HIGHLIGHTS: Nikola Jokić drops 36 points in Game 6 win vs. Portland Trail Blazers (06/03/2021)

Denver Nuggets

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    1. lazar kuzmanovski


    2. zon vejn

      Браво мајсторе поздрав

    3. Fantastic 1

      One of the best players seen the the NBA in decades as far as I'm concerned what a player

    4. Pitchwise Pitchkers

      He is already the best,and still to come..

    5. DM car

      0:30 and 0:48 all about basketball...pure art...

    6. Anna Mn

      MVP, MVP, MVP

    7. A S


    8. Srbin Srbin

      Serbian power!!What an awesome team my Serbia will be at the Olympic games !! This year we have the NBA MVP and the Eurolige MVP!!!

    9. Warrior BC

      The best player in the league also MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. Above Duality

      Nikola Jokic, right now, is about the only "argument" that serbs can throw at us albanians, and expect brotherly agreement.

      1. Boris Čolić


      2. Magnum 22


      3. Artemida Daki

        Novak Djokovic 🤭

    11. Ghost


    12. Optimus Prime

      Jamal doesent deserve that contract, bring Nikola Lillard or some real superstar, so they can go for ring. And im invite all people from denver come visit Serbia. Il be glad to host some of the people.

    13. Alex Avram

      Best player in the history of the whole region of the former Yugoslavia. Unreal performances in the past 2 seasons.

    14. lokingloking


    15. Heisenberg Walter


    16. 56 xc

      Porter was good ..

    17. R D

      Svi mi znamo ko je Jokic, a sada je vreme da se i sira Amerika ukljuci u magiju koju pruza ovaj covek...

    18. Dovla


    19. Elessar

      MVP MVP MVP ♥️💙🤍

    20. fasicpicture

      Not good for Denver, they only know for 0-3 to 4-3 win 😁

    21. Ivan Stanojcic

      Aaron Gordon defensive player of the series!! And now clutch points! Huge impact, great trade!! Idemooo

    22. милош mladenović

      oh man I thought I've seen his best, super aggressive jokić is scary af

    23. PixlBaronBre BrePixlBaron

      Denver wins the Playoffs, buys, in addition, Luka Doncic, and becomes unstoppable for the next 10 years : -) I see them gold nuggets rollin...

    24. bobby smurda

      Cemented himself as worthy MVP! Before the playoffs the majority thought Nuggets would get fried by the blazers and that Jokic would be a "1st round exit MVP" "weakest MVP" Jokic now leave them silent!!

      1. tropickman

        The main reason I thought that is obviously missing Murray, Barton, Dozier, but also because Nuggets defense has a lot, a LOT of room for improvement.

    25. vladimir vugdelic


    26. Bozha Kapetanovic


    27. Niko Bitan

      AJMO!!! 🃏!⛏️⛏️🇷🇸💪🏀

    28. gendale


    29. Bear Lai

      should be the MVP

    30. Jane Za

      Mip mip!

    31. Ming Erik


    32. Kazimir

      Without Murray the Nuggets win and play great! Many ask how this is possible? The answer is simple: The Nuggets win and will win as long as there is no Barton on the team! And when Barton comes back ... (I don't want to say that, not to spoil this wonderful success)

      1. Magnum 22

        Barton and Covid-19 are the biggest scam of the planet Earth!

      2. Kazimir

        @John Pena Absolutely true! But, knowing Malone and his way of thinking for all these years at Nuggets, I think that's exactly what he's going to do, break that team chemistry ... Unfortunately !

      3. John Pena

        Nuggets have a good team chemistry with the player rotations they have now, I don't see any reason for them to insert Barton in now all it would do is mess up the Nuggets excellent team chemistry and effect then in a negative way !

      4. Johnny Enigma

        @Dex Jan Barton conspiracy 🤐

      5. Dex Jan

        So true... I am surprised they did not block your comment since they been doing that whenever someone says something about that Barton fact...

    33. I won’t watch 15 sec ads

      White excellence

    34. Johnny Enigma

      GOAT! 🏀👑 If Joker had media attenition and teamates that Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Chamberlain, and Abdul-Jabbar had during their carriers he will definitely have at least 5 NBA tittles so far! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 Definitely One of the best that ever play basketball! If not The Best of All Times.

      1. nIndja

        @Don D. Alex ne kontate vi covjeka...

      2. Don D. Alex

        @Johnny Enigma jokic is not a communist LOL

      3. Milan Krstic

        @Johnny Enigma 🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏👏👏👏

      4. smeka

        @Johnny Enigma who is communist?

      5. Johnny Enigma

        @smeka I thought it was about his political orientation.. He's a communist. Playing for team, not personal stats

    35. Alen Djelic

      This Denver team has the NBA MVP player, but also by far the worst highlights ever (this channel)

    36. Stefan Milošević


    37. USAFO6

      This man will be a top 10 All Time NBA Legend.

      1. tropickman

        Jokic led NBA in 10 offensive & efficiency stats this season. His PER, WS/48, BPM, OBPM each ranked within top 10 in NBA history!

      2. Uroš Vasiljević

        He is sick! Started in one of kinda worse teams in Serbia, my dad said "This guy will be a legend!", but I kinda didn't trust him, and then straight to Nuggets, he will be in top 10 sure!

      3. Jack Bailey

        Top 20 not 10

      4. BORIS BALTA

        @Ivica NE treba biti neskroman.

      5. Ivica

        @BORIS BALTA better

    38. Dona Markovic


    39. impassable

      The Kings passed on Trae Young, Luka Doncic, and Michael Porter, and took Marvin Bagely..Suns did too and took Ayton....Bagely may still be really good if he can ever get healthy..

      1. impassable

        @jovan jelic They also passed on Klay Thompson, Steph Curry, Draymond, Kawhi Leonard, Jokic, and Michael Porter

      2. jovan jelic

        in contrast to that song "Whiter shade of pale" Kings prefer the song "Blacker shade of blackness"

    40. Alex Antinegrovita

      What I was watching today was a Euro Tim Duncan going to work.

    41. Drunkbeach1

      Mvp Mvp Mvp Jokic 💪💪💪💪

    42. Mikac 357


    43. Ivan Zivanovic

      jokara j_be ne vadi...MVP...MVP...MVP

    44. Saved

      This is why JOKIC is the MVP... PLEASE bring the trophy now for the official announcement of the MVP. Don't keep us waiting. Before nba analyst, nick wright will jinx it to make lebron the mvp. Im sorry not nick wRight but nick WRONG is the better name. Jokic MVP. Congrats nuggets.

      1. John Pena

        When Nick Wright doesn't have his head up his own a$$ he has it up Lebrons a$$ !

      2. Saved

        @practiceyourart nothing is final until its officially announced in nba. I thought the mvp award will be given on today's win.

      3. practiceyourart

        voting is done before the PS starts man, Joker already got this

    45. delija67717

      Why everybody talking MVP ???? JOKER don't care about that.

    46. 小粉紅老母全家都係日軍慰安婦

      emchoke who?

      1. Drunkbeach1


    47. Liew Wai Hins


    48. Nim사현


    49. Guerrini1975

      Undisputed MVP=Joker

    50. spaskesrb

      Who is MVP, it's clear now.

    51. Sergio Jokanov

      Can't wait for his MVP presentation hopefully in Game 3 (in Denver) with a sold out crowd cheering. Will be a beautiful sight to behold.

      1. tropickman

        MVP will be announced on June 22. The 2nd round series will have ended by then!

    52. Aaron Gordon

      Aaron Gordon Stats: 13 Points 7 Rebounds 4 Assists 1 Steal 1 Block 2 3-Pointers

      1. tropickman

        Aaron Gordon has impressed me a lot! He is consistent with his production, but his value is huge off the ball. He is easily the most competent defender on the team, is strong & athletic, and fit into the team relatively quickly. He moves well off the ball & spreads the floor. He has a pretty solid shot and his 3PT shooting has been great against the Blazers! His greatest challenge is approaching; he will have to attempt to contain Devon Booker. While it is impossible for anyone in the league to guard Booker 1 vs 1, Gordon will have to do his best to pressure Booker and get him off his game, while remaining Nuggets help I hope Barton & Dozier start playing soon!

      2. Brian Teale

        yea that trey late in the game big shot

      3. Aaron Gordon

        Thank you all just about to finish up our practice, hope y’all cheer us on and give us hype for the suns series, hoping to win the western to get the shirts and trophy then finals bc we have a really good change!!!! #DenverNuggets #NBAPlayoffs #AaronGordon #NBA

      4. Magnum 22

        Good game Gordon. Very nice edition to Denver team.

      5. Igor Djurdjevic

        Dobra igra brate! Shaq

    53. duka ivan

      Jokic M1V5P

    54. Nebojša Đuran

      Simpli the best.Jokic MVP. I hope Shaq Oneill know this now

      1. Nebojša Đuran

        @L K nick wright is interessant for me ,how a traffic light in gta5

      2. L K

        And nick wright saying he's the worst mvp in nba history 🤣 both are fuckin clowns

    55. Sho Uq


    56. The N4pole0n

      Jokic mvp no doubt