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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)



15 мил приказа25 000


    1. CaptainSolidus JJ

      Nearly 1mio Likes

    2. MrGullisYT

      Look at the Like/dislike ratio on this compared to BF5.

    3. Gopala Krishnan

      It's 2021 and we have covid. By 2042, we might have zombies, not tech like this.

    4. Leonardo


    5. BugzyBrown

      That Russian pilot is probably crying rn because he got shot down from a rpg

    6. B.N.E

      I love it!

    7. music of world

      A lot of lies hhhhh did you see the pilot with bazoka 😅

    8. Boba Fett

      1 mio

    9. Guillotine Gun

      Close to 1m likes let goooo!!

    10. Brady Everest


    11. Serge Franki

      Vite ! Histoire que tous les gamins nous foutent la paix sur Squad.

    12. Stefan Stavnjak

      Finnaly we can all agree Battlefield>COD

    13. PROFESSORツ

      Same old boring

    14. Liouliou Iee


    15. Creative Dreamer

      Is THIS a movie or game?

    16. Mika Haavisto

      I just keep rewatching this..

    17. GoofBall1 _

      Dice/ea you can show women in this setting it makes sense and I'll still buy it :)) unlike your abomination bf5

    18. Gaurav Sharma

      Everything was epic but 2:10... In reality the shockwave and heat could've killed everyone around it... Doesn't make sense... although it looked lit...

    19. DeanoGTO

      this trailer has nearly the same views as the bf5 trailer from a few years ago, and this one has more likes than the combination of likes and dislikes from bf5. that seems like an absolute win :D

    20. LAW & ORDER 66

      Day one boys where you at!?

    21. Bruno Campos

      guys, let's charge the antcheat in the game, not to become the same as warzone and release the game.

    22. zyllus

      Let’s hope it doesn’t get ruined by cheaters like their last two releases. DICE, step up your game, support your customers and put a stop to the cheats!

    23. ResS

      Nice, again Russia VS America, there is nothing more?

      1. Hoang Vo

        So? I dont see a problem. Its *YOUR* fault for thinking too deep about a GAME and associating politics with it.

    24. KH C

      The pilot could only escape from inside a moving aircraft using the ejection seat, so how does he reenter the plane and pilot it without the seat. Ejection seats also cause significant damage to the plane once engaged. A baffling video to be sure.

    25. Josh Cook

      I just might quit my day job just to play this game non stop! 😍

    26. Janmaj Rasania

      The real hero is cameraman

    27. Lapislou 32

      Tornado Combat, finally something I can get behind

    28. Valor Republic

      2:36 Swear to God that better not be a female

      1. Joel

        Why not?

    29. Live Live // Selid Productions

      Battlefield 2042. 10 out of 10.

    30. Josué Abarca

      Almost a million likes

    31. Astro

      That has to be the pilot I have ever seen

    32. The Blue Collar Kid

      That RendeZook trickshot from the plane was.... I hope that's not just for commercial purposes.

    33. Làng Lau

      Dạo diễn hút cần nhiều quá.

    34. Angler 1990

      Ihr seit die Besten Spiel Entwickler Ever 💪😁❤

    35. EpsilonGoods

      1 million likes

    36. Marshall McMillen


    37. RAJ RANA

      Bollywood vibes


      Windows Xp açar mı beyler

    39. 山田です


    40. Waddle

      SONG NAME: Kickstart my heart, you’re welcome

    41. Cal

      After being ripped off with Battlefield 5 and Anthem, I think I will give this one a miss.. especially the price you are asking for it.

    42. B_E_Z_R_Y_K_I


    43. BigDaddyK


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    45. DirtyBierSchiss


    46. Diego Silva


    47. Павел Стрелецкий

      Kickstart my heart - motley crue 👍👍👍

    48. bofooit gojo

      So how long before Fortnite incorporates a version of everything revealed in this trailer? Definitely sometime before October.

    49. XAUN

      ANDROID/IOS/WINDOWS/MAC Where it comes

    50. Mai


      1. bofooit gojo

        Are we gonna hit 1 million likes today?

    51. I'm the anticringe

      We did it fellas, 1 million likes.

    52. Ᵽɇŧŧɏwɏƶɇ

      There's a LOT going on here. I'm here for it.

    53. Juan Pablo Gomez

      yo is it me or the first 1 minute of the video is from a battlefield 3 map?????

    54. milaana кусь


    55. Robert Romanul

      Its called Battlefield 2042 because thats when I'll be able to afford the hardware I need to play it

    56. Food4you


    57. Tech Shrek28

      *Sees that the video is close to 1 million likes* "Are we blind? DEPLOY THE GARRISON"

    58. Miguel Ures

      WHY NOT Battlefield 2143 with their assault on titan (Best BF mode ever) and mechas

    59. Emerson Neves

      Man, this video was made by same team of Fast and Furious 8 Realy nice!

    60. Alexander Sermeño

      That Davamand Peak scene 👌🏻

    61. Valentin Gomez


    62. Jeniffer

      Soooo... a 80$ game with Microtransactions and purchasable Maps? ok.

    63. Lightunseen

      Shame for those who also liked single player campaings. This one won't have that.

    64. Marko Zec

      I am even getting tempted to pre order this..... Bf 1 so far is one of mine favorite ones... I will wait a bit more though to check up this does not goes BF V trailer route..

    65. Jason Thach

      Are we gonna hit 1 million likes today?

      1. The armored man


    66. Manoj Varughese

      When you combine the tracks of Tenet and Terminator, the final product.

    67. Muli Saurus

      What an incredibly well-produced trailer. If the game sucks, oh well at least we have this.

    68. I-ITz-AloOsh-I

      1m like??

    69. Jack Burton

      no girl in blue hair killing all the guys? cmon dice

    70. giorgi bachaliashvili


    71. ZeeD bo P

      Diiiiiiinw !!!!

    72. FranVM

      u wacho alto juevo de balvo anashetx

    73. shuvendu saha

      I almost thought,it was what future worldwar would've looked like!

    74. Nunzio Gabriele Crisanti

      Is it gratis?

      1. Josué Abarca


    75. Ali Ridwan Zanji

      The dog tag kill, the heli, the rendezook, the vibe. Im all in.

    76. Jhibbert 6

      The guy that pitched the rendezook idea: PROMOTED!!! PRRROOOMOOOOTEEEDDD!!!!!


      Do not pre order

    78. Gia Huy Ngô

      3:12 Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    79. Gökay Atılgan

      So how Anti cheat system will be??

    80. G4M3R0079

      Here before it hits 1 million likes

    81. Nela Sumina

      This is Mötley Crüe

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    83. Alessio M

      Normal soldiers look way cooler than the specialists imo

    84. Hollf


    85. Demoman Gaming

      This trailer already knocked my socks off. I predict that all the resources being put into this game will probably require more than 100GB in size to download this amazing title on PS5, Xbox Series S/X and PC.

    86. enigmamusement

      Weather forecast for tornadoes should have warned everyone - unless it is used as a military weapon caused by weather satellite technology /*\;,.

      1. Christian Kennedy

        Dice has said that the kessler effect has destroyed 70% of the satellites orbiting Earth in the battlefield 2042 universe, meaning weather forecast has been disrupted.

    87. Manu J

      This trailer vs battlefield V’s is the difference between The Shining and Scary Movie lmao

    88. Mitya

      Наконец-то реальное продолжение 4 части. Очень ждеМ)

    89. Ƥ4Ƭяι0т

      4:22 That Ad on the Cap Ironic

    90. Gaaas

      Motley crue lyrics with a battlefield trailer ? For sure its going to be INSANE

    91. The Gaming Mirth

      Only 5k likes for 1 million 🔥

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    93. Mal Cullen

      what da dog doin?

    94. Андрей Петров

      КА-52 не сумевший сбить какой то кусок говна,это конечно смешно :) ,но всё равно очень круто :)

    95. Zakaria JOUIMAA

      no for me

    96. Will Holland

      Anyone else enjoying the Bladerunner vibes half way through?


      Nice to know they got the act back together with battle field

    98. mopkillah

      After this Battlefield, we need BF7 based in the Vietnam War!

    99. Jose Andres Carrazano

      Alguien mas vino por el homenaje que le isieron a wey que hizo el truco del Basucazo al Jet o sea al avion pues

    100. Ammar _989