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  1. Emily Luther

    Those books were my childhood! 😁

  2. Tom Endert

    I really miss Ryan Dunn

  3. Victor Gonzalez

    ok whats the name of the actor at 1:33 - anyone please

  4. Echo Alpha

    Looking at the trailer now.. SONIC is the main focus, of course. But come on, if you pause at each moment of James Marsden's scared facial expression, it's just PRICELESS.

  5. BatSTUD

    Snake Eyes is a white guy with blonde hair. Hard pass on this nonsense.

  6. NextGen Studios

    This is going to be one of those movies that is surprisingly great.

  7. Nadine Belala

    Light in up like dynamite ooh 💜💜💜

  8. sue

    It is good movie. Look at that good boi

  9. cynthia rouse

  10. marisol silvera

    es su piel o es pintura

  11. Art Will


  12. MännekenPiss47

    Missing BAM 💥. Without him it will be never be the same

  13. Genny C

    The whole concept for this film came out of that meme: Will Will Smith smith Will Smith? Yes, Will Smith will smith Will Smith

  14. Joey the Sonic fan

    Geez, when does the trailer come out already? The movie is less than 9 months away.

  15. Lilian Eaton

    *THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE* SEXYTEEN.ME RScamera: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK'' RScamera: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #такой #рыбачков ..u #もムの猫ゲーム

  16. Corey Booth

    *THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE* SEXYTEEN.ME RScamera: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK'' RScamera: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #такой #рыбачков ..u #もムの猫ゲーム

  17. Gwendolyn Burke

    *THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE* SEXYTEEN.ME RScamera: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SAYS ''HECK'' RScamera: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #такой #рыбачков ..u #もムの猫ゲーム

  18. Donny B

    trash movie

  19. Moni Soungkor

    Good to see itchy onion from warriors series 😍😍😍

  20. Tyler Goodwin

    Modern day 3 stooges

  21. Nicolai

    Im so exited

  22. Im Batman !

    TUNA !

  23. DJB B


  24. Yiding Liu

    In the memory of Ryan Dunn and Zachary Hartwell

  25. tigerwong

    Save the money that was just boring just talk and 80% of the action is the last 30 minutes.Another character dragged into the sand.

  26. Walter White

    I guarantee you they probably found a way to woke it up and ruin it. Tom dies at the end of the movie and is replaced by a rainbow-haired black feminist who identifies as a non-binary helicopter or some shit

    1. Victor Gonzalez

      omggg you're so edgy, funny and angry. we're all laughing -_-

  27. KM TeeV

    OMG the guy riding bike in to the fake picture,lmao

  28. Alexandra

    this played on the tv and i didn’t know if i should be scared or happy when i heard dynamite playing 😭

  29. Canon Kingsley

    Too bad Bam ain't here.

  30. FSim4ever

    Awesome :O

  31. Egal Eagl

    Bam Margera😑😒

  32. maxfire

    This sonic movie look like sonic adventure 1998

  33. Erik Iourner

    Oooooh, memories!! Happy to see my brain didn't evolve as I'm still laughing stupid at them

  34. Kurushi

    No one asked for this.

  35. chandrakanth neeluru

    Everyone troubling from powers

  36. fallendemonz00

    Clifford is so dumb

  37. RaZoR WrAiTh

  38. RaZoR WrAiTh

    Google razorwraith 🌋🤘🌐🗺️

  39. Gh0stjdj

    Bumblebee never let us down

  40. MiniatureMasterClass


  41. Poppa Piff

    Sad they couldn't come to terms with Bam, him and Jeff had major beef as of late burned some bridges and just needs help. bless you bro but this is just not the same.. Yet I will cherish every second of the new film.

  42. Rhaea Soul

    This movie just looks around a decade too late. Would fit right in with Alvin and the chipmunks and all those other animal movies at the time.

    1. Donny B


  43. Nanowatt

    I will be the first in line when this hits the theaters, hell yeah

  44. Aimee Threadwell

    Why do that to a fat ripper

    1. Aimee Threadwell


  45. Icymoon lol


  46. Neal Teitelbaum

    So glad Bam is not in this one.

  47. Faisal Rajput

    Nice movie 👍

  48. a' am

    is this movie confusing or simple? I hate complicated

  49. FLOPPI

    Where is bam?

  50. 1985Nokturn

    Yes…. But why. You guys grow old. Steve was heavy drug addict etc… I think you could do something better than ruin yourselves.

  51. Гуглеслав Ютубов

    Human beings in the 21st century: MORONS.

  52. bsmb091011 B

    Finally a movie i will actually go to the theater for 🤘🏽😎

  53. VM Edits

    The Real Sanke Eyes Is Ninja Hatori Ding ding

  54. ape slayer


  55. John Oliver Fornillos

    my favorite ninja

  56. Guitar_Weeb

    The beginning of the movie was OK. I liked the part where the mc gets thrown in with those huge snakes, but after that the movie was going downhill. I don't recommend it.

  57. zielskotorowe

    The legend is back

  58. Rizky Arifin

    Hanzo Hasashi: You are special forces? Snake Eyes: On my earth, not this one. Hanzo Hasashi: Which earth is that?

  59. AD70.

    The iban betong in action, proud of you bro..👌

  60. Nadine

    I love how the title is "Clifford the Big Red Dog". In case, we hadn't noticed that he's big...and red! 😊

  61. FiveNoNo

    AND SALMON!? 🤣

  62. Pink Sylveon

    So Clifford was a big red Labrador…. Always wandering what breed of dog he was….

  63. peter ambrose

    It's not Jackass without Bam!!

  64. Hyped Dino


  65. Augustin Fabre

    Johnny knoxville is 49???? I always though they were my age, I’m 41 right now

  66. HUJAMBO Korodani


  67. Ay celiker

    ill be back 😎+⚙️=🤨

  68. Cross Bandit

    Yes yes yes yes 😬

  69. hazwany izzaty

    Storm shadow and snake eyes, origin actor lee byung hun and ray park! Why changed origin actor? 😌😌😭😭

  70. Gabriel Paillé

    Where is Bam? :(

  71. Stacey Doobrolves

    Please don’t tell me that was machine gun Kelly? If it is I’m refusing to watch.

  72. CallMeAlegend

    "I'm just gonna write heavy" 😂😂🤣

  73. Burin Chatchaloy

    Chinese Movie ?

  74. Marcoswar



    да ладно...

  76. Robert Caldwell

    OMG my childhood!!!