Kodak Black - Senseless [Official Music Video]

Kodak Black

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    1. Dee Hendrix

      One of the realest rappers out here today even older rappers know they dont want no real smoke with him

    2. BriscoeNHG

      NBA KODAK 😵💤

    3. Antonio Wilson

      It’s a good song n all but Is it obvious that this nigga damn near copied young boy song like bar and everything then he called he’s song senseless 💀can’t tell me nothin tbh

    4. Freddie Spencer Patrick Wil

      Rap properly..😅..

    5. Patrick Harris


    6. micah joseph

      Don’t make no sense not dropping a like on this vid🤣

    7. Tee Blacc

      “My niggas ain’t got no mind they will kick a demon out of hell “😂😬🔥

    8. King Josh


    9. Lil Fagget


    10. Silvestre Garcia


    11. YNG MBH

      Pullin up at McDonald ..... shit me lol

    12. Mr. Wiktor

      Kodak same level and J Cole

    13. Mr. Wiktor

      Rather listen to Kodak than pump

    14. Mr. Wiktor

      Rather listen to Kodak than lil baby tbh

    15. Runo Ajise

      this shit is so ass bro😭

      1. Tiyell Larkin

        😂😂😂😂yo ah crazy

    16. Josue Lopez

      2015 Kodak

    17. Madly_ Beaver

      This goes so hard ❤️‍🔥

    18. Offtop Brilo

      Top 3 trending for a week. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. NSG YoungStunna

        rscamera.info/like/video/abqTf860iWNpf2w.html 🤞🏾💜💜

    19. Jabarus Nathan


    20. Jamarcus Blue

      This not the real Kodak Black this is a clone the real Kodak Black locked up 😂😂

    21. Tomas Cervantes

      Goat 🐐

    22. LightsCamerasAshley


    23. KingNai HC

      Youngboy type beat

    24. Jaay kam

      Who was the chick dancing in the red. She kilt that yak went hard as always 15

    25. No Strangers ENT


      1. NSG YoungStunna


    26. Ryan Hormel

      You literally don’t make sense

      1. NSG YoungStunna


    27. Ryan Hormel

      Kodak is racist towards white peoples

    28. J Rockout

      Still #2 On Trending Music

    29. Ricardo Palmer

      AMC Stock ✨✨✨✨🚀🤑

      1. NSG YoungStunna


    30. Richard Williams

      I keep coming back to this shit😂

    31. Larry Daividson

      He took youngboys beat & flow … Kodak what you doing 😮

    32. Deonterryo X

      I’m late 😩😐😐😭

      1. NSG YoungStunna


    33. Kaleb Designs

      Was mad disappointed when he did this at rolling loud and barely anyone knew it 🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. NSG YoungStunna

        rscamera.info/like/video/abqTf860iWNpf2w.html 😛💜💜

    34. Melvin White


    35. Bizi Dee


    36. Bizi Dee


    37. Ferdinand Niederhausen

      7 Million likes for this crap is ridiculous!

      1. NSG YoungStunna

        rscamera.info/like/video/abqTf860iWNpf2w.html 🤞🏾🤞🏾❤️

    38. gerell alexander

      Thank for really coming bck kodak that other nigga was a straight corn ball tryna take yo spot #zzzzzznation

    39. haha yeah man

      Just drop on Spotify already..

      1. NSG YoungStunna

        rscamera.info/like/video/abqTf860iWNpf2w.html 😎😎😎😎😛😛

    40. John Wick

      My nigga dont make no sense his name fuckin wam bam

    41. Cody Bishop

      Itonmake no sense. How I got this on replay, itonmake no sense.

      1. NSG YoungStunna

        rscamera.info/like/video/abqTf860iWNpf2w.html 👸👸👸

    42. King Boodoo_PM


      1. NSG YoungStunna

        rscamera.info/like/video/abqTf860iWNpf2w.html yup

    43. nassier harriel

      Nah this nigga snapped

    44. Denaveo Sweeting

      Why isn’t this on Apple Music yet? From this drop I been looking for it

    45. Roy Currie

      Dont make no sense a million a damn day.

      1. NSG YoungStunna

        rscamera.info/like/video/abqTf860iWNpf2w.html yup

    46. King

      How does that foo foo ass lil nas x song have more views than this

      1. King

        @Completely honest guy i’m sure your life is amazing

      2. Completely honest guy

        @King my name is here for a reason fortnite kid

      3. Completely honest guy

        @King no stfu

      4. King

        @Completely honest guy change your username immediately

      5. Completely honest guy

        becuase this song is trash

    47. Chris Massey

      Put dis on Apple Music mane

    48. William Campion

      Ight it’s been a week can we get it on Spotify please?

    49. lucas rezende

      kodak > 2pac

    50. alexkannegieter


    51. Real Tawk


      1. NSG YoungStunna

        rscamera.info/like/video/abqTf860iWNpf2w.html 🎁🎁😁😁

    52. randy brown

      S/O to all the people who don't know what "flaggin" mean in Florida 🤣

      1. NSG YoungStunna

        rscamera.info/like/video/abqTf860iWNpf2w.html okn my

    53. alexiah smith


      1. NSG YoungStunna

        rscamera.info/like/video/abqTf860iWNpf2w.html 🎁🎁

    54. The Beast


    55. Daniel Amaro


      1. Completely honest guy


    56. LioN-Chill

      Who’s the girl wearing yellow??

    57. Devonte Griffin

      I knew he was gonna snap on this when he had shorty pourin up 🍼🍇

    58. grdi


    59. Isaiah Davis

      Can't stop playing this for a reason ..

    60. Puleng Tebesi

      Make no sense how I'm playing this 2015 times a day!

      1. NSG YoungStunna

        rscamera.info/like/video/abqTf860iWNpf2w.html 😎😎😎

    61. Tee 🤞🏻

      this the hardest i heard kodak since 'kodak they don't wanna see u winningggg'

    62. YoYo

      " I'll have a shootout at the park, nigga I ain't neva playing round " 🔥

      1. NSG YoungStunna

        rscamera.info/like/video/abqTf860iWNpf2w.html 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    63. jakel johnson


    64. Vybz Gaming ff


    65. Vybz Gaming ff


    66. Vybz Gaming ff


    67. Vybz Gaming ff


    68. Jason Foster II

      If yak not talkin bout his gun when he said “I love my nigga to death his name fuckin wham bam.” Then you know he only sayin that cuz if wam spin the bin get touched. Feds can’t indict him from his song cuz he showin love (air quotes). Lol Kodak smart bout it. Cuz obviously when they argued he said he barely knew wam spin the bin. 🎯

    69. Trevor Mitchell

      KODAK 2024

      1. My Underrated life


    70. Jay

      this is terrible, i miss kodak

      1. Completely honest guy

        facts this is trash

      2. My Underrated life


    71. Pimpp P


      1. My Underrated life


    72. Brecken Lusk

      put this shit on apple music yak

      1. Completely honest guy

        no its bad

      2. My Underrated life


    73. Alysias_World


      1. My Underrated life


    74. T-itad nego


      1. My Underrated life


    75. 𝐓en 𝐅igure 𝐌usic


      1. My Underrated life


    76. Carl katerina

      Urgent matter! The outbreak of Delta aggregation in COVID-19 broke out in Washington, USA, and 35,000 cases have been diagnosed, 10,000 cases are severe, 5,000 cases are critically ill, 5,000 cases are dead, 5,000 cases are asymptomatic, and 10000 cases are mild

      1. Completely honest guy

        oh wait thats nice….. dont remember asking tho

      2. My Underrated life


    77. CnoteDrilla TV

      just came to give the goat a stream

    78. Junhinyo S.B

      Haitien Kodak Black

    79. Demarquis Hill

      This is the 30-40 time I played this song. Put it on ITunes so I can chill with coming back and forth to RScamera.

    80. Venchi


    81. Prezz_12

      youngboy inspiring niggas

      1. headie ones forehead

        Don’t do dat every yb said he looked up to kodak

    82. Sebastian




    84. Skyx 36

      He is copying NBA Youngboy


      Got them educational Child activity show flutes popping

    86. Jovenell Moly

      I’ve been listening to this heavy. Zoe support Zoe 🇭🇹 song on repeat 🔁

    87. Ernest

      sounds like some nba youngboy lines

    88. MGM Dinero

      Sell out

    89. Glennell Hall

      Yak back check dis out