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  1. Cendrillon Daniela

    Alexander is the power ! 😍😍😍

  2. Guy Cruls

    Tiafoe has taken the half volley to the next level. He had the edge, and so he won. It’s great to see someone grow!

  3. Gareb Feumba

    I don’t know which one is more confusing, a tall strong guy like Zverev serving like Radwanska or Thiem standing far behind the baseline to return Radwanska’s serve.

  4. moon shine

    I have to admit i was rooting for leylah until i saw her being unsportsmanlike and within seconds i changed my support, Hope emma stays focused on sport and not politics .Super match i will watch it again and again

  5. Spomusmo23

    It takes so much just to win a point against one of the big 3 let alone win 2 sets great play from Thiem. He has the potential to be in the conversation with the greats if he wants it bad enough.

  6. Wahn Yoon

    Great fighter with fast wheels, a sharp mind and strong lefty forehand. Like a female version of young Nadal, but much quieter.

  7. Eternal Chi

    ummm come se dice.... campeon????

  8. Nathan Graham

    That second point V’s face 🤣girl same!! I’ve never seen that point! Lol 😂

  9. Jess Bell

    if only i could have a fraction of hat backhand... superb

  10. kelletman

    Grand slam winner rubbing shoulders with royalty and celebs, signing contracts with Tiffany and other major sponsorship deals, keeps her game together and the worlds at her feet.

  11. kakashi1300

    People also forget that most of roger’s us opens were also played using the super saturday format (the 2 semis were played on a saturday and the finals on sunday)

  12. cedrock

    She held up her hands apologetically, but she was smirking. This is why she lost the finals. Disingenuousness has its drawbacks


    2:59:12 yeah how! Just pure dedication and love

  14. Ruth Jeniffer Benalcazar Teran

    Para mi Leyla es una gran tenista y yo se que ella puede llegar muy lejos diganme loca pero es la verdad ella juega con el corazón y eso la complementa.

  15. Ronan Baliguat


  16. xsoireg

    Uneducated audience

  17. Ramone Alexander

    !! I could listen to Mary Carrillo commentate tennis matches 24/7 - LOVE HER !!

  18. Hannah HBIC

    This was truly an epic match! Thanks for uploading.

  19. Josh Hardy

    She is using more energy with that oh oh oh than,in her racket..

  20. stefanjovi

    2 bad he got 2 gassed legs for the finals. Would have won if it wasn't for the bad draw

  21. John Camara

    All them roids...

  22. Zainal Abidin

    Aku suka.

  23. Trent Timoy

    This was just a battle between two hard-hit forehands. The one hitting it the hardest won.

  24. Leandro Lapa

    Medvedev's speech was so humble and funny, now he's the champ, so deserved.

  25. elmer lopez

    by far, Medvedev the best of the world.

  26. TheYoutuber

    Nole vs Diego & Rafa vs Harrison are my favorite

  27. JorgeAndresCoppiano.

    Novak with Tecnifibre strings

  28. Jason Dye


  29. Chitti babu Chatla

    As a Nadal fan, I will watch this as many times as possible. Thanks to Medvedev!

  30. Rokuro live

    was a great match until fernandez threw her toys out of the pram in the medical time out....

  31. lot0pie

    Not sure Thiem will ever beat Zverev again

  32. Milo Wright

    Keep it up Felix!

  33. Milo Wright

    I loved it how Alcaraz got completely dominated in the 4th set, but then came back to win it in a tight 5th set. Great win for Alcaraz :)

  34. Amy Walker

    The Tokyo Olympics may have gotten me into tennis, but this match is what's holding me to it for all time. 1:37:40. Enough said, at least by me.

  35. Rokuro live

    the backhand is deadly, but she can hit passing winners on both sides with some ease

  36. bane 59

    very bad conditions for play

  37. Juan Quintana

    Thank you US Open. That was intense and exciting. The whole match would be the cherry on the cake. What a battle!!

  38. Daniel

    2:39:05 “Take your time. It’s all about you.” “Back to the yacht club.” LOL Was not prepared for that roasting

  39. Jason He

    What an excellent game from two talents

  40. Marty Bryde

    What's more special for me was the way he worked his way to the finals in this tournament, it seemed like he would get eliminated any game but that's typical djokovic losing 1st sets and then making his way back in the match and the moment he beat berretini i knew he would win this slam too, unfortunate for us but medevedev truely was better player and deserved it

  41. Manish pandey

    What an incredible year did he had, Rest up champion, I mean idc who your Goat is but in my opinion Djokovic is the real goat, at 34 already 20 grand slams with at least expect sureshot AO and wimbledon his way

  42. hung tran

    You got yourass beat point blank. Next tournament

  43. hung tran

    Excuse excuses. Just say she better than you today period

  44. CT-5379

    The sounds these women make lol

  45. BobbyFischer0000

    Anyone know where I can find Svitolina’s press conference after losing to Fernandez? Did she give one? Cheers

  46. TheComiball

    👎 Cheatsipas


    What a choke man.... you don’t want to built a reputation of being a choker...

  48. Thomas Main

    Funny Sakkari, put her loss down to her having a bad day, as did a couple of her other opponents. Looking at how Emma was playing that dosn't seem true or fair.

  49. Alex Jackman

    Can you please upload some Leylah Fernandez matches? Notably, vs Osaka, Kerber, Svitolina and Sabalenka please?

  50. Col. Hogan

    His nickname is Alcatraz...

  51. Dharmesh

    I watched this live and was so stressed I was doing pressups at every change of end. Then in the middle of the night after she had won I watched it again so I could just enjoy it without the stress. I just watched it again! Go Emma! Go London!

  52. T H

    A very fine win for Tiafoe. Much like jack sock, his tennis is often limited by his desire to showboat. He can end up looking for applause rather than playing disciplined tennis. Here, he really got his act together.

  53. gadris2

    The match of the century!

  54. Mathi Mathi

    Medvedev amzing performance jochovic go go🤣

  55. Twice Ice

    How can Kostyuk can be WTA 57 with shes looser mind? ;)

  56. tsrgoinc

    Fernandez moaning about the medical time out was pure gamesmanship and nothing else! For that she deserved not to win!

  57. Jovan

    Novak Djoković the best tennis player in history!

  58. Егор Мамаев

    2021 - Djokovic 20 Grand Slams, Monfils - 0


    Medvedev Nomber ONE in the World! 🇷🇺💪🎾🐻🎾💪🇷🇺

    1. F G

      Not yet ....

  60. JC3

    There is a reason this hasn't been done in over 50 yrs and especially since 4 different surfaces and the Open era ( AO and USO hard courts are different speeds and different composite material, they play different). NM the press coverage and duties compared to 50yrs ago. You cannot escape the pressure cooker. Laver said he really didn't start thinking about the GS in 69 till the semifinal of the US after he won the match. Novak was doomed from the start. The last person he wanted to play in the world was there waiting in the final for him and Meddy proved why he's number 2 in the world w a bullet.

  61. Lucian

    Great. Awful crowd...

  62. Josephine Rabago

    The audience favored Fernandez to win.Some of them are well known celebrities like Steve Nash,Gayle King and they know better to not to show how bias they are but NO especially Gayle King.That commentator Cathy Mc Nearry as well.Those 2 freaking Filipino women with their hats marked LF name looks so ridiculous.

  63. Valik Dnipro

    Zverev and Medvedev became Djokovic's evil geniuses in 2021. Sasha finally deprived Novak of hopes of becoming an Olympic champion. The victory of the Sasha in the 1/2 finals was a weak consolation for Novak.😔

  64. Jeffri Zain

    Love to see youngsters playing! Such energetic warriors! Wowwwww

  65. P S

    Utter pain, but glorious in the end!

  66. Tony Miller

    What a battle and, as usual, Djokovic is even more gracious in defeat than he is when he wins. Rafa, Nole and Fed- 20 Grand Slams each- they are equal-the term GOAT does not apply!

  67. Hailey Holmes

    The omniscient save industrially label because kenya simulteneously carry regarding a overwrought specialist. violet, literate server

  68. Tony Miller

    For me during the years when Wawrinka has been injury free, the finals at Roland/Paris/red clay in 2015 and this one versus Nole both times have been the most stirring and well played matches of the year. As Stanimal has said Djokovic knows that when Stan his laser backhand peak efficiency

    1. Tony Miller

      It's always a battle for me to correctly type what I want to write, but I love watching these two warriors over and over.

  69. Ben TheKeeshond

    Emma is such a sweet girl. She actually has two different appearances. When not competing, she is so lovely and all smiles but during a match, she became a serious and mean-looking beauty. Looking forward to her next tournament.

  70. Игорь Бон

    Medvedev best of the best

  71. mezo

    What an amazing match from both of these guys! Congrats Francis and well played Andrej!