Jackass Forever | Official Trailer (2021 Movie)

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    Forever young and still funny in the head. Check out the NEW trailer for and see our big dumb movie in theaters everywhere October 22, 2021.

    Celebrating the joy of being back together with your best friends and a perfectly executed shot to the dingdong, the original jackass crew return for another round of hilarious, wildly absurd, and often dangerous displays of comedy with a little help from some exciting new cast. Johnny and the team push the envelope even further on October 22 in jackass forever.


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    1. Tyler Goodwin

      Modern day 3 stooges

    2. Nicolai

      Im so exited

    3. Yiding Liu

      In the memory of Ryan Dunn and Zachary Hartwell

    4. KM TeeV

      OMG the guy riding bike in to the fake picture,lmao

    5. Canon Kingsley

      Too bad Bam ain't here.

    6. FSim4ever

      Awesome :O

    7. Egal Eagl

      Bam Margera😑😒

    8. Erik Iourner

      Oooooh, memories!! Happy to see my brain didn't evolve as I'm still laughing stupid at them

    9. Kurushi

      No one asked for this.

    10. chandrakanth neeluru

      Everyone troubling from powers

    11. RaZoR WrAiTh


    12. RaZoR WrAiTh

      Google razorwraith 🌋🤘🌐🗺️

    13. Poppa Piff

      Sad they couldn't come to terms with Bam, him and Jeff had major beef as of late burned some bridges and just needs help. bless you bro but this is just not the same.. Yet I will cherish every second of the new film.

    14. Nanowatt

      I will be the first in line when this hits the theaters, hell yeah

    15. Aimee Threadwell

      Why do that to a fat ripper

      1. Aimee Threadwell


    16. Neal Teitelbaum

      So glad Bam is not in this one.

    17. FLOPPI

      Where is bam?

    18. 1985Nokturn

      Yes…. But why. You guys grow old. Steve was heavy drug addict etc… I think you could do something better than ruin yourselves.

    19. Гуглеслав Ютубов

      Human beings in the 21st century: MORONS.

    20. bsmb091011 B

      Finally a movie i will actually go to the theater for 🤘🏽😎

    21. ape slayer


    22. zielskotorowe

      The legend is back

    23. FiveNoNo

      AND SALMON!? 🤣

    24. peter ambrose

      It's not Jackass without Bam!!

    25. Augustin Fabre

      Johnny knoxville is 49???? I always though they were my age, I’m 41 right now

    26. HUJAMBO Korodani


    27. Cross Bandit

      Yes yes yes yes 😬

    28. Gabriel Paillé

      Where is Bam? :(

    29. Stacey Doobrolves

      Please don’t tell me that was machine gun Kelly? If it is I’m refusing to watch.

    30. Marcoswar


    31. DEZO SPACE

      да ладно...

    32. Robert Caldwell

      OMG my childhood!!!

    33. Alexandros Papadopoulos

      Omg i love these guys from my youth, respect

    34. Alpha Bet

      Now no need stick plastic balls 4 pranks

    35. justfunk88

      Best movie for decades.

    36. Martin Poole

      Older but no wiser.

    37. Drone Photo/Video

      О да!!!!! Олды на месте! Ждём.

    38. Doc Merci

      Crrrrraaaaazy !

    39. flibble89

      Looks good, hope Eric Andre isn’t in it much.

    40. Deh Man

      Can't wait to download this from thepiratebay

    41. 1Lifeonearth

      i will definitely pay to see this

    42. Jaganath


    43. Joe Schmidt

      Only jackass shit I liked was that bad grandpa shit. This shit is stupid as fuck none of this is funny.

    44. Brian Jensen

      i think johnny should just stick to Bad Grandpa. he's great at it and doesn't destroy his body as much

    45. Jesse Ormond

      No Bam, No Go

    46. Darlene Lewis

      Oh no... 😂😂😂

    47. Frost Murray

      Jackass: We're not Dunn yet!

    48. Mathias Sørensen


    49. Reyn

      CANT WAIT!

    50. Ric Bradley


    51. Oliver Brooker


    52. One-Eyed Man

      RIP Ryan Dunn

    53. Héctor BB

      I never expected Jackass to go woke, to be honest.

    54. Datu Sumakwel

      I was like 5 yrs old when I first saw Jackass, now 24 yrs old

    55. C W

      No Bam or Dunn is just weird.

    56. JustMe

      Where is Bam

    57. Jonathan Miritz

      Why Bam wasn't there?

      1. Oh dear

        Too fat and drugged these days. Uninsurable.

    58. patjcoan

      First movie to get excited about since pandemic

    59. Christopher Herman

      Where is BAM!?

    60. zeul px


    61. malvoish

      Biggest waste of time on tv

    62. Jordan McLaughlin

      No Bam, no watch. Sorry Cocksville

    63. Kid Chalo

      Kelly & Tyler in the movie???


      They must be running low on money.

    65. down side123

      It actually feels kind of sad that they're as old as they are STILL doing this.

    66. Maria Brotherton

      Free bam !!!! Can't have jackass without bam margera!!..

    67. Ducksoup67

      No Bam, no Jackass. He literally created the show with Camp Kill Yourself. And sorry - I don't buy the "Bam is a drunk so we can't have him on the set B.S." We all know the real reason.

    68. Kenny Foster

      Weres bam?

    69. By lol

      *HOLY SHIT*

    70. Brosef42

      I'm getting tired of these live action remakes.

    71. Don Wood

      can't wait!

    72. YuGii YouKnowMe

      I fckn love u guys!❤️☠️

    73. Franck White

      Prenons le temps d'apprécier à quel ces débiles sont devenus populaire ! IDIOCRATRIE n'est pas un film juste une petite anticipation . Pendant ce temps certains sur notre terre continue de mourir de faim de soif ou du froid pfff on s'en fou l'important c'est de rigoler ! ou d'aller sur mars , ah c'est pas con ça ! les Jackass sur Mars enlève le haut ! Allez tous vous faires vacciner

    74. stupid universe 731C

      1:52 did anyone notice the blood on Johnny's head and face?

    75. Max Burner

      where's BAM???

    76. Patrick Radcliffe

      As much as I love these guys I worry for their sanity, and their financial status that they are doing it again.

    77. toma

      j'ai hâte de voir ce nouveau chef d'oeuvre.

    78. fooglez

      Finally, a reason to go to the movies.

    79. Chad N

      No Bam and no Dunn. No thank you.

    80. SportTalkForDummies

      NO Bam eh?!?! What a fucking kick to the nuts to fans and Bam. Fuck you Tremaine!!

    81. Realrealone Realrealone

      Hope the movie is better than the trailer

    82. Chris

      Not the same without Bam !

    83. Exo 1

      I that a mf bear

    84. df hu

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    85. Rob Fraser

      I can see Bam dying from an overdose after this hits screens, especially if it's a big success. It'll triple his depression.

    86. messi9991

      They need money, huh.

    87. James Westley

      I cant wait for this glorious farewell. I've loved these guys since i was like 10 and remember when the show came on MTV.

    88. Chez Jean Louis

      Je ne me tanne pas de vos niaiserie ❤️😂🤣

    89. AkumaJoy

      It won't be the same without Ryan Dunn, but I hope its tribute to him. RIP Ryan.

    90. Marijan Krajnik

      MGK is in jackass? Hella nice

    91. Steeeffje Van der holst

      I didn’t see bam margera ?

    92. Music is Life

      Somehow this feels sad to watch without Ryan

    93. P3KKA

      Holy SHIT!!!!!

    94. Chris law

      Relive your youth people. And enjoy!

    95. Beqir Fetahi

      wheres bam?

    96. Peter Lis

      Wonder if bam likes that trailer too 😜

    97. Olha Que Legal

      Obrigado, from Brazil!! uhuuuu Jackass Forever.... kkkkk