Justin, Adam, Foxy, and Boxy - Roblox gaming videos, songs, & MORE!

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  1. Maria Celestine Poblete

    i rather be a fan of this video and 🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞

  2. Caparal Jay

    i saw adam in Roblox script

  3. Bloom Flower

    It's your decision justin 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

  4. Rachel Tindall


  5. LEGO Gamer TV

    Spongebob Squarepants

  6. Ana Long


  7. Adaly Silva


  8. Srinath krishna

    'Sticky says' friends will stick to gether ayyyyy

  9. C D

    Can’t believe I was on this video!

  10. Popsicle Man

    Why didnt she ground her

  11. aaliyah compere

    If Justin wins he gets Adam's wallt if Adam wins he gets cookie

  12. Funtime milly l


  13. Alexa red14

    Best friends doing really good I have the much I have foxy dox Rocky

  14. 1v1.lolAyson

    The hug was everything 😊🤗

  15. mallie sanders


  16. Ondrej Bodnar


  17. deadprime gaming

    Even though u can clearly tell its staged I still get the point

  18. Ronald Lease


  19. Lola Elkins


  20. floogulisdabest

    A keyboard is the answer to the last riddle

  21. Caparal Jay

    Justin adam is neck is not long!!!!

  22. Selma Fjäll

    Well the person that gets that this is fake

  23. Edgeblade's unreal Minecraft

    Justin willing his cape in the first part is so funny

  24. Sahar Samy

    I cried all night...

  25. xZ Jamesシ

    Xxxxhe Idt

  26. Mary Ramirez


  27. Henderson County 4-H

    Make more toca world video's

  28. Thu THuỷ Đinh


  29. My Own Channel

    This is so make people crying, I like when Adam and Justin were hug

  30. Chelsea Cadotte


  31. Dennis Cruz

    Poor justin hey adam whats your favorite fast food food adam in the box ayyyyy

  32. BTS FAN

    This is the start of the purple hair

  33. Sommee Muikrathok

    I’m crying right now

  34. Kaiden Siharath

    Noob vs Pro Vs Hacker in MHA the strongest hero I think that would be a good video idea

  35. victoria calderon

    Everyone: this is so heartwarming. Me: just wants to eat the sandwich👀

  36. Caparal Jay

    Adam is neck is not long

  37. Royalty Siblings

    Et mamanTon ami Watch que Justin screen avec moi et moi on donne l’Ayché

  38. 최고다 마루쉐


  39. April Smith

    I like the games reference to Wolverine

  40. Heather Ha


  41. Xhxhxh Xbxb


  42. Royalty Siblings


  43. It's Adele YT

    I am pretty sure this is not the real "Grandma" . And just a girl with them playing.

  44. Sharleen Fahie

    I love Justin and Adam

  45. Skysion

    u guys are so annoying. leave my shorts page ugh

  46. Katie M

    Shoutout to @Ayden Mekus for the Dhar Mann Video!!!

  47. Andrea Matic

    T t,dg c u h Andrea Matic gvv

  48. bezzettabez

    I’m hungry

  49. Brielle Meyers

    I have baby foxy

  50. Royalty Siblings

    I My Name Is alpha I a

  51. aairah

    I'm sorry so much really sorry

  52. Günay Mehdiyeva

    Naaah anyone

  53. Veronica Gonzalez

    Pls do Taylor swift love story with no budget

  54. Kasha Williams


  55. My Own Channel

    This is so sad

  56. Karma Osama

    I just want to know everybody's special

  57. katie dunphy

    omg the hug so cute 🥰


    Make a code sticky

  59. Kelly Donut

    Wait a minute I was about to watch this vid and the ad was- THE OWN GAME AD!!!!! is this a conspiracy

  60. Mylee Safford


  61. Countyhumans fan :D

    the first character was Justin instead the second Adam :). Sorry if I wrote late, I did not like the connection

  62. Among us Pink

    So cute foxy and Boxy Sharing doughnut😍

  63. Keita Sprunga

    I was cying 😭

  64. Ms. tea

    Is it a piano?

  65. Sureydi AmadorRamirez


  66. SalTyroke mag dich

    Definitly not one of these 2 guys haha

  67. Aiste Ignataviciute

    Good trade 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  68. S M

    It is so funny when they hug

  69. plaz light

    I just wanted 4 to be able to do it on the way to my place to go to the gym with 5 kids and I just got home from my school to do a quick workout in a

  70. William G

    I love when adem gos into the spikes and adems says nooooooo in the start XD

  71. Zuko And phenyo play


  72. Diana Mendez

    Make more Videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Irene

    WHO else misses these type of vids from Lankybox? I do :(


    I almost cried

  75. LadySkywalker K


  76. Juki Patricio

    That was so funny 😂🤣


    Lankybox i just purcased rocky and foxy and boxy bundlae

  78. Kelsey Bruner

    Its almost my birthday and I hope I get the cozy collection and all the plushies