Lil Nas X - Carry On (Music Video) HIGHEST QUALITY ON YT


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    Best quality on youtube

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    1. Woof1022

      Went from dancing on graves to dancing on satans lap. Interesting.

      1. Justin Glover


      2. mortal kombat and superheros

        @BIGBODY Yeah they push it out alout especially to kids

      3. BodaciousDoggo

        @BIGBODY homie what

      4. BIGBODY

        Gay agenda


        I throng you got those mixed up I think its from dancing on satan’s lap to stand in on graves

    2. Dominic Strickland

      Why did he take this song down

    3. laferno_o


    4. Juan Hernandez

      he stole this song from bobby caldwell lol

      1. Juan Hernandez

        @OkageShadow plagiarism... “the use or close imitation of another author's music while representing it as one's own original work.“ no credit was given, that’s why it’s not under his name anymore. he got sued.

      2. OkageShadow

        @Juan Hernandez not rly lil nas x didnt just repost bobbys song as his own, he remixed it

      3. Juan Hernandez

        @OkageShadow that’s the same thing lol

      4. OkageShadow

        no he sampled it and didnt get it cleared

    5. Albert Onestone

      I remember listening to this on Spotify 24/7 when it was on there and Old Town Road, when it just released its music video with Red Dead Redemtpion gameplay in it. I kinda forgot about him for a few months and then he blew tf up outta nowhere

    6. Isoking Dh

      Lil nas not gay convince me his

    7. Akki N

      Y’all talking about he sold out 💀he comfortable and being himself don’t listen to him if you don’t like him now lmao Trust me it’s just easier to ignore people if you don’t vibe with them

    8. OGM

      I can’t believe I found him before he blew up he was literally just a tweet decker who posted his music under all his tweets. It’s a shame he sold his soul

    9. macon mcmillan

      His latest song reminds me of this song...good👍

    10. A N T I Z E M E

      Clearly a gay agenda going on guy went from this rapper to a “feminine man”? Strange

    11. tyler johnson

      How the hell did he go from this to actual HELL?

    12. el coss coss

      1 er comentario :b

    13. robert bogert

      Who the fuck goes to a cemetery to shoot they non goth raps? Kid is a weirdo

    14. XIXEN

      idk why tf he deleted this, i remember he liked my comment back then

      1. justmedevin

        He had to delete it lmao he got sued for the beat

    15. User 1

      Nas X on a wynter beat lolll who woulda thought

    16. Victor Palacios

      Dam aint know someone remixed sub tae song. This coo but none beats the OG shit 🔥💯

      1. Super Zeltron

        this is bobby caldwells song he remixed. its called carry on

    17. IceFromTheNorth

      No way this is the same Devil-Lap Dancing, Ho ho hoing, horseback riding guy as what we know today, right?

    18. skeye

      i miss this song

    19. Alvian Ozy Akbar Unknown

      old lil nas x is the best

    20. BIGDGE

      we need this nas back dude was hard back then

    21. BIGBODY

      I remember hearing OTR when it had 20k views and I started listening to his other songs he really sold out for the media bruh😔

    22. mangotypebeat

      actually the song i found first.. i meant to send him beats back then but i guess its too late now lmao

    23. PlayBoi Nate

      Why did you change

    24. Rob

      shit crazy cuz this really his hardest song



    26. Tyler Mcintosh

      From graves to satans lap

    27. hello.

      gots to be a underrated lil nas x songs

    28. Derek Chere

      OMG 😳 this has to be his most personal and vunerable song ever. I hope he re- release it. He sings about his mom and some really personal stuff.

      1. Govaic

        @justmedevin Ahh RIP. sucks that he can't release a good song just cause Bobby over here needed his share.

      2. justmedevin

        @Govaic the beat contains a sample from a song from bobby caldwell and bobby caldwell sued him for the beat after he started getting famous from old town road

      3. Govaic

        @justmedevin fr? what happened lmao

      4. justmedevin

        He cant re release it legally because he got sued for this song

    29. Georgia MC

      OMG .......early talent displayed. He's awesome!

    30. owen d

      Can’t believe I’ve known about this guy for years, went from a fairly known twitter account posting scenario threads, one day said he’d tweeted he was gonna release music, released about 7 in a week, downloaded the whole mixtape. Crazy how big he is now, big props

    31. sj_leee

      isnt this the thanos music video

      1. PrinceKy

        @OkageShadow he didn’t, I remember his channel when he had 1k subs. This guy is tripping

      2. OkageShadow

        to my knowledge thanos didn’t have a music video.. this is the carry on video

    32. Yung Yardie

      All the dead niggas on the grave like this shit lowkey fye

    33. Supreme Teaz

      First song I heard from Nas

      1. IsoMj


    34. 090NJ

      The good times fr

    35. BFOLK Dumbslapz

      What happen bro I was looking forward to this sound!!

    36. ¡ ramses !

      Damn yea he definitely changed 😭😂

    37. Lyrical Entity

      If you listen to the lyrics. He says he keeps secrets. 🗣 take a minute to listen and stop being so quick to judge someone. You do not know what he was holding in.


      Just to think he gay now is strange to me ????

      1. justmedevin

        He been gay lmao

      2. lil pasta

        listen to the lyrics and it wouldn’t be surprising lol

    39. Jayy Lotus

      i remember when this was on his page 🥲

      1. Omar Muniz


    40. ETHERLAND91

      wtf thank u so much for reuploading

    41. George Washington

      why is this recommended now D:

    42. Luke Eiermann

      Still my fav lil Nas song, guess it doesn't get him views

    43. Henry Probst

      After that song he was a fucking Cowboy, a Robot, a Vampire, Santa and Satan GGs

    44. Joshua Reis

      Onewayticket to hell

      1. OkageShadow


    45. tacthom

      Brilliant 👏🏽

    46. Frens Place

      Back before my nigga sold his soul to the damn devil, literally. 😪🥲😔

      1. Omar Muniz


    47. BNGL

      😔 this is so good, he should of stayed making music like this

    48. 313.

      Back when nas wasn't on some weird shit

    49. wolfynic13


    50. Caleb Ortiz

      Before he got down with all the weird shit. Classic.

      1. Caleb Ortiz

        @cristo1 Good point. Still wish he would keep the spiritual out of it and stick to the Country swag but I understand his perspective.

      2. cristo1

        @Caleb Ortiz i agree but i think the meaning of the satanic shit is him owning his past of people telling him to go to hell because he was gay. I think it's a personal thing. I mean to be fair, despite what evangelicals say, satanism isn't sacrifices and murders and shit it's more being true to yourself and not aligning yourself with any god.

      3. Caleb Ortiz

        @cristo1 What I mean by the weird shit is the Satanic references he's been popping here and there with his recent songs and content. Also the Satan shoes (good martketing I'll admit); I hate it when artists use the occult for publicity because it's so unoriginal. Him being gay has nothing to do with it. I was rocking with the Wild West, Country, Cowboy type of vibe. I wish he would go back to that.

      4. Nissan GTR R34

        @BodaciousDoggo I would wear purple bc it not really a girl color but I will never wear pink

      5. BodaciousDoggo

        @Nissan GTR R34 your fragile masculinity is showing. I feels bad for you dude. You’re the kind of person who refuses to wear purple because “it’s a girl color”

    51. 2Keen To give a what

      Wtf happened to this Lil Nas X😢

    52. 21Gmarsiplays

      Hard af

    53. 21Gmarsiplays

      Who new that he would be twerking on satan.

    54. BOGDAN

      Befo he sold his soul

    55. I'm a turtle

      Is that dababy?

      1. tarek halimah


    56. It’s Ysd

      Ain’t no one talking bout this

    57. MADD MANX

      This can't be the same person 😂

      1. Earth 2 Marz

        @Boufeniza bruh shut uuuuuppp

      2. Taurus

        @Boufeniza LMAOOO

    58. Grease Hole

      I miss this lil nas tbh

    59. DJ FACT.50

      Sampling Bobby Caldwell and it sounds like Strawberry Letter 23 by Shuggie Otis.

    60. gohpii

      Only real fans and followers know.

    61. Peppermint Jane

      Ghosts in the graveyard : 👁👄👁

    62. alezx

      cant even tell if its the same man.

    63. Joep Braat

      This song and the rest of the mixtape are all bangers. NO SKIPS

    64. Kaka Kaka

      I remember when this was still on his youtube i wonder why he took it down its one of his best

      1. justmedevin

        He got sued for the beat because it sampled Bobby Caldwells music

      2. ELECTRIC_OuTpOst


      3. VKBOSS I Low End PC Gaming

        Think he got sued for dancing on people’s graves

    65. None None


    66. slay gan'

      cool song

    67. cray 3K

      Now this man stripping for the devil looooool

    68. BigheadNigel

      I remember when he was like this

    69. Sherlock Holmes

      remember me when i get famous

    70. DxPop Beats

      I remember when I first found this song it was juss another random song crazy to see how far he got

    71. MacGaming


    72. Mauricio Rafael Simanca Castillo

      Great, hi from Colombia

    73. Patrick

      this is oddly inspiring

    74. fng


    75. Lawrence K

      Sucks he sold his soul, this is no where on RScamera anymore, they deleted it so no one knows how he used to be

      1. justmedevin

        He didnt sell his soul and this song got removed because the nas got sued for the song because of the beat sampling one of Bobby Caldwells songs

      2. ELECTRIC_OuTpOst

        He didn't..

    76. James Potenzone

      So wut happened to his life he been tryin to tell us something 🤔

    77. GTACarl

      i remember when old town road original vid came out i watched it when he had like 2k subs i thought yea this song is fire but i didnt thought it would became so big

    78. X.P Escobar

      I love this song

    79. SahBeatsTV

      this before the label put fruit up in his tank

    80. Esptho

      Imagine he brings this vibe back

    81. Lil Lucien

      best to worst 1. Carry On 2. Montero 3. Panini 4. Rodeo 5. Old Town Road 6. Holiday they all 10/10 tho

    82. kobii

      crazy he went from this to the biggest artist ever

    83. hassan yasir

      Pogchamp latest comment

    84. Rosita Grant


    85. jaden707

      crazy how a regular ass nigga can go from this to the call me by your name music video

    86. Ab

      I remember first hearing this song before Old Town Road blew up. Good times fr

    87. Slippery Shrek XD

      better than 90% of his new songs

    88. joshua jackson


    89. Llama :D

      He used to have drip

    90. Michael J.F.

      I’m cool with bro expressing himself however he feels, especially being openly gay, that’s cool, but damn I wish he stuck with shit like this it goes hard

      1. kinley

        listen to industry baby it's like his old shit

      2. Flqwlessly


    91. Jacob Vieira

      This was how I found Nas x before old town roads

    92. Kanye West

      Damn my old Nas X phase 😞 i loved his old songsss

    93. phillip


    94. phillip


    95. DarK saintguinefor

      Now this dude grinding on satan

    96. Andrew Nguyen

      I love this song and sample

    97. Badhabit 179

      How he go from sonic shit and this to Montero u wouldn’t think twice seeing him and think he’s gay

    98. Yan Singh

      I think he used to live in my neighborhood in Atlanta, I remember seeing him on the bus lmaoooo

    99. Tyrese Banks

      This is the little Nas X I'm used to I guess he deleted this off his page because it's not nowhere near the new him

      1. justmedevin

        Nah he got sued for the beat because it sampled Bobby Caldwells song

    100. Westside Baby

      Man this song is trash not to be a hater but it’s crazy how the internet can sling shot people into instant fame crazy times we’re living in