Lil Nas X - Panini (Official Audio)


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    Official audio for "Panini" by Lil Nas X
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    Animation by Blake Kathryn (@blakekathryn)
    Produced by H+ Creative (@hplus_creative)
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    1. LilNasXVEVO


      1. Kerry Sarginson

        Did it feel good with the devil

      2. Kevin Romo

        Lil nas went to this🤠🤑 then to this😈👺

      3. jana frog


      4. Natividad Bautista

        Lil baby

      5. Shrek

        you have good songs

    2. Gquinn18

      My theory is that this was going to be the original video but was redone

    3. Swaly_Legend

      I bet that lil nas x wont heart this

      1. An emo egg

        Me to

    4. moz1s

      *futuristic twerking*

    5. Bruh

      *CYBERPUNK 2077*

    6. DAV

      White girl tweaking

    7. Eric Tsen

      the robot scared me tho im scared of this robot at night watch this at 3am

    8. First Name Last name

      *Flat sandwich twerking*

    9. Alex Arruda


    10. Shadow campbell

      Oh I'll tell you what she wanted she wanted you to go and that's what you did cuz you are bump and you gay

    11. Sebastian Holben

      dont say twerking dont say it

      1. Sebastian Holben

        @DAV shit you said it

      2. DAV


    12. Rodaina Eslam

      مين عربي و جاي من 2021

    13. Асан Алихан


    14. Z

      I miss these days now 😞

    15. legend.santiシ

      Still watching

    16. Lucas Nelson

      Been seen since the night he posted his songs closure F9mily C7osure Bring U Down and Kick It and the first releases of rodeo with Cardi B and this panini

    17. allooo ta

      I'm just here bc namjoon recommended this song lmao

    18. Nicole Torres

      I'm confused Travis Scott? Are u?

    19. Radin Rahbar

      The best day trip took it to ten no 🧢🔥🔥🔥🔥

    20. Augustas Talubinskas

      you are in Cyberpunk 2077

    21. Erbs

      did they fire the editor for this just asking :/

    22. Hehe 123

      2019 🐴🐎🤠 2020 🤖🦾🎉 2021 😈❤️👹

      1. Yuri jake Sung

        Ye and he lost so many fans xD

    23. Shabby Atsuki

      Cyberpunk 2077 be lookin scuffed

    24. Kylynn Boi

      if your are reading this, please know the Jesus loves tou and if you just confess your sins to him, and bring him into your life you will go to heaven

    25. Rashmi Kalburgie

      ,PMC , nlijl* -*) km,mk'k?M:',k'k':kW x SW SQq sw rw b WRW WRhg, ,, ,

    26. 쩝쩝

      퓨쳐사이버펑크 와칸다느낌 중독성 개지린다 🌝

    27. Yxvng Swerve

      when lil nas x said: 🤠,🤖,🧛‍♂️,🎅,R🔴BLOX,😈

    28. flo

      who’s here after montero 🥲

    29. TREK04

      This was when he was straight

      1. Marc Franks

        he was never straight

    30. Samantha Batista


    31. Pedro Augusto Almeida Fragoso


    32. Zoyan Gaming

      Ur name is jimmy

    33. Rose18candy 1

      my favorite song is this, and my name is kenny now my friends call me kennyni

    34. Anna Almento


    35. Beulah Sathish

      *Robotic Twerking*

    36. mueka

      Nose inglés pero me gusta mucho

    37. Weeb-Chan

      I don’t see any sandwiches

    38. AntiGuardian

      The og song

    39. Каетемир Хамитов

      00:11 kooooooo koooooo leeeee

    40. Gurry Overdoses

      I named my dog after this song

    41. Maki_2 애니메이션

      life in 1 minute


      Who is here after panini memes 😂

    43. k svsj

      Guys he just wants his bread

    44. lccroley

      Why would he make song about a girl he loves if he’s gay unless he’s actually bisexual but his label is making him be only gay for money

    45. WydAndrxw

      I’m back for nostalgia

    46. Anto_morad m.d.l.r

      #portugal 📀👌

    47. Anto_morad m.d.l.r

      #portugal 💯🔥

    48. lozic_yt


    49. Alina G

      Help America, it's a giant circus

    50. Lillianna Duff

      God bless you

    51. Dread

      *robotic twerking*

      1. Mijai.

        Ayo wtf, you are everywhere

      2. Sushi Mario

        Gay twerking

    52. yousif card

      This dude is just like gamers playing the newest games first red dead redemption 2 now cyberpunk 2077


      I remember listening to this before the music vid lmao

    54. Azkni

      That Nas X robot has pretty nice big ass ngl

    55. harrynts

      Lil nas x really went : 🤠🐎 🤖🟢 🎅🏿❄ 👹🔥

    56. FNO LONG

      This guy went to 🤠🤖🎅😇👹

    57. Zippozs Bruh

      Your new shoes are fire they go hard

    58. Prapti Sugiyati

      Lil nas x 2019:🤠🧟‍♂️ Lil nas x 2020🎅 Lil nas x 2021:😈

    59. Elysium 11

      back before he became a satan worshipper, time really does fly

    60. Isaq sants

      Que bosta de clipe

    61. Aziza Pizza

      the way the graphics actually mean something though- like they actually match the meaning of the lyrics so well

    62. Joshua Denn II

      I miss the old lil nas x

      1. bho lol

        I don't, MONTERO (Call me by your name) is a bop and him twerking on satan is I C O N I C

    63. Mo G


    64. Dami

      Your gay !

      1. bho lol

        Hey I'm gay too

      2. The Shadow Blog

        And you have trash grammar

    65. STEFIK 1

      Cyberpunk 2 looking kinda cool

    66. Timofey LOPTEL


    67. GeoNM / MrNJMYT

      0:19 almost every fnf animation has a part where bf does this.

    68. Sarn Just Sarn

      Yo Montero your the king 👑

    69. Elephant in the room

      The only thing I don't like is that this isn't a longer song

    70. dacarian3

      Back when he was pure

    71. 10.000 Abos 0 Video Challenge

      lilnasx 2019: 🤠 lilnasx 2020: 🎅 lilnasx 2021: ☠😈

      1. 3zo0oz2006

        @bho lol sad bc he became a gay

      2. Jak Eelm

        @Ajay Rewal you sad

      3. Sam Bernard

        @Ajay Rewal sad🤦‍♂️

      4. Ghost Stealth

        @Ajay Rewal sad

      5. Ajay Rewal

        Oh shut the fuck up, everyone. It’s not fucking sad. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

    72. ᴍᴀʀᴋɪɪɴ ᴍᴋ

      Com certeza Matue se inspirou nesses clipes animados do Lil, o álbum MDT tem essa pegada de animação 3D e esse loop infinito muito foda 🔥🔥

    73. 25 jandro

      summer 19 you just had to be there

    74. Kyo 2004

      Still a vibe in 2021

    75. Various

      Damn, it’s coming up on 2 years already? wow

    76. I Provide Lyrics

      [Intro: Nessly] D-D-Daytrip took it to ten (Hey) [Verse 1] Ayy, Panini, don't you be a meanie Thought you wanted me to go up Why you tryna keep me teeny? I It's a dream, he wished it on a genie I got fans finally, ain't you wanting them to see me? I [Refrain] I thought you want this for my life, for my life Said you wanted to see me thrive, you lied [Chorus] Just say to me what you want from me Just say to me what you want from me [Verse 2] Ayy, Panini, don't you be a meanie Thought you wanted me to go up Why you tryna keep me teeny now? Now they need me, number one on streaming Oh yeah, you used to love me So what happened, what's the meaning? I [Refrain] I thought you want this for my life, for my life Said you wanted to see me thrive, you lied [Verse 3] Now when it's all done, I get the upper hand I need a big Benz, not another fan But I still want you as a fan I'ma need to sit down, don't mean to make demands But I need you to... [Chorus] Say to me what you want from me Just say to me what you want from me [Outro: Nessly] D-D-Daytrip took it to ten (Hey)

    77. Orumaito


    78. Synk Solarized X

      Song hit different after you listen to montero

    79. Jordan Knight


    80. Robert Chambers

      He changed it

    81. nigel_h

      he went from 🤖 to 👹

      1. Nikklol_ irfan

        He went from 🤠🐴 🤖👾 🎅🏾❄ To 👺🔥

    82. Jordan Ramirez

      He should of stuck with this vibe not dat weirdo shit

      1. Ask Reddit

        @Jordan Ramirez LOL ok

      2. Jordan Ramirez

        @Ask Reddit Na his new shit goofy like u

      3. Narancia Kin

        @Ask Reddit YEESS

      4. Ask Reddit

        Nah his new shit fire

    83. Sam I am

      Trash 🗑

    84. Felipe Braga

      Now he is dancing in satan. And i like this

    85. lameapplesauce

      bro went from 👍👏 to 😐👎

    86. Ez Z

      This video gives me hypnosis vibes

    87. johnny sins grandson

      The old vibes I got from this music video

    88. al ways

      𝗍𝗁𝖾 𝖿𝗎𝗇𝗇𝗒 𝗍𝗁𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝗂𝗌... 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙨𝙤𝙣𝙜 𝙞𝙨 𝙖𝙗𝙤𝙪𝙩 𝙖 𝙨𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙬𝙝𝙞𝙘𝙝

    89. Felipe Eller


    90. Terry Pulliam

      He is cool

    91. Rea Rea

      the food?

    92. GEEYANNY Baussiquot

      These were so good back then

    93. idiot BG

      Can we get 69 million views hehhehehehehhe

    94. mar ia



      Suicide doesn’t stop the pain,” “It gives it to someone else.” - [ ] 1: We would miss you - [ ] 2: It’s worth it to be alive - [ ] 3: It does get better, believe it or not, it will eventually get better. - [ ] 4: There’s so much you would miss out on doing. - [ ] 5: You are worth it don’t let anyone, even yourself tell you otherwise. - [ ] 6: God made you for a reason, you have a reason. - [ ] 7: There is always a reason to live! - [ ] 8: So many people care about you - [ ] 9: You are amazing - [ ] 10: I don’t even know you and I love you - [ ] 11: I care for you - [ ] 12: There are plenty of people that love you - [ ] 13: Youre literally perfect!!

    96. Beauty Istifanus

      Classic periodt

    97. Woof Wagon

      LNX's CGI went from this to making Body Doubles of himself while also making a good looking world and a Serpent

    98. saturn

      The frick

    99. Aliya Davis

      Woody to buzz

    100. Sal Salinas

      His videos are like futuristic Michael Jackson meets star wars

      1. Synk Solarized X

        @JayTooSavy my dude MJ is a way a bigger clown tf?

      2. JayTooSavy

        Don’t compare MJ to this clown ever again😒💯