Fortnite SkyFire Event Full | No Talk (Chapter 2 Season 7 Live Event)

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    Fortnite SkyFire Event Full | No Talk (Chapter 2 Season 7 Live Event) the Fortnite Operation Skyfire Event with NO COMMENTARY in HD during Chapter 2 Season 7 Live Event which leads into Fortnite Season 8 from the SkyFire Season 7 Live Event with the Return of Kevin the Cube and More!

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    1. By Post

      Who is using Code “Post” before buying the Season 8 Battle Pass!

      1. Convenient

        not me

      2. Ekin Cetin

        @Trxy ⁰⁹

      3. Dino Gamer

        Not me XD

      4. GoldGames

        @renatito in what world do you live? :o

      5. renatito

        @GoldGames its free

    2. PaNik.o!

      kevin cube come back

    3. Adeel Ahmad


    4. Austin Playz

      11:25 - 11:40

    5. lightning x

      First time seeing the event so sad I missed it

    6. Jesus

      The space ship low-key looks like the "we can be heros" space ship provoke me wrong

    7. copeland

      I was at the event and I saw myself legit I am in a video

    8. professional cheese

      Blue and gold Kevin? More like the space stone and the mind stone

    9. Jaeven gaming

      YEY thanks fortnite for bringing back the cube

    10. Silma Pontillas

      Yaaay kiven the cube is back😃😃


      11:06 11:43

    12. Rob B


    13. Supreme Son Gohan

      I stopped playing fortnite in season 4 chap 2, and I might come back. And this is something I WISHED I DID NOT MISS. And my boy kevin is gonna return. Thanks Fortnite. I love you again. I cried when that cube blew up in Season 6.

    14. lisa betmead

      They had kevin Edit: Kevin the cubes family

    15. Megan.Stxrry

      “I won’t bring you home”

    16. RT Suspended

      By post : has skin of 1 of the 7 Slone : yea I trust u

    17. Pamela Smith

      Kevins back yes

    18. Bill Cipher


    19. Floppy Neal

      Who else missed the love event here 😐

    20. The slow Writers


    21. BrettTheNerd

      The music in fortnite is so good

    22. Qorbin Mera

      why they add superman if he isn't in a event. THATS DUMB

    23. Michael afton~]

      When the second cube appeared i was like "yo what"

    24. jungcook

      fortnite space magical videos are soo beautiful the floating houses in purple space omg

    25. Murzynek 69

      These forknite Kids ruin the experience with those gay dances

    26. UKinator


    27. crystal_Lazar


    28. SpookyMonthLover808

      Who Else Tried Rick And Morty Skin

    29. BaddieNation


    30. Wyatt Wilson

      I miss season 7 so much this new season sucks.....

    31. remorse


    32. agent Jones the short


    33. Yunque Coyote

      3:33 LMAO the guy laughing at the aliens

      1. agent Jones the short


    34. KeatynTheDeath

      I remember the day this started it was like 3:00 and I was about to go to GameStop I thought I wasn't gonna make it but when I parked the car there was like 6 minutes left until the event started so I just ran up to my room and BARLEY Made it to the event with 2 minutes left I'll never forget that

    35. vincey207


    36. vincey207


    37. vincey207

      Nice vid

    38. cost mceleoy

      I couldn't I couldn't actually see this event but at least Kevin is back I'm happy

    39. rainbow floof

      A crowd of ants crawling on the floor.

    40. thanasisapost

      Yeah more kevins

    41. What?

      I wish i could play it again

    42. ab1plays

      Thanks for posting this my ps4 got stolen so I can't play fortnite anymore so I am missing out on alot

    43. Zaviuan Phelps

      In my opinion this event was the best event in fortnite well not the best but the greatest the other ones i liked were the black hole event and the galactus event i played this event and it as awsome the way we saw the mothership explode and kevin slowly rising from the water were my favorite parts

    44. Roblox Boy

      Everyone: dear God The cube: IM BACK BABY

    45. PLANT

      6:55 it almost...... so this is not the past

    46. Groudon

      So Kevin was the good guy?

    47. Cyber Punk

      Started playing since Ch: 2 Season 6 and Season 7 was amazing 👏 I loved everything about it!! I'm sad I missed the live event and the last few prism skins (besides Guggimon) but thanks so much for sharing.

    48. Noodles

      11:57 AYE BRO WATCH YO JET

    49. Just some games

      Man they didn't think to bring guns

    50. Olrun

      Ima be honest, I don't like the game anymore, but this event was fire i cant even lie

    51. Comrade Cat

      I feel bad for the henchmen

    52. Cookie Boo

      You made Kevin mad

    53. Cookie Boo

      No one can get rid of Kevin the cube

    54. Dylan Huff

      Of fucking course the ship is made of kevins. Why wouldnt it be. Stupid me for thinking it would be a normal alien ship (as normal as a UFO can get)

    55. Kanwit Remix V2

      Galactus? the meteor? Zero point? What are you talking about the cube is going to loot lake

    56. Saucaflame

      I knew Kevin the cube was gonna come back when I saw it floating in space during season 4 event galctus

    57. Loks

      I've been out of the loop for the lore since the Midas arc, it's cool to see how much progress the story has been ever since Season 3.

    58. Billy Adams

      This is literally like star wars

    59. Scarkinng

      Im sad i miss this first event I've missed in a year...

    60. Pizza Time

      hate it or not, but epic games from the point of view of live events piss on everyone's head, really an amazing event

    61. Bella Karakalidou


    62. zalen playz

      I was in there

    63. jacob bendanillo

      He becomes a space stone after you touch Kevin the cube

    64. jacob bendanillo

      Yay the resurrection of Kevin the cube and the appearance of Kevin's family

    65. Patrick A

      Honestly who is interested in Fortnite lore?

      1. By Post

    66. Russell Ramsuchit

      Yes Kevin revnge

    67. Russell Ramsuchit

      OMG Kevin brought his friends he loves us 😢😭😿

      1. By Post

    68. Russell Ramsuchit

      We all knew he will return

    69. Russell Ramsuchit

      Kevin we all missed you

    70. Russell Ramsuchit

      Kevin dont go

    71. Russell Ramsuchit

      I jsut wanna hug kevin

    72. Russell Ramsuchit

      Kevin never lests us down

    73. Russell Ramsuchit

      Kevin's the goat

    74. Russell Ramsuchit

      I knew it because. What else would be the purple thing

    75. Hank

      The mothership!

    76. Stephen Graham

      It’s keven🤩🤩

      1. By Post

    77. Anja Toplak

      Dajte vsi palce gor 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    78. gaemer dog

      I cried for Kevin when I saw the trailer

    79. Icz Kun

      I was so happy when i saw Kevin and chills went down my spine, but then they killed him and it sent more chills. They revived him basically, and then i saw like a million evil kevins..

    80. kk random worlds

      Rip the player

    81. Legendarygamer

      You know Dr. Sloan was getting you killed in the mothership when she disabled Kevin she said I won’t bring you home even if that thing make it out alive in the Island

    82. AverageGuy

      *Doctor Slone just pulled a general shepherd*

    83. valt aoi

      He's back baby

    84. Shannon Manasvigangkul

      The blue one is a good kevin out of the millions because she/he heard the woman who got you out of the cell and you fill it with energy.

    85. Novasion

      *Kevins back :D*

    86. BOB

      Fun fact: the people who died was copied bots from others players

    87. nobody but me wyattmehn

      See I'm disappointed in fornite one steamy stacks got hit by something it's still intact so as lazylake and much more

    88. J_2young Broca

      Kevin looks soo evil 👿 but

    89. T-5317

      Unfortunately I always miss season to season events and it would have been epic to be there

    90. borgir

      that event was so bad

    91. Nicholas Miller

      This makes me depressed and sad and left out because I didn't have time to see the event in fortnite because of school and why the hell did the fortnite developers unleash the event on a school week that's not very fair

    92. MOCHI!


    93. Seby Sanchez

      Kevin is back bolll

    94. GIGA CHAD

      Kevin is back yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    95. Booba 2 - Cartoon For Kids

      So Epic

    96. NickWrld

      Thx for uploading it I missed it

    97. noelle Niederhaeuser


    98. ThePotBoy

      Im gonna name the Blue cube Greg

    99. Calamity


    100. Epic Kirby12

      All I want is paradigm to come back to the shop. It's been almost 3 years