I'm taking Nikola Jokic over Joel Embiid for MVP - Shannon Sharpe | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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    The heavy MVP favorite according to FOX Bet Sportsbook, Denver Nuggets' Nikola Jokic, dropped 32 points and 12 rebounds in an easy 113-to-97 win over the red-hot New York Knicks last night. Meanwhile Joel Embiid had his own big game last night. The Philadelphia 76ers' big man had 34 points and 12 rebounds in a 135-115 win over the Houston Rockets on the road. Hear who Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe would rather have in the playoffs: Nikola Jokic or Joel Embiid?

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    About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
    UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

    I'm taking Nikola Jokic over Joel Embiid for MVP - Shannon Sharpe | NBA | UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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    1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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      1. Robert Owen

        @Fido eye did

      2. StephenLucey3

        And Jokic loses again and to an actual good team

      3. Zachary Simon

        Shannon don’t want that NY Smoke

      4. Afree Cann

        @Emad Saad Drastic Measures Hip Hop yup, not surprised JR aint being discussed in the mix of mvp convo. The disrespect on the knicks extended to poor julius.

      5. Emad Saad Drastic Measures Hip Hop

        GO NY KNICKS !!

    2. Iva V

      Bill Walton said it best: "Happiness begins when selfishness ends. In a game that has been taken over by incessant dribbling for yourself, Nikola Jokic is such a breath of fresh air. And it’s his imagination. Watching him play basketball is like watching Bob Dylan come up with a song..." Bravoooo Nikola Jokic, absolutely deserved !!

    3. Luka Zivkovic

      What nonsense is Skip even saying goddamit i already hate him enought cause he dont know how to analise and cant be analist, cause he always favorise some players and hate some and based on that he giving who is better player overall. Nah bruh thats not analyst, maybe you like some player more tham another, but be honest on which is better. I hate this fakking media who just trying to put Jokics unbelieveble season under the shadows...

    4. Luka Zivkovic

      Dude gain my respect, one of the rare honest guys out there

    5. Thiago Manuel

      Who's here after embiid tore his meniscus

    6. Igor Maricic


    7. josh baker

      jokic is so fun to watch even if he doesnt be flashy

    8. gogi goks

      skip is an idiot.

    9. Robert Duran's Song Covers

      Right on Shannon Joker all the way. Shut up Skip.

    10. Danijel Zeljkovic

      Jokic triple double 57; double double 275; Embiid triple double 2; double double 172; What are you discussing??????

    11. Dragomir Marinov

      As usual, Skip is clueless.

    12. zoran

      ...Nikola is kid from my hometown, I've moved off long time ago, my brother knows his father; nice family. I like Nikola, he is good guy and exelent player, but I like the game of basketball more, so I have to favorise Steph, as real artist whit ball. Suddenly everybody forget Steph!?! MVP is about the regular season; am I wrong?

    13. Al ias

      The media doesn't respect Jokic because he will not make them money.

    14. Ognjen Anđelić

      Aaah that "Clippers are gonna win the west anyway" at the end hahahahah... You're killing me Skiiiiup 😂

    15. rhymesrnb

      If jokic doesnt win mvp nba is racist organization

    16. Yabas

      That last comment did not age well

    17. Jani Pečenko

      1:41 yeah, Skip, you do it to yourself all the time, creep.

    18. Joe Mack

      Jokic for mvp.

    19. Zex Golic

      Clippers wining the West ahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha

    20. darwin allas

      Jokic is MVP

    21. x_x

      Atleast Shannon isn't on acid like Nick Wright and perk saying cp3 is mvp over jokic 😅😅

    22. Mary Jane Callo

      i laugh so hard with what skip is talking😂😂 specially the last one

    23. majmunOR

      Skip The Cherrypicker 🍒🍒🍒

    24. Surgical

      There defensive stats are not even close

    25. Surgical

      I guess its offensive mvp

    26. Branko Mitrovic

      So last season cllipers lost on purpose.cmon,and they are paid for this bs!?

    27. mpalajic

      bejlese skipe napusi se kiteeee

    28. drogba

      Pure rasism. Soo sad buth soo true.

    29. Dato daisuke

      😂 Jokic carried his team to Conference finals. Where Joel Embiid at. Lmao lol

    30. sreckom92

      One on one, I'd pick Embiid over Jokic. Team vs team, if I had to pick one of those guys to play in my team, I'd go for Jokic. And NBA basketball is a team game, so my choice is easy.

    31. Jeff Farro

      Skip keep doing this to stay relevant.. I just remember how this old white guy disrespect Dirk Nowitzki

    32. Dr. No1

      Skip 🤡🤫

    33. Carlo S

      Does he play defense?

    34. CJ P

      Skip talking about Jokic as if he has even watched him???? Ask anyone who has gone against Jokic, he brings a load when he wants. Every point skip makes either Jokic or the nuggets are better..... skip needs to beyond reading the newspaper...

    35. Aidan Gallagher

      Skip is so out of touch lol

    36. Sloga bice poraz vragu

      Jokic is clear MVP💪💪💪

    37. sean michael

      CP3 4 MVP

    38. RD Reyes

      This is why the media is so puke inducing. Just put this guy in a retirement home already. I hope the Nuggets win it all just to shut up Skip and Step A.

    39. Linda pick

      The imaginary fur epidemiologically describe because committee covalently zoom over a uneven scraper. three, stiff baker

    40. Bird

      lol at Jokic being pure finesse. Dude ragdolled Anthony Davis for an entire series. I swear the racists and their stereotypes are insane.

    41. Fantastic 1

      I just came here for the YOKE 🍳

    42. Kali Seekem

      I just don’t see why Giannis is not in the MVP conversation. Giannis is averaging 28.4 points, 11.0 rebounds and 6.1 assists. Joking is averaging 26.5 points, 10.9 rebounds, and 8.4 assists. Giannis is better defensively as he averages 1.2 steals and 1.2 blocks while joking averages 1.3 steals and 0.7 blocks. The bucks are also a higher seed than the nuggets, and Giannis is putting up all these great numbers with a borderline all star in Jrue holiday taking his touches and defensive stats. Jokic has only been able to put up these stats, and Jamal Murray is missing. I’m not saying Giannis should win, but if not for voter fatigue, this should be one of the best mvp races in history.

    43. Solomon Killeen

      The macho precipitation identically depend because lunge namely explain by a mundane sparrow. early, keen george

    44. Alexandra Rodriguez

      The dusty design ultrasonographically puncture because colony exclusively whirl since a limping memory. aggressive, delicate cougar

    45. steve clapper

      I saw a where he had a triple double in the first half and you hardly noticed him.

    46. Elegant_Hustle

      😂😂😂 this always cheers me up and there exact majority of the time

    47. EuropeanDream

      Jokić has better playoff record as well

    48. Nathaniel Gan

      gotta agree with SS on this Jokic for MVP

    49. I Learn Faster

      38-11 with embiid and 9-11 without him

    50. bigrambizzy

      Im just here so i can hear Uncle Shannon say “YOK”

    51. Thomas F


    52. Radovan Prstojevic

      Skip being a clown, as always... :P

    53. Osvaldo Flores

      What about Stephen curry??

    54. Mr_zErO8

      Joker for mvp

    55. jan279

      I feel like Jokic could lead a rec league support cast to a top 5 seed in the NBA but Skip still won't give Jokic his props. lol

    56. Basket Ball

      if Jokic were from the states, there wouldn't be a discussion, who should be mvp

    57. David Secker

      "They did it to themselves" 🤣said with a straight face. As if they scored in their own basket

    58. Mighty WhiteyNJ

      I rarely agree with Shannon when it comes to Basketball, but he’s spot on with this

    59. RoN_aLaN

      I have to agree with you Shannon. Jokic is the MVP.

    60. Gregor Collins

      Jokic gets no respect. Most talented big man in the league, period.

    61. TayDaKing


    62. Trust the Process!!!

      Embiid is a top 5 defender all while being unstoppable on offese ...end of discussion!! jokic will win MVP simply because embiid was out for a few weeks that does not make him the better player

    63. Trust the Process!!!

      Why is everybody in the discussions talking like this in argument about MVP? it's not ...him winning MVP has nothing to do with the playoffs

    64. Kevin Kinchen

      I want to suggest that the defense of Rudy Gobert for the team with the best record in the NBA is the true MVP of the league.

    65. Gaulin Didier

      Shannon closed the case.

    66. Try not to get angry

      Skip is hating jokic is the best center in the game damn near the best player Joel ain’t even top 5

    67. Matthew George

      Is the Big Man Era coming back?

    68. Waldo Gutierrez

      Shannon is taking Jokic because he's in the west, so when the Lakers beat them in the playoffs he could say LeBron took down the MVP!

    69. Rayene Boussetta

      Why don't they upload every clip? I only watch thhis show on RScamera I rarely ever watch TV like most young people these days. Come on Undisputed I love the show but I hate how you let other people upload clips of your show cause you don't do it yourselves.

    70. irohied 1

      Sleeping on Luka......

    71. Triqkshot

      If you think Embiid is having a MVP season you don’t watch basketball enough.

    72. 11Hasaan

      Remember Pistol Pete... I'll say Jokic is the Center version of Pistol in 2020/2021. Skip is a clown n everyone knows it. Hot takes for likes n click bait

    73. Agust

      They should change the script and make Skip and Shannon agree for a week, I’d like to see that, at least once…

    74. Kenneth Mark Almanzor

      That's real. Jokic pushed Denver to win that series versus the Clippers.

    75. YouTube Comment guy


    76. Basketball Shaolin

      I'm taking Chris Paul over everybody. MVP 2021. Clear and simple. What should he do more with the Suns and in his age? Respect for Joker, he is great.

    77. Robert Owen

      Jokic is my pic. The entire body of work all season puts Jokic above Embid

    78. Carlos Martinez

      All sound stupid asf! Curry the real mvp!!!

    79. Robert Owen

      Dont forget..the JOB SECURITY 4 those that are not athletes engaged in the action,depend on click bait and AD revenue sales,based gas lighting emotional triggers that draw flies to the magnet. How good are U at gas lighting suscribers and sports viewers to ignite an emotional reaction to contrived drama? Notice that Deshawn Watson is off the sports daily news wires

    80. Robert Owen

      Bayless believes U have a short memory of Embid in the Post Season. Eye am with Shannon on this one

    81. Dior Dennis

      CP3 got a better case than Embiid

    82. npanthony

      Joel got that one foot jumper in his bag too. Wit that said as a sixers fan , joker is the mvp

    83. Kisembe Namusyule

      The media loves Embiid for some reason even though Embiid doesn't deliver in the playoffs. Give me Jokic! He is better at everything other than rim protection.

    84. JonBoi Jones

      JOKIC! just look up the metrics. The Joker is playin historically good offense (130. ORtg)

    85. Wruff

      Oh Skip. Grow up.

    86. James Pegg

      Joker still has not missed a game he is the MVP end of discussion

    87. Akeem Adisa

      The clippers could not guard Jokic throughout the series .The reason they lost the series

    88. Armando Castillo

      Actually it was close and could go either way...if not for Embiid missing a quarter of the season. Mannnn,Embiid,after he retires people will say "man he's really great,but he could have been legendary ".

    89. So Steezy

      Not a Nuggets fan but he definitely deserves MVP. Anyone else is a snub.

    90. Iron Sharpens Iron

      “When you average in the points and the assist he’s giving you more“ 110 IQ👏🏾👏🏾it’s about time somebody said it

    91. ThePoxerrobot

      Steph curry is the people’s MVP

    92. Eric Wittman

      Embiid plays defense. Jokic doesn’t play defense. Defense is valuable. Embiid is more valuable.

    93. Andre Dotson

      Does defense count for anything. Half of every game is on the defensive side. There leaving out half their play

    94. Misogi k

      The joker hate is disappointing

    95. Michael A

      Skip is a big troll. He is doing everything to generate clicks and views.

    96. Ismet Čehić

      I don't like Jokic's game (big men game at all) but he's special and he deserves the MVP hands down. He's running the offence and has been super efficient while winning. MVP is Jokic and he's always balling in the PO

    97. G AL

      Embiid is MVP because I would take him first in a pick up game in the park, based on the looks. That's the level ladies & gents !

    98. Dayor Meka Samuel

      Jokic can’t jump over a phonebook 🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    99. Malcom X

      Jokic is better and consistent than the other guy who fakes an injury when he sees Giannis.

    100. Namichu tv

      Ill go with Shannon this time Skip. Sorry!