Almost Went to Jail for Defrauding Revenue Agency (Scammer Call!)


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    I receive so many scammer calls threatening to throw me to jail that even if there is a real one, I wouldn’t believe it! They just better come pick me up…

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    By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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    1. My Creations

      I got a scam call from Canada post saying there was a package listed under my name and it contained illegal components and now Canadian police has an arrest warrant under my name The last thing I ordered was a cable for my printer and I’m 15

    2. MuffinTradeMarked

      it's like they are trying to create drama over the phone, "YOU WANT TO FIGHT AGAINST THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT?! NO ONE HAS WON A CASE FOR 19 YEARS!"

    3. sanjay bhatikar

      Love it 😍

    4. LidLockTV

      Thedle Dedle

    5. Tracy McDougal

      Good lord in the morning.

    6. Docluementry

      So 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    7. Ali Ghodsi

      عالی بود

    8. Tom Jordan

      Send the team to pick me up. I've got some dental problems that I'm sure you folkes will fix for free while I'm there.

    9. Zone_Luck

      Accent speaks, Deepak Chopra XDDDDDD

    10. The Truth Is Out There

      Those Indians trying hard to be Canadian

    11. Fr N

      Hi mr Jackson

    12. De Eas

      Why do all Canadian govt employees have south asian accents?

    13. I Sergiu

      13:30 "I don't make mistakes!!! Oh hi, Mark" reference to The Room / The Disaster Movie is brilliantly hilarious :))))

    14. Pablo Menjivar

      Take a shot everytime she says “lemme tell u” The whole bottle is gone before the video ends😂😂😂😂

    15. 123abc jk

      Call has to be from india

    16. CorsiLTZ

      I got a super legitimate sounding scam call once, and what 3 big red flags: While they were talking to me. 1. The address of the prosecuting party was a strip mall in California. I live in Wisconsin 2. When I looked up the the address on street view it was vacant lot lol 3. They said I could resolve the matter with a gift card or something. I was like ohh okay your full of crap. Have a terrible day lol

    17. Samuel Ilagan

      ooh i hear indian accent

    18. Albtraum

      IRS scammers as opposed to the real IRS... ... OK that's enough Libertarian cool-aid for today.

    19. pyral514

      The call you got is really the most annoying. They called me several times, I gave them fake information and hung up on them and they keep calling me back.

    20. Radouane MEHOUANE

      Duuude I can't stop laughing

    21. Jared Hohman

      Wow, you only have 45 minutes to come up with $7000, and deposit at this BIT machine, or they will come arrest you, steal your house, and charge you $97,000. They won't let you pay with credit/debit because you could easily chargeback. I am assuming the fake BIT machine acronym is meant to be BitCoin.

    22. Kayla Torres

      I get scammers unknown telemarketer and private numbers calling me but I don't answer at all because they are not going to say nothing on the phone but hang up lol but this video is to funny 😂

    23. Leo Epic

      You should have told the 'police' to come and take you into custody. lol

    24. Uncle Fjord

      just curious is anyone here actually named Mathew Jackson?

    25. Arun Aravind

      You should probably go the call center in New Delhi and fix their circuits.. 😂.. just burn them all down..

    26. demonfox13

      Take you into the custody lol.

    27. Vedurin

      Curious ... how they all have a seemingly indian accent ... in the government of canada ... not to be racist ... but i'd guess there would be some non indian people there ...

    28. Endy Mallorn

      There's a part of me hoping that the lady who played "Ellie Cooper" in this drama watches this channel.

    29. Barrel of Doom

      “Because you’re innocent, you only have to pay $6998.” Yes. Because that’s how it works.

    30. Brayden Kupczyk

      6:12 Hey, Scammer on the phone, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought he already said he worked from home earlier in the video...

    31. Stranger Things

      Video Dislikers are Scammers 😅 & Likers are Fans Of Mehdi Sir

    32. Him

      hahahaahhaha background people died xD

    33. Galatians 5:15

      What if his name actually is Mathew Jackson, and he is just trying to throw us off of his real name. Haha, great video.

    34. Daniel Naumann

      If you get a scam call ,you have to end it with "YOU WILL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE", it's most effective if you play shooting sounds on another device and then hang up

    35. Roblox Player

      19:16 Err.. **disconnects** oops i hung up.

      1. Roblox Player


    36. MeDumbyDumb

      Scammers are people who have no lives or a legitimate job and have to make money off us by scaring us in thinking that either the government is coming for us, our private data will be leaked all over the internet and the IRS or RCMB are going to take everything we have and come to our house to arrest us. Not too long ago my mom got an email saying "If you don't give us any Bit coin we will leak all your private information to the internet." That's why scammers have to milk money off innocent people and get into their info to take every ounce of money we have saved for something important. F$#% Scammers.

    37. Razar Campbell

      Why would an innocent person need a "resolvement option?"

    38. corporalchaos666

      Accent says deepak Chopra🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 why didnt you say that to her😈🤷‍♂️that would have been hilarious

    39. Brent Fabian

      Do this again, but tell them to send RCMP to arrest you!

    40. JasMarkElina

      first mr. jackson, then 'jolly', and finally' jackson ' (again)

    41. ethzero

      10/10 #WouldRecommend


      His head is so shiny😂😄

    43. FearlessPurpleGuy

      this is why you don't believe calls that are from fake goverment gangs, they are trying to dox you

    44. Wotb Mcpe with Aidan

      Oops I hung up lol 19:18

    45. shashi

      The call is from India judging from the accent.

    46. squilemmooseman

      I committed you

    47. Elektroy Sounds

      I almost cried for u X((

    48. araz seyfinezhad

      Its really fun wastin these BENCHOHDS time. 😂😂

    49. Big Gamer

      Matthew O. Jackson Economist Matthew Owen Jackson is the William D. Eberle Professor of Economics at Stanford University, an external faculty member of the Santa Fe Institute, and a fellow of CIFAR. He received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1988. Wikipedia Born: 1962 (age 59 years) h-index: 87 Academic advisor: Darrell Duffie Awards: Guggenheim Fellowship for Social Sciences, US & Canada Education: Stanford University (1984-1988), Princeton University (1980-1984)

    50. Ricardo Jimenez

      When you take a scammer to seriously

    51. Sync Xtras

      Mumbo Jumbo😂

    52. Bowyerlegend

      Mehdi should try acting I think he’d do very well

    53. Rahat Jabeen

      And go ahead and dislike the comments

    54. Rahat Jabeen

      He will gona haunt you electroboom

    55. Rahat Jabeen

      This madam was my auntie and i know your name and my aunties name is **** and your name is Mehdi sadagadar aka


      15 minatesof this video was "Mr jackson let me tell you"

    57. Dave N

      I would walk into one of these scam call-centers and put a .357 round into every one of their heads

    58. mingiasi

      Whats this? Grand Rectifier getting scammed?

    59. leshan krishnan

      Imagine what would have happened if you said Can I send you a warrant This is the RCMB

    60. Secular Doge Bangla

      20:03 talking like legend 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    61. Jo Dee

      surprised nothing blew up.

    62. Edward R

      Evil scams

    63. bitingninja

      don't know if anyone has already said but i'm guessing the BIT machine is a bitcoin ATM

    64. Glen Osborne

      Absolutely hysterical.

    65. ASESAN

      Scammers are sicc

    66. Gurjas Singh Sehmbey

      Nice video "Mr. Mathew Jackson"

    67. Flying Gamer

      Lol it’s pretty obvious from their accent that this scam call was from India 😂

    68. mohawksniper79

      Wonder if she's related to Alice Cooper 🤣

    69. Nabaraj Debnath

      Noob scammers 😃😃😃

    70. Bradley Smith

      Financial discrepancies with government agencies can usually be resolved over the phone but they will always send several letters first. The first few stating your discrepancy and balance and repercussions of not complying. This is why it’s important to keep your address updated with these institutions and financial agencies whenever you change address.

    71. hecker

      IDK why she keeps saying this sentence''The suggestion''

    72. amazing763

      Car warranty? I tell them I have a 1910 bike-axle buggy. Possibly a Studebaker, but it has no nameplate. The scammer laughs and hangs up. Hey, scammers deserve a good laugh, too. See "A Policeman's Lot is Not a Happy One" from G&S Pirates of Penzance.

    73. Shiek Kaleem

      7:02 it is a famous Indian romantic movies dialogue How dare you do this to me

    74. Shiek Kaleem

      At 4:00 maybe i was busy making sparks

    75. onkar shinde

      His hands itching from not getting shock at the very start XD

    76. Nabeel Farooqui

      I guess they were going to use some qr payment method to avoid being traced?

    77. Nabeel Farooqui

      They were sending him mail but had to ask for the address

    78. Volt the Robot

      1K scammers do not like this video...

    79. Caleigh Fisher

      I didn’t realize you lived in the van until now.

    80. Ongeri

      That is an indian accent, no? Just imagime if someone set up an outsourced telemarketing scammer call center 😂

    81. Vikas Bansal

      There is network all over the world. The woman is from India, I am sure of it by way of talking and English accent. The fake officer from other country.

    82. EllusionZ

      Those people with bad English accents are almost always scammers.

    83. nem tudom

      I live in a country where we dont get scam calls and frankly, this sounds so bogus to me, holy shit How are people dumb enough that they are falling for this?

    84. Abhiram Sundaran

      She sounds like indian HR 😂

    85. Yash Chaubey

      15:33 "Background people died!" 😂😂😂

    86. Adlene Denni

      "thedle dedle" -Mehdi

    87. sameeh salim

      She worked hard for that 6000 dollars 🤣🤣🤣 I like how she got pissed off like he was wrong

    88. PoCanDo _

      Deepak Chopra. hahahaha!!

    89. LVBBoi

      I didn't read "(scammer call)"in the title and when he revealed they were scammers I was like :O

    90. Caleb Brummett

      Hah! Got Eeem!

    91. Steven Silva

      Still waiting for electroboom and kitboga collab

    92. Skip xd

      I, as an Indian, am…. idk i fins it pretty funny yet disturbing.

    93. Daniel suhash

      You wasted my 20 minutes I have an exam tomorrow.

      1. MBSK

        It is your wish kid, he didn't force you to watch the whole video

    94. Learn Grow Bro

      12:38 Officer: Um can I send my team right now over there so that we can take you into the custody? realizes what the officer just said... Mehdi: *PANICK* *JIBBERISH* Oh I wanted to see what it is about I don't want to just go to jail.

    95. Egg Boi

      This is why you should rent

    96. L Awliet

      IRS - Indian Revenue Scammers

    97. MCBawanG yakuz nouxman

      This is why, too many people either went to smart fone on whatsAPP or just have a vax machine or recorded ones