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    Check your local public television station for this Rick Steves’ Europe episode or watch it on In the Alps of Austria and Italy, we celebrate both nature and culture. After conquering the Zugspitze, we tour Innsbruck, visit a remote farm in Austria, and join in a Tirolean village festival. Then we cross the Alps into Italy and tour a uniquely well-preserved medieval castle before joyriding deep into the rugged Dolomite Mountains. After an unforgettable hike, we catch our breath in Europe’s largest high-altitude meadow, then enjoy some more alpine folk music.

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    1. Muhamed Uzun.

      Thx for nice wideo. in pronunciation we say hao/kho/Xoy for salt at kurdish language, like Hall( town) pronunciation

    2. Calator in Tara Sfanta

      Very well done. Have been in Tyrol last year, 2020 and looking forward to travel there in 2021. God bless you and the entire team !

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      Rick steve nice of you.



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      You are good, informative and entertaining as always. Thanks :-)

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      his videos are really great - and feel good. just right amount of fun and information!

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      Thanks for a terrific video Rick. Loved it!

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      Wish my country india was half as beautiful as this........ White people definitely have things sorted out.

    10. Diosan Borrego

      Who plucked Rick's testicular hair at12:20? the PBS version of the Wilhelm?

    11. Austria Germany

      great country

    12. Thang Zikpuii

      wow..the greatest and most picturesque of the Alps..great video..thanks from Aizawl, Mizoram, India

    13. D Quinn

      "Right now, I'm the highest person in Germany." Me watching this after a joint: "Hi there, I'm the highest person in Tipperary."

    14. wasana wijerathna

      This is wonderful place.. Beautiful..

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    16. Minire Jerliu

      I miss Europe ,I live in kangaroo island it is a not too bad but I regret that, specially since border is closed, I haven’t seen this flowers 🌺 🌸 ages ago 😭😭😭

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      Nice Italy 👌🏡

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      Austria is a really lovely place!!!

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      Beautiful video 👍

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      very nice👍👍

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      Wow nice place Austria,how i wish i can go that place subscribers Ricks

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      Always a pleasure, even more so in these awful times.

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      No place in the world is as beautiful as the Dolomites.

    26. Evergreen Art (DIY)

      *I'm from India* 🇮🇳 *My dream i travel in beautiful urope*

    27. Eva Gabutan

      It's good to live there.clean and green. it's also peaceful.thanks a lot .It's like I'm traveling entire europe also hehe.kissess to europe! from philippines>.

    28. chegeny

      23:47 That meadow is like something out of everyone's dreams. Glad you shared that moment with us, Steve.

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    30. Annemarie May

      Beautiful Italian Dolomite mountains....Very nice. Thanks.

    31. Red Me

      Author, you are a boring narrator. I don't like your videos. 🧐

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      Mr. Steves your videos are like therapy in lockdown.. Love from India🇮🇳

    33. Cactus Stick

      I saw your trip, and the more your age, the more you are hike to the mountain, you are very good in health, very good on you steve

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      show option

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      How beautiful..

    37. ruzica towers

      lets not forget these vaccine passports go against many CIVIL RIGHTS. travel should be for ALL. not just vaccinated.

    38. Wasana Wasana

      Beautiful country. Am jealous u very much. But l like to see. Thanks for your information. Am from Thailand.

    39. Cloudia Insignia

      nature, friendly people, music, dance and cultural heritage are great taste of utopian life.

    40. Tirtha Bhattacharya

      Holy mother of God, If 23:47 is not the pinnacle of life on earth then IDK what is. Also 23:28 tho. Unrivalled in it's beauty. I didn't even know something could be that pretty


      Five members of the same family, including a two-year-old boy, are among 14 people who tragically died in northern Italy after a cable car crashed. The cable car was carrying the group from the town of Stresa, on Lake Maggiore, to the nearby Mottarone mountain when it plunged into a wooded area on Sunday.

    42. Lucas Future Astrophysicist

      I can’t wait when I’m an adult to venture the world and explore its wild mysteries like Rick Steves!

    43. Tutu51 %

      I wanna do this exactly trip in 2022!! Yes!

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      im 18 years old and i already got enough from the life of city,i hope i make it to there one day and stay forever

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      Sir please come to India

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      Rick has the best job in the world!!!

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      18:52 wew nice pair of mountain in the right .. what a view

    50. Sanaullah Khan

      An excellent work and remarkable sharing of information from beginning to an end , I find myself mentally travelling along with you. Marvelous coverage of maximum places that have been brought in front of us. I enjoyed a lot and I am grateful to you for providing us such valuable information.

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      Police Berlin Merkel Australien jeder weiß Bescheid strafe kommt 40 Jahre eingeschlossen god sieht alles

    55. Greg Ludlum

      A few corrections: 1) The Autobahn in Austria is very much not free. It's several hundred Euros a year. You guys might have forgotten to pay. 2) Hall doesn't mean salt in German, that would be Salz. 3) You said you're traveling from the Germanic world into the Mediterranean world. Actually the part of Italy you showed is entirely Austrian in culture as it used to be Austria until Italy annexed it in WW1. They speak German and belong to Tyrol in Austria. The only thing that makes South Tyrol (the area you went to in Italy) Italian is the fact that Italy claims it as Italian territory. The culture is entirely Austrian. Tradition, history, architecture, castles etc. are all the very same as in the north (Austria) because they are Austrian. Otherwise great info :)

    56. Nan Dep

      "TAPED in July, August 2020." Surprised...w/the strict regulations in Italy, due to Covid. ⛰ I did notice less tourists in videos, at that time, which is great - haha! Really...glad you had fun, and thanks! 🙂🌺

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      S U G G S B I Z E

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      The place looks very clean

    59. Bernadete Donadon

      Hi Rick, I love your videos. Couldn't you provide subtitles in Portuguese? Thank you.

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      It is too sad not to see enough snow on the mountains. Alpines are nothing without snow.

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      Slovenia be like: Ok than 😔

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      I wish so much that I got to travel in my lifetime but just didn't happen. Thank you Rick. Though your eyes I have traveled to so wonderful an beautiful places:)

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      Absolutely breathtaking!

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      Rare content without any advertisement

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      Omg last week my husband and I were planning our summer vacay this year and I suggested we should explore more places here in Austria. Now I have an idea. Thanks for the wonderful video!

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      Nice one with one suggestion: since 99% of the world uses the metric system could you, please, make an effort and speak us in meters instead of feet/miles ?

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      I'm a young guy but I prefer your videos and prefer your channel to many younger RScamerars.

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      hi i would like to know teacher vacancies in swiss pls reply

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      this is so beautiful

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      Google Mark Blanton the real southAfrica

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