Making Wooden Gates for My House


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    There was these openings on the side of my house that were begging for some wooden gates! So I built gates, because I AM AN ELECTRICAL ENGINEER!!

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    By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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    1. Lurchie

      I wish Mehdi was my neighbor.

    2. John Tram

      Love this guy 😄😄


      You never fail to crack me up Mehdi.

    4. Solar Eclipse TV

      no one got a static in this whole video , i am surprised!! i expected more from you

    5. verdatum

      "I'm an electrical engineer, so I can do ANYTHING." Never has so much been explained about my father in a single sentence. I grew up to be a software engineer, so I can merely _describe_ anything. ....No, I'm kidding. I have a machine shop in my basement. I can also do anything.

    6. Stanky Piece of Bluecheese

      You are funny dude😃😃😃

    7. David


    8. Tracy McDougal

      Awesomeness overload

    9. Tracy McDougal

      Nice tools man.

    10. Tracy McDougal

      Hilarious, crucify some one. This dude is out there,hilarious as hell

    11. SAMIN

      3:13 thats what she said

    12. Fahim Mahmud

      Mehdi is not an electrical engineer. He is an all-rounder engineer.

    13. Sayan Kabir

      19:04 to 20:16 is that the same music as the bgm of the game Treasure of Nadia 🤔

    14. Ray Penn

      You have a Workmate. It has a clamp/vice on it. It could hold the wood while you saw it.

    15. Ray Penn

      Oddly, I am a hobby woodworker and a professional electronic tech. Never would have imagine you doing woodworking. Make more wood video...please...

    16. oussama chahid

      Really, I like your style to explained how to make the gate... Thanks

    17. C DRIVE

      Mehdi, the whole point of living suburban is lost when a human body barely fits between your exterior wall and your property line! Damn, when I fart I like to keep it within the family! Are you in Kalif-pornia?

      1. C DRIVE

        Holy sh!t! I forgot to mention your Latch scheme! It's absolutely AWFUL! Electroshock fun on RScamera exposes only you to shock hazards but that latch exposes you and your home owner's insurance to salivating personal injury attorneys! They're generally DemonRat$. So their appetites are in$atiable!

    18. Chris King

      Beaut gate mate! Little disappointed you didn't ENGINEER a solenoid lock triggered by secretly-located reed switch.

    19. Agustin Gomez

      electroboom now is creating woodcraft?

    20. NeptuneFusion

      I think it’s ridiculous how you don’t want an opening to you backyard. My house has a HUGE opening on both sides that we have to mow

    21. Samuel Adams

      What a funny Intro... Lol

    22. Alec Lipscomb

      Mehditations makes mehdi appear far more competent than he does on Electroboom

    23. NeronDoxy

      Mehdi, don't ever let the death of a single person stop your dream of trying to do surgery.

    24. Flemming Christensen

      In a way I am happy that i was Electrician before i became a electronic engineer 😂

    25. Patrick Macher

      Always keep up the Bill for the Gates .

    26. Mark Meier

      You really need to start using Dübel/Dowels

    27. junwhang

      I don't know but, i like this project 😄

    28. Arun Aravind

      I expected a partial demolition of his house. This is the funniest channel on RScamera that I know of.. 😂

    29. 18 18

    30. BackYard Science 2000

      23:05 , "Pre drill PILOT holes especially on small pieces to prevent cracking". Pilot was the word you were looking for. Lol

    31. ElDoRado1239

      This episode of Mehdicraft was great! All it needs now is to install a taser to shock anyone who tries to sneak their hand around the beam to unlock the door from outside.

    32. electroBANG

      such pleasant background music i love music

    33. Tomasz Fiutek

      me when i first saw that: Bill Gates?

    34. idk

      piece of wood

    35. Fezezen

      Oh God, watching you cut the wood makes me cringe. I never cut wood unless I can firmly hold it against machine fencing, machine table or clamp it down. Seems like an accident waiting to happen when you don't have it clamped, and when you just swing the circular saw next to your leg.

    36. Gaming Bits

      7:11 too late lol, I've done this many times when a piece is too long but I can't be assed to set up the chop saw and the circular saw is right there

    37. Kyss

      Make the pin rotating. So it will fall out of the way when opening. Then attach a servo and rc tech on the pin. Then you put rc tech into a remote and when you want to close the door from the outside, you press the button on the remote and the pin will go up

    38. David Phillips

      Think you need to see a Doctor 👨‍⚕️

    39. Kaninfisk

      Beautiful gates! But... If they're gonna be locked, so you can't get in from the outside - why is there a handle only on the outside? :D

    40. Corncob Johnson real

      15:35 that's true for nails, opposite for screws I think you know this but just spoke wrong

    41. Andrew Writesel

      Nice car... I've wanted a Tesla (for awhile) too 👍

    42. 4i4o 4ong


    43. Nuser Mane

      I wonder whether he had to do much in post-production, since he did so much of it in the video 🤪

    44. JNV Survival Official

      It didn't work. I'm currently sitting inside of your fence.

    45. ツiitzcobster.15 ღ

      Dude looks like electroboom

    46. Daniel Villalbazo

      Constructor Mehdi lol😅😅🤣😂

    47. FRH_Astro Boy

      I come here to watch the last part

    48. Levi Heidle

      Pretty, but you could just reach over the gate & open the latch. 😂 I guess more decorative than protective.

    49. Adam Hale

      the neighbor be like: why are these dam screws here????

    50. Razar Campbell

      Sorry, Mehdi, it seems you're confused. It's CHEMISTS who know everything, not engineers...

    51. Arcturus Archer

      18:50 NOPE. I prefer you being shocked, not maimed... seriously. power tools are no joke

    52. XAlaska3CH0X

      24:07 “Will we?”

    53. Harshith

      Hey, this guy looks so similar to ElectroBOOM! They should do a collab...

      1. Gurinder lotey

        This is his second channel 🤣🤣🤣

    54. Hydro Doughboi

      It’s 4:00AM and I’m watching a dumbass electrical engineer do home improvement

    55. Snooker Legends Tube

      oh man your emotions are so funny

    56. Shafay Rajput

      Who tf dislikes this amazing work...?

    57. Kimiwa Sadat

      Build some for Bill Gates, so that now you can call it Bill's Gates

    58. Abo MooTa Alshdeed

      why didnt you add glue between wooden parts ? screwing only with make gape over timeand make tiny cracks

    59. Gromran

      need more of these videos!

    60. Ceico

      what is the lock 21:50 called, please?

    61. Sweeping Time

      The things that I learn from this video is very nice.

    62. OPS Hurst (Owen’s Data Center)

      Nice install!

    63. NOOB


    64. Chip Paulsel

      This hurt my soul but I love every second of it

    65. Riley does evrything

      What is your real first name

    66. Riley does evrything

      I wish I could get a tesla

    67. Riley does evrything

      You look like your pretty rich you got a Tesla a big house you have to buy loads of stuff for videos and you just spent £600

    68. Riley does evrything

      You are the funniest guy on RScamera I've seen in a while keep up the good content

    69. Backseat Gaming

      If you surge a polarized patient backwards, the patient might blow up

    70. Unboxer373

      Are you Indian and an IITian??

    71. Dolan Fiddle

      Yoo I just found this channel and your videos on here are just as good as the ones on your main. I just wished you posted a bit more here.

    72. juruewonf aurbewkis

      The deserted honey relatively travel because gong naturally spill with a thankful pull. spurious, loutish maple

    73. Dragon_Tamer165


    74. Saturn Cowboy

      Is that the black cat lobby music from vr chat 😂😂 love it

    75. Ñ๛4 『Ñítíñ』

      A good electric engineer can also be a good carpenter 😀😀😀

    76. lol lol

      mehdi is literally an Iranian version of my dad and its kind of weird. they literally dress the same, talk the same, look very similar and my dad used to work as an electrical engineer

    77. Rito

      "Carpenters hate him" 😭

    78. Nugget Lord

      When you say tie instead of hold you remind me of my Persian mother

    79. Hardik Prajapati

      Aamm... Im commenting a bit late and Im may be wrong for saying this, but sir why didnt you just made a proper fence on both sides or making one side door and fencing on the other? Maybe for looks or just to make a video I guess.... Anyway nice gates sir :)

    80. Kamil_SONE

      "How hard can it be"

    81. kolowski13

      My favorite part of this video is the little aside to talk about why the diagonal is facing a certain direction. I would never have thought about the direction it going making a difference besides the triangle purpose. Love your vids!

    82. Anurag Suthar

      What if thief is watching this video😅😅

    83. Amy garces

      Satisfying build

    84. Vidit Sinha

      Safety Instructions are just terms and conditions for this man

    85. With Mask

      Nice job! But I wonder how would you maintain it ? (Since the screws are inaccessible and you even used construction glue)

    86. Surviver

      Intro is kind of like a tom scott video

    87. Andreas U.

      Does it say "FartMax" on his level?

    88. Dio Brando

      damn i seen this neighborhood before

    89. neutropie

      They say Engineers can become anything.... Guess what "Mehdi" proves it right😆😆😆

    90. Firdaus Zahari

      Mehdi could be a genius and an idiot at the same time

    91. Gengai

      The front gate lock sound legit sounds like a retro horror game lock unlocking

    92. Antony 303

      Missed opportunity to make a joke about Bill Gates 😂👌

    93. Librado Moreno

      In some spots you should have used nails if the 2 pieces of wood move enough it will snap the screw nails flex

    94. Alex Holmes

      Can you tell me (or does anyone know) why the gate against the chimney is wider than the area you can walk through?

    95. Gimiter

      imperial system why? it's used in only 3 countries

    96. Nicer Knifes

      "make it exactly level"... I always have to think of rick and morty... You want level?! Ill show you true level!!! - rick to morty

    97. Direction Gaming

      Next time Don't Screw Straight 90 degrees in wood. Screw for wood needs to be "inclined" littlebit so it increases strength.

    98. Vinolicam

      Me as a Mechanical Engineer watching an Electrical Engineer executing a structure project. well done!

    99. Aegislash Excalibur

      Dammit Jim, I'm an electrical engineer not a carpenter!

    100. Your Fan

      You can drill a hole for a string to open it.