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  1. Sea Scorpio

    Team World will never win this thing...LOL

  2. benoit144

    I didn't appreciate the posture of the Belgium Team when they blocked the race with 4 racers in the slope

  3. howdyday

    The members of respective team just have a different level of work ethics. Totally reflect in the end result of this event.

  4. Cool Tiger

    What a race!!

  5. Alfredo Durán

    Let's speak clearly and seriously, during the time that they have presented this tournament, where they face European boys against Americans, well, they always put a horde of players from that country and very little from others, the Europeans are far superior to them. The United States has long stopped producing talented and competitive players, since Andy Roddick retired, everything stopped there. THERE ARE NO PLAYERS AS TALENTED AND COMPETITIVE AS EUROPEANS, at least I don't see any. All the honors, applause and victories go to them alone, period!

  6. 조성흠

    편집을 어케했길래 진 선수가 더 잘해보이네 ㅋㅋ개막장

  7. DossieSG

    The excited female commentator kept saying “nick is coming to the party”. That’s exactly his problem. He never leaves the party

  8. C Christoforou

    The amount of mispronunciations of “Ntouskos” was pretty poor from the commentators - Stefanos is an Olympic gold medalist, learn his name 😂

  9. Frederico M


  10. OHeo Kharis


  11. Albert Sun

    Team world has more clowns than a circus absolutely no chance

  12. Adriano Milano

    Great match for Matteo!!!!!

  13. UchihABitachi

    Y’all quick to judge Kyrgios, but there are a lot of things that make up this sport. Sometimes a tennis personality, such as Nick’s is intentional just to bring some spice on tour whether intentional or not, it’s a blessing to see someone different. Tennis is also a difficult sport where now players must and are crushing every single ball they hit and also have to change it up with slices, coming to the net, droppers, etc. Tennis is very taxing on the body, especially for taller players and being slightly off one day as Novak said, can get you a 6-1, 6-1 by Federer. Nick is a very great and talented player along with Jack Sock. I enjoy watching them both and I hope they can reach the level they want to.

  14. Frustrated Climber™


  15. UchihABitachi

    Shapo’s unforced errors stay consistent in every tournament it seems 😰

  16. Mitchell Roos

    What i really don't get is that the russians are team europe. The entire eu doesn't count russians are part of the eu so why aren't they part of team world.

    1. Jakelas

      The entire Europe? Get a life bro

  17. Jerzy Kryszczynski

    Gratulacje KASIA NIEWIADOMA 🌞 BRONZE medal 🇵🇱 POLAND 🇵🇱

  18. Jose Luis BC

    Even the highlights are boring

  19. quip

    There were a lot of great match ups in this laver cup. Well done

  20. ligapravde

    dencing like moenky...not like it

  21. syberian18

    These highlights and commentaries are a disgrace...

  22. Arturo Garcia

    That is ridiculous. There is no protección for tje rides. A street where only 4 cyclist can go, shame on you UCI.

  23. headsprunggg

    Europeans are way too good. The others should improve or it would be Europe cup for many more years in a row. Cause these guys are incredible professionals and competitors. Sorry team world, but noone owns you an apology. There should be a female version of the Laver Cup. Say Margaret Court Cup. It would be much much more competitive. Should keep drama queen Osaka away though.

  24. Bocah Tua Nakal

    The worst performance from Team World.


    Aghayev mi e sempre piaciuto. Ma alle olimpiadi, con quella cipolla in testa... Ma per favore!

  26. Bocah Tua Nakal

    This is crazy. The tournament has turned into a Davis Cup now.

  27. alexandra blendea

    Superb! I hope they team up again, sometime ❤

  28. Roberto Riva

    Granderrimo Matteo!!! 🇮🇹

  29. P A

    Loulou est décidément ÉNORME!!!


    As an italian, i must say that there was something more than just the victory of the team, and it is the fact that Tortu's race remembered the great, unrepeatable, Pietro Mennea, that didn't run but fly on the wings of the wind.

  31. Dario Palmieri


  32. Dario Palmieri


    1. UchihABitachi

      King moment

  33. John Griffith

    dislike because it's only 2 minutes and change

  34. ana

    Iam very enjoy this weekend. They are stars...a big one,and very fun🎾👍😉🤗

  35. Songfetischist

    Zverev Is The Only Player To Have Won The "Laver Cup" Four Times And He Was Often A Deciding Man Until Now. Alex Is A Legend Of The "Laver Cup" So Far.

  36. Giovanni Chiarelli

    It's maTTeo not mateo

  37. Se S

    I'm sorry but that last point was a Fatality. (MK) Europe won about everything

    1. ali tam


  38. Richard Nascaw

    What an as whooping by Europe lol

  39. Jeremy Monin

    They forgot the french anthem on the video at the end... Quel plaisir champion, bravo 😀

  40. Dan Last

    I always win every week


    ❤TikTok 🇷🇺🤙🏾

  42. I

    #5 wasn't that impressive, but all the rest were stellar moments👍🏼

  43. Paul Bruining

    Belgium blew it with their tactics. Why would you use up Remco Evenepoel in the first half of the race instead of having him stay with Van Aert and be their for him in the second half and get him to the line. Then you don't drop Jasper Stuyven back to pace Van Aert back up to the break only to miss out on a podium altogether. Not sure why the commentators gave so much credit to Evenepoel and Belgium, but it was a knucklehead move as Chris Horner would say!!!

  44. Jigz La Madrid

    slouchy ..happy to lose


    ΝΟ.2 is the real NO.1

  46. Thomas Bodlos

    Oh wie ist das schön 😊👍💙🥎

  47. Thomas Bodlos

    Klasse 😊👍💙🥎

  48. Thomas Bodlos

    Bravo Europa 😊👍💙🥎

  49. parekhit bhattacharjee


  50. OFFICINA 4.0

    Per tutti quelli che lo vedono a settembre e hanno gli occhi lucidi e orgogliosi 🇮🇹

  51. Jimy-ko Palencia Lazo

    Gracias por el resumen desde Venezuela.

  52. Pertuy Daniel

    Catastrophic summary. Julian attacked three or four times in sharp ways. It was intense and brilliant. He put a real generosity into it and it was great sporting moments. Impressive. Bravo et Merci Julian.

    1. pizzaHunter

      ya what happened to WVA?

  53. David

    Kyrgios is in bad shape for an "elite " tennis player, and of course his laziness in key moments is well documented. Shameful way to represent your team.

  54. Cleanthis Constantinou

    Την έφαγε όλη ο καραγκιόζης στο τέλος από τον Στέφανο όμως 😬

  55. Kiara Hastyjim

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  56. Tad Ficus Catus

    It would be ruud not to.

  57. S

    Novak Federer and nadal Aren’t even there??? Lol So Europe is by far the clear winner

  58. R Kop

    I love this guy has zero idea about cycling.. Wout Van Aert, 'the Dutchman'

  59. Ivica Pavić

    Pointless, money grabbing tournament that awards no ATP points or affects Davis Cup standing and is also not a grand slam...

    1. Ivica Pavić

      @ali tam not at all, im a federer fan, i just think the tournament is pointless

    2. ali tam

      You are novak djokovic fan

  60. Gigi Ugrekhelidze

    Nick Kyrgios dance is admirable , love him so much

  61. Nari Kang

    Laver cup looks great and want to join the game..Next time I will go to Boston for Laver Cup!

  62. Nari Kang

    Даня...Классно . Как красиво ты делаешь return и serve

  63. Dee Bywater

    I love tennis and I love those members in this cup too so I don’t mean team World is bad, but I just wonder…why is team Europe sooooo strong even without Roger Rafa and Novak!!??

  64. The Accidental Anthropologist

    Remco/ Belgium fell for the trap...

  65. G G

    Actually the womens race was fantastic. Well done ladies.

  66. G G

    You should be ashamed of yourself to call yourself cyclists. Bunch of wimps spinning 36/32 gears.

  67. G G

    They are crashing because they cannot control or handle a bicycle with mountain bike geometry.

  68. Августин Гинзбург


  69. DJvideoscz

    Well edited. Hopefully next time Team World beat Team Europe on knees 😆🏆

    1. Dennis Van den Broek

      Do you know the song? Its amazing!

  70. JL

    Siamo a fine settembre e continui a rivedere la gara, tranquillo non sei solo

  71. Jelmar Beumer

    With the matches of Opelka and Kyrgios, you see how slow the court is. They both would 've had atleast 15 aces with a regular hardcourt court.

  72. Barış Kama


  73. Arthur Demange

    poor exhibition, poor players and communication, poor level of tennis and again our sport turns toward money and always more money. This is all nonsens

  74. RexRegum

    I love that Zverev's promise came true.

    1. RexRegum

      @Naty Rivera that team World wasn't going to win more than 1 point.

    2. Naty Rivera

      What was his promise??

  75. Jon Epoint

    Team World is more about trickshots than winning matches

  76. Jim Cholley

    Any player that can give "The King" fits is a world-beater.

  77. wantobefree ofabaya

    Boring commentary...

  78. Don Ahmos

    Julian one of the best in OneDayRacing! Congrats! Belgium 0 and where is Slovenia ?