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  1. Raunak Ramakrishnan

    This show is the best 😂😂😂😂 they arguing about this🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Lee Johnson ll

    1:33 “Gotta dunk that b****” 😭😭💀💀

  3. Anony Mous

    Summer is lame

  4. elvie1646

    You guys are really good

  5. Nancy Babbage

    ejecting Jokic in a series ending playoff game was lame, not hard to win with the other teams best player missing.

  6. Dylan Blankenship

    Kenny is 100% lying btw. David Robinson was the 1987 college player of the year. He act like people can't just google it

  7. Michael Austin

    Look at the foul disparity between Utah and LA in the last two games. The NBA is cheating to keep LA in the playoffs like they did in 2002. It’s a different LA team but the same result. I’m not a Jazz fan at all, nor am I a Mavericks fan. I’m a basketball fan. Stop interfering and let them play cheaters.

  8. Paul Orquiza

    Whoever wins this series it still Phoenix in finals.

  9. Politik Ion

    When will Doc Rivers be called out for all his playoff runs flops?

  10. Shelton Guevera

    Whoa I work in TV, to tell a network "we not going to commerical" we need another min" is like robbing them of $70,000! ...that man has power!!! GOAT

  11. Boss Brew

    Embid stay hurt. Every year

  12. OffTheHookGirls

    Hawks got lucky this game

  13. Robert McLaurin

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  14. Davon Hudson

    Lol so shaq mentioned chucks house in filly and Chuck motioned to him and shaq responded "oh, my bad".. Hmm Chuck aint tell his lady about philly house

  15. Martell Washington

    Big perk wasnt even on the team...why he salty 🤔😒

  16. Maximilien Gauna

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  17. turheja qotimqok

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  18. micjira taposbo

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  19. Julio Marley

    Seen this on tv last night Results: Rolled over and went to sleep

  20. BurnedSpace

    hawks got locked up all game. they won by 3 with embiid having 17 points is embarrassing

  21. Chris Riley

    Never do this again!

  22. Matthew Matze

    How to ruin two things you enjoy at the same time...

  23. Jon Hagan

    7:37 EJ low-key running the show😅

  24. Juan Martinez

    🧊 Trae #NBAPlayoffs #FreezingInAtlanta

  25. Christopher Jackson

    Miracola had on Jordans...Kenny played with Jordan in college. That's about as close as they got.

  26. Yaniel Mendez

    Chuck and shaq stay being the bad kids in class 😂😂

  27. Blackcobra1981

    I just looked it up, Kenny Smith was the player of the year in 1987 🤣

  28. dantecry12

    These guys work non-stop probably!

  29. BOOM BRO

    They need to get Stewy on here 😂😂 have him make fun of the guys haha

  30. Charles Han

    Ernie is a legend

  31. iamram 19

    Still the best NBA analysts out there. Please have your own debate segment, I'm tired of switching my TV off when it's time for ESPN's First Take.

  32. John Bailey


  33. Craig Gurule

    Contradiction!!! It was hero ball and everyone wanted to take the shot but shake didn’t take the shot at the end when he should have? Oxymoronic!!!

  34. Animegirl's channel

    NBA on TNT meets Rick and Morty

  35. Erinch

    Sorry guys but this was really bad, probably the worst Neato ever.

  36. Bob Shelly

    no one else hear shaq cuss at 3:29???

  37. Stephen Strang

    This is so entertaining

  38. Father Solace

    No jokes. What’s going on with shaqs voice. He seems more quiet and less outspoken and stutters more. What’s wrong with him???

  39. bman

    Watch till the end lol

  40. Ryan Campbell

    Thanx Chuck 🤦🏾‍♂️

  41. Amadou Moustapha Dieng

    Chris Paul is just a great great player. Senegal, West Africa.

  42. Red Red

    Nice tie Ernest.

  43. Filly marada

    If thry go to the fimals they will not win!

  44. headbandus

    Crazy jokic is mvp and he was not only not deserving of it but proved he is the opposite of the mvp. Couldnt help his team win even one game and got ejected in the 4th game because he couldnt win he had to go huet someone. Give that mvp to steph, he DESERVES to be the mvp this year because he actually played much better and was the mvp

  45. Dean Agee

    76rs threw the game by not crashing boards. Imbid is not the only one that can crash the boards

  46. morgan rick

    Elevator E channeling his inner Aizen when Aizen stopped Ichigo's music with one finger. Such a boss move

  47. Master Chief

    Some tweet at shake to shoot that shot Don’t be scared young blood

  48. Gabriel Hall

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  49. Lil Rock 44

    It’s sad when the comments are more entertaining lol

  50. Marilyn Sanderschytfhi

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  51. Min L

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    Do you like space? No I hate it bruh

  53. David Contreras

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  54. Pro Sports Outlook

    Ayye them Clipps looking mighty good. Don't let them go down in any Series

  55. jacky mai

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  56. Dinorah Kertis

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  57. Jamestt Tre

    I thought he was going to dunk on that last play for sure. That knee is bothering him

  58. daniel webb

    The great Doc Rivers with his 51% play offs record

  59. Jamestt Tre

    Shaq needs a t shirt saying “shoot that vic” 😭

  60. Tommy_toko Gaming


  61. CS

    Worst segment y'all have EVER had

  62. Prince Marcus

    Kawhi said initiate dunk mode ahhhh

  63. Storic Media

    That Kawhi poster tho >>> 🤕

  64. certainperfectratio

    Shaq: you gotta dunk that vitch 😂🤣

  65. 2mommiestobe

    I really hate how chuck and shaq roast players injuries

  66. Mike Smith

    If clippers lose, it’ll be disappointing

  67. Hwhshe Bshehshcbd

    I feel like Tobias the second best sixer

  68. BYU for Life

    Jazz need to bounce back game 5 at home because if they don’t it could be over for us

  69. K Kent

    1:00 "Kawhi's a classy guy he's not like me and Chuck" -Shaq 🤣🤣

  70. Lukas Elmborg

    “Shoot that bih” -Shaquille O’ Neal

  71. Absalom Piankhi TV

    My Man Barkley the only Man to take MJ into three overtimes in a NBA Finals 💯💪🏿🦾#PeepGame #Suns #LakerNation

  72. Connor Jones

    Tapping my screen a couple times to skip through Kenny’s 10 page essay of a take

  73. J Mack

    SssSs sSssSs sSsSss Snake Jazz


    jazz weakness? niang and favors

  75. Oj Nichols

    Shaq said 'dunk that Vic' 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the freedom of speech on this show is God tier.

  76. G H

    Doc about to choke another series

  77. Positive Videos Foreal

    Shaq with the 2k gold rush suit

  78. whatudoin1

    They had no idea and no one prepared them for the segment. Must be nice to have this job😂.

  79. Terence Winters

    Floating cartilage will do that dwight's minutes

  80. Team Kayos

    You had the ball down 1 with 16sec on the clock and they rushed the shot, that was a horrible play and play calling Doc rivers is not a good coach