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  1. s-man

    This bitxh, relapsed for sympathy.

  2. D’Vore Sr.

    oh please

  3. Queen Nzinga

    We are not doing science anymore c19 has become a religion.🤓

  4. Zack Hallam

    Hes the one that turned ... they got him

  5. Zack Hallam


  6. Hakeem Geddie

    🤣 the hypocrisy

  7. R H Evans

    What an eternal, horrific tragedy. Yet another comic gained the whole world, but forfeited his own soul to hell forever.

  8. 03 AI

    They don't have a home?

  9. Melanie Tonge

    Seriously can't wait for the Coldplay x BTS music video. Hit song right here

  10. Queen Nzinga

    These woman are fully vaccinated why are they making a drama or even testing them since they are all “protected”. This is ridiculous at this point they claim their stuff work but you still need to social distance, wear mask, take the test….🙃

  11. Mango Smoothie

    Why is he so burn looking ..

  12. woody would

    Halloween hair & her pet monkey are amaaaaaaazing.

  13. Jeff skhosana


  14. Frank Coley

    New Fresh Prince Star? Wut? Why do they REBOOT EVERYTHING?! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! I'm so getting done with this shit so much....

  15. Michelle Lindsey

    So it's blurred out?!? Lmao Kabalah witch!

  16. PS41263

    Who cares!!!

  17. Precious DeVere

    What a load of rubbish. LEAVE DIANA IN PEACE!

  18. Nicholas Garrick

    When you know the camera are rolling the tendency to perform is great.

  19. frustrated181

    Creepy how they made her look immensely exactly close to Diana

  20. CB. L

    This just looked like a performance on the sidewalk.

  21. CN SM

    Stop tormenting Riri with the music stuff 🙄 she's doing great and has enough on her plate.

  22. Devon

    She can’t see a thing😭

  23. Maxine Hargrove

    The dress is a mess horrible

  24. tranche2pain

    Well damn, what are the odds...

  25. Manuel Bernet

    I like her ears. Kinda cute.


    That. Laugh. 🤣

  27. MF

    We get it, they're dating, you don't have to report every time they're seen together

  28. britrey


  29. Ratatouille

    Ngl when they're in public it looks so fake and like they don't really feel the connection between them anymore.

  30. Galaxy Glitter Latte

    Jenny just let him go. One day his parents will be gone and he will regret letting you go. It means nothing that you are engaged. Now he's just going to drag his feet about actually marrying you. 💔💔💔💔💔If the neighbors are that narrow minded then the hell with them. His parents have their other son and daughter in law if they need help. They don't NEED the neighbors. F*ck the neighbors. Isn't your son's happiness more important? I guess not. 🙄Sumit will always be WHINING and WRINGING his hands about his parents being upset EVEN IF he had the balls to go through with the wedding. I wouldn't want to have to listen to his whining either. Life is WAY too short, especially at your age. I have the right to say that because I'm in my 50s! And time is FLYING!!! 😳😤😩Move the f*ck on already. Both of you. What are you going to do Jenny, try to move on once another 10 years have come and gone and you turn 74???!!!Good luck with that. Your chances of finding ❤somewhere else are dwindling with each year that goes by.

  31. Kevin Latham

    Damn baby you making me want some chocolate right now 🤤

  32. Ice T

    Dude to remake a classic series with an actor that kinda looks Iike the original actor is hella dumb haha like people are gonna

  33. Mystic Snap Conor McStretcher

    Raul is a real one

  34. Mystic Snap Conor McStretcher

    Raul is a real one

  35. Kaylee Brown

    This gives me hope that my ex and I might reconnect some day.. I hope I'm not the only one.

    1. Carmen Rosa

      Lol 😂

  36. Eliza Burcea

    When the vaccine goes up to your brain

  37. Echo The GreaT

    Leonardo DiCaprio is waiting you Kate ❤️❤️❤️

  38. Sir RealTV

    Imagine how tired we are...

  39. Moraina Loretta Bullock

    Sorry Carey but The Sanderson sisters are my favorite I'm ready for the movie part 2

  40. 03 AI

    Overall, all the actors were great, but especially Samantha Sloyan and Hamish Linklater deserve Emmys.

  41. Lorenzo Diaz

    The view sucks ass

  42. Lisa Chocolate


  43. Leslie Leslie

    Looks so fake!!! Everyone is starting to notice.


    Looks fake I thought ben was a good actor she looks way more into this relationship than him he looks like he is pulling back his face looks so tight these two are a mess

  45. Carlos Lozada

    Glee curse

  46. amriCa ka dalal bc

    Where is james Charles ?

  47. MLMLW

    It will be interesting to see how they write him off the show, if they do.

  48. Awesome Twin

    Beautiful Upcoming Legends!!!

  49. Casluck Shazy

    Rihanna is nice goosh!

  50. Huy T

    I think they are made for each other <3.

  51. Tina OSullivan

    I like Blake so if his gone I will no longer watch

  52. suzzette1980

    I'm with Debra...Kim doesnt make sense. She is not funny, eloquent, nor interesting to listen to....she cant even talk properly...she sounds like she has her mouth full of food when talking...

  53. Aeronautiac

    5:22 is when the reason you clicked on the video begins

  54. Alanna Myers

    Lol this title though 😂😂😂

  55. James Walsh

    Trans men are men. Get over it.

  56. Pat T

    After watching JLo in this video I decided NOT to skip the gym.

  57. anagm316

    He looks disturbing to look at

  58. Sofat Soraya


  59. Rosie Borrelli

    Weepaa .💞👏🏽💞 🙏🏽🙏🏽 👌🏽 👌🏽 🤜🏽🤛🏽 📖 💯

  60. KC W

    I was hoping it was the newest season of the crown

  61. Pat T

    This sort of feels staged. Or they're so mature and been through so much they just don't care who sees or thinks.

    1. Leslie Leslie

      It looks very fake, Ben doesn’t seem like he is in to her.

  62. Sheila Van Duyn Fote



    Cool 😭😭😭

  64. Linda Silva

    She did it for attention obviously it worked

  65. Fallon Waye

    I'm so sad that people are so brainwashed

  66. Nargesa Love

    Can’t wait



  68. Ruby Crabtree

    They need to stop enabling her .its not going to end well...👠

  69. Trisha Colonna

    Shes starting to look like Scrooge with that face.

  70. cami M

    these women are very beautiful but they need experienced stylists to teach them how to look and behave like ladies, not porn stars. I cannot deny the surgeon make them look younger, but they spoiled everything with their attitudes and expensive trashy looks

  71. Rosie Borrelli

    U Regulars n new Ariana better Chill... Stop trying to downplay Blake...He's a Class Entertainer. n Don't think his fans are digesting this ignorance u others are dishing out. Not happening! U think his lovely new glam wife is liking all the neg behaviors floating back n forth among those chairs ..absolute can't be sitting well with the innocent contestants...trying to make a quality selection to move forward. 🤜🏽🤙🏽 🙏🏽👏🏽🙏🏽 💌 🌹ie

  72. pattomwau

    I just watched this

  73. aubreigh carmack

    wow. 2021 and still breaks my heart. RIP caleb! 🕊

  74. Marquis Paige


  75. Rubester 1219

    Haven’t watched in some time Blake Shelton left?