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    my favorite player is roger. that said, i admire the way that djoko gain streght from adversity and a contrary crowd. few people can do what he does. roger was always loved. imagine being hated even so have the tenacity to play and win. that is greatness.

  2. 40 Love

    Marco never had the makings of a varsity athlete.

  3. Rockpledge

    Djokovic won this match because of the condition. Fook roland garros for making this into night match, they could have schedule this earlier.

  4. noname noname

    I fuck all 688 mother fuckers who dislike this video!

  5. Michael Chang

    3-2, always, for Djokovic...

  6. Elsie Spirer

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  7. Djurdja Kostadinovic


  8. 19Trıbune Show07

    2-0'dan 3-2 :) legend Djokovic

  9. Mrym

    أهلي وعدوني وقالو لي"اذا وصلت ١٠ الاف مشترك قبل نهاية الشهر رح اشتري لك ps5 (بلاستيشن٥)" أنا مرا احتاج لps5...

  10. NotSoHandyTim

    Crowd participation was outstanding.

  11. E Chika

    These tournaments are becoming huge jokes. Why are they scheduling matches in the middle of the night? Have human beings become BATS or NIGHT OWLS? Human evolution evolved humans to be more active and have more energy during the day time when the sun is in the sky and less active, get tired and sleep when the sun goes down at night. Human beings see better at day time than at night time. No type of artificial light will ever equate to natural sunlight. Human physical activity is programmed by nature to be higher during the sunlight hours of the day. What would have happened if electricity was not invented. All through the times, the ancient times, through the last century, people played their competitive games and sports during the sunlight hours. Competitions were held under normal natural sunlight conditions. They may have had informal entertainment and parties and showbiz at night for entertainment. In the future hundreds of years from now; what would people in the coming generations think when they realize that 'these people played their games and matches in the dead of the night'. Where these games played with what artificial lighting technology? - incandescent lamp? flourescent lamp? or LED lamps? In addition to these ridiculous behaviours, the older players are scheduled more often to play the majority of their matches at these night games while the younger play at normal sun light hours. In spite of the fact the the younger players are most likely still to be going all night parties and entertainment.

  12. Fabien H

    This jerk is insinuating a lot at the end of the interview. Nothing new. Sore loser and a bit of a spoiled brat at the same time. If he's the new man, things may turn pretty ugly quite fast.

  13. Black Raven

    Godmode: On

  14. Matthew Tsou

    Loses the first two sets but sill wins. Wow

  15. Mai teeke

    He is such a great player!

  16. Thành Nam

    Great Novak 🇻🇳

  17. ____________


  18. Naos

    There are tennis players and there is Novak Djokovic! Idemoooo! Congrats to Tsitsipas as well, he sure has a bright future! Στεφανε, η Σερβια σ'αγαπαει!

  19. aris orais

    Well, im here after Novak win his 2nd Roland Garros.

  20. Gabriel Hall

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  21. celebre inconnu

    Félicitations Djoko! Tu es le meilleur!

  22. little creek

    Well done Serbian Brother ✊🏿

  23. Nicolás Ferreiro


  24. малика зияева

    Респект Джокович! Вернул должёк Надалю.

  25. Top Video

    Best match i ever saw 👌

  26. [owner]Hologram BOSKO


  27. Lol No

    I heard Tsitsipas only gets served mashed food, so he can´t choke on that.

  28. elmer frankel

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  29. Juan Durango

    Novak Djokovic, el mejor del Planeta Tierra. mis respetos y admiración. gracias por deleitarnos con vuestro juego repleto de Esplendor!!!

  30. Pettarin Mariano

    I really don't get why Djokovic doesnt command a fan base as Big as Roger or Nadal. Maybe because his tennis is kind of robotic.

  31. Nicolás Ferreiro


  32. الحياة صعبة

    Its a very nice matsh

  33. Demon Llama

    If Rafa weren't so dominant at RG, everyone and their mother would be bitching about how much he grunts. Don't deny it. Djoker gets little to zero praise at Wimbeldon and RG, compared to Fed and Rafa respectively. And I love Fed and Rafa.

  34. bojans 279

    Novak the Great:) ❤️

  35. Ron Cruz

    Simply amazing! Both players are superb

  36. Lioた

    1:27 4:45 6:25

  37. Sea Scorpio

    That hurts to lose having a 2 sets lead.. Poor Stefanos.

  38. Manav Kalra

    greatest achievement 🔥🔥...he is now ahead in the GOAT race.

  39. qbert3001

    The only thing that can stop Djokovic at the US Open this year is if the US requires vaccination for players to play. The US media/government is going vaccine crazy. I can see a mandate happening, and then Djokovic not playing.

  40. Ryan Dave s

    If Djokovic was 6'4 too it wouldn't even be close

  41. Sundar Ramamoorthy

    Stan's game always nice to watch - any number of times.

  42. Luca

    I love you Djokovic

  43. Liam Silver

    good job Jelena!!! @7:44...vertical filmers suck!

  44. erica ameh

    Novak my love 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💃

  45. Scott Carroll

    Um what's up with number three? That was a pretty standard cross court, running forehand that happens probably five times a match.

  46. Moon Ze

    It's not over until Novak say it's over.

  47. Cala Mansi

    A Federer fan here through and through but I can't help to admire the greatness of Djokovic! If he gets to twenty (20) slams at yearend, he's already at the top along with his Federer and Nadal!

  48. eajj13

    Awesome! I love this game! 🎾🎾🎾

  49. Richard Liu

    It was totally a mental game: the Greek young god lost to a soiled tennis shirt. He should have changed into a clean one after the second set. Too eager to finish, too easy to read!!!

  50. John L

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  51. Ryan Zhou

    Am I reading the description wrong or is the score just completely off

  52. Vera vojvodic


  53. Michael Milano

    Wtf is that Gonzo shot doing on this list?!

  54. Rodrigo Carvalho

    Obrigado Djoko... Mas, sacanagem, vocês cortaram a transmissão bem na hora da homenagem da estação espacial.

  55. Fernando Robles Gonzalez

    Nunca había abido un Serbio tan bueno en el tenis muy probablemente se convierta pronto en el mejor de todos los tiempos aunque para muchos ya lo es