Lil Nas X - C7osure (You Like) (Official Audio)


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    Official audio for "C7osure (You Like)" by Lil Nas X
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    Animated by TheRealCornelius
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    1. LilNasXVEVO


      1. Zach Sherman

        @Side Kick amen I used to think he would be a idol but became the opposite

      2. Side Kick

        Man you really let me down with all the Satan bs..

      3. Gucci lao


      4. A B

        Yes ok

      5. Zach Sherman

        @Father Fragrance only prick is you asshole

    2. Omg Noob Dad

      Lilnas I need more of this in my life,also u dont have enough material I need more mate my playlist in work of 7 songs ain't cutting it😁 your diversity in just this short time is amazing I really hope u dont get lost in the pop/chart scene and continue to release a mix.i love call me by your name but closure bring you down and family are awesome very under rated love it!!! Gimme more now ahhhh!!☺

    3. Lemonade of Shade

      Crunchyroll ads be like

      1. Ruby

        lol same 😂

    4. master 2d

      When lil nas x was good

    5. Robotfootball13

      i never new this music was a thing

      1. C O N E Z ・ᴗ・


    6. LeechBoiLychèe

      This is lit

    7. Izzy candy

      Oh my God

    8. Longcapman02

      Can you be straight and listen to this without u turning gay

      1. Mia

        Of course kid just like gay people can listen to straight artists without turning straight

    9. Chevelle Hendley


    10. carlos aka


    11. Anti Matter

      Who directed this video?????????

    12. Jay Mnisi

      Lil nas x i love this song 😘

    13. Binichi

      This whole song plus beat gives me old cartoon outerpace vibes like the jetsons neo yokio fusion

    14. amanda deixa eu com essa foto pela mor de deus


    15. xd khai


      1. K. Jevon .D


    16. Andrew Arellano

      Who else is here because of the adobe ad? Weird but i guess

    17. Emperorrr Ultimate

      Crunchyroll Thats all im finna say

      1. Itame Uchiha

        Same if u have android download happymod on google and u can download a version that has 0 ads 😜

    18. doc

      Anyone else found out about this song from a Lil Nax X Adobe Ad?

      1. Itame Uchiha

        Yup I got it from crunchyroll

    19. Mari Ssaz

      I love you!

    20. Phillip Jemison

      I like

    21. Sal Pacino

      Brings back those Summer 2019 memories

    22. Foul. Games

      No ones talking about the animator, I watched a tik tok in 2019 about the guy who animated the video, but I forgot his username

    23. Nasma Abdallah-antiki

      I love your music 💜❤💙💙💛💚💚😘💓💋💕💖💗💘💝💞💟

    24. veawr

      wait this sounds so cool with headphones

    25. Hunter Hucomashi

      Has anyone realized that the beat is from one of juice wrlds songs .dis nigga STOL my mans beat .If he was still alive

    26. Kai

      God this deserves so much more attention

    27. ZaidenKun

      I love this song, my favorite one

    28. Christmas Ferret


    29. Savege Pepper

      Dislike gays

      1. Mia

        Focus on things you do like then? U don't gotta like them to let them be just leave em alone

      2. Savege Pepper

        @Hector Eustaquio still dislike gays.

      3. lilpasta

        nobody cares kiddo

      4. Hector Eustaquio

        @Savege Pepper okay your just proving that your illiterate 😂gives them a reason to care a little less about some illiterate thooter talking shit lol

      5. Savege Pepper

        @Hector Eustaquio I forgot the I in my last statement

    30. Optics

      This song is so nostalgic and brings back my memories from 2019☺️

    31. Kylynn Boi

      if your are reading this, please know the Jesus loves tou and if you just confess your sins to him, and bring him into your life you will go to heaven

    32. Fire Alr

      Sounds exactly the same as In My Head

    33. Memes Name

      1 horses 2 The Future 3 being Santa Claus 4 being a vampire 5 being a stripper 6 being in the Beach

    34. choriso

      Someone please put subtitles

    35. Jmari Underwood

      Just realize lil nas x has 36 songs 😂

    36. ana lopez

      I would loooove for LilNasX to produce music w Kevin Parker of Tame Impala. I think there’s potential for good shit there.

      1. Silver Fang


    37. Sarah Connor


      1. Sherrell


    38. Afro Jak

      Old nas x rip

    39. Filip Novák

      *chill twerking *

      1. Binichi


      2. MADD MANX

        Pls Stop

      3. Omar Muniz


    40. Daiana Xi

      Underrated song. This is is my utmost favorite song of Lil Nas X ❤💞

    41. Doodle Amusement

      This song moves me every time I listen to it, It’s a tear jerker for sure but like, happy tears lol

    42. Nagisa

      Here in 2021

    43. matchugurtt Is squeaky


    44. Dante Sawyer Dante Sawyer

      i love this song it makes me feel beter when im sad

    45. spyros wrld

      Such an underrated song🔥

    46. Ritam Mandal

      He wrkt the juice WRLD's unreleased banger☹️😩

    47. Distort Gaming

      Best lil nas song in my opinon.

    48. Jory Lahm

      This is juice wrld's song man wtf

    49. CallMeAlex

      Same soundtrack as one of Juice WRLD's unreleased songs "In My Head".

    50. NOIZZ!

      Honestly I like every single song by Roblox man except this one

      1. sevenvi


    51. zain vlogs

      This song hits hard damn

    52. Soleil M

      I love Lil Nas..

    53. Corny

      Fast forward to 2021

    54. Hiraeth

      Crunchy roll ads

    55. Peppapie

      good song

    56. zain vlogs

      so underrated

    57. Jane E

      Underrated song !!!!!

    58. Ludicrousmars78 Cruz

      I would always hear a this music when I’m sad

    59. Ruhma Adan

      Love him sm

    60. arglax Z.O

      Bruh I can't believe how many songs there are that I don't know about by nas

    61. Tersean Horton


      1. MPClean


    62. Amir Khan

      damn i love him

    63. Susan Taria

      OMG!! Lil Nas X! My son loves your music, he's a huge fan! But your latest song is kind of against my religion. Turn to God please, and I might let my son listen to your music again.

      1. UnDeR DaW Sa AsAwa InGoN NiLa

        @Susan Taria Sorry..

      2. Susan Taria

        @Zann Christo So what? Susan was a very popular name in my day! So don't blame my dead parents for naming me this.

      3. Zann Christo

        Bruh your name is Susan

      4. Susan Taria

        @Natalie It was a joke, but thanks for standing up for him I love his music btw :)

      5. Natalie

        He's not going to bend backwards for you and your religion, would you tell a Muslim or hindu to leave their religion so your son could be friend with them nah, let him be Satanist in peace

    64. Skyline&Beyond

      Such a special track

    65. Anto_morad m.d.l.r

      #portugal 💯

    66. Anto_morad m.d.l.r

      #portugal ...

    67. Deezy Baby 260

      This the lil Nas x I fw 💯

    68. KogaRayArts


    69. masterblaster 321

      I miss the old nas

    70. Selah Paulsen

      Can you do a song with Dolly Parton plz. It's what the alphabet mafia needs. ok. pls. for us. ok ... ill be waiting for the drop. We will boycott Nike if you do this. Signed. all of Alphabet Mafia. ok, thank you. We will be waiting...

    71. Zena

      Who's here from Velvet's debit card number?

    72. The Real DUELIST

      Ngl this deserves a music video

      1. Binichi

        He already said that tho

      2. iPaper

        @Jaspreet Kaur yo what the fuck this is a song not porn link sharing time fucking bot take your link and Chinese away

      3. Jaspreet Kaur

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      4. MIIACHE


    73. Dreamer e

      I loved this song and I still do how did I not know that this was made my Lil Nas X until now

    74. Chellini Moya


    75. 힐링

      Nice song !!

    76. atahe

      ngl i miss the days jamming to this on the bus

    77. Brandon Reyes


    78. Brandon Reyes


    79. Negative- Ghoul

      I forgot about this song, I’m glad I remembered

    80. Sun GT

      This song reminds me of the best days of my life

    81. C. Cammilli

      Much love 💘 to you, dear Lil Nas X!

    82. Walker Pope

      As someone who hasn’t come out this song is so special

      1. gosh101

        I hope your family will understand and support when you will do it

      2. Pretty Bad At Everything

      3. Jess Ventures

        wish u all the best with your journey

    83. K. Jevon .D

      Mont This deserves a music video still👏👏👏❤❤❤

    84. K. Jevon .D

      Mont This deserves a music video still👏👏👏❤❤❤

    85. K. Jevon .D

      Mont This deserves a music video still👏👏👏❤❤❤

    86. JR Sharp

      True say, I want and I need To let go, use my time to be free It's like it's always what you like It's always what you like Why it's always what you like? It's always what you like, uh Ain't no more actin', man, that forecast say I should just let me grow No more red light for me, baby, only green, I gotta go Pack my past up in the back, oh, let my future take ahold This is what I gotta do, can't be regrettin' when I'm old Brand new places I'll choose and I'll go, I know Embracin' this news I behold unfolding I know, I know, I know it don't feel like it's time But I look back at this moment, I'll see that I'm fine I know, I know, I know it don't feel like it's time I set boundaries for myself, it's time to cross the line True say, I want and I need To let go, use my time to be free It's like it's always what you like It's always what you like Why it's always what you like? It's always what you like, uh Ain't no more actin', man, that forecast say I should just let me grow No more red light for me, baby, only green, I gotta go Pack my past up in the back, oh, let my future take ahold This is what I gotta do, can't be regrettin' when I'm old

    87. Zenitsu

      Who’s here after montero

    88. TreVor Fields

      Anybody notice this is lowkey the “Real Love” chord progression?

    89. Ronnel Ramdhan

      Tone deaf offkey garbage

      1. Brandon S.E

        🤮 ur name bitch

      2. K. Jevon .D

        @JayIsUndead lmaoooo ikr!!!

      3. JayIsUndead

        If this sounds tone deaf to you, then you’re the tone deaf one lmao

    90. 10.000 Abos 0 Video Challenge

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    91. AKMCJM

      Only gay person I respect

      1. Zann Christo

        Is this supposed to be a compliment?

      2. Melisuhh


      3. nqnb


    92. Babbling DabblingMom

      1:23 You Go Darling We here from california LOVE YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    93. hood classic

      “i know i know i know it dont feel like its time, but ill look back at this moment and see that im fine” im not even gay but that part forever hittin

      1. infamousBri ray

        Stg this song just hits ,ion even care about the meaning

    94. dream soldier

      He is gay but that's okay. It's his opinion

      1. hi I guess

        how is that an opinion

      2. Nearthe2nd

        it's not his opinion. It's a part of who he is.

      3. Z

        Did you see yourself on his Twitter?? Lmaoo

    95. COMO Plants N’ Trees

      Why does this give me the best vibe

    96. boolove

      this song is so good

    97. Aikonz

      Listened to this for 7 HOURS on my plane 😎

    98. Musicoruu


    99. NefariousSmith

      oh, wow, this one hit me hard 😭

    100. Tac!

      Most underrated song by him ⬇️