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  1. Andy G

    Finally classic slashers scream was my childhood

  2. BroadwayLover

    Since it looks like Sidney isn't the target like she has been in the previous movies, I'm guessing this is some sort copycat who's an obsessed fan of the original murders trying to recreate them

  3. ben low

    A remake of a movie. How original

  4. M Kiefer


  5. the Flipside

    *do you like scary movies*

  6. OOF :3

    Sidney is back

  7. xeno cyde

    honestly looks like generic crap with no charm of the originals

  8. Go home,nothing to see here people.

    Haven’t we had enough of these? And wasn’t this a parody of slashers? Feels like a serious one to me, boys.

  9. cynthia rouse

  10. Remy Buxaplenty

    Judy and her son Wes are the killers ~spoilers~

  11. selanjutnya kemana

    when this movie release?

  12. Hommy Rodriguez

    Writer: How many people should hate Sidney? Director: Yes

  13. James ,

    Looks like 💩


    theres a Scream every year how do people get excited for the same plot over and over and over again. I dont remember the last time I seen a Scream movie but dont plan on it

    1. Remy Buxaplenty

      the last Scream came out in 2011. Before that it was 2000. So no you're very wrong and way off

  15. Vonna Ricks

    I honestly thought this was a commercial for something not a movie trailer…. Things changed so much 😩😩

  16. Bob Rohubres

    The first girls acting is horrendous

  17. Kim Hughson Otash

    Viola Davis and Denzel Washington had many powerful moments in this movie that had me in tears. Amazingly talented actors. So happy Viola won! I wish Denzel had won the Oscar he deserved it. But so happy he won other awards for this movie!

  18. 1917

    Is that Stu's house?

  19. Spencer ONeil


  20. chickenonyt tomatochicken

    i cant fucking wait to for this

  21. Dipolar Arc484


  22. KingAzxoll9

    So...Scream 5?

  23. Hay&Mari

    Gives me the creeps! I can’t wait 🙃

  24. the sharp gamer

    Nothing much just chilling killin

  25. MB3

    “Hello Sidney , it’s an honor SPINE TINGLING

  26. MythicZXØ X

    Who else just rewatched this trailer more then 20x 😂

  27. Rnim Quavo

    Let’s go Paramount🦾

  28. MythicZXØ X

    LETS FREAKING GO I’m so excited for this! I’m so happy this has been announced I was waiting 14 damn years for this and it’s finally here this will be so good man, *Hello’s an honor* personally i hope they changed that line to “it’s been an honor” instead on the full release, the second I saw the notification I clicked at the speed of light, Danny is back :)

  29. Justin Yamin

    this mf wont be sacry bc every kid dresses up as him for halloween

  30. cami j

    Yesss!! So happy to see this!! I was gttn really hooked on scream the tv show too sme years bck but they took it happy to look forward to this!

  31. Wattz Artist

    Still going 💪🏻 Cant wait for this!

  32. The Rebel Dottie

    Just find another way to give Randy a cameo.

  33. Wattz Artist

    Looks great 😁

  34. Emily Wright

    My name is Emily Elizabeth and I never knew I was waiting for my moment to enjoy the name again!! Haha so excited to see Clifford!!

  35. funny


  36. Aishon Rothermel


  37. carlitos

    she’s so badass in this

  38. Nery Duran

    I hope it will be coming soon to the theaters

  39. Chayton Main

    i just watched halloween kills last night i cant wait for this

  40. Water Nom nom nom

    I was hoping for WAAAAAZZZAAAAAAAP!!



  42. Janice Winnop

    Now you have a 🔫 gun

  43. AngryBirdsSwagPlush

    How is that Clifford?

  44. Brian W

    After watching scary movie it’s hard to take this seriously anymore lol.

  45. Jon Marsh


  46. Daisy Castillo

    They stuck with the original characters!!!! OMG!!! 😱 Yassss!!

  47. ManVs Fish

    My childhood !!! Wuzzzzaaaaaapppppp

  48. Greven

    scary movie looking different here

  49. Richelle

    When are they going to make a sequel…..

  50. Matt Romanak

    Looks a lot darker! Can’t wait

  51. Jason Martin

    Dooey is the killer, sorry everyone

  52. J C

    And here was me thinking we wouldn’t have to worry anymore about Sidney being killed off

  53. MCMLXXXI Pictures

    wes craven would be proud

  54. KL

    Omggfgg this looks so good! Gave me goosebumps

  55. David Higgins

    Yeah ahhhhhh

  56. Plus_Ultra

    Lmao, imagine if it was Randy

  57. jonathan white

    The trailer scared the shit out of me

  58. Squintbubbles96

    I hope it isn’t cheesy like the old movies

  59. LAKZ_21

    Some viewer hope this film would realistic that match for this digital era.if any child comedy film make like this point character are representing like flated and robotic statuses.because every people behave like human computer🤣🤣 in this period .that is real truth. In Other way filmer try to say us by Little nostalgic way missed child period' s of child who live in 21 centuary😌.my point of view for this film.its nice work.

  60. TheBig JJ

    I love that the OG crew has been a part of all the movies

  61. Kevin Baxter

    I Believe This Movie is in The Bay-verse cause of Simmons’,the 70s Camaro and Megatron not being on cybertron and another reason is according to the timeline bumblebee left after WWII and Didn’t Remember The War

  62. Prince no really

    Welcome to another episode of a company ruining are childhood

  63. Tahamtan Ahmadi

    if this is the last installment of the franchise i feel like officer doowie give him self up for the greater good and end it with a bang

  64. Tom the Tender Engine

    I’m actually excited for this movie

  65. Pedro Campos

    If it's successful enough to warrant a sequel, they should name it Scream Again like Scream 2 was supposed to be named

  66. Elijah Steeby

    I think The Clifford the Big Red Dog Book came out in 1963

  67. MyGodfather96

    i prefer munch

  68. laura Embleton

    scream 5 looks amazing can't wait for it!

  69. Joe

    so we’ve got scream, chucky and michael. Could we also get the hockey masked slayer back by any chance?

  70. O Pack

    I’m happy Dylan is acting in this movie☺️

  71. Edna Rivera

    This is awesome!!!! Can’t wait! ESP the OGS!

  72. Fox Trot


  73. Jared D

    the only movie that i never get tired off seeing having another sequel.

  74. A-1

    Bruh that doctor opening Clifford's mouth be my same reaction 🤣

  75. Jr W

    This is so serious now

  76. Retsub Anires

    its gonna turn out to be a spirit/demon/malignant force is possessing people and making them do all the killings. Some like Brahms: The Boy II

  77. J D

    I love Neve Campbell

  78. Paul Piusinski on YT

    I don't know why but Scream 4 is this movie for me that left an ambience, a feeling I remember, it just has an atmosphere, and so I will watch this and see if it has atmosphere too

  79. KøMRADE Norman

    Ghostface with a little coding skills

  80. Fba Guy

    More like this janu-scary