Flywheel Battery

Tom Stanton

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    1. Joe Z

      First time i watched a video on levitated flywheels..... very intriguing

    2. DBqFetti

      Put it into vacuum.

    3. Patrick E

      Is hilarious how the British say aluminum 🤣🤣

    4. Stephen Sumilat

      What if the system is connected or added with a mini electric motor or dynamo to increase electrical power. Like an electric dynamo on a bicycle.

    5. Shawn R

      Very cool. After spinning that up with the drill how long did it remain spinning?

    6. Michael Laudicina

      The end all would be taking about 40 or more turbines 1 after the other then a parael pipe powred by a air compreasor with belts going to each turbine

    7. Michael Laudicina

      Can you try spining the whele with a air compresor...

    8. Berry Mucuckiner

      An unbalanced shaft doesn’t make anyone happy!

    9. Dominic Unrau

      You should try a ball bearing at the end instead

    10. w w

      Amazing project, thanks for sharing. You could combine this with a small wind turbine for continues rotation.

    11. Rundark

      Graphene makes all of this and more obsolete.

    12. MINYAD

      Чем больше подключаемая нагрузка(количество диодов) , тем быстрее остановится маховик

    13. Javier Alverde

      I have a theory I want to run by you, how?

    14. Jeff Roderick

      Just put the magnets on the top?... and put it in a cylinder or small sphere?... Always stretching my brain...old school machine shop and 3d printers...helps...driving sprockets and driven sprockets calculations....This was a Beautiful Movie....Gets the Mind fueled....Thank YOU SIR

    15. Exploring Northern Ontario

      Interesting if you were to scale it up say, 10-50 times!

    16. Grup infractional organizat PSD

      Put outside with one air turbine

    17. Az Sam

      Why not start the cycle put solar panels, and the light from the diodes to shine on the panels !? Free energy ;)

    18. S2mple

      What if the both sides are a bit of center to the outside and the magnetic fields on both sides are mirrored so the both ends of the rod are trying to go in the opposite directions

    19. Spaceman

      Add a motor and 2 generators you get free energy. No battery needed.

    20. Daniel Berzinskas


    21. Ben Jones

      Now if you can make something that I can hook up to a 24 volt DC battery bank to charge my lithium batteries, I will buy one!

    22. Dr Electronics

      Adding low voltage motor to flywheel may give us a free energy innovation??

    23. Into The Wild

      "very little friction"

    24. Comfort Zone Games

      Does it spin shorter when you connect consumers like LEDs?

    25. Snack Bandit

      Hi Tom, what if you had a pedal transmit your bodyweight into rotational force of the flywheel through gearing, instead of spinning it by hand? I believe that a human doing a stair-master like exercise could generate enough momentum in a flywheel to power quite a large appliance, with the correct gearing ofcourse

    26. Grounded Roots

      Someone like my comment so I can come back and watch this later!

    27. Richard Loubon

      Make it a perpetual motion device 😁

    28. dirtyshotya

      So why not use magnets to eliminate all resistance instead of it resting on the point?

    29. R4Z0R84

      Solar power to spin it up during the day so it can be a battery at night generating power, nice just needs to be more efficient to actually be useful I wonder if it upscales well.

    30. R4Z0R84

      Could also put the magnets on the flywheel itself and have the wire externally around the flywheel so there's no extra weight added to the shaft but is added to the flywheel.

    31. DeckedOutPistol

      wrap a string around a point on the rod and have you can pull it like a rip cord to spin the flywheel

    32. Two Dogs AndaMan

      I need your Brain to help me. California Default Fathers Club. I have no rights..

    33. richard trail

      Very cool 😎, blades to make a windmill or maybe attach to a water wheel

    34. MC

      What would be cool is a little hand crank generator that pumps current through the coil to spin the shaft like a motor. You should use that to increase the RPM of the system without having to touch the magnetically levitating shaft. You could even have the hand crank mounted away from the frame and only attached to it with wires so that you don't induce any extra wobble from cranking.

    35. ReverendTed

      I wasn't expecting to gain an understanding of Full Bridge Rectifiers today, but here we are! Thanks!

    36. BeelzeKid

      secure it not to wobble with more magnets on the top make it slightly skloped put it into a backpack and have heel springs to powwer it with evry step you do :D plz XD

    37. Wolfe Ritzo

      Build a flywheel helicopter

    38. Richard Ellis

      I do beg to differ about your theory on aluminum not being magnetic strike magnet going past that aluminum plate just real close to the surface take full strides past that aluminum and feel the difference aluminum is a superconductor one of many stainless steel and copper I haven't tried brass yet

    39. ff ff

      rotate your field coils by 90 degree, this gives you match more efficacy .. ;) for even more efficiency use 2 field coils 90 degree apart. make sure when magnets charge the core the coils are not in phase with the core... then when field rotates by 45degree, stored magnetic energy in the core gets released.. at the same time a gyro magnetic effect will take place, as when a field is formed and you try to rotate it by 90degree it will implode and generate a huge spike in potential.. just like a boost converter. .. this hes as effect that the load and source are out of phase and are blind to one and other.. if you know something about electromagnetic systems then you know this is very very very useful.. have fun experimenting cheers!

    40. frost buddy's acter

      Nice. Love it

    41. Travon Cain

      When you explained ferdays law of induction, i instantly subscribed, great explanation 👍

    42. Diy Afrique

      Interesting project

    43. ichund du

      I nice kind of an emergency electricity Modul.

    44. Tom Baja

      Make a motor with a impact wrench. Fill up tank of air at the Petro. Watch everyone gasp on you enginuity fumes.

    45. rajesh singh

      why dont use the energy to increase the length of the spin of the flywheel? is there anyway to do that?

    46. blastman8888

      This has been done before the US DOE had tested some of these 15-20 years ago a company I invested in was a penny stock. They used fly wheel energy storage was suppose to help with electric grids store energy between generation changes. The company eventually went bankrupt maybe it never really panned out.

    47. FennecTECH

      You said full bridge rectifier wrong. You have to say it like mehdi *FULL BRIDGE RECTIFIER* you need to have reverb and everything\

    48. michaelwni

      I understand there is a way to capture RF energy in the air. If you can convert that into rotational energy of the flywheel.... free energy


      Connect the motor to the flywheel again and till what duration would it run without human spinning it .

    50. Stanley Dsouza

      Truly Appreciate, all your brilliant, fabulous, videos educating, teaching the future 🌎 generations, which is equivalent to all our Forefathers, Scientists, Researchers in scientific laws, details enshrined with..Thanking you most loved Sir Tom Stanton

    51. Constantin Baiculescu


    52. porcupine phillips

      you should make a infinite loop put a motor on the rod spin it so the motor spins with electricity

    53. Doc Hussey's Drone, Photo, and Video

      By using a hollow tube, you can mount the magnets for the alternator within the tube itself. In doing so, you can then use slightly tighter tolerances to create better field interaction. As far as spinning, using a sort of reverse clutch, you could attach a crank to the end that would disengage when you stop applying pressure allowing you to spin faster without adding too much in the way of friction. Or, I could be completely mad.

    54. Timothy Golden

      A horseshoe of steel instead of the air magnetic circuit would alter things greatly. Reduce air in magnetic circuit by replacing it with high permeability material. This is why a car motor needs such tight clearances. Mu of air is trouble.

    55. Steve Lovell

      Was thinking you could thread the flywheel and then put the steel rod through that with a drill to keep the bend from happening with heat.

    56. Maurice Taudevin

      Very cool mate. Well done.

    57. Leo Weber


    58. Theo Turner

      can this setup be run backwards?

    59. Ash Kh

      hi What happened if you do this in space?! It make electricity for ever?!!!

    60. PonziZombieKiller

      Hell yeah

    61. SciGuy

      Curious of how much the magnetic levitation improved the efficiency

    62. Nothing


    63. Franklin' Tavares

      nice video. Would have a grater result if you used 3 phase AC

    64. David Couch

      At the wobble the whole thing would go in the trash.

    65. Truck68

      This was very interesting and educational!👍

    66. Sumona Florence

      A *FLY* wheel, eh?

    67. Brandon Knight

      Should've built a planetary gear driven hand crank on the end to spin the flywheel up superfast

    68. Cristian 15man

      Con la inercia q tiene la fly echale muchos magnets majo. Potencia tiene pero no la aprovechas al maximo.

    69. Venceremos Allende

      Sorry Mehdi, but this is the first time I understand how a full bridge rectifier works... I am sorry

    70. Theoria Apophasis

      NOW TRY to define the word FIELD, you have no chance.

      1. Truck68

        The grassy area between the goalposts.

    71. Touchy's Subjects

      Are you familiar with rotating a copper disc in the presence of a magnetic field? Faraday discovered that if you measure the potential voltage between the center of the disc and the outside of the disc there would be a potential voltage difference and he also discovered that if you rotate either the disc or you rotate the magnet that potential difference is the same. Moreover he discovered that if you cemented the disc to the magnet and rotated them together the same potential voltage difference was created! By rotating the magnet and the copper disc together like a giant hamburger you create the same electrical force without having to overcome the mechanical energy required to rotate only one of the structures! You know like if you take a small DC motor and you turn it as the coil passes through the strongest point of the magnetic fields there's kind of a thump thump thump by cementing the magnet to The copper disc you get rid of that resistance it only have to overcome inertia and friction.

    72. h8GWBî

      5:32 When you say "light bulb" I always picture and incandescent filament type, which work on both AC and DC current. -Does this mean I'm old?- Also, I'd love to see a cost comparison between vacuum flywheel storage solutions and chemical batteries, since I think they'll become very relevant in the near future.

    73. Moto Kid 68

      here me out... "perpetual motion"


      Doesn't the copper wire have to be coated so they don't touch?

    75. Jonathan Kudlich

      As someone who learned quite a bit of electronics in school the words "ill hook up this (10V) power supply to this (1-2V) LED (with no resistor in front)" gave me extreme anxiety for the LEDs... I guess they didnt just die because you didnt go full send on the flywheel rpm tho, so it turned out okay i guess ^^

    76. Jorg Brown

      I bet you think the wobbling is because various parts aren't quite straight enough, or on a flat enough surface, but actually, it's due to the "intermediate axis theorem", which in a nutshell says that most things that are spinning are actually spinning around multiple axes. Veritassium did a great video about it . You can avoid the wobble if you make your spinning disk's mass more concentrated in the pancake section, rather than having a secondary spinning disk attached to the side like a sidecar, and this change will be crucial if you ever want to get your desktop flywheel up to higher speeds. This will mean putting the magnets in the main disk itself. Speaking of higher speeds, the next step in your project is to support using it as both a generator *and* a motor: that is, the same coils you've already wired up can be used to get it to spin faster, not just slow it down. I hope you do a follow-up video about that!

    77. Stinger

      Dude, you should have tried a heavier flywheel to see how long it will run for. Then it would be cool to see a graph of electrical load to turning time. Great project though

    78. Chris T

      How quickly does the load affect the stopping force on the rotation?

    79. Dragon Shivan

      Awesome ! How long did you manage to keep it turning ?

    80. Simoxs7

      Well I think I watched to much electro boom… I kinda expected a FULL BRIDGE RECTIFIER!!! After seeing one…

    81. Edward Nelson

      Pretty cool.

    82. martin kobi

      You should install an bearing and a pullee in the bar end, so u could easily generate electricity, with a battery you could save it, ez energy

    83. jen Moore

      Bro you need to post more I love your videos and I have al ready watched them all

    84. MrNiceGuy

      You would think that adding a heavy flywheel then spinning this at a high speed while moving another magenting force closer with a force that would make it spin faster and freely then remove the motor it would be able to accomplish a continuous motion that will not stop. But I'm just a retard.

    85. SuperSteve

      You could probably get around the need for a rectifier by connecting the LEDs in Full Bridge configuration and using an AC motor.

    86. Andrius Luko

      connect a bike without wheels or steering wheel to it and go as fast as possible.

    87. Nathan Chowdry

      This has free energy potential but I think you need a large tub of water and maybe some sun rays

    88. Tjensen999

      I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    89. Heaven 42#

      Genius: Borderline Crazy Hahaha 😂 Isn't that what Genius is ? Destination Unknown

    90. Do Lei

      Use a capacitor.

    91. FLZ_HackerTNT112


    92. Mike Shelogowski

      Like I'm a two year old...why would opposing magnets on the ends of the shaft not make it spin on its own

    93. Mr.engineEAR09

      Hi Tom! I recommend you put a gearbox on the other side of the shaft but linked with magnets so friction isn’t too high but if that doesn’t work you can try to make a very fast gearbox linked with a shaft

    94. John Jones

      See if you can put the electric motor to spin the flywheel so it powers itself with just a little push from you to start the motion !

      1. Mr.engineEAR09

        No! That is an attempt to make a 100% efficient machine. And NO MACHINE IS OR CAN BE MADE 100% EFFICIENT

    95. Steve

      very cool video

    96. Tyrone Mathew

      Get a little motor, get the flywheel to power the motor and the motor to power the flywheel so that it doesn't stop spinning

      1. Tyrone Mathew

        @Mr.engineEAR09 if you think you're so clever to know what will and won't work why don't you find a way to make it work

      2. Mr.engineEAR09

        You must not know much, it won’t work!

    97. C YY

      It's just a dynamo/generator with a floating armature. Putting a load on the output, will stop the flywheel rotations pretty quick.

    98. King Envention

      very good

    99. Eugene Minton

      i had an idea years ago, that i do not have the tech savvy skills to manufacture or the money for the materials. but what my idea was, was to use an "uber" magnet assembly to spin a generator. what is an uber magnet? well the one i saw that the idea formed around was a magnet used to slow a world land speed record vehicle.... it costed by what they said, 25,000 dollars for one about the size of a deck of cards. but they also said in the show i saw it in, that uber magnets are the strongest magnets on the planet... the reason it worked for slowing the vehicle is that normal brakes for a vehicle traveling 600 mph would burn out in the span they'd need to be applied to stop the vehicle... salt beds are only so big..>LOL anyhow the idea i had i called the "independence generator" and the assembly basically kept that point between attraction and repulsion moving to keep the drive shaft in a constant rotating motion. then attach the shaft to a generator.... i talked to one engineer about funding and he thought i was trying to con him. after that i got disheartened... but i do feel the plans i drew up and the idea itself is sound... thou the magnets are very expensive, since i have limited knowledge about life expectancy, power distribution, and such i could never really scale the idea to a version to make a prototype. but after watching information about the flywheel battery and the tesla turbine.... somehow it would be interesting to combine them? eh i have to many ideas... peace.

    100. Chris Stanford