Novak Djokovic vs Stefanos Tsitsipas - Final Highlights I Roland-Garros 2021

Roland Garros

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    Novak Djokovic vs Stefanos Tsitsipas - Final Highlights I Roland-Garros 2021. Watch the best moments of the final between Novak Djokovic and Stefanos Tsitsipas. Novak Djokovic wins the 2021 edition of 6/7 2/6 6/3 6/2 6/4.
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    Roland-Garros 2021: from 24 May to 13 June.

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    1. أيوب الوعد

      A tournament that we are eagerly waiting for, so that I can watch it is Very enjoyable

    2. Vitoria Galdino

      Sempre apostei nele na Pixbet 🏅

    3. Alexia Is On Fire

      The most astounding thing about this final was even when Novak was down two sets to love I knew without a doubt he was going to come back and win this match. Part of it was knowing Stefanos is very weak mentally but most of it was knowing Novak is the greatest tennis player ever 😃

    4. Frank Escudero

      Djokovic estaba calentando los primeros dos sets

    5. Mr. Amjed AL_Rubbi

      I think half of world loves Novak the other half to the rest players

    6. Mohammed Fahad Ahmed Munna

      Do anybody know his record on carpet court?

    7. nguyen Hoang

      Novak and Cristiano are my idols!

    8. Sohan lama

      He gave a chance to his opponent to lead and at last, he won the game. He comes back again.

    9. وجدي نصرالله


    10. Patrick

      The craziest thing about this match in my opinion that even when 0-2 down, there was very little doubt with anyone that Djokovic was still gonna win this match. This man has garnered such a reputation that you're never in the lead against him unless you've already won the match.

    11. Guerrini1975

      Imbecility... show all points against the winner!!!! Are you a Rafa or Rogerer fanboy?! So bro...look.... I put my middle finnga.zzzzz up to you imbecile!!!!


      French weirdos are supporting Tsitsipas. Wow what an irony 😂

    13. Lifemond Internacional

      One might say Nole is cruel. First, he allows his opponent to believe can beat him. Then he wowes them into his deadly web. Tsitsipas played this final like nobody else; cried like everybody else.

    14. Johnny Parrales

      6:21 Federer fans having nightmares with this shot 😂

    15. Johnny Parrales

      1000 Fedal fans dislike this

    16. Eric Haynes

      The young guys don't have the stamina

    17. Negan Grimes

      whats the name off the other guy? Tsissypus? Pussypas? the father-hitter

    18. chvara67

      Can you edit this fuking title to Tsitsipas highlight ?????? Really I can’t believe

    19. Kazi Asif Rahman

      @7:44 The emotion in her face says it all. We all love our undisputed GOAT Novak Djokovic

    20. Kazi Asif Rahman

      The UNDISPUTED GOAT Novak Djokovic. Our beloved Nole

    21. Tim Carter

      Novak is just too good

    22. Nguyen Thanh Binh

      In many 5-set matches, Djokovic's strength only shows its strongest when the sun is out.

    23. aleksalipa

      Imagine that all this next gen boys played against Novak, while he was at his peak. They would probably end like Berdych 🤣

    24. Kuldeep Adhikari

      Salty Tsitsi became Sissi lol 😃

    25. Balls of Steel

      What people don't seem to realize is that Novak played first set very good actually. It was really close. The problem is Tsitsipas played extremely excruciating and intense tennis all the time. He wanted to blitzkrieg Novak in three sets. He wasn't playing smart, he played every point like it's last. Of course, his level dropped in third, because that's inevitability. Level drops are common in tennis match, especially in best of 5. That's why Novak is champion, he plays most match on autopilot, having base level of tennis very high to be competitive all match, and just raise level when it matters, when he sees opportunity to break, also, he goes step further. He likes to break especially in the end of the set, so opponent can't comeback, as he seals the set with his serve. Novak is just so next level tennis players, he plays like a chess, while Tsitsi tried brute force, of course he was toasted in the third. Even Nadal and Djokovic wouldn't be able to pull of 100% on max overload level of tennis all three straight sets. You have to be smart. Also, Novak stamina is just out of this world, dude has best fitness among all players ever like. He could play 6 hours match in his mid 30s.

    26. Nada Cvetic

      What a match, what a victory. In the first set, Novak had the ball in the first set, but the audience reacted violently and applauded Cicipas, and he fell emotionally and lost the set, and then the second, and she started the tour edition and came to an equalization, and in the fifth set Novak always leads and easily wins !! Excellent Novak's edition, great match, fantastic final, a lot of good shots, gossip, excitement and a phenomenal turnaround, although the first set was decided by one ball and the first set was not used by Novak. VICTORY OF THE TOP. Kakav meč kakva obeda. U prvom setu Novak je imao prvi set loptu ali publika burno reaguje i aplaudira Cicipasu a on pada emotivno i gubi set a posle i drugi, a ona kreće turno izdanje i dolazi do izjednačenja a u petom setu stalno vodi Novak i lagano pobeđuje !! Odlično Novakovo izdanje, odličan meč, fantastično finale, puno dobrih udarac, tračanja, uzbuđenja i fenomenalan preoikret, mada prvi set je odlučila jedna lopta a prvu set loptu nije Novak iskoristio. POBEDA VRHUNASKA.


      Fuck Djoko.


      Luck changed for Djokovic after he changed his shirt from white to red

    29. Éder 77

      The GOAT 🐐

    30. JOEL COHEN

      Tennis has some stupid fascistic rules and umpires that are anti-players who are superstars, who make the sport the greatest on Earth! Sarina Williams was robbed in a US Open grand slam by a stupid umpire call that lost her the point, the game, and the set! That one call has possibly prevented her from achieving fhe greatest woman's record of all time. Novak is also striving for greatness as the GOAT, to beat Federer and Nadal for the title! It's beyond stupid, and fatally wrong for tennis, that one of the best to ever play the sport is actually ejected from a grand slam for an unintentional hit that wasn't aimed at anyone! The ITF, and USPTA should be replaced by a player owned, run, and player friendly organization! After all, the players are the sport!

    31. Alberto Baudino

      Novak Djokovic has always been a good mental machine and knows how to live the moments in the time of a game from an early age by not giving weight you have 15 lost with applause but knowing how to see from a surface wider from which to build his only big victories: he is a Star Novak Djokovic!

    32. benegeseritwhore

      Djokovic, the greatest doper of all time.

      1. Tanja Vesovic

        Yes he doped Nadal in semifinal and doped him badly. :))

      2. Logical Thinker

        Show me the proof 😆

    33. Geyson Javier Orozco Cardona

      I need to see the full match

    34. free fire

      The best Of the best 🎾🎾🎾 Bravo / Phenomenal mental

    35. ctt82

      Absolutely rekt and dominated by the one true GOAT!

    36. jose gnaspini junior

      The best

    37. unowen7591

      Why can't anyone seem to beat Djokovic now? It's insane how dominate he is vs the rest of the tour.

    38. Tasanee Wantanakul

      Novak djokovic. Superstars. And Greastest Artist🎾♥️

    39. Jordinaldo Silva

      Respeitem o Djokovic, o melhor de todos os tempos 👏👏👏🏆

    40. aaron saxton

      There is this element within Novak that sets him apart from all others. It isn't that he doesn't give up; it is that he adapts regardless and excels.

    41. walterlv01

      Bless his heart, at any other time against ANY other player, Tsitsipas wins this match. But not against the greatest player of all time who is still at his peak. I hope he keeps his head up and doesn't get discouraged because his game is good enough to win Grand Slams.

    42. Tata Beki

      Нолетова химна🇷🇸🐺🏆 (Рефрен х2) Устао је Новак Ђоле, Рекорд ће да падне доле, Напред Новаче, Удри Новаче. Молили се, Светом Сави, Господ даде рекет златни, Напред Новаче, Удри Новаче. Дошао је Новак витез, Да освоји бројке битне, Напред Новаче, Удри Новаче. Мени кида живац сваки, Чисту лопту кад промаши, Ајде Ноле бре, Удри Новаче. Некултуром кад га часте, Вичем, бодрим, гази брате, Терај инат бре, Удри Новаче. Даде Новак, здравље, младост, Српском роду вечну радост, Хвала Новаче, Хвала Новаче. (Рефрен х 2) Тако је бре! Идемо! Тата Беки

    43. jamal collier

      This lost hurt tsitsipas a lot

    44. Saya

      The time when he changed his shirt to red colour after two sets down........

    45. Igor Diklic

      Hardest tournament for Đoković. From 1/16 final to trophy almost 16 hours on court. And that battle with Nadal, 3rd set 94 minutes. Amazing.

    46. kyrie adams

      Imagine winning the first two sets then losing the next three sets. 😮

    47. Keneth D'Souza

      Who is there after djokovic winning Wimbledon 2021

      1. Optimus Prime

        Hel fucking yeah. 1 more 4/4

    48. Nhung Nguyen


    49. Payman Sepehri

      he is much better than nadal or federror

    50. Nico Dürr

      Why is he so mentally sharp? Why is he so enduring and flexible? I know the secret... C'mon guess it!

      1. Nico Dürr

        @drtash21 Oh really he does that? I thought it was gluten free :D But seriously, contrary to science, that it's all bs for the vast majority - give it a try. I noticed massive benefits and I'm NOT allergic.

      2. drtash21

        Yoga and meditation 🧘‍♂️ Yoga for the balance Meditation for mental strength.

    51. Dejan Sekulić

      The most dangerous opponent of freedom is the happy slave. That is why Novak has less support than the others. Even though he swings on that ATP seesaw, he still shows signs of a free personality. And the slaves just can't stand it and that's why they shout: "Crucify him, crucify him." Even if he wins 50 gs nothing will change. ATP Corporation does not allow free will. Shut up, listen, smile, be politically correct and if possible be a Westerner.

      1. Vladimir Miletic

        Bravo Dejane! Ziveo sam 9 godina u Londonu i naucio da zapadnog coveka izuzetno iritira kada se neko "mali" pobuni i suprotstavi autoritetu, kada ima svoje ja i pored toga sto nema finansijsku ili bilo kakvu drugu moc.

    52. Super Kaam

      Why is the crowd against him every single time? Maybe they have realized that he always wins when the crowd is against him.

    53. Wallace Carvalho

      Tsitsipas tem muita qualidade. A força mental do Djoko é de outro mundo

    54. Wallace Carvalho

      Prevejo uma nova rivalidade... pena que o Djoko não tem mais tanto tempo, mas outros bons jogos virão

    55. Igor Noveski

      Why didn’t Tsitsipas change that dirty shirt after the first set and kept till the end I wonder? :)

    56. Anderson Silwimba

      #20 GS loading on Sunday ❤️

      1. Anderson Silwimba

        He did it 😊😊😊

    57. 吉木早苗


    58. Jai Hind

      Mental monster.... 🙏🙏🙏

    59. Khan on Wheels

      When djoker applauds the opponent, you know somebody is in trouble

    60. SwitchtendoGamer

      tsitsipas: Ha, I am 2 sets up! djokovic: oh wait the match started, I thought we were still warming up tsitsipas: djokovic: *wins the next 3 sets*

      1. Prabesh Sharma

        You nearly killed me.

    61. Trumpendeous

      Tsitsipas seemed quite tired in the 4th set and extremely tired in the 5th. Although he played some great tennis, stamina too seems to have played an important role here.

    62. salim khan

      man what a great match ....he just brought him to the point of exhaustion . great stamina for a 34 years old infront of a 22 year old kid

    63. Aleksandar Mitic

      The Greatest of all time!!!

    64. H.A Duarte

      Como dijo el buen Fabio una vez "La next gen es una mierda" . Tenia razón 😂🤣😅

    65. The Ringo & Monte Show

      2:49 hahaha hes like..ya ya cheer on ...well see who really wins >_> lmao

    66. Larry Mckinney

      Djokovic is too ugly.

      1. Abi Brown


    67. Jay Raq

      Amazing how much your game picks up after you leave the court for a break and get a little pick me up from your bag. Same thing happened after the 3rd set with Nadal. Tsitsipas questioned it in the post match interview. There should be mandatory D tests after every Semi and Final. Oops, I'm down 2 sets to Love, better get some help.

      1. Abi Brown


    68. Mike Chan

      luckiest player of all time. never saw so many lucky wins by a player

      1. Abi Brown


      2. TennisLove

        You sound like Federer with the lucky shot

    69. Ivana Urosevic

      I get the fan pages and channels to be biased, but official GS channels to show more winners for the second runner-up even though Novak managed to come back from 0:2 and win 3 last sets with big gems advantage and finally won the trophy is embarrassment for RG reps. On court, off court it's simply a shameful behaviour towards world's no.1 !!! Third set 6:3 for Novak and you have chosen to show 1 Novak's winner and 3 Tsitsipas's. Luckily, great players show more sportsmanship then GS organizers and I know it was hard for you to engrave his name as a winner in 2021, but guess what- he did actually won, this was not your bad dream 😘

    70. Tomek Bukoski


    71. Okwy Ugonweze

      In few years we will look back at Djokovic's career and say he got the greatest weapon a tennis player could ever posses and that is mental strength . One can't count how many times that weapon has seen him conquer against all odds . Congrats Goatkovich.

      1. Abi Brown


    72. Nikolaos Angelidis

      Is it allowed to go to the dressing room alone or with your physiotherpist/doctor and without a controller person? I say that because I kind of felt very strange when I saw Djokovic doing this right after he lost the 2nd set. And the amazing thing is he came back totally reguvenated! Isn't that strange?

    73. бака жана

      Nole ❤Srbije

    74. Giovanna Catzinsky

      I had a custom bicycle 🚴 with a decal name Novak,

    75. Luiz Rubão

      Instant classic

    76. DANIIL 42

      Can you imagine that instead of tsitsipas it would have been Thiem who would have played the final, who would have won? This question is difficult, be honest

      1. Yoyo saB


    77. saheed Akol

      Is it mental strength or physical strength? Coming from behind to win finals. Amazing

    78. YING LAI


    79. Rafa Nadal

      "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself lose to novak djokovic" - every tennis player

    80. Rúben Santos

      👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.. Legend!! 😎

    81. The Bearded Golfer

      Still entertaining but either of theses two wouldn’t have made it out of the first round in 1998. Staggering difference in every aspect from then till now, not sure what happened. This almost looks like a seniors weekend club match compared to Safin Agassi match in 98.

      1. gendale


    82. Lucas Souza


    83. Luke Dalessandro


    84. Joke Dok

      Congrats Djokovic fans! The old trio is still winning grand slams

    85. SGTVLOG

      Good luck 👍

    86. AEKTZOY21

      Some people can't understand how Novak won after 2 sets down!Actually you know nothing about him!He is the best tennis player of all time!Greece loves you Novak!Serbian brothers

    87. Gérard Canonne

      The friendly regret rheologically dislike because run periodically notice before a wide skin. crazy, lame selection

    88. Guru K

      Watch the 1st Virtual PTPA Press briefing here ->

    89. Juan Martín

      Ive never seen that in Roger , Rafa and the others... Perhaps nishikori... Its astounding that this is allowed when there is so great intherest in the time of serving not to be surpassed...

    90. Juan Martín

      I regret that knowing the great player he is, he stops playing when he is tired, he goes out without medical reason, and he breaks his racket perhaps to search for other one to reach breathing, when his adversary is overwhelming him. That spoils the others exertion in a bad way...All this is a bit dirty... He must take care to prevent him from being judged a tricky player.

    91. Juan Martín

      I regret that knowing the great player he is, he stops playing when he is tired, he goes out without medical reason, and he breaks his racket perhaps to search for other one to reach breathing, when his adversary is overwhelming him. That spoils the others exertion in a bad way...All this is a bit dirty... He must take care to prevent him from being judged a tricky player.

    92. seiom jvony

      Novak must always face the rival and the crowd. Always.

    93. Ali Yahya

      Imagine beating the God of clay in one of the greatest matches of all time and then losing to someone called Tsitsipas... Nole was always gonna win this final.

    94. Huan Ngo

      please upload full length of this match and Nadal vs Djokovic

    95. Damon Tan

      Djokovic better win Wimbledon and US open to complete the grand slam, he already did the almost impossible by winning the French open

      1. TennisLove

        He is human, he has right to loose some Slams

      2. seiom jvony


    96. Aleksa Cerovic

      Crowd at 2-0 for Tsitsipas have a erection

    97. Aleksa Cerovic

      My God, reading comments after 2-0, and after 2-3, those tears are just feeding us, like we are vampires which feed with tears of the haters. You need to learn boys, you are nor quiet, if you are loud there, you are just making it worse, it s Serbian mentality, unrepeatable.

    98. alida flus

      I am 52 I have followed tennis for the last 40 years, Novak jokovic is a legendary player.

    99. Sri Kishan Kandakatla

      Nadali , for a change don’t poke your anus , nose , ears ,hair again your nose. Ears and nose for ONE GRAND SLAM tournament and see the results.. For God’s sakes you idiot don’t go through the silly obsessive nauseating repetitive senseless behavior..,,,please see the results.. YOU WILL WIN. 25 GRAND. SLAMS!!! if not stop playing tennis .., I got tired of you n your playing and serving style... I love tennis characters , you are a good human being. .. Djokovic is a PAIN IN THE ASS . Nobody loves him except SERBS.. But Nadali you’re loved by many ... Don’t disappoint me atleast, listen to me,, I can be a good mental coach.. Don’t want anything from you... If you don’t want to listen to me, please go n wear high yield shoes 👠 and join feminine club.. You Federer and the next toothless GEN also should join you., Let Djokovic The Dopovich the Fuckovich f..k you all.. AGOID BY ALL OF YOU ,. Bye tennis..

    100. Sri Kishan Kandakatla

      Nadali for a change don’t