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  1. Carl Nuwagaba

    I'm just noticing that Mendy was up there celebrating with Emerson. My man must've ran across the pitch like Adebayor at the Etihad vs Arsenal lol

  2. Kwaku Gyasi

    Give your life to Jesus for "..Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved" (Acts 4:12)

  3. Goku Ultra Instinct

    I was born in Mexico City but I got a certified citizen of America USA in 1986. I now live in Boston MA USA for 41 years! Go Go Go Go Go Go USA USA USA USA USA USA!!!! :P

  4. M

    The first goal was fantastic viva Mexico

  5. fedua nefoo

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  6. Aqua


  7. K B

    Finally. Congratulations

  8. Frank_ man917

    I cant be the only barca fan watching this nearly a year later.

  9. oliver rey


  10. Eddie

    I think the highlight of this match was when lainez entered the match not even 3 min and he scores

  11. Jair Peralta

    Mickey mouse cup

  12. ed secce

    Mexican were playing local lol

  13. Morgz is the best Youtuber in the world

    Now pulisic has won the champions league and the concacaf nations league, what a legend

  14. TrapKingz

    Like always Pessi does NOTHING. CR7 the REAL GOAT

  15. Tim Kuiken

    So shocked! I read some of the comments and looks like I’m on page with thinking our US guys were lacking, but they came out on Top. I think the men’s passing game massively needs to be improved. That why Mexico took us every other time. I have US pride and I want all our country to replace the current US identity which is football to soccer and for that to happen we have to have successful athletes on the world stage. Way to represent in that facet Women!

  16. Rafo Koch


  17. Yuamkev1ruamrovtsitauqab

    I knew lebron’s brother will score

  18. Yuamkev1ruamrovtsitauqab

    We beat a good mexico team

  19. Chinmay Purohit

    Who knew that after this UCL season, we win in the next one 😌

  20. Jaime Dominguez

    I am glad USA won cause not going to lie Mexico are toxic well not the actual player it most of the fans it funny how a bunch of there fans say they are the best team😂

    1. Jaime Dominguez

      It funny when they can’t find a excuse why the lost the blame it at there player😂😭😭😭

  21. Edwin Rodriguez

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  22. Paul Huck

    Captain America and his sidekick, Horvath!

  23. Steve Davenport

    Two very well matched teams loaded with talent

  24. Isael Vertiz

    Bro we made PSG look good we could've gone through if we played like the 1 1

  25. Danny Dany

    “that’s a real sad imagine” shows sterling with captain band lmao

  26. janio punuu

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  27. Exotic Venom

    Coming from Barca fan I am disappointed from that lack of performance

  28. Lashea Cannon


  29. DSEBZ

    Dude at 3:21 was on both sides😂

  30. Louie Louie

    American soccer is too kamikaze style. They burn all their energy early. It's a 90 minute game!

  31. tonyyoo116

    This was Ramos and varnes last game together:(

  32. David Guarracino

    This is one of the most dramatic and beautiful game i have ever seen what a comeback for the usa 🇺🇸👏bravo.

  33. Sunshine

    Wow! Congratulation US team over Mexico.

  34. Emmanuel Gallegos

    man Mexico fumble the bag sad face

  35. Bryan Guzman

    I love when México lose😂😂😂

  36. mims234

    needs a goal he brings on Fred😂😂😂😂😂

  37. Andre Lima

    What a phenomenal game! Wow both teams killed it

  38. Lester

    American here. Still made us proud Pulisic 🇺🇸 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  39. oscarjones xxx

    Congrats to the mens soccer team. They earned the win.

  40. charles lawal

    One of the best ucl games I ever seen

  41. Abe Lewin

    I never saw a gol keeper as good as the one from Mexico. He is the best in the world.

  42. Nasarif Kongsin

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  43. Jordan Wilson

    No it isn’t the prettiest most flashy goal but it’s everything we needed. Champions!!

  44. Lockable Kicks

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  45. neobox


  46. K L

    I can't imagine if Mexico won? There will be riots in LA for sure.

  47. Cheryl K

    America is good at soccer lol

  48. Gamer Oficial


  49. Rager14gg2

    HONDURS 1#

  50. Woo walkin all night

    I’ve lost all my respect for psg after this game. Rash, unnecessary, disgusting, and extremely disgraceful challenges. Pitiful and pathetic.

  51. mims234

    midfield non existent😭 tracking back non existent

  52. d4rk_ekk0

    So much better with the crowd man...so much better

  53. Bounnong Khoukone

    LET' GO U.S.A TEAM👌👍👏🙏😎💪🇺🇸

  54. el koreano Mendoza

    Neymar was denied 3 times by the post and couldnt reach a cross from di maria unlucky the score coulve been 4-1

  55. savageXaguilar

    Can someone explain to me how this game doesn’t go to penalties? Porto win the first leg 2-1 and Juve the second 3-2. I’m confused, if both scored an away goal, how come Porto get the win?

  56. - Hohzay

    The Mexican penalty that the US saved made me scream, my 1 year old daughter started crying….😩😭 what a fucking save!! He will never forget that

    1. Zeroid

      That goalie ruined Mexico in that game

  57. Erwin Chua

    After the game went to a Mexican taco truck..boy...the cholitos working at the truck looks mad so I just bought soda just to be safe they might put something if I order tacos

  58. eddierocks01

    El jugador mejica de rodillas como siempre. Culpando la pija de los Estadounidenses. Jajaja!

  59. Benjie Bandz

    That roar at the end from Tuchel

  60. ynwsl¡me

    KDB or not, Chelsea defense wasn’t not going to concede

  61. NB kg


  62. Chris Crapo

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  63. ovio

    fun fact: some Mexican fans are still mad about this…

    1. Yeet Yeet

      @Rodolfo Hernandez stay mad

    2. Carlos Arce

      You are right I am mad but the game was really good and that is all that matters

    3. Ezcanor

      @Mateo Cruz lmao he muted me haha. I’m definitely toxic

    4. Mateo Cruz

      @Ezcanor dont even bother trying to reply. Im done trying to talk to someone in denial.

    5. Mateo Cruz

      @Ezcanor it's like I'm talking to a wall. you are obviously in serious denial. Muting you now because of how toxic you are being.

  64. SoledOut SC

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  65. Nathaniel Johnson

    Both teams live in the United States now...

  66. Ivan R

    it's time for women's soccer to step aside and let the men shine.

    1. Father Gabriel Stokes


  67. Fahim Hoq

    We might see such masterclass from Varane in Manchester derby next season.

  68. Porter Smelser

    What a great game

  69. Bikesh Shrestha

    Messi mala mal

  70. Bikesh Shrestha

    It is what it is

  71. Humzah Hassan

    2:34 he’s had a great start to the game samedo. Dang that didn’t age well

  72. walmars3curity

    Still love David de Gea

  73. Blap

    As a chelsea fan, I had no expectations at all coming out of the group stage, The result is just absolutely fantastic

  74. Ezra Leslie

    Can we all agree Pulisic falls faster than a priest after *convocation here?

    1. Father Gabriel Stokes

      @Ezra Leslie You have something to say to a Priest??

    2. Ezra Leslie

      @Yeet Yeet just a bit soft is all. not a crime, i guess.

    3. Yeet Yeet


  75. Godsin

    lets go USA. Mexico always think they are good but they are bad. Mexican people hella mad right now. USA is the next champion

    1. Father Gabriel Stokes

      @Fleek Kid, get your head out of your as for once

    2. Il Padrino

      @Fleek They wouldn't have qualified if it weren't for the USA.

    3. Fleek

      @Il Padrino they qualified didn’t they? Or did I forget something

    4. Il Padrino

      @Fleek Worry, lol. As well for you, 2014.

    5. Fleek

      Worry about qualifying for the World Cup man

  76. Wotan's Wolf

    Lol seen a Mexican American wearing a USA jersey but a Mexican flag. He wins either way lmfaoooo

  77. Game Domnick

    1:35 you heard it right Zoo