DJOKOVIC vs NISHIKORI | Men's Tennis - Quarter Final - Highlights | Olympic Games - Tokyo 2020


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    1. бака жана

      Na ovolikoj temperaturi, premoren, sta god bilo on je nase ❤

    2. Andrei MIKLOS

      6-2 6-love

    3. Rupin Jeremiah

      Lol. Goat of Serbia was thrashed by Zverev in the semis. 6-1 third set.

    4. bb_kalitejczyk

      Everyone: there is no one who can stop Djokovic, he is too good. Sacha Zverev: Fine, I'll do it myself.

    5. Vick Vickson

      Lijepo moje Nišikorče - samurajče...Al' đe ćeš jado protiv Nola...

    6. Hans Hangjas

      King of draw once again

    7. Lisbeth Salander

      Noleee! 🐐🎾❤️☀️👍

    8. Finbar Maguire

      the Joker look.s really scary ,that mad look of his.hoping he will lose ,go and play golf .

    9. Pitt Gendalf


    10. Marko KJS

      Beating the very known Japanese Nishikori 2:0 (6-2, 6-0) in his own country Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 is so Strong by the Serb 🇷🇸 Novak Djoković. #Serbia ☦️✝️🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸 #JesusChrist I Said and wrote it on yt comments longe time before. No1.e will win the Golden Slam in 2021. All 4GS + Gold Medaille 🏅. Maybe Diamond Slam? (The same + Atp finals) 💪🇷🇸

    11. Wing Wong

      Impressive play. So who is better Nadal or Djokovic.

    12. Stefan Vasic

      As Serbian and Djoko fan i have nothing but respect for so many tenis playes he faced over the years. My respect is first with Delpo , one of the best sports ever in this game and Nadal, Kei , Wawrinka etc. Without them he would be nothing. Now let's see if Sasha can put a good fight. Nothing but respect for making Djoko what he is today , they pushed him to become one of the best tennis players of all time. Hvala vam svima.

    13. Dark Glasses

      Tsitsipas, Medvedev, Thiem, Zverev with Khachanov, plus Murray & Wawrinka in their prime, all together can't match Novak Djokovic, both at this Olympics and this whole season, and by God, not even throughout his entire career...

      1. Kolus Soer


    14. Terabit

      He is the TOP tennis player EVER!!!! His name will remain in HISTORY!!! Damn!

    15. Super Bulma

      Can't Test Novak ! 👏

    16. Aleksandar Z

      Uključio brisače na max i pun gas na auto putu istorije tenisa. Pršte insekti po soferki a brisač samo razmazuje. No1e 👽🇷🇸🦾🦾🦾👌👏👏👏👏🏆

    17. Roamer So Pervy

      Djokovic HAKKAI'D him badly!!

    18. Erkan Agar

      even an injured djokovic would beat everyone,best mover on the court and also the smartest.

    19. B. O.

      Novak's level is from other planet!

    20. Aleksa Cerovic

      Србин је то, не може нико што Србин може, идемо Новаче легендо српска, сви су Срби уз тебе из Србије, Црне Горе и Босне !!!

    21. Gordana Tomic


    22. Jameos delaqua

      Ljubi ga djale

    23. cool

      Idemooo 🤩

    24. Piano covers by Zo

      His physical resemblance of young Nikola Tesla is not a coincidence. Same gene pool, same genius level. Real GOAT, for a long long, long long time..... Idemo Nole prema 24kt golden slamu. Mom pokojnom starom Nikoli si bio sve, hipnoza ispred TV-a. Ni ja nisam daleko, bez tv-a, ali jabuka ne pada daleko od stabla......

    25. Людмила Булавина

      вот это да!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    26. Kurt Wild

      Grande Novak ! From 🇮🇹

    27. Gabe Del

      Djokovic is the best incredible!

    28. Nikos

      Novak wants the Olympic gold medal do much! I wish he makes it, he deserves it!

    29. Grand Slam talk

      A brutal display of superiority. But then, again, I guess that is the right difference between making 1 GS final (Nishikori) and 30 GS finals (Djokovic)!

      1. Grand Slam talk

        Just to flesh the point about not having the game. What I meant is that Nishikori could be a "bad match" for Djokovic's game right now. Nishikori is a very good counter puncher, but Djokovic is better at that. Right now, to beat Djokovic it seems the only game plan is to get on the court and blast winners from all sides (like Wawrinka did in that spectacular final at RG). Any other plan, Djokovic is just a wall, everything comes back.

      2. Grand Slam talk

        @LouisFrederick Sagarriga Visconti First of all, no need to be rude. Maybe it could be a "close match" normally, but check the H2H between the 2: it's 16-2 for Djokovic (and over a course of 11 years). Nishikori just does not have the game to bother him.

      3. LouisFrederick Sagarriga Visconti

        wtf does that mean on a normal day this is a close-ish match, kei had a bad day and djokovic was on form thats all

    30. John Doe

      Sucks without crowd.

    31. Victorinho33


    32. david

      By a spaniard guy 🇪🇸: DJOKOVIC 🇷🇸 IS THE BEST.

      1. david

        Today Novak lose versus Zverev. I don't care, Djoko IS AND WILL BE THE BEST.

    33. Tolga


    34. Nina Grozdanovic

      Tennis is a game in which 2 players hit the ball with a racquet over the net for some time. And then Novak Djokovic wins. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Rupin Jeremiah

        The way he thrashed Zverev and PCB was amazing! Guy is unbeatable!

    35. Sinisa Lojpur

      Nolo no merci👑👑👑

    36. Управда-Шоп-Боце

      Djokovic wins gold slam guaranteed!!!

      1. LouisFrederick Sagarriga Visconti

        100% legit no scam

    37. Djordje Korica

      Sutra ako dobije Zvereva to je to,nadam se. IDEMOOOOO !!!!!!

    38. Vesna Sofric

      Bravooo Nolee🙏☘️☘️☘️

    39. sperrotta91

      Nishikori is a non-factor now. Absolutely finished at the top level.

      1. sperrotta91

        @LouisFrederick Sagarriga Visconti When is the last time Nishikori won a title!? Even during periods without injury he was inconsistent... on his day a top 10 player but that was several years ago...

      2. LouisFrederick Sagarriga Visconti

        m8 he made the quarter finals and is a top 50 player wtf u on, he had a bad day against an in form joker

    40. Fabrizio M

      Amazing player

    41. Diogo Espírito Santo

      I think me and everybody else would appreciate highlights with the duration of at least 5 minutes... This is too short for a match of tennis. Thank you

      1. Diogo Espírito Santo

        @Mr Blacky if it was a 6-7 7-6 7-6 they would still make it a 2 minute video like they have been doing every match

      2. Mr Blacky

        It was 6:2 6:0 how many highlights you expect when your opponent gets only 2 game's. It ain't competition, it's one man's show.

    42. Alex Grohmann

      Nishikori's best time is such a long time ago. So this result is not a surprise at all. In fact: Everything but the Olympic Gold Medal in this tournament would be a big disappointement for Djokovic, who must not fear any opponent left. Tsitsipas out, Nadal not there, other top players not there - so super-easy victory. Strongest contest maybe vs. Zverev, who maximum can win a set.

      1. Alex Grohmann

        @XYZZ Ups, thanks! Obviously I missed that match. :-)

      2. Djordje Zlatkovic

        @Alex Grohmann i hope u are right about Zverev and he wins a set max. But he can be a threat on hard,especially in 3 sets. Hope Nole gets the gold

      3. XYZZ

        @Alex Grohmann Medvedev is out mate

      4. Alex Grohmann

        Okay, I forget Medwedew. Maybe Medwedew.

    43. Vedo

      My God...i forgot that Kei Nishikori exists! Didn't saw him probably 2 years!

    44. Poetic Justice

      Vi dovete abituare ,È IMBATTIBILE GRANDISSIMO IMMENSO NOLE !!!!!🇮🇹🇷🇸

      1. Daniele Lo Re

        @Poetic Justice Massimo rispetto per Djokovic, e' un grande campione, e probabilmente restera' quello che ha vinto di piu' per un bel po'. Pero' quando gioca lui c'e' poco da godere, almeno per me. Il suo tennis e' poco spettacolare. Molto meglio Kyrgios o Dustin Brown :-D

      2. Poetic Justice

        @Ale Ostello Anche se ci fossero quegli altri due ,sarebbe la stessa zuppa te lo ha dimostrato a Parigi ,e a Wimbledon, ora come ora tutto cio' che trova lo distrugge ,È INDUBBIAMENTE IL PIÙ GRANDE DI TUTTI I TEMPI ,RINGRAZIAMO I DIO PERCHÉ VIVIAMO IN QUESTO TEMPO E LO POSSIAMO VEDERE ,PERCHÉ UNO COSI NON CI SARÀ PIÙ ,GODIAMOCELO !

      3. Ale Ostello

        Concordo specialmente adesso che mancano gli altri due sebbene adesso sia superiore anche perché gli altri stanno messi malino

    45. Летящият Xоландец

      I really start to wonder if Djokovic is human or God?

      1. LouisFrederick Sagarriga Visconti

        clearly human

      2. Летящият Xоландец

        @Ne boj se Rode tako je bratko. Pozdrav od Bulgaria

      3. Ne boj se Rode

        Human connected with god,like all with : LOVE, FREEDOM, JUSTICE, TRUTH, FAITH, HOPE,...pozdrav iz Srbije

      4. tom gu

        A Serbian God.

    46. Praach MW3

      absolute clinic from Novak Djokovic!!

    47. Aleksander Banaś

      Djokovic the best of the best !!!

    48. Milanka Vlajankov

      Bravo Nole.

    49. Angela Zak


    50. Snezana Aleksic

      Nole idemo kraiju nas❤❤❤❤❤❤

    51. Federico Cori


    52. Giacomo Cuspidi

      Guess that nishikori pace and placement empowers Nole's already perfect game. Kei is an awesome player, but he is no match for Nole. Guess is somehow like Maria and Serena, without the drama...🤓🤔😅

    53. vofff

      Djokovic is not only unbeatable he is also handsome.

      1. LouisFrederick Sagarriga Visconti

        damn bro

      2. Aleksa Cerovic

        And he is Serbian, what do you want more ?

    54. Ri Nato

      1:26 This point won by Djokovic says it all. It must be so frustrating for your opponent to lose such a point despite attacking at your very best.

      1. Introverder

        It wasn't human.

      2. Ginger Rabbit

        damn! you're right!

    55. Norge 4

      Djokovic has such a strong backhand. WoW

    56. Bara Jr


    57. Dragan Radosavljevic

      Novak ist unglaublich beängstigend wie gut er spielt

      1. Управда-Шоп-Боце

        @Daniel Apostolovic Само гутка?

      2. Daniel Apostolovic

        @Dukade 331 😘

      3. Dukade

        Hahaha al ga šuknu 😀

      4. lady Everglott


      5. Daniel Apostolovic

        Pricaj srpski. Kome se ovde ulizujes, Nemcima mozda … tuga

    58. Denis Daly

      Nishikori, plays 20 matches a year, has one good tournament, and collects $50 million in sponsorship, every year. He annoys me. He settles. looking forward to Zevrev and Novak.

      1. Patrick

        The dude was very passionate and had amazing work ethic at one point. I remember him in 2014-2015 when he was one of the most dangerous baseliners in the world. However, injuries killed his career and probably killed his motivation too.



    60. Travis Bickle

      01:28 best point....amazing



    62. Tasanee Wantanakul

      Absolutely novak the tennis genius in history congratulations champions 👏🏅👑♥️

    63. mtgne 53

      The King of tennis!

    64. Gabriel P J Gervais

      Nadal and Federer are glued to their screens:))

      1. Ale Ostello

        No they are both on their big yacht they dont have to prove anything

    65. Mile Mak

      I'm feeling extremely grateful to witness ascending the greatest sportsman in history! And also should you! Respect him...

      1. Wuguhuliajethan Bubgokorahengadranananhdhi

        Yall are turning me into a Djokovic hater by portraying him as a Jordan-Level-Goat lol. Before this conversation I was pretty neutral towards Djoker. Im probably overexaggerating right now so Ill give you that, but yall also are a little delusional. I think Im not biased. Im not a big Tennis Fan, I like Monfils and Kyrgios bc theyre entertaining to me but I only follow F1 closely. And as a German F1 Fan I still admit that Michael Schumacher is not in the same conversiation as Michael Jordan or Muhammad Ali... To all the Serbians in this comment section, put aside your national pride and be realistic😂

      2. Wuguhuliajethan Bubgokorahengadranananhdhi

        @Dejan Vasilic Novak was a privileged child from a ski teacher. Most people wont even ski once in their lifetime. He was in the best academies since he was 6 years old and he traveled around Europe so the war didnt really play that much of a role. Youre Serbian (according to your name) so you are obviously biased. He will never have the same respect like Jordan, but thats not because of his heritage, but because of his sport and story. Tennis is not a game for the masses. If you want a real story of someone who wasnt privileged and had to work his way to the top, Giannis Antetokoumnpo is the guy you want Novak to be. But thats not the case. Novak was a very privileged child with many people surrounding him since his early childhood making everything possible and life easier for him.

      3. Dismantled Brain

        @Wuguhuliajethan Bubgokorahengadranananhdhi The previous comment explained it perfectly. A Serb will never get the same credit an American will, now add to that the reality of basketball being way more popular than tennis will every be and you have a perfect concoction for a famous athlete. Trust me, no matter what Djokovic does, he will not be as respected or famous as Jordan. It's the classic case of Tesla vs Edison.

      4. Dejan Vasilic

        @Wuguhuliajethan Bubgokorahengadranananhdhi There is no good story ? Are you kidding ? Novak grew up in Srbija , in the time of civil war in Yugoslavia , and his father had to borrow money from the loan sharks for Novak to play tennis . . . and you comparing that with the " Brady was no.199 pick and working his way up to goat status" LOL . . . He is 34 year old who will achieve ultimate tennis goal , and maybe the hardest thing in sport , to win all 4 grand slams in one year , and that is spectacular . . . And then , he will have all arguments to be considered one of the best (if not the best) , athlete of all time ,whether you like it or not . . .

      5. ЈK

        @Wuguhuliajethan Bubgokorahengadranananhdhi I agree that football and basketball are more popular than tennis but that's it. Novak is an example how a person can make his sport more popular. He is still an active player so let's wait and see if there will be someone idle enough who will find things that can measure someone's greatness. This is your opinion and that's ok with me, but I disagree with you. 😘

    66. Dejan Rakić

      djokovic takes gold in singles and in the mixed also then takes usopen...

      1. Aleksa Cerovic

        @Nothing IsReal I agree, let s wait to see, fully respecting other players is of big importance in sport, everyone have a chance, and everything is possible. Go Novak !!!

      2. OB1 Kanobić

        Wouldn't bet on mix

      3. MM

        @Nothing IsReal damn thats crazy djokovic takes it all

      4. Nothing IsReal

        Slow down. Zverev will be a challenge. And the US open is a LONG way to go.

    67. Gabriel P J Gervais

      The Bagel giver.... so generous....

      1. Denis Daly

        Novak has got a couple from Roger.

    68. elwingy

      Just GOAT stuff

      1. elwingy

        @LouisFrederick Sagarriga Visconti oh ok, perfect argument lol. 😂😂 No worries then keep believing it all you want. It is your right after all. Now whether that is reality, this is another discussion.

      2. elwingy

        @LouisFrederick Sagarriga Visconti Or maybe you want me to make you of list of things your favorite player lacks over Djokovic? You are the King of clay though, nobody can deny that. But that is where the GOAT discussion with Nadal ends.

      3. LouisFrederick Sagarriga Visconti

        @elwingy i think rafa's the goat fam idc what u say lmao

      4. elwingy

        @LouisFrederick Sagarriga Visconti He can still win a gold... but wait what are you suggesting exactly? That he isnt the GOAT? Because he lost the gold? So, now the Gold is the only measure of Goat status? Or do you imply that in that specific match / comment Djokovic wasnt sublime? Is Djokovic allowed to lose or the moment he does he isnt the GOAT lol? Zverev fully deserved the win today full credit to him and good luck in the final.

      5. LouisFrederick Sagarriga Visconti

        olympic gold not for everyone. just goat stuff..🇪🇸

    69. Ruška Glavendekic

      Zlatni decak Nole Donece nam zlato.Da si nam ziv i zdrav.

    70. Lorenzo Rossi

      1:24 wow no words

      1. Славко Драгојловић

        Bro this point 😳 Just speechless

    71. TMT

      Thanks a lot for the $23k 💰 MY BRO KEI NISHIKORI

    72. ENZO

      Idemooo noleee🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦

      1. otsirhc

        @tom gu Republike Srpske? Misliš vi pravoslavci iz Bosne? :) Moram da te razočaram ali i mi u Hrvatskoj ga volimo i podržavao 100% 🤷🏻‍♂️

      2. ЈK

        @ENZO Браво за БиХ! 😘 Поздрав из Србије!

      3. tom gu

        @otsirhc ne samo mi iz republike srpske volimo njega.

      4. ENZO

        @otsirhc tako je

      5. ENZO

        @robija21000 aj jbt stavio sam ovu 🇧🇦 jer sam jaa iz bosne to nema nikakve veze sa noletom...

    73. Stefano Lanza

      He's not human

    74. Goran Petric

      Damn boy!

    75. Adin

      Nole the Goat of mental toughness

      1. LouisFrederick Sagarriga Visconti

        i would say nadal is the strongest mentally. never loses focus, djoker can lose the first 6 0 or 6 1 and then win, but he often takes time to get in the match or sometimes has short drops in focus. nadal is on it every point no matter what. still one of the best for sure

    76. Gürkan Yavuz

      Very easy

    77. Vesna Vesna


    78. Lord braithwaite

      nobody can stop him now, not next year, not the year after. 8 new grand slams incoming

      1. sperrotta91

        @Napsta Lol. What?

      2. Napsta

        @Katerina Patiniotis MOTÖRHOP

      3. Katerina Patiniotis

        @Napsta what beer?

      4. Napsta

        Rublev: hold my beer

    79. Jagoda Stamenkovska

      Bravo Novak , nema pazi samo gazi ...majstoreee samo tako do zlatoooo 🙋‍♀️

    80. Leo


    81. RhayaderGoesToTown

      Djokovic beats top level ATP players like it's nothing

      1. TheKDX7

        @Ivan Karamazov some excuse

      2. Boris Kostic

        Nishikori just can't beat Đoković

      3. Rupin Jeremiah

        @Ivan Karamazov Lol, all BS excuses. He was demolished, thrashed, destroyed. Zverev won 10 of the last 11 games. Bye.

      4. Ivan Karamazov

        @TheKDX7 one hardcourt loss all year 🤣 also, when you get swatted in the first set in a third setter, you can't dare say you demolished the opponent, you just had a good day and handled the weather better

      5. TheKDX7

        Yes and Zverev beat Nole like nothing 😆

    82. Who the fuck Is that guy?

      Scaryyyyy 😈 idemooo Goatkovic for that gold 🐐❤

      1. Daniel Apostolovic

        Goldslamović i Goatković

    83. Robert Star

      I missed Djokovic playing on the HC. Best HC player ever. I am sure he'll keep up the aggressive play..wonderful to watch.

      1. Darx99

        Djokovic is the G.O.A.T.

    84. M N

      He means business!

    85. Mindia Tarieladze

      no question he'll take the gold without losing a set and then only rafa at his absolute best may be able to deny him at the us open, but highly unlikely still

      1. Eduardo Morgado

        @Enjoy Life your comment aged well

      2. Enjoy Life

        @Dejan Rakić i told you son...i am not some fanboy...not even fan of either of them...but the way both played,Zverev was amazing,and like i told he has chance to beat they in third set ;) told you

      3. Petar Pan

        @Ale Ostello you smokin never ever Medvedev is better than djokovic in tennis

      4. Ale Ostello

        @Petar Pan medvedev is better in tennis but not in mind and heart. Than nole

      5. MrBafuminal

        @Basic Gestalt i know. Where did i say that Nadal is better than Djokovic on hard court?

    86. Shone


    87. XYZZ

      Scary performance

    88. Matija Radulovic

      66.66% loaded 💪

    89. aleksandar toza


    90. Andrej Bernard

      Vamos Noles SERBoles GOAToles FOR the GOLD MEDAL!

    91. R S

      Wow this is scary clinical precition and dedication

      1. R S

        @timotije odadzic Dangerous thaugths

      2. filbiblio


      3. timotije odadzic

        Imagine world with majority of people who are dedicated like that in what they are doing! 🤔😳🙂

    92. ach nix


      1. Andrej Mitrovic

        @ach nix lmao he rlly said someone is trolling, its just fax

      2. ach nix

        @Dejan Markov unlike you i actually dont live in one

      3. Dejan Markov

        @ach nix You could also go back to your cave

      4. ach nix

        @FakeReality well theres a lot of words i could use but RScamera censors them 😎

      5. FakeReality

        @ach nix no one is trolling here

    93. Jacob Hung

      Damn, Djokovic is so unbeatable.

      1. Clint Eastwood

        that didnt age well lol

      2. TheKDX7

        Cry lady

      3. LouisFrederick Sagarriga Visconti

        nothing brightens my day more than this guy losing and i dont even know why

      4. Dumitriu Radu

        Except when he is😄

    94. A. Fevzi Güçlü

      Kei really let his nation down here...

      1. Thor Helm

        @David You know, in previous years I would perhaps agree with you, but as time passes and he has caught up with them in slams and will probably surpass them we see surge in love and respect that Nole deserves. So now I would not count out he surpasses them in that metric too, especially because of his huge fan base in non western but populous countries, like India, China and Russia for example. Oh and in western countries too, just 2 days ago I had nice conversation with persons from Poland that have Nole fan club, and they are saying its mostly media and posh/spoiled fans that keep disliking him and that Polish fans liked him long ago.

      2. elwingy

        @David Now that is the very definition of a salty AF person. Also one that has some kind of crazy spite against an athlete because he dominated his favourite guy... lol

      3. timotije odadzic


      4. Mácskovity Márk

        @ctt82 Leave him alone,you must understand there ll be always people who live in tier weird word,not knowing anything,but they are always the louder.SADLY

      5. Dex Belis

        please dont do Seppuku Kei😁

    95. nean

      Golden Grand slam is Coming!

      1. nean

        @1986 maybe doubles win 😀

      2. TheKDX7

        @Marko Nikolic where are you ?

      3. 1986

        Or not!! Hahaha 😂

      4. Neptune

        Well he just lost 😊

      5. Thomas Mehringer

        Haha, now we know, it isn't