ATEEZ(에이티즈) - ‘Deja Vu’ Official MV


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    Release Date: 2021. 9. 13. 6PM (KST)

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    1. Shivani Goutiya

      So much depression... 😔😔😔

    2. Mel 🌼

      Deja vu everyday

    3. Lotus aTiny

      ATINY I hope we now understand that DIGITALS ARE WORTH MORE THAN A VOTE. If you understood that I think you will start saving money for Genie and bugs.

    4. 에이티즈 우산

      Tinys plz use, Fireworks, Wonderland, Wooyoung aotm as a filer for str34m this, plz do it u know wonderland is so close to 100m let's work together, fighting TINYS

    5. Liam Janim

      Mr. History please note that I stanned Ateez today 💜 I know Ateez won’t disappoint me 💜

    6. 2050kpopcrystal

      I know it's disappointing but we did our best, let's use that sadness as a source of motivation to push ourselves forward even more. If you are able to afford it, please please help out with the various digital platform by having a pass there but if you can't please at least continue to str33m here and also spread the words around so that more atiny can join us too. Also just wanna say, to all the atiny and fandom who have been here for countless days ever since the drop, you have been doing so well so give yourself a little pat on the back for being here despite your tight schedule. Really a huge thanxx for your effort and hard work

    7. Lotus aTiny

      I don't have the habit of streaming, I hate it, I prefer to listen to the song on spotify I don't have the time to do it either, but this week I'm trying to watch the video at least 10 times when I have breaks. It is what I can contribute and I am trying to make a habit. blaming others will not make any difference. Start by changing yourself into THAT ATINY you want in the fandom.

    8. Lucno_eflg

      Fighting !

    9. Lucno_eflg

      Ateez one of the very best boys group

    10. Ness

      Tbh i am tired! Ateez deserves a better fandom, "atinys" are there to fight with germs and to simp over members but when it's time to stream on yt & get 8k streamers on genie it's crickets. A small portion does the work, if you are part of that portion thank you so much, the rest can f*ck off!

    11. Shreeyanshi Padhy

      Streams and SNS let us down.. our fandom is the most well held fandom of all Atiny. The only thing we need is your support ESPECIALLY in streaming. You love your idols, this is the least you can do. If you have any Atiny friends let them know about streaming and how to do it. You can't vote no problem, but let them know your support through these digitals. Because they know of the reality but STILL, they accept it and motivate us. GAJA ATINY !!!

    12. Dolllzzx

      Why I felt like atiny focus more to voting than streaming?? Isn't streaming is more important than voting?? We always be at top ranking when voting but still so hard to get a win... WHY- cuz streaming is very IMPORTANT! Im pity of atiny who work so hard at voting but end up ATEEZ didnt get a win........

    13. B R

      ¿Por qué no se han presentado en Studio Choom?

    14. Lei

      And here I am again, my comfort zone!

    15. Lotus aTiny

      I knew what the show would happen, I mean I'm here from the kingdom and I saw it with fireworks, and I realized that Atiny always says the same thing: "next time we'll make it" and that never happens I think it's because they don't really have a lot of active atinys and there's nothing they can do. If you want to change fandom, start with yourself. because if we continue like that next time it will be difficult to win a win even in a show as easy as the show.

    16. Jess

      I think those of us here really did our best! A big group hug to everyone here ❤️ Also, those performances of Not Too Late and Deja Vu were so perfect, I got chills. Just spent the last 10min taking ss lol On to the next milestones :) kajaaa

    17. Ain Halim

      Coming straight from The Show... the frustration I get uhh I just can't describe but the most important is I will never stop str3ming this. I know Atiny have done their best because I did. Fck their choice of song. I would rather lose to big sunbae or dongsaeng.

    18. Harinandana Sandhya

      Ok now as a believer of miracles, what if eternal sunshine was to have a promo like deja vu and what if it was nominated everywhere and what if we v3te everywhere and get them win, maybe even more than 1win??!! This can happen and if we think, we can make this happen!! What if eternal sunshine is the one giving them more wins because in deja vu era we saw more and more achievements in other fields (like album sale, billboards etc) !! Hope this happens :)

      1. Harinandana Sandhya

        @SOFEA NABILA S.MASREY (2) I'm trying my best here :) I'll be str3ming less for the next two weeks cuz it's my exam week!! But I'll be back as soon as I finish my exams!! I'm so ready to give them all I have!!


        Yes, we just need atiny to work together. Don't stop str3am & collect more votes. I think we need more atiny to help str3am at genie too


      Thanks for your great work today atiny, we're doing well. It's better than our previous comeback. Now, let's focus our MV vi3w goals

    20. eyra ssi

      It's always digital, we did good just opponent is too good. Usually senior artist don't promote there tho

    21. ᴀ

      now focus streaming: DEJA VU, FIREWORKS, AOTM WY, WONDERLAND

    22. Shivani Goutiya

      Plz stream fireworks at least 4 to 5 times in a day.... 😭😭😭 plz

    23. Jerico

      There's nothing on the floor to look at. Raise your head up

    24. meownclaw

      I feel funny... XD

    25. ᴀ

      atiny keep coment

    26. Choice Tomoon

      At least Ateez win for live voting with full points on The did well atiny fighting :D

    27. eighteez -

      keep streaming

    28. AtinyArmy♡ATEEZ+BTS

      ATINYs we should work hard from now even when they deserve we couldn't give them what they deserve cuz our fandom is smaller than bigger fandoms that is why need to work hard. WE NEED TO WORK HARD! FIGHTING DON'T BE SAD WE CAN DO IT.

    29. ᴀ

      at least they deserve more wins, huft;(

    30. Tree Joong 4

      We didn't win but we aced the live voting with a max score (1000), and we still had 460 digital points after 2 weeks, which seems to be an improvement cuz we only reach this for the 1st week only. You all did great, it's ok if you want to be upset, but please keep the spirit and energy high up. We still have a long way to go before 2021 ends. Prepare for Eternal Sunshine promotions just in case, Str3am Fireworks for MAMA 2021, Keep collecting for award shows.

      1. King San 🦖

        We did so great. Really proud of us

    31. Naz Naz

      They are kings

    32. lmaoh33

      yall did great in l1v3 v0t1ng!! thank u for working so hard we did well. ateez will be so proud of us

    33. Shivani Goutiya

      Deja Vu, fireworks, wonderland, wooyoung aotm plz stream...

    34. Ana Tiny

      Nuestros bebes estuvieron hermosos en the Show !!

    35. Jerarquía

      Vamos de mal en peor, perdón que lo diga pero es la verdad No podemos pasar de darles 1 o 2 wins Tenemos oportunidad con Eternal Sunshine??? La vamos a tomar?? Esa desición es de ustedes

      1. Axel Oliva

        Las personas que siguen aquí son las mismas que hacen str34m hasta el cansancio. Recordando, nuestro problema fueron los digitales, espero que con eternal sunshine estemos más preparados:')

    36. AtinyArmy♡ATEEZ+BTS

      ATEEZ deserve but our fandom is smaller than them. But let's keep on going and fight for them STAY STRONG ATINYs.

    37. study is not my life

      atinys you need to be here everyday

    38. Lotus aTiny

      New day...

    39. Shivani Goutiya

      Now plz focus on Fireworks for MAMA it's really important...

    40. 1directionereveryday

      You did well today atiny (: we all worked hard

    41. Of Nightside

      thank you to every atiny who str34med and voted! we won the live vote for The Show

    42. Harinandana Sandhya

      Can we atleast now give 10M to woo and make him the first 4th gen male AOTM to get 10M??!!!!!! 50M FOR FIREWORKS AND 100M FOR WONDERLAND!!!! Pls atiny I'm sick of losing everywhere😞 I love y'all so keep fighting

    43. Atinyteez 8 {Jan}

      A big thank you to every single ATINY who helped out in whatever capacity! Right now I'm gonna take a nap because I can't focus on work >< See you later!

      1. meownclaw

        Have a good rest, Jan! Thank you for trying so hard :)

    44. Jerico

      There's always next time. But we better get it right by then. ATINY Fighting!

      1. Jerico

        @Ofelia Alforque nct by a landslide, we have to improve on str34ming and digitals

      2. Ofelia Alforque

        Who won?

    45. Jenalyn Toledo

      I'm a bit disappointed we didn't win:( but thank u Atinys for your efforts!!love u all

    46. 에이티즈 우산

      Tinys d0nt be sad, let's focus on our str34m, fighting

    47. AtinyArmy♡ATEEZ+BTS

      I want to cry, i know this world is cruel but we'll see them rise up high cuz they DESERVE it :)

      1. AtinyArmy♡ATEEZ+BTS

        @Ofelia Alforque nct cuz of digital we need to strm harder. But in live voting we are higher

      2. Ofelia Alforque

        Who won?

    48. dontbesodramaticffs

      we easily could have get full sns points if many atinys str3amed w us . we didnt win the pre voting . please other atinys need to wake up !! lets do better for the ES . pleasee !!!!

    49. Harinandana Sandhya

      I want to be honest Kinda expected this since they were bigger but this isn't fair to a good music like deja vu!! I hope a day comes when songs will be liked for their quality and a day when ateez will get all the recognition they deserve😞

      1. Harinandana Sandhya

        @dontbesodramaticffs most of us tried our best but there were some who could have helped us but didn't :( No use in saying it now If eternal sunshine has a promo like this, I hope we have better chances of winning and maybe we might even get more wins!!

      2. dontbesodramaticffs

        its our fault!! we didnt do bare minimum for our boys!! our sns points was so lowwww , we lost prw voting to a soloits . we could have easily donf better .

    50. Jerarquía

      1 win 1 win tiene deja vu, solo uno le pudimos dar

    51. Esma Solmaz


      1. Esma Solmaz

        @dontbesodramaticffs yes i saw :'(

      2. dontbesodramaticffs

        not only digitals ! even for sns we are doing so bad T.T our sns ponts was so less

    52. AtinyArmy♡ATEEZ+BTS


    53. ᴀ


    54. Anaëlle / Neltu

      You did great Atiny.. ♡ Let's focus on streming now

    55. Rebar Hamd

      ATEEZ DIDN'T win ATINY DON'T be sad we did our best .

      1. AtinyArmy♡ATEEZ+BTS

        Ok :( :)

    56. Annette kay

      Okay i had to come and watch the mv cause the song has been stuck on me and i have not even watched it anywhere i was like what song is this For me this year this song has proved to be heaven, ❤️

    57. stxly4

      2nd win here we gooo

    58. ᴀ

      2nd win!

    59. ᴀ


    60. Floor 1117

      I'm Nervous..oh mo

    61. ai ducky

      Voted watched spammed now back to sleep! Hoping to wake up to a win!! Fighting! Be back after a bit!!

      1. Anaëlle / Neltu

        But sleep well!

      2. Anaëlle / Neltu

        How do you manage to find sleep in these conditions? ⁰-⁰

      3. Araceli Isabel

        Same but now I can't go back to sleep. Sleep well ♡

    62. Araceli Isabel

      No matter what happend I AM SO PROUD OF YOU ATINY ♡

    63. Rocky


    64. leo vera

      Si es un temazo se dice y punto

    65. That clock is running half an hour PANTS #Deobi

      Deg2an aaarghhh

    66. Anaëlle / Neltu

      I'm so nervous help!

    67. 에이티즈 우산

      Hope we get that trophy!!!

    68. Ofelia Alforque

      The time to stand Tall..and be proud to be an Atiny!

    69. crazys

      I can't vote

    70. angy enztin

      Ya se cerro la votación creo que nuestros chicos quedarón en primer lugar yay

    71. meownclaw

      Phewww done the voting on time

    72. Rebar Hamd

      We did our best Hope we can make ateez happy and proud.

      1. Floor 1117

        Atiny amazing

    73. Andrea

      We won on live voting ,Atiny well done u all !!!!

      1. Floor 1117

        Atiny amazing

    74. Araceli Isabel

      Drop all your votes on starpassss rn We can do it! ♡

    75. Lisst Fl


    76. 00Hak00

      Done live vxxting!!!! U??

      1. Ofelia Alforque

        I did..

    77. Piku Kiku Nang

      2 mins left to vote at STARPASS live-voting Drop whatever jellies in all your accounts now!! Every vote counts

    78. Creative Tv

      Atiny vote live on starpass for the show. We have only 1 h left for real time.. vote for ateez and stream. Yeosang is the mc

    79. Jerarquía

      Falta poco para que termine la vot4cion Vamos atiny!!!

    80. ateez seondobu


    81. Harinandana Sandhya


    82. ateez seondobu

      if we win the live voting will get 1000 points!

    83. Andrea

      Live voting is on starpass , go go Atiny we can win

    84. Karla Angeles

      Necesitamos que dejen en estos momentos los jellys que juntaron en sus cuentas,no importa si son 100 jellys= 1 voto

    85. ateez seondobu

      GO QUEEN DEJA VU ~~~~~!

    86. ateez seondobu


    87. Harinandana Sandhya

      I really hate this :( I really want Ateez to win and I’m gonna be a crying mess if we don’t win cuz we did so much hardwork on this :(

    88. ateez seondobu


    89. camila remon


    90. Error 404

      We need you Atiny. Vote on STARPASS now.

    91. Calynn

      13 minutes left!

    92. 에이티즈 우산

      1 Million Like Soon

    93. chimmsk

      atiny please vote ateez on starpass right now!!

    94. Error 404

      Please go vote on STARPASS now. KQ said so.

    95. Safiah Zea


    96. Nur

      Starpass a atiny


      I'm back everyone, thanks cover for me. Let's go to 21.9m asap!!

    98. Floor 1117


    99. agstd