HOIST Your Bike (Installation and Review)


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    When it comes to bike storage, hoisting your bike might be the best solution. The reason is… well, watch the video!
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    By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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    1. Mehditation


      1. MuffinTradeMarked

        im disappointed, i thought that i would only see the word "hoist" as the replies

      2. NeptuneFusion



        go to gym mehdi 😠

      4. Adam Johnson


      5. Just a fox


    2. Kat Williams

      So great. Love that you explained centre of gravity with a practical relevant example as well as going through tweaks to methods.

    3. Christian Turner

      You could install a winch motor on the wall to help you lift it up

    4. Dauf

      Wouldn't flipping the front and the rear make it easier to pull? That way the rear of the bike gets pulled with more mechanical advantage than the front, although risk rotating the bike because the rear would get pulled up slower than the front.

    5. autkhajon Witoonchart


    6. autkhajon Witoonchart

      8:40 9:55

      1. autkhajon Witoonchart


    7. Its Vic

      This guy using math just to store a f***ing bike

    8. Leandro Silva Rodriguez

      you're funny, man!

    9. Glen Landry

      I’ve had this hoist system for several years for my two bikes. The friction force in the pulleys can be minimized but using a spray lubricant. Also, the reason the end of the bike nearest the pull cord raises first is because the travel distance of the first pulley is shortest. The more pulleys added, the longer the path and the slower the pulleys rise.

    10. S Willams

      If this came with thicker rope it would be a lot nicer on your hands. Or if you knotted the rope every foot or so it would give you something better to grip. Some people use a ratcheting winch but that's beyond what this needs i suppose. Maybe there are cheap ones for light loads. The aim is to have the bike as high as possible, right at the ceiling somehow, then draw the bottom of the wheels towards the wall so its less in the way. Also position that pedal as high as possible. You want that pedal above head height so you never hit your head on it. At 10:03 or rscamera.info/like/video/psRld6q1nmKmhJE.html it looks like it might be possible given your ceiling height if the pulley hooks weren't so large. Looks like your ceiling height is 8' or 8.5'. Another option would be lifting it horizontally up to the ceiling with 3 pulleys. This is especially space efficient if you've cut down your handlebars so they're not so wide, something often done for city riding to minimize hitting things like cars. A wide handlebar and traffic is not a good combination! Another application for hoisting your bike up is for people in apartments, especially with narrow hallways where the bike is always in the way. One could hoist it farther away from the wall, say on the north side of the hallway, then pull the wheels over to the south wall so the pedal is above head height. Or you could install 2 small shelves or hooks on the south wall for each wheel. When you're doing videos like this it would be great to know the ceiling height you're working with, also your height so we always have a frame of reference in every frame. Your humor is priceless, with flawless comedic timing. You are truly gifted at these presentations and so deserve your popularity.

    11. Kwaku Kumi

      Gru? Where are your minions? 👊😁

    12. scott chandler


    13. Jakab Gergő

      I'm hooked now

    14. Simon McGlary

      I have the ALDI version.

    15. Migs991

      No electric motor to pull it up? I'm disappointed

    16. abel flores

      Very funny yet informative! Thanks!


      Amazing work my idol i love all of your video's

    18. G Music

      I would recommend replacing the rear hook with a large carabiner that clips to he back of the seat pole. Or possibly, both the front and rear. That way, there is no chance of it slipping off.

    19. Daniel Jensen

      This looks very fiddly, I think I'd rather just have hooks.

    20. the return of the bruce

      he looked like my dad but more angrier

    21. frankthespank

      I hate to sound like a snob but don’t buy your bikes at Walmart and picking your bike up won’t be such a chore 🤓

    22. Bill Hornewer

      Are you at the Holiday Inn all weekend in the lounge ? you kill with the jokes , but how do we hang our bikes ?

    23. Miodrag Babić

      Joist to mount the Hoist! 😁

    24. Not Your Person's Person

      Harken makes a dedicated pulley system that works very well for hoisting bikes

    25. Arkia2000

      nice application of high school physics, awesome man awesome

    26. anonimni youtube

      this product looks so neat on pictures, not so great in actual use

    27. cozmoroller

      is the hoist moist?

    28. VELOBAR+

      Some heavy and ugly bicycles

      1. Paul Lisok

        your bicycle is pretty ugly, ngl

    29. Bauteil

      the one thing i dont get is why a men aof sience like you, dont youse SI units for measurements

    30. Chris Cain

      Another solution is to use a spreader bar

    31. Chris Cain

      I’m really pleased with mine

    32. Chris Cain

      Just thought if you fitted one of the pulleys onto a strip of Bosch Rexroff extruded strip… you could then air a slide so that the distance can be adjusted for different length bikes. But mine will support my tandem and an ordinary bike

    33. Chris Cain

      To find a stud simply knock on the wall with your knuckles and you Han hear where when the sound changes by gojng back and forth you can work out the centre of the joist

    34. Chris Cain

      Joist and HOIST rhyme just like MOIST hahah 😂😂😂😂😂

    35. Chris Cain

      These hoists are great I use one to support my tandem … if one end of the bike falls it’s easier to just push the end that is lower back up

    36. P Key

      I have this hoists for 3 bikes , corroded after 2 years but still good . I can assure you - hanging by the saddle is a BAD idea, instead much safer is to use rear wheel.

    37. GameFan

      I love these Mehdi House Mods.

    38. Haaey 11

      This is a problem with pulleys thats why its swings

    39. Daniel Talavera


    40. Muhamed Karahasanović

      thare are these special screw holes (i don't know how you call them in english) that spred behinde the dry wall and you don't need to screw your screw in to studs but you can screw them in these holes and the dry wall can hold the weight. i used them to mount my tv on to the wall and they hold nice and sturdy th tv is prety heavy.

    41. Mitchell Navas

      The black brandy anaerobically refuse because slice dfly open despite a condemned rhythm. aback, courageous spike

    42. Closeup Channel

      Now you just need a motorized wheelchair and a stairlift.


      9:25 me: waiting for something bad to happen But nothing 😲

    44. Slappy O'Neil.

      he should now install a winch motor and use it to prevent himself from carpet burning his hands or finger or whatever!

    45. Ibims1 Alfa

      Buy a better Bike


      Rip stand


      Get a good stud finder man haha

    48. Michigander

      Wondering if I mount two of these sl3. Feet apart or so. If I can lift my walk behind lawn mower to work on it?csn the hooks be replaced with carabiners? (very entertaining video! Got lots of laughs!)

    49. Great Guy

      I can HOIST a jack, I can lay a track I can pick and shovel too, Lord, Lord I can pick and shovel too I can pick and shovel too, Lord, Lord I can pick and shovel too

    50. Romain Paindavoine

      if the ceiling is very high, this is definitely the best solution !

    51. Andrea Cattelan

      Wife murder problems 😂

    52. Arindom Bhattacharyya

      If u Canadian why you use imperial system why not use SI system

    53. Dooley

      Cut two holes in the back of the seat for your hooks to slot into.

    54. Emre Oktaş

      its also good system for maintaince to your bike's gears and brakes, can use it like bike stands for maintance cuz of the options of leveling. Like it love you dude!

    55. WillyNillyNelly

      I'd like to see you use a small block and tackle with paracord and a drill motor wired to a switch. Would make for some excellent bloopers.

    56. Gimiter

      add motor to this

    57. Rylan Hix

      0:04 probably because it rhymes with heist

    58. Tyler Dang

      Mehdi: I have to make sure that.. get rudely interrupted by bike falling

    59. Jeff Sadowski

      Any long term updates on this? How has this been working for you?

    60. ????


    61. notfiveo

      Glad I came across this, I have had the kit sitting on my garage floor for 6 months.

    62. Derek Martin

      hahaha it's meeeee i've done that when i was a child

    63. Kieran Brown

      Add a motor above the tie off for the rope with a guide to stop it locking in place, hook a switch to the motor. You motorised it and now even mini Electr-... Sorry I mean mini Mehdi can pull it up with ease. Just need to make sure to leave a little slack on the rope so you can lock the pully again. :P

    64. Sebastian Eiselt

      This Bike is cursed. Bottom Bracket in the rear, triangle.. like wtf

    65. marcducati

      Personally, I installed both pulleys (front and rear) on a two by four and then fixed that to two rails that are perpendicular. This allows me to have multiple bikes stacked on the side and then pull them to the center un hoist down the one I want. Think of a container crane on a dock. That was my inspiration and it is super practical and saves space.

    66. nothing

      Wish i could hoist my life just as easily.

    67. Snap-off

      Available at harbor freight since they're sold out at his link: www.harborfreight.com/bicycle-lift-95803.html The accident is going to happen when you're looking around UNDER the bike then try to stand back up, hit your head on the wheel, lifting it off the hooks at the seat, letting it swing down and whack you again.

    68. Matthew Gailey

      Hoist is the new Moist

    69. Devilscore

      Is this modifiable for a meat bicycle

    70. robin1987100

      who ever designed that bike should be .. hoisted too

    71. Barzar bester Mitarbeiter

      One Word: motorize.

    72. Rob The Squire

      You could add a winch to so you don't have to pull anymore

    73. Artem Ostapenko

      You should ground the bike.

    74. Once Again

      Looks like a good place to hang a batman costume.

    75. lordmcted

      i really enjoyed watching you screw up *yes i am a dad*

    76. Chad

      Two pegs seem easier and cheaper.

    77. Bartosz Bukowski

      two words - electric motor. You're an engineer for crying out loud ;)

    78. S

      I need this guy to review everything. Wildly entertaining.

    79. andrew manti

      the answer is snatch block !

    80. k4moV

      Sooo... Electroboom video of making the hoisting mechanism electrical engine operated next?

    81. ARGHYA Mukhopadhyay

      Someone from Zoo calling...... Mehdi : I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas 🎶🎶

    82. Lextech Lighting

      Props for squeezing 16 mins out of pulling on a rope. 😄😎

    83. Gregory Mize

      no wonder this guy has a funny accent, he's from canada!

    84. IFearlessINinja

      hook the rims

    85. Mairis Bērziņš

      Another episode of "Electrical Engineer struggles with everyday life"

    86. Brad Gilbert

      If you put hooks on your ceiling, only hook one wheel to start. Then lever it off that hook to get the second wheel.

    87. Rational Viking

      I enjoy watching you problem solve

    88. Fir at

      12:20 "So don't ruin your centre of gravity" * *Cries in 340 pounds* *

    89. Paul Smith

      To make the bike easier to hook in you can tie some rope around the bike with some loops for the hooks 😃

    90. NickZ

      Finally about bikes..

    91. Eric U

      5:30 should paint the wood white!

    92. CrazyP’S

      Wife reading 📖 in another room. Meanwhile. Mehdi in garage screws studs onto ceiling. Wife be like Mehdi shut the f up I’m reading 📖, and listening to Audible. Mehidi be like 😂🤣😀😃😁🤣😂🤪

    93. Aditya Jaiswal

      You can also make an automated system using a motor to pull/release the rope on the command of remote, just food for project :) Interesting and a bit funny video.

    94. MrWilliam932 - Games

      You could put a hand crank, or a blind motor or something so you don't need to make that force either

    95. LongJohn Vllasaliu

      What's wrong with just leaving it standing on the floor?

      1. Peter Samuelson

        Takes up too much space. As he illustrates at the end, this way he can fit 2 bikes into the same amount of space.

    96. TheSunExpress

      Now do it the right way: Attach the hooks to the wheels, it is what those hooks are for. Better yet, flip the bicycle over, wheels to the sky, attach hooks to the wheels & hoist 'er up. Funny enough, you placed the pulleys just right, for attaching the hooks to the wheels. Pro-tip: place a little "bumper" material to the location where the handle bars usually end up at when fully hoisted; protecting the handle bars & security measure to reduce the chance that wifey ends up murdering you in the night for having blemished the walls.

    97. Matthew Brown

      Motors Mehdi. Motors. :p

    98. Souvik De

      hey are you that guy electroBOOM's brother!??

    99. Damon Barber

      Y'all need a winch with a remote.

      1. Damon Barber

        Put it where the rope bracket is. Have you used Zwift? It's a global biking app.

    100. Damon Barber

      I'd be much more likely to watch your safety videos if they were more like this one. I really appreciate your knowledge.