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    To even do think to do that is horrible

  2. Adib Hemady

    Dreams music is shit

  3. Cobble Gaming

    In Australia it’s 1 shooting per 3 years.



  5. Bee

    I'm sorry you had to spend a whole day with Dream

  6. MABM

    It's ok Anthony, im calling Chris Hanson for you right now

  7. Gecko boi

    I’m a furry and this is what I needed today bekuz I just got bullied for being one

  8. Anish V

    Dream's jawline reveal lesss gooo. lol

  9. Reaper Simp

    Did I hear syperpk bgm at 10:59

  10. Ruqaiya Tasneem MCZ 001

    CORPSE !!!! his actually identify XD.... jk

  11. Nik Leduc

    I hate anything with dream in it

    1. Jonah Jerryson

      Wtf is wrong with you

  12. Ro Tluanga



    Anthony:My names Anthony Padilla- Subtitles: My names Ian Hecox

  14. GTR_puseni 13

    He forgot to take his normal pills so long the mask is his face

  15. NonStopSpicyTom

    Anthony's title is soon going to be like "I slept with Trump."

  16. Nate Reeves

    He is so misleading about the "its not even world record place", at the time it was. But was broken by the time it got denied.

  17. adrian lavelle

    This is fake lol

  18. Sun Tzu

    What gave it away that this guy was a lunatic was when he said we can time travel when we get stoned

  19. Chloe Bischkopf

    i am youngin'

  20. deadbeat raindrop_yasa

    why is nobody talking about his face reveal? he posted his face 2 MONTHS AGO! He is Danny Gonzales

  21. Jack Johnson


  22. Will It Ben ???

    Anthony:WILL this video get a million views? views:2.7 Million views Me:Yeaaaa....

  23. Crocoshark

    Why aren't bisesuals pansexual? Like, if you're attracted to men and women wouldn't you be attracted to those who are in between?

    1. Your local simp

      no, bisexual people aren’t pansexual because bisexual people are attracted to both females and males, while on the other hand pansexual people are attracted to females, males, and people who are in between.

  24. KDrop

    Cryaotic is. Still better

  25. Crocoshark

    Pansexuals are alright, though I personally prefer pots.

  26. bumble bee

    I live in philipines and im a mormon and we dont care of gay members

  27. CyclopsX

    You should meet North Koreans.

  28. A Lemon Ghost

    Thank you for educating me on DID

  29. S a l m o n

    Did not age well.