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  1. Fran Tuzin

    This duo will do a lot from the bench next season. Este dúo dará mucho de que hablar la próxima temporada 💪💪


    Let me bottom line this. The key to this series was to put JaVale McGee in with Joker and crush Phoenix on the boards. But what your coach did was put 6 fouls on McGee before the game even started. So your coach actually did the job Phoenix would have had to do to get JaVale out of the game. Your coach foul his own player out. That's what this series boiled down too...end of story. GRIM


    Let me bottom line this. The key to this series was to put JaVale McGee in with Joker and crush Phoenix on the boards. But what your coach did was put 6 fouls on McGee before the game even started. So your coach actually did the job Phoenix would have had to do to get JaVale out of the game. Your coach foul his own player out. That's what this series boiled down too...end of story. GRIM

  4. Youtubefan2017

    Nuggets didn’t take an L, they took the “Learn” this year. In all great story arcs there is a pullback in the episode before the finale.

  5. Gloop Dogg

    Greatings to Denver from Belgrade Serbia...heads up next season is yours!

  6. M D

    Love from Serbia ❤️

  7. Benn Mac Stiofán


  8. Dy L

    What a remarkable season ! Proud of you guys ! Thank you all and see you guys in the next season ! Nuggets Nation ! ⛏❤️

  9. Kev Namaru

    Thank YOU for a GREAT season !

  10. Santiago Giambroni

    Aguante Denver, carajo.

  11. Zono _

    Nuggets 2022 champs! They are doubting us right now after getting swept. But with another year of everyone getting better and Jamal coming back we are dangerous. Other fan bases beware!

  12. somuch somuch

    I love you nuggets ❤️

  13. Happy Hour

    I wanna face the Suns when we’re full health. Jokic, Murray, MPJ, Aaron Gordon, Austin Rivers 🔥🔥

    1. Happy Hour

      Very true

    2. BuXnAMaN

      Denver needs a good 3&D guy on SG , then can face the suns and beat them next year ... Austin Rivers is a good role player , but he cant start for a championship contending team ...

  14. Juan Iadanza

    Denver fan from Buenos Aires since Facu is in the team. If the team believes in creativity, learning & still brave facing the adversity. The miracles can be happen. Thanks for this season.💪💓😄

  15. Kaos Thaboss

    So proud of my guys! to live in Georgia, these guys make me so proud to be from Colorado. They put on for the city frfr

    1. Golden splash frost

      I’m in Oakland lol

  16. bdoogy the gamer

    Nuggets will be one of the best teams next year watch

  17. fotz kopp


    1. fotz kopp

      LETS GET IT NEXT SEAASSON, hopefully with a gold medalist mvp ;)

  18. c uthe

    THANK YOU to the whole Denver Nuggets Organization..... Can’t wait for next year, this team gonna be rollin!!

  19. Ryan Grigsby

    I'm not crying you're crying

  20. Chip Chamberlain

    Let’s come back stronger 💪🏾

  21. jr ishoda

    Good season boys it was a good run next season the western conference is gonna have to watch out for us.

    1. bdoogy the gamer


    2. Isaac brock short person experience

      @Alejandro Ramírez what if he returns cold.

    3. Alejandro Ramírez

      @Isaac brock short person experience he will be back in november😏

    4. Isaac brock short person experience

      Jamal will still be out next year.😟

  22. Ramsai The Ewok

    Thank you for always being an honest, kind, hard working, pure team!! I am a dog but I always watch the nuggets games with my family, I can’t wait till next season! 😊

    1. Bhavini Desai

      True dat

  23. Tay Duran

    Can’t wait to beat the suns ass next year 😤

  24. Titans Kingdom17


  25. Юрий

    Steta Nikola , igrao si i vise nego dobro ali nije imao ko da te isprati , zeleni ste jos , sudjenje problematicno , povrede , jednostavno mnogo faktora plus nesporni kvalitet Finiksa , svaka cast za sezonu , oporavljaj se pa u Japanu da nam doneses medalju ❤️

  26. Киле кикс

    Bravo Nidzo! 🏀👏

  27. Gary Harris

    Get healthy boys and let’s ease Jamal back in to get him back in rhythm for the playoffs next year. We’ll be back for sure especially with a more developed porter and Morris and having Gordon better acclimated into the offense

  28. Miša Pavlović

    Will you are a pretty damn good basketballplayer, but your fashion style is dreadful. Please put a shirt on at least.

  29. John Dave


  30. Bronco Billy

    Malone did a great job this year. We're lucky to have him. You can tell he put everything he had into this season. That's why he's not defeated. He'll bounce back quickly. I can't wait until next season. It's going to be our turn.

  31. Bronco Billy

    The sky is the limit for MPJ. He's got to get stronger though. He can't get into a proper defensive stance, and he can't hold onto the ball. After he heals up, he needs to hit the weight room. I think he will. He's a winner.

  32. Bronco Billy

    Thrill is looking hard. He should've wore shades too.

  33. Bronco Billy

    I love the way his brothers lookout for him. That's the way brothers should be.

  34. Trickroad

    un gangsta y un wachiturro

  35. son of serbia

    I get no respect

  36. D K

    loll his answer to the first question is what you say to the owner to keep a job.

  37. Slab Lab

    This generation of fans gotta learn how to delay instant gratification. It was Mikes full year of playing basketball since high school. He has a vast amount of areas to improve in but I’m sure he knows what he gotta do.

  38. SuperMario037

    Next season to spend in newly acquired G league team. Shooting is only one of many segments of basketball game.

  39. 2Maradoo

    this team is fucking LITTY. love being a nuggies fan

  40. Pablo Cesario

    Que pecho helado q sos Malone... Si tu Coach da ocote, hagas lo que hagas como jugador y pongas a quien pongas va a dar lo mismo... Facu demostró ...nada, todos sabíamos que le iba a ir bien, ahora si por lo menos 1 mas en Denver tuviera ganas de defender cambiarian las cosas...

  41. son of serbia

    Trade Him He will never reach his full potential

    1. Butterflies And Hearts

      Shut up.

  42. Clive HG Lee

    Hope he rests up and comes back stronger than ever

  43. David Logan

    Get Joker some more help via Dame Billups to Coach or Jason Kidd..someone defensive minded

  44. Clive HG Lee

    This dude's classy, through and through

  45. Nuggets N7

    Love you, Will

  46. Gianluca 773

    Cuanta diferencia en la vestimenta xd

  47. Hooty Wooty

    Go look at other post-series press conferences. This is a weird one. Not dudes who seem all that upset.

    1. Tim Cronin

      What's to be upset about? These two are playing due to injuries

  48. Jo NoSaY

    Is Aaron Gordon officially a bench warming Bum now? I don't watch Denver during the Regular Season, but that man was Trash this postseason

    1. Jo NoSaY

      @Eric Miller okay thanks. That makes sense now 💪🏾

    2. Eric Miller

      Aaron Gordon’s job was to be our 4th or 5th option when Murray and Barton went out he was forced to a bigger role

  49. Jeremy Knight

    Thank you facu, monte, you had insanely big shoes to fill and we are all very proud of you.

  50. mjr5280

    It's easy to sit in some swivel chair stuffing cheetos in your mouth and be hypercritical, Denver sports media!!! Whatever. I wouldn't trade MPJ or Jamal or Joker for any other player(s) in the league, period. This is my favorite Nuggets team ever!!! (and I can remember as far back as the Dikembe/LaPhonso Ellis/Robert Pack Nuggets for a team that this city truly adored!!) It has been up and down, and way, way up, then way, way down with this group, but these are the core players that I believe has the fight, the fire and the talent to win a title for Mile High. We learned some things about why they need each other to achieve the heights they envision for themselves. Finally, it was uplifting to see Will Barton out there fighting in Game 4 too, I think Denver fans, myself included, have a tendency to overlook his contribution. Thumbs up for Morris, PJ, Austin Rivers, what a story, and all the vets and young players who contributed this season! Denver will need to patch some holes, yes, but hopefully it's something that some key FA signings can address.

  51. PGMJUICE615

    Lol he said he needs to work on his offensive rebounds lmao

  52. Alvin Webster

    These refs going have Jokic possessed for next hear

  53. Effing the Ineffable

    Malone stays. People saying he got outcoached are wrong. He has no small forward on a team that compensated for that by signing a bunch of guards and all but two of those guards got hurt, leaving only a bunch of stiff power forwards. Anyone blaming coaching should become NBA coaches and go win championships with a roster like that. Spoiler alert, you won't. But if it was all coaching, you're still saying to fire a man who was outcoached by the second best coach in the NBA this Season. So, you're basically saying they need to hire the coty or take a random shot on someone else who is unproven. Go back to your lives and leave basketball decisions to people who actually know what they're doing. There is a reason you're not in the NBA.

  54. Golden splash frost

    We should’ve won this game and we would’ve been up 4-0 if we had Murray

  55. Maximiliano Petri

    Mas humildad y mejor lectura de los partidos. El 4 a 0 es culpa entera tuya.

  56. Maximiliano Petri

    Aprendé a defender y a ser menos impulsivo. Y dejá que un PG sea el que arranque las jugadas, sino jamás vas a ganar un anillo.

  57. Maximiliano Petri

    Malone Out!

  58. Lean Oficial

    Grande Facu, grande Monte! Facu me hiciste madrugar pero siempre vale la pena.

  59. LogLogs

    Y’all to stop hating on Malone. I’ll admit he needed to make changes sooner and realize reality but also understand he led us through the worst of the worst and fought off adversity in Round 1. Coach Malone cares about these guys unlike a lot of other coaches. It would be stupid to let him go. We love you coach and we can’t wait for next season 🔒💙

  60. Julian M.

    Gracias Facu por todo! nos hiciste orgullosos una vez mas!!

  61. Inferno Dragon

    Man I like Barton & Monte they are core members but if I gotta choose Imma have to keep Monte... also get Gary back to Denver...

  62. Стефан

    I think they need Mr.Big Shot in the coaching staff if he doesn't get the Portland job. I feel he will be a really really good coach,

  63. Benn Mac Stiofán

    Proud of you Jok. Proud of all the Nuggets. 🏔

  64. Simeon Grk

    Why so serious?

  65. Michael West

    From Denver to Serbia Jokić Is a King! You'll get you Ring soon jok . Gotta start screaming next year when you go up to the rim and youll be one of the top 3 forsure again! Everyone else does it. You'll just blend right in.

  66. Federico Maehama

    Por suerte te voy a ver en los JJ. OO.

  67. Martín Amoresano

    La cara de vergüenza que pone Facu cuando Esteban Abed le pregunta a Monte por él no tiene precio...

  68. M M

    Oces zolju,sine, da ga dokusuris😅😅😅 Idemo dalje Nidzo, bice bolje imas jos barem 6-7 puta da pokusas, samo sad kuci na sveze voce i povrce, odmor i naravo konje, uzivaj.

  69. Justin Downing

    I’m a Barton fan! Hope to see you In a Nuggets uniform next season man!!

  70. Gutic

    Gracias Facundo

  71. Dusan Bogdanovic

    Malone mistake was not going after refs after multiple hacks on Joker!!!! Malone should have known that Joker patience will run out!

  72. Esteban G

    Campazzo playing a great game, bottering cp3 and...he took him out and put Morris (-21 at the moment and same amount of points that campazo but playing +10 minutes) after that they start makingterrible desicions in offensive and lost the match ...

    1. Joaquin Quiroga


  73. Mutter Erde

    Nikola ugasi misao, i igraj bez da mislis, jer kad ne mislis i igras , eh moj srbinu tad si najbolji sam ti celu je pritisak znam ali uci da ugasis misao....

  74. Slatki Labrador

    Bravo bravooooo veliki decace, tvoje komšije iz Apatina ti cestitajuuu! Bravooooooooo Nikolaaa

  75. Amari Jackson

    The time to contend for a title is now. A healthy Jamal Murray is going to do wonders for us. Go Nuggets!!!

  76. KM Wong

    Mike!Mike!Mike! Playing against the Suns did give you a reality check! You are good, but not as good as you think you are. You are the weakest link in Nuggets defense.😥

    1. Inferno Dragon

      Nah... Coach was the weakest link on the nuggets defense... can't make adjustment... also tbf Nuggets backcourt without Murray, Dozier and Barton only playing 2 games... they got no chance of stopping Sun's backcourt... They have a bunch of third tier and newly acquired guards starting in the playoff...

  77. Tome Pavleski

    Pink tutus for all players next season...Murray ... get well soon!

  78. Ryan Wilson

    The double interview gives me the vibes of Mpj and jerami grant interview last year. Hopefully one of them doesn’t leave us like jerami did

  79. Sheri Shaheen

    You were out coached . All teams go thru things so stop whining

  80. Joaquin Quiroga

    Gracias Facu por poner al basquet Argentino tan en alza, Dios te bendiga enano. Argentina está orgullosa, perder está siempre dentro de las posibilidades. Lamentablemente, tocó el mejor equipo. A seguir para el año próximo.