MrBeast and Chris react to the internet's favorite videos.

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  1. Slurpjucie king

    What happened to chandler neck did anyone see that

  2. robertasmazeikis

    Why is Chris wearing Lithuanian merch???


    I am indian but I like ur channel

  4. Muhammad Talha

    Can i have some money pleeg

  5. Kungfuroyal

    Jimmy: boats make me sick even tho he stayed 24 hours in the bermuda triangle

  6. grotanas


  7. 9545Pushkar Bariha

    please react on world fastest bike in the world please

  8. You can just say he’s a bottom

    Cue the speed run music


    Bro please bro

  10. Nexis

    Hogwarts is that you

  11. Dr Shadow


  12. Lava lout

    That castle is called le mint saint michelle and there is a huge bridge across. One of the best places I’ve ever been

  13. Ezzthetics

    hey mr beast i have a question is there a chance you can help filipino peoples

  14. Butty22 24

    Man I will go and drink tea


    Bro please donate money bro please contact me bro please

  16. Akshaygaming

    In 8:04 u can see chris's hat is toren a little bit

  17. Epic Gamer

    the time chris showed the middle finger was crazy

  18. Oliver Larsen

    I love ur vids <3 amazing job keep io the good work

    1. Oliver Larsen

      The io was acsidentil

  19. Mr Minem

    Chris patriotas

  20. Marcos Alagadmo


  21. Roger Alicaway


  22. Finch Boy Adventures

    5:30 😱😱😱😱😱

  23. No name

    Omg what I hear just now 0:43 Jimmy is scared of helicopter 😂😂😂hah that’s funny

  24. Terrorist Shark Memes


  25. LlamasPlay🦙🦙

    Hi how are you

  26. Harry The moth

    Watter natrely bilt orond the cave mite asvel say antidisestablchmentarianisem

  27. PĘÅČĚ__BØÝ

    5:30 chris flippin off to the table

  28. Lamster Hive

    Support them please koby and akliah Jamaica couple

  29. Nuggie

    Can you maybe upload more on you main channel

  30. Bald Small

    5:27 Chris show middle finger

  31. Sabmuq Roblox, Minecraft & more!

    I like whenever he does this kind of home videos

  32. Julius Lamanauskas

    Chris with Lithuania shirt 😄

  33. BrightNerDDareGaming


  34. Shivank Shinde


  35. Dinesh Patnaik

    Cave house cave house 😅

  36. Maruti Bhosale

    All safe houses are gangsta Until San andreas's safe house comes

  37. Andre Kruyshaar

    Too easy

  38. Tim K

    #9 gives me subnautica observatory vibes

  39. Anamika Datta

    bruh where id=s karl

  40. Joe Hammy Hamm

    Chris wearing a Lithuania shirt, makes me proud to be Lithuanian.

  41. Fresh Minty.O.

    Why hasn't Mr.Bro been uploading for, it's been 3 months and I'm still waiting🤨☹

  42. Dark Rose Saint

    #5 is the Ultimate quarantine

  43. Ponçikgamer


  44. Kimberly Hunter

    Despite the economic crisis, this is Still a good time to invest in Gold and Crypto

    1. ME 23

      @Smith David You're right I think Gold and Crypto are the best to invest right now☺️

    2. Smith David

      Investing in these economic crisis will be one of the best thing to do..

    3. Something I guess .

    4. Something I guess

      Tommyinnit new channel

    5. James Medina

      The rich spend less and invest more

  45. WatchLachlan12


  46. Gamer Naters


  47. DaniellaVlogs

    Late- *sobs with bread* *NOM*



  49. Lachlan K.

    Jimmy and Chris are my last brain cells during a science test

  50. sterling lans

    I actually want to see an island house hide and seek that would be sick!

  51. Matt Wilson

    You do realise I’m British and we beat you in 1812 and to be truth until like 6 months ago I had never heard of 1812

  52. Joseph Miles didn't buy an island and give it away?

  53. Nina B’s

    Jimmy please say hi Nina🥺

  54. Dragon Cruz


  55. LlamasPlay🦙🦙

    Your friend is like different and I’m like there better than mine

  56. Nina B’s

    Dog :Chris no one cares: me about it you

  57. Chase Harland

    2:23 that’s literally Hogwarts 😂

  58. Talha Ahmed

    Mr Beast please make a reaction video on expensive islands

  59. Sten Erik

    Mr beast afther this video be like. The first person to get into the securest house gets 100k

  60. Futon ga futton da

    1:40 Lol reminds me of my childhood movie UP

  61. Draken Itachi

    Well there is a 2 Billon home in India Mumbai

  62. no yt

    Eyo Lithuanian shirt.

  63. Christopher Finn

    Must be nice to actually be able to buy one of those

  64. Ajitesh Desikan 6C

    5:30 “Chris this is a family friendly channel!”

  65. MineCord Official

    I see that a video takes like 1-2 weeks cuz they needed to find and set up the things

  66. Kolten Anson

    Mr beast saying I should stop spending my money to spend a night/buying the house that he thinks is cool and I’m over here like you have money

  67. Shadowreaper122

    Hehe Chris did the middle finger

  68. Hamza abdel wahab

    beast my dad gives u ur 5G

  69. SMG Skull

    Love your content Jimmy! You inspired me to make content, I hope to be as big as you one day 🙌

    1. Something I guess .

    2. Something I guess

      Tommyinnit new channel

  70. Mr Destroyer

    2:50 I'm afraid this guy is going to crash land.

  71. ItzYaboiMoiz

    5:07 Jimmy will smith intensifies

  72. Ajmal Usmani

    React to mysterious places on Earth

  73. OiC

    You two high 😋😋😋😋😋😋❤👑😎🙏🍾❤

  74. نواف الشهري

    يوم شفت لوحة البوقاتي انصدمت. والله فخر

  75. John Corrales


  76. Aby Abi

    5:30 Chris no middle finger

  77. MT Professional Creators

    Those cave home looks like headquarters of some Power Rangers like Dino Thunder lol

  78. sixty daysoff

    shut up

  79. Cryss Laceda

    H O M E

  80. Augustas Razvanavičius

    chris is wearing Lithuanian shirt🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹