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  1. Headhunter 1

    Amazing China!

  2. E Ng

    China is a sovereign nation. It can't be played like a toy, up to whim and fancy of the west. It's not Australia or India or Japan.

  3. Zhiqiang Zhou

    So the young lady and gentleman from Morocco which is next to The Sahara came to visit a Chinese desert and had fun there! Sounds like a really interesting story :)

  4. Jimin Son

    Watching the Tokyo Olympics, Wheres Sun Yang? Ohhhh HIS BANNED FOR 8 YEARS!!!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  5. Syed Fayaz

    Trump🐷killer of innocent muslims🇮🇳💔

  6. Orwellian Purple Grapes 1984

    Hanfu is so pretty. It complements any handsome lad or beautiful girl. ♥️

  7. Mabelis Channel

    Viva Soldiers china

  8. Suttichart P

    USA will do whatever it takes until they get the results they want. Obviously they are forcing the WHO to send investigators approved by US to ensure they'll find "evidence" of Wuhan lab leaks, by hooks or by crooks.

  9. lee seng choy lee

    When someone put poison to killing in thousand or millions of people , but unfortunately the country over come the pandemic case viruses spread out including finding New medicine to cure it , on person put poison can't control killing of own people around the world. Only Heaven Gods and Earth God's can see what destroying the mother earth totally of Human being.

  10. Leng Thao

    Make in the US no a second investigate.

  11. PeterGoh Tek

    WHO must check on Port Detrick first before doing anythings. Why US doesn't allow WHO to the tracing in Port Detrick?????? Trying to playing dirty tactic by these dirty US

  12. Arthur Lincoln

    Dr Chow of Wisdom Hong Kong says "no". Wise man.

    1. E Ng

      China is a sovereign nation. It can't be played like a toy, up to whim and fancy of the west. It's not Australia or India or Japan.

  13. lee seng choy lee

    China charge back American government on Covid viruses case infection from western countries speard out from those take Air flying plane infected other people to people on transit plane

  14. Akash Pokhriyal

    Sri-lanka is now Xi Lanka OH-OH-OH-OH

  15. Michael Tan

    The US and its lapdogs are very inferior and insecure in their outlook of the future. The China today is no more the China 100 years ago. The US must improve itself to compete with China, not resort to lies and bullying, which no longer work.

  16. Chong Eik Tong

    We must wear handfu during weddings Lunar New Year and other traditional celebrations such as birthdays and family reunions.

  17. I K Kong

    Very true. Time to investigate Fort Detrick. Why must only the Chinese lab be investigated? A scientific team comprising of experts from various countries had carried out investigation on Wuhan Lab and drawn and reported its conclusion, that it is extremely unlikely that the Covid-19 had originated from the lab. Now, the world is suspicious that covid-19 could had originated from Fort Detrick. Isn't it fair and time for the US to open up Fort Detrick for investigation to determine if it is the source of Covid-19, as the US and its allies, particularly Australia, have wanted so much to know the source of the virus??? Anything to hide?!

  18. Lost my Password

    I think it is so great with the researchcenter for desertera and desertification. I spend a lot of time thinking about deserts and how to make use of deserts all over the world. I think China has many incredible and interesting environmental projects ect.

  19. Arthur Lincoln

    Well yes. Why not. The sort of thing you can wear to the office, on the metro or to the wet market. Very practical and modern.

  20. Sora L

    All of them so good to look at and pretty , can’t choose which one is the best

  21. Winninghan

    Clothes affordable only to the top elite in ancient China, now accessible to the masses -- my, are they stunningly luxurious and truly a feast for the eyes!

  22. MOCHA

    the way I see it is... new way of doing promotion.. see how colorful the umbrella?? 🤣

  23. ofhan sword

    For me, a person from Quanzhou, it is also the best city^_^

  24. weeehooo

    Cool, artistic, and very stylish

  25. Martin Oriz

    Beautiful. I´m glad young generations bring it back. So refined and elegant clothing in the world. There are other types of traditional Chinese clothes that are also beautiful. So, you Chinese people be proud.

  26. Van Tsang

    good man🥰👏👏👏👏👏👏

  27. Lionel Wong

    Well done

  28. Paulvanlalmalsawm Gangte

    This is so beautiful ....the dress are so elegant and fashionable

  29. Robert Berg

    She's really a true beauty

  30. Lama S.B.R

    It's our pride. it's our culture and history.

  31. DrZyZyX


  32. Dayse L

    Tudo combinado, tudo armando, China és artificial! Artificial People!

  33. goddaiva

    Not alot of shade. It's as if tiannamen square never happened. No human rights abuses in china 😁

  34. bohemoth1


  35. DrZyZyX

    I love Hanfu! Let's hope it will become more worn on the streets and for special occasions like weddings and graduations.

  36. C CL

    CNN & BBC: China's bullet trains can only go 50 miles an hour. This is only a third of what a bullet train can achieve in America. China: what...what bullet trains in America? WTF! By the way, is BBC stands for big black cock?

  37. muqarrab khan

    Great China is close to our hearts and will remain so forever.

  38. muqarrab khan

    I salute to venerable police officers. Indeed its a great act of kindness. They are great Chinese .Long live Great China and its great people.

  39. ioan Dumitru

    Byt the way, a new standard structure for all subways needed - on entire NEW subways long, must exist channels from distance to distance, which to go by filters into SUBWAYS HIGH SPEED WATER EXTRACTION PIPELINES, and that from center map of subways to the external areas where the water goes away passive natural.

  40. Bella Zheng

    Thank you for bring back the beautiful clothes

  41. No Signal

    They are all like princesses. The one in 0:47 looks more reserved and has a better chance to become mainstream. I hope this fashion becomes mainstream, since it's very pretty.

  42. - NE RV -


  43. Ahmed AL-Doori

    How can I get one like this spinning top please? And how much I’m serious!

  44. Ming Chan


  45. ioan Dumitru

    Another solution is to identify the flooding risk areas, to make collection points in those areas with rapid filters for water because water needed very filtered for high pressure pipelines, and to make a city-connection of high speed water pipelines with strong engines, which to rapid extract the water from risk areas to others areas of safe natural eliminate of high intensity raining waters.

    1. ioan Dumitru

      But I always preferences for passive systems.

  46. BFY Chung

    Yay! Bring back the traditional wear! Beautiful 😍

  47. 米高強

    "Hundred years of vicissitudes, hundred years of extraordinary years; C919 civil aviation innovation, C919 vows to realize the Chinese dream“ ❗❗ The Chinese people will never forget the countless predecessors who made selfless contributions to forge ahead with wisdom. The sages and martyrs cast brilliance with faith and are determined to create a happy future for the country and the people. Today, we must inherit their legacy, uphold their spirit of overcoming difficulties, and resolutely strive to break the long-term monopoly of the western civil aviation science and technology manufacturing industry. They vowed to continue their hard-earned efforts over the past 40 years, and will successfully complete the mission of C919 to inherit the never-ending "Transport 10" large aircraft and soar in the blue sky; I hope that day will be the first commercial flight of C919 aircraft one day this year. We Chinese people must be excited and applaud C919 one after another. Unexpectedly, our tears filled our eyes and we looked at the moment when C919 civil aircraft took off and jumped on an airport runway to comfort the spirits of Chinese ancestors in heaven for a century. After years of hard work and unyielding progress of our Chinese people, our country's self-developed domestic large aircraft was finally successfully produced and launched. Finally, our long cherished wish was fulfilled. At that moment, it was also a historic step forward of the "great rejuvenation of China" we all dreamed of. Let's look up to the C919 domestic large aircraft flying in the sky and realize our dreams in the blue sky with joy and laughter. We continue to fly out of the unknown number of Chinese dreams 💪👌👍👏😃😁😄🛩️🛫🛬🛰️🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

  48. wizzo lwiiizz

    Wow, everything is beautiful, decor, acting and beautiful girls, well done thank you


    Donate to other countries if they dont want to be vaccinated. But US rather throw them away when expired.

  50. Beware of the Leaven of the USA

    China has shown Asians what is possible if there's good leadership and hard work.


    I think they have most millktary vehicals in the world including airforce,navy.

  52. Gao Ip


  53. itsstans75

    In US the police will shoot the kind man and say the umbrella is a weapon

  54. S.D Animation


  55. Sun and Moon

    If I could I would wear the Hanfu They seem so light, weavy and refreshing and more over elegant and beautiful

  56. Strip Bear

    very Beautiful

  57. JIMMY

    Visa and master card empire will come to an end.

  58. JudgmentCenter

    The persecution of Falun Gong is the antireligious campaign initiated in 1999 by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to eliminate the spiritual practice of Falun Gong in China, maintaining a doctrine of state atheism.[1] It is characterized by a multifaceted propaganda campaign, a program of enforced ideological conversion and re-education and reportedly a variety of extralegal coercive measures such as arbitrary arrests, forced labor and physical torture, sometimes resulting in death.[2]

  59. JudgmentCenter

    Let the China cops fry. Why care about them? They go after Falun Gong and kill them. What about Tiananmen Square where they killed innocent students? Mass murders of millions of minorities? Let the china cops burn as they will burn in hexx later.

  60. Kaelok Lee

    Three Beautiful reporters 😘😘😘

  61. Oisham

    Astagfirulloh tavba xilganlarni o'zing kechirib xifzu ximoyangga ol Allohim

  62. PeaceAll

    I think Asian people are overwhelmed by a flow of US Media fake news and Hollywood dream, they don't know what happen in their own country or their neighbourood. They need to stop spend lot of money to visit Western country and spend more time to cultivate their own culture advantages.

    1. Paulvanlalmalsawm Gangte

      Exactly ,Asians only look at the bright side of the West and the Asian media do that by enforcing the positive image of the west with the cultural flow through hollywood entertainment and fashion their minds are colonized by the West .this we need to stop this or limit the cultural imperialism from the West .ban or boycot them

  63. Raja Zafar

    Beauifull city (love from Pakistan)

  64. Nicolas s

    Should build Roller-coaster train for travelling

  65. lauey lam

    when the west doesn't bomb your country you prosper.

  66. ioan Dumitru

    You know what, in case of wars, etc, is good to have big reservoirs of water and of many others things, anyway.

  67. 경학이

    Nothing happened in 1989 :D

  68. Sajid Khan


  69. Wumao50cent Troll

    Forget about bio labs the US is pockmarked with hazardous chemical and biological dumps. To cover them all it'll take a week's program. They don't care about Americans forget about others in the world.

  70. ioan Dumitru

    Anyway, you need many big-reservoirs in cities, because who knows what else they have with their DARPA, better to have enough available volumes to receive huge rains. But where the hell to put such huge reservoirs under the ground surface ? Under the streets, if not enough place for them, and then to make them enough under the ground surface, then to built a bridge structure over them, then to remake the streets to their initial structure on the ground, over the big reservoirs. But big reservoirs only at big safety distance from buildings, subways, etc.

  71. Hammad Sethi

    For ASEAN just as it is for us Pakistanies China is an economic opportunity of a generation in our own neighbours.

  72. Pritam Chatterjee


  73. Sumanta Satyal

    Sorry English langoij finely not me

  74. Sidonia Faibis


  75. Sumanta Satyal

    Nepali people