Lil Nas X - Bring U Down (Official Audio)


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    Official audio for "Bring You Down" by Lil Nas X
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    1. LilNasXVEVO


      1. 《Purified》

        Nice song

      2. Thera Webster

        @LilNasXVEVO dammit... He is the sh*t!! 💖💖💖💖🦋🦋🦋🦋

      3. Yazurai

        fire literally

      4. FozzyPack

        I love it I love your songs

      5. Roblox_OG101

        Hello if you see this comment i hop you have a great life :D

    2. Steven Rodriguez Henao


    3. りえくりばやし

      うん 考える時の言葉と 発言する時は日本語に変えるんだ

    4. Humza Haseeb Year 1

      Post this video

    5. hethmarie

      I just imagine Ronan Farrow having this as a theme song. Lol

    6. un pezzente come tanti

      Dont bring me down: Exist Lil nas: BrIng U dOwN Me: 👁️👄👁️

    7. Whoa Edgy

      This would have been a good collab w/ Juice WRLD.

    8. Emtecc UwU

      what kind of nirvana is this??

    9. Omg Noob Dad


    10. Vishnu Kannan

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    11. alphaondari09

      Wow this is the best song ever and am here after Montero lol

    12. Glad Hatter

      Lil Nas X is what a musician should be.

    13. Chelsea 710


    14. Vendetta Playz

      The songs I knew: old town road, panini, holiday, rodeo, MONTERO. Me hears this: I missed out didn’t I

      1. alphaondari09


    15. jmscoper

      When you realize the song is about canceling someone

    16. Örökre Magyar

      could he be the new King of MUSIC?!

    17. Kylynn Boi

      if your are reading this, please know the Jesus loves tou and if you just confess your sins to him, and bring him into your life you will go to heaven

    18. Quinton

      Gives me cage the elephant vibes

    19. Polly Little

      I'm listening to this song on loop. It absolutely slaps!

      1. Silver Fang


    20. amy pieterse


    21. JoJo

      Yooooo this was uploaded at my birthday

    22. Samantha Batista


    23. The galaxy To the moon and back

      i think this was hid first song i love you i watched all ur songs and tiktoks

    24. DennYuri

      Dude its fresh

    25. Tecnologia Breezy

      western union

    26. First UU Austin

      Where have I been? I just found out about Lil Nas X. What a phenomenal talent.

      1. K. Jevon .D


    27. l

      love this song

    28. OfficialDanitaC

      I like this!


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    30. Anto_morad m.d.l.r

      #portugal 🔥

    31. Anto_morad m.d.l.r

      #portugal 🔥💯

    32. Axtry

      Nas be like- "just name a music genre and I slay it." ♥

    33. Brandon Reyes


    34. Brandon Reyes

      Lil nasx

    35. Brandon Reyes

      Lil ands x

    36. Christina Allen

      use me as the I came from Montero button 👇

    37. Mauricio Rafael Simanca Castillo

      Hi from Colombiaaaaa

    38. Isaac

      Came from MONTERO, this is like a whole new person 👀

    39. lee dufour

      Thanks Nas!

    40. TheFridayVerse

      Still remains the most underrated Lil Nas X song I thing. Loved this since 7 dropped. I hope more people hear it. It may not be the most important, but it adds to the boldness of his overall attitude he's had with his music as he's gotten more comfortable with both himself and his art.

      1. Kyo 2004

        Yeah, I like all his music, but this has been my favourite since it dropped 🤟

      2. K. Jevon .D

        YES! well said!!!

    41. Ale Baby


    42. GoodMorning World

      Holly damn! This dude is what we've all been waiting for!!

    43. bia reis

      Porra que música boa

      1. CADUZIIN ϟFF

        Ss, eu volto sempre que da pq e muito bom lembrar das melhores músicas do lil nas

    44. bones bones

      how does this only have 5 mil :( /neg

    45. jeffwolfheart

      Favorite new workout song. Im going to kick my own ass this year, for the better :) Thanks for the music Lil Nas X

    46. Rings Of Blayze


    47. Zenitsu

      Who’s here after montero

      1. Fliby Didyyy


    48. 10.000 Abos 0 Video Challenge

      lilnasx 2019: 🤠 lilnasx 2020: 🎅 lilnasx 2021: ☠😈

    49. Rek-5


    50. Cold shot

      Oh I didn't know this existed

      1. Kyo 2004

        Really? I been bumpin this since 2019

    51. DestinyBond8

      We gonna bring you down, hedgies! Power to the players! 💎🙌💎🙌🚀🚀🚀

    52. Kyra Carson

      Just click the *like* button. At this point, there's no point in waiting

    53. NefariousSmith

      Dude, this is fire too! Been going through the back catalogue since the 26th. Instant fan

      1. K. Jevon .D


    54. The Real YahNation

      I like this a hell of alot more than any song you have made!

    55. Shining Star

      Humans were made to be worshippers, but most people choose to worship things in the world like comic books, movies, celebrities, sports, concerts, etc. Instead of worshipping their Creator. You were created by God to give Him pleasure and to please Him and in return He will fill you with love, give you spiritual power, guide you through life, give you happiness, take away your depression, anxiety, and anger and on top of it all, He will love you like a son or a daughter and you will never be lonely again. The emptiness that you feel inside of your soul was created for His Holy Spirit and your body is a temple for Him to literally live inside of you. He even made you in His image and likeness. Until you surrender your life to Jesus, you will feel empty and useless.

      1. Marrow Bebe

        You’re gross. Keep your stank ass religion to yourself.

    56. Sam I am

      Trash 🗑

    57. Angel Anna Prophecy Watcher

      Subliminal messgaes......I think he is talking about brining down Jesus Christ. This rapper is an evil Nephilim leading people to HELL. And he's incorporating Alternative Rock and EDM to capture a larger audience to lead as many people to hell as much as possible.

      1. Frost Knight

        religious fruitcakes

      2. dstar pyro

        O k B o o m e r

    58. ZRMan 2011

      Rap is dead. And in hell.

      1. donte

        go with it

    59. N'dia Carter


    60. Blue sky

      He should make a Rock album! :D

      1. K. Jevon .D

        He should

    61. Jaycee Carpio

      🧬 🎸 ✨🔥🔥🔥🔥

    62. Bomo Rambi

      Wth this is so good! I hope LNX continues to focus on experimenting with different sounds and creating music for the love of it

      1. K. Jevon .D


    63. Gabrielle Oliveira

      só consigo lembrar dos clipes do Matuê

    64. Michele N

      Came here after that amazing Call Me By Your Name video, and I'm just sitting here wondering why this song isn't getting overplayed on the radio right now.

      1. Ivo8x

        Bc at the time old town road was a thing n most of his ep got overshadowed

      2. Mason Shackelford

        I mean, because it's 2 years old and it doesn't fit into pop, rap, or rock radio.

      3. r faytal

        Trolled his way to fame? More like trolled you guys to hell. Congrats.

      4. Keshawn Hutson


      5. DinoNathan

        @Dexter Playz XL No you stfu lol, just because you like a music video doesn't mean you're an atheist

    65. Jason Corporal

      To this day this is still his best song

      1. Nour H.

        ikr I love all of his tracks but there's something about this one that's so 🔥🔥but he only makes bops anyway

      2. Lilboi Carti

        Real shit

      3. Jason Corporal

        @Omari hodgesmith compliment

      4. Omari hodgesmith

        I don't know if this is a compliment or not but I love all of his songs

      5. Aiden Drake

    66. alejandra proa

      Oh what’s going on when you know you down

    67. The truth Of Madness

      Lil nas underrated

    68. Julie Goring

      At 64 I'm only watching this for the effects. 👍😁

    69. Evan Smallwood-holden

      This song is of the devil so plz repent your sins with all of your heart to Jesus Christ Roman 10:9 That if you confess with your mouth,'' Jesus is Lord,'' and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved.In the name of Jesus Christ .if u want to

      1. Rapturous Angel

        Its about cancel culture , nothing to do with the devil... your comment makes no sense

    70. Malu Urquiza Martínez


    71. you are a maddaffakka

      this boy have underreted songs.....

    72. Ariana

      I love this song

    73. Moese Apagu

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    74. John Doe

      That was horrible

    75. Manish gupta

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    76. Angga Sltg85

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    77. Bilal Manoun

      This is the only music that’s that’s weird

    78. LilNasXVEVO


      1. casuL

        Oh, you

      2. ᴍᴇʀᴄᴇ


      3. Itlande Pamphile

        I love it

      4. Sebastian Yeren Andia

        This song is gold, congrats.

      5. Bertha Rojo


    79. hqtriviaboot2 hqtriviaboot2

      The upset bookcase critically puncture because thistle spindly store into a wry biology. prickly, dry gum

    80. Nate gaming Lol

      Lil nas x

    81. Nate gaming Lol

      Jdjfjfjjvjvjvkvfjktjbjbj jjmgjgkgkhkhhk

    82. Starla Werling

      It kinda sounds like when covid hit

    83. Derrick 4483

      Its crazy yall hate on dude but hes dropped a song in like 3 categories and all of them aint bad so why so much hate😂

    84. Naresh Badu

      To underrated

    85. Porygon 2

      Um mamute pequenino queria voar 🎵🎵🎵🎵

    86. jose de jesus gonzalez moran ._.

      Tremenda rola en 2021🤑🙏

    87. Dtron198

      1:01 I got all of the poo

    88. Josephos Byedon

      2021 anyone?

    89. Super miles Morales

      This song is amazing lis nas x

    90. Super miles Morales

      This sign is amazing lis nas x

    91. Cam Alex

      This guy collecting the musical infinity stones

    92. Regina Perkins

      What the fuck

    93. JezSam

      Lil nas x more like lil bad x

    94. JezSam

      Lil has x vids are bad

    95. Yousif the Sicko mode


    96. Dtron198

      The art tho

    97. Estefani Centeno

      He’s going through the loop he will turn back to cowboy to the future

    98. Tu Catracho504 JR


    99. GriZZZly

      The solo is clean

    100. Mel-Doug Price