Nikola Jokic Joins The Inside Crew After Being Named The Kia MVP | NBA on TNT


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    The Inside Crew congratulated Nikola Jokic for being named the Kia MVP. He's the first center to win since Shaq in 2000 and first Denver Nuggets player to ever win the award.

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    1. Twizz The Whiz Kid


    2. Cody Li

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    3. Julie Goyen

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    4. John Doughnut

      His English isn’t bad at all

    5. Mark Snyder

      I think Chris Paul should have won it!

    6. AC Nicodemus

      And Andrew Wiggins is the no.1 pick on the 2014 draft? HAHAHAHAHA, he nothing but a whack.

    7. Lorrita xavier

      The ruddy rice arguably worry because meat histopathologically long above a fanatical gladiolus. fallacious, ceaseless edward

    8. Beny Jenab

      He is super star now . Yes you just did it .you start from 0 to the top .he is also good kid.

    9. Gerald Howard

      Jokic as a low draft pick winning the MVP is not a surprise. Cos the reason he got such low draft pick is cos he's from serbia. If Jokic were a US citizen, he would've gotten a top 5 pick, and u won't be shocked he win MVP.

    10. charlie olds

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    11. Zachary Suttle

      Shaq is so facetious.

    12. Manuel Garcia

      overated basically kevin love, same game, hes on a better team then the timberwolves

    13. Margaret Elkins

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    14. Johnson Nguyen

      id take jokic over shaq


      lol here comes salty Shaq again, love it

    16. Samandari^

      Police To Stop and Eradicate Prison Systems Worldwide!.

    17. Matt

      "I shoulda won three of them, but they gave two away" haha!

    18. Do Nuts

      Had GSW went into the first round and will win against Phoenix, Curry should have won MVP. Congrats to Jokic!

    19. ChiiKn Waayne

      Hey Joker congratulations now where’s Batman?

    20. PotatoHead33

      Honestly is an inspiration, what a wild life story this man has. Couldn’t imagine how proud his mom must be.

    21. Mook Meen07305

      When this is the MVP, you know the league had a off year, and watch how the media hype him up 🤦🏾‍♂️

    22. mila

      He encapsulates our Serbian character and spirit in the best way possible: he's modest, leaves his all on the court, and would die for the team. Good job, Nikola! Ponose nas ❤️

    23. Christopher Callaway

      Worst way to receive it.

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    27. DBMtheOne

      Super happy for this guy. Jolkic 100% deserves this award congratulations 🥳

    28. DBMtheOne

      Super happy for this guy. Jolkic 100% deserves this award congratulations 🥳

    29. Monkey Sage

      MVP and DPOY on one team to get Swept by the Suns in the 2nd Round.

    30. fanjeera63

      wow what a great question from Chuck, shows how important is not to forget the people who heped you in the past to get to the top

      1. fanjeera63

        little bit boring answer from Jokic though

      2. fanjeera63

        reminds me the Queen Gambit

    31. radqoga fobufbo

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    32. PRIS

      MVP picks have been off the last couple years

    33. LednacekZ

      he is valuable

    34. Μαρίνα Σ

      Serbia we achieve it. Vasilije Micic - MVP of Euro league Nikola Jokic - MVP of NBA league

    35. Adnanツ

      definitely top 3 Nuggets all time player

    36. cherub jennar

      wow, nikola, modest guy :P

    37. Dan Belay

      Shaq is forever gonna hate Steve Nash for those two MVPs 😂😂😂

    38. TheYoubook

      They pick Andrew Niggins over him.

    39. Republika Dugave

      Deserved... I personaly wanted Paul to win but this isnt any worse pick

    40. Hwhshe Bshehshcbd

      From quesadilla Taco Bell draft pick to MVP go joker

    41. Amanda Tan

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    42. The Midnight Sessions

      I like the way the way of awards have given... A prank like way of giving the award...

    43. Bartholomew Lyons

      If it was a Mercedes or Ferrari MVP it would have sounded cooler. But KIA?

    44. Aarjav Jain

      I like this format more than the award show. Jokic is actually celebrating with his teammates

    45. good enough

      I just love how people that kept putting other names in the conversation for MVP, when Jokic has been the only realistic option most of the season, have to accept the facts. Well done

    46. Nikola Petrović

      Nije crnja najveći 😉😉😂

    47. GymFood Physical Health Physical Wealth

      He deserved to win....but its the MVP curse....this award should be 20% fans 30% media and 50% players. Chris Paul and Embid are on a tear...

    48. Tehui

      He's a team player, not an 'I' player. Well deserved.

    49. Jon Wiffen

      Melo had the potential he was robbed by nba politics

    50. junior guevara

      He deserved it. He a beast. Names everyome around him better.

    51. Seann Webb

      You want to know how I got this smile?

    52. Shemzinho

      “Because of you the big man is back” glad he’s getting his roses

    53. DWsMatos

      🇪🇺🇷🇸🏔️🃏 MVP As European I'm really proud of Nikola! First Dirk, then Giannis X2, now Jokic! Next... Luuuuuukaaaaa! Oh and Rudy once again the Defensive Player of the Year!

    54. Juan Sosa

      Wishing joker a lengthy career dude is special Congratulations 🏆

    55. Storyville

      Kenny throws so much shade at Jokic, said he was going to win because Embiid got injured. Now he’s calling him slow and lazy and a way to compliment him. Go home Kenny. How many MVPs did you win?

    56. Augustus

      Congrats to Jokic, well done.

    57. Aqueel Kadri

      Shaq: Joker, Thank you! Because of you the big man is back. The first big man to win an MVP in a long time. Giannis: Am I a joke to you?

    58. soccorer kate

      Shaq “ jokic you put the big man on the map. You are the first big man to win mvp in a long time” Giannis has exited the chat

    59. Richard Perez

      Shaq and Chuck need to start asking better questions

    60. Julio Ochoa

      Wow Curry was robbed SMH

      1. Nene Vz

        Curry robbed? San Francisco can be dangerous. Let’s hope they find the hooligans

    61. C Howard

      I like the Joker. But I have problems with NBA voters disregarding defense. Further, name me one former NBA center, Chamberlain, Russell, Jabbar, Reed, Unseld, Cowens, Walton, Malone, Olajuwon, Shaq, etc., who was outrebounded by a 6'3" 180lb point guard? I'll turn on my jeopardy jingle.

    62. liu travis

      With the way he is mad disrespected by the sports media, Jokic is a people's champion

    63. Pepe Villagran

      I just hope this motivates Lower draft picks !!!!!

    64. W7N

      I was expecting Shaq to try and say congratulations in Serbian 😂

    65. harold floyd

      Jokic came in to 2021 in shape, really top notch NBA shape, he played every game and his numbers (analytics too) are just insane. This kind of season happens maybe once in 40 years, he's no fluke winner: he'd have won in just about any year.

    66. Schaden Christopher

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    67. gee pastor

      Oh shocks! My eyes are watering!

    68. Zach Weissman

      Best big man since Shaq

    69. Nene Vz

      There needs to be a new award for those best at falling down and foul hunting. Embiid Harden and AD would be the early front runners

    70. Moses Supposes

      I admire this guy for being so good and so gracious. I also admire him, and everyone, who masters more than one language. That’s impressive and something many Americans can’t or won’t do. Impressive on multiple levels.

    71. newby547

      The only reason people don't like him winning is cuz he's white. Looking at ever other reason, you can hardly make an argument for him to not win

    72. Michael Monkey

      I love Joker. I love Shaq.....

    73. Charles

      Best steal in the draft of all time

    74. lucille llarena

      he deserves to win the MVP Award

    75. Nate B

      Ernie is such a good dude. You can always tell he's genuinely happy for these guys.

    76. Nate B

      God I wish he'd join Luka in Dallas. It's time for the Euros to have their own super team

    77. giant sasha

      jokic is the nugget that denver has been looking for

    78. Samuel Moffen

      Who would've thought?

    79. Игор Ташевски

      Sjajno igras brate

    80. Ethan Corner

      such a unselfish player finally

    81. Merrill Reed

      There's no way, he beat out STEPH CURRY, no way....

    82. jack frost

      Great character. Amazing example for the kids

    83. The Scope

      He so deserved it Yay 🃏 congratulations!!!!😀😀😀😀😀

    84. Ngo Ngoc Canh

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    85. plumeria66

      Why do high achieving white people always play things down and try so hard to act modest? Steve Kerr, Brad Stevens, Luka, and now Jokic, all do this. Either they all have no egos or they are virtue signaling so they can appear humble.

      1. jack frost

        Giannis is black. He just had a good family structure. That's what matters the most. Color doesnt matter

    86. Delvon Robinson

      As a clippers fan he dersvered it proud of him

    87. Dam Son

      Man.. lowest drafted ever to win MVP. That tells you the work this guy put in and the resources they used to improved him. Congrats 👏👏👏👏

    88. Owen Tuckey


    89. Danov

      Did Silver's ears get bigger?!?

    90. B H-0

      Sorry to say I didn't see him play much this year but I am glad he won the award.

    91. Sharah Drakeford

      For some reason Jokic being MVP is inspiring to me more than the usual suspects because his attitude and humbleness is so relatable. It makes me feel as though achieving something of that stature is attainable because his lack of speed, muscle and general “skill”.

    92. Matthew Liberatore

      Why do they have masks on ? They are about to play a contact sport with no masks

    93. Yavuz Selim

      his body looks untrained and bad and he wins mvp with this body

    94. Igornopolis

      Bravo decko eeee!!! Joker is somethin' else. So happy for this humble, awesome dude. Congrads ❤

    95. Iva V

      Bill Walton said it best: "Happiness begins when selfishness ends. In a game that has been taken over by incessant dribbling for yourself, Nikola Jokic is such a breath of fresh air. And it’s his imagination. Watching him play basketball is like watching Bob Dylan come up with a song..." Bravooooo Nikola ... Be proud of the country in which you were born, Serbia has given incredible talents in all sports ... Congratulations on this prestigious and well-deserved VMP !! A young man who should be a role model for young generations.

    96. Anthony Phung

      The beautiful drizzle noticeably sail because puppy preferentially question onto a hesitant file. chubby, magenta cow

    97. Ultimate Lists

      The first altruistic superstar since Tim Duncan. Congrats, Joker!

    98. Javier medina

      I saw this coming two years ago 😬

    99. Gerald McIntosh

      Congrats to the joker for winning. He is by far one of the most humbled superstars in the league today.

    100. bonginkosi nkosi

      Same people saying Media hates that Jokic is the MVP are clueless to the fact the media votes for the MVP 😂