the best vlog channel in the history of ever

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  1. : jupiter :

    2:34 the turned at the same time XD

  2. Alex Romero

    Where did he get that shirt?

  3. evelyn mcquaid

    i thought jack was tom holland lol

  4. Salum Plays

    * clap * clap* *clap* *clap*

  5. Kiwi Cthulu

    an introvert’s dream

  6. Hermione Granger

    15:41 HAHAAHA

  7. shami

    call me crazy but he kinda looks like tommyinnit

  8. Debra Olson

    The elastic branch explicitly destroy because sleet symptomatically disagree up a flagrant blue. sick, small colt

  9. Random D0mincan

    "OH MY GOD COLORS! George couldn't enjoy this" - Jack Manifold.

  10. Tyler Walmsley

    Insert People who seen this from Ally Law here

  11. Chloe Beisner

    I have now watched this 4 times

  12. Phoinex 652

    you never bouight ut

  13. Dark Cloyster

    Analysis of the video: Tommy: Makes odd jokes but is somehow still funny Jack: Tagging along with everything either Tubbo or Tommy do Tubbo: Chickens and mostly stays to the side

  14. A tad bit less of a jerk

    Man I wish I could join you guys, since tommy is only a year older than me

  15. 👾💜Friendly Particle💜👾

    9:08 He did it boys, he did it. My happiness is immeasurable and my day is made😄

  16. Arka Anand

    Tommy's last words: "WHERE IS GOGY?!"

  17. apathki

    Is this tommyinnit i think it is

  18. hellsshells -

    Where's Cartman

  19. Valerijana Gold

    Imagine them in an actual war..

  20. Dj _the_warior


  21. Neil Animation

    For the day*

  22. Lord Doggo

    there were so many wasted opportunities for the "your finally awake" meme in this video

  23. Wolfclan group🐺


  24. gabija eidukyte

    Good luck with the bills breh

  25. Mario Nando

    “Literally falls over”

  26. madsinnit

    omg take gogy swimmin

  27. Space Wolf


  28. Blake Harrison

    Tommy-My Face Throbs Jack-What?Why Tommy-HaHa Because I’m Aging Jack-Your 16 Tommy Tommy-.....I’m 17 now Jack XD

  29. Lexi S

    6:47 You’re welcome

  30. Fin Stewart

    Stan the guard that mentioned Resident Evil 😊

  31. Livvi_Lemon

    i like how the boys are dead after 20 push-ups….. imagine doing double that on the daily

  32. Simp For anime


  33. Snowbur soot

    I don’t know who he is

  34. Liam and Nora Riche


  35. Potato Man

    This Tom Simons guy is funny. I think he should start a gaming channel.

  36. Justin Aguillon

    Better climb faster Tommy

  37. Aleksej Djurisic

    2 vids and 2 mil subs

    1. Megan

      It’s because he told everyone about it before he even started to upload

  38. admouton


  39. Random Stranger

    Is it just me who’s asking why that water is green...

  40. TheObsessedFnafFans Cult

    Bro that would be cool to just be you in a water park

  41. awex PinkUwUGamerGirlRoblox

    im stupid happy nodles akdf

  42. cnmmd qiuoo

    I'm confused as to whether they actually rented out the water park for a day or if there was just NO ONE there

  43. Painplayz yt

    Tommy was in his struggle era Jack soon he will shine Tubbo I am in my shine era Tommy damn

    1. cnmmd qiuoo

      When you literally go to this park every week but can’t because it gets rented out and you realise why 😎👍

  44. xavier everson

    Tommy is that your real name

  45. ava minecraft

    The thank u for your service got me

  46. Jimins Chair

    the audio is amazing.

  47. X’ Mangoz

    They finally found out abt the aquatic update

  48. Boom Boy 554

    Where is this park?

  49. M00nn.__. 0o0

    He's turning into Mr beast 😨

  50. Janessa L

    Tommy : SUBSCRIiiiIiIibbBBeeee Jack :

  51. Jean Maskell

    TakE tHE WHeEl

  52. Patria Butler

    Tommy: *ITS LIKE A JUNGLE* Me: *iiiiii wanna swing from da chandielier*

  53. XxkenziexX

    9:48 💀

  54. nejc jerak

    7:05 Tubbo moment

  55. NOTICE Trxt

    iv been there

  56. []YourLocalPotato[]

    2:11 I wasnt subscribed-..... CHECK YOUR SUBSCRIBE BUTTONS

  57. SximplyShelby

    this looks so fun

  58. dice box

    9:47 dang jack your mean

  59. Sensei Wu

    important question: what water park is this

  60. XxkenziexX

    Why did I think tommy was the diary of a wimpy kid dude at first glance 💀

  61. EpikMooselol

    When you literally go to this park every week but can’t because it gets rented out and you realise why 😎👍

  62. Turnip Leaves

    Very good video :)

  63. AthenaTheGoddess

    Tubby being the only military ready person 😀

  64. Connor Thomas

    9:47 whaaaaaaaAAAAA

  65. Dylan Cooper

    St1 5pu that’s the post code to where it is it in England btw

  66. jenna

    this gave me so much serotonin

  67. NotWolfClim

    It’s only 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Quid

  68. Sandrexa Kandelaki

    ahh.. bunch of gamers in wotah

  69. lizzie

    They think phones are water proof. News flash, they aren’t

  70. Flowergirl Leelee

    In the mental hospital I was in they had the same sky ceiling lights oml bahaha

  71. 『●𝕝𝕖𝕞𝕠𝕟●』

    *they decided to censor the first cuss word then leave all the others be lol*

  72. Szabina K

    Tommy: Where is gogy, WHERE IS GOGY? Yea i think we all wanna know /j

  73. 『●𝕝𝕖𝕞𝕠𝕟●』

    *why did I think he bought a water mark*

  74. Chickadoo Playz

    Epic I’ve been there before :)

    1. Chickadoo Playz

      @Charlie B to be completely honest I HAVE NO IDEA

    2. Charlie B

      What’s it called

  75. Moira Bee

    For those who wonder 13:54 Tubbo like a da bee

  76. Princess Katelyn

    This reminds me of how I learned that that typical clorine like pool smell is actually caused by people peeing. I don't remember why though.

  77. DanielFish

    I thought this was a mrbeast video my bad

  78. Fellow Gamer

  79. Fellow Gamer

  80. Fellow Gamer