the league and yet failed to win. It has to be the manager

  28. 4Bester

    Neither of those was a red card! They just got sent off because it is youth football and they want to set an example.

  29. Fadhil Reduan

    Ten Hag in

  30. fahim ally

    so you've decided not to post Aston villa highlights what a shame.

  31. Adnan Ashraf Sidiquee

    The Power of Old Trafford

  32. Alucard or dante

    Lord maguire b2b captain

  33. Michael de Marco

    Mike de Marco Sacked by Cardiff, incapable of managing a club of United's pedigree , keeps smiling and failing; yet stays in the job. A very sad situation for the club's supporters. What next?

  34. Mang Zou

    SELFISH Bruno, Green wood and Ole, delete this three selfish people

  35. Cậu cafe vlog!

    Mu is currently a competitive team with no collective spirit and coordination! Everyone wants to express themselves with selfishness!

  36. jazzper javier


  37. Justin

    Fifa 22 goalkeepers

  38. Verysmile Live

    Sukses CR7

  39. topsync1952


  40. Quantum Media

    Please ole outtt pleaseeee

  41. Fauzi Caur

    Sell fred

  42. shokir mirzayev

    Qulingdan kelmasa sur bottan

  43. China Man

    i thought he only scored 10 goals for the club.

  44. SM 99

    Where is the highlights of our Europa league final loss to Villareal. Build up to the match.

  45. nanda yasmine leslar Hongkong

    Manchester united big love from Indonesia 🇮🇩❤️