OFFICIAL RECAP: All 39 songs of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

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    39 countries take part at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam on 18,20 and 22 May.


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    1. Eurovision Song Contest

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      1. Silvia Torres


      2. Ronja Dietel

        Ihr seid die besten Sänger der ganzen Welt

      3. John Stauffer

        A lot of screaming at the top of your voice but little ‘singing’!

      4. Peter Weilant

        @Lillie Iliff youre nothing without the continent listening or buying your music, locked up on an island 😂

      5. Lillie Iliff

        @Cricket England I 100% agree if you look at my comments I’ve been making loads of comments about exactly the same thing well said God knows why were there they’re all jealous of us with the leaders in the pop industry and James to go straight to the number one in the top chart for the UK and the USA we don’t need these people they’re rubbish compare to us and I know trust me I’m in the music industry

    2. Emilia Clapp

      How the heck does Cyprus sound more autotuned than Poland.

    3. Tilitu

      Icelands music video like it's made in 1990

    4. Monja

      It's called ESC and Israel is in it. Am I understanding something wrong? Just asking

    5. Veronica Canestrale


    6. Jesse Siljander

      italy won!?!? just look at finland

    7. lauriss 16

      songs that I like ( for countries ) :albania, azerbaijan, belgimum, bulgaria, france, greece, israel, malta, portugal, russia, serbia, sweeden, switzerland, the netherlands and united states,

    8. wigglebear

      5m+ views and the captions aren't complete... kinda sus

    9. Pero The king

      Where is the france

    10. Sunset

      As a Latvian and Belgian, these are my favourites : ❋ Lithuania ❋ Finland ❋ Italy ❋ Ukraine ❋ Malta

    11. Brieb

      Iceland was the best lmao

    12. Диляна Василева


    13. Tehseen Dahoo


    14. Andziaaa aaa

      Poland 🤡

    15. Matthew Hayes

      Italy and Ukraine top tier 💯💯

    16. SameSame

    17. VUK RAKIĆ

      1.Italy 2.Serbia 3.Azerbajian My choice

    18. VUK RAKIĆ

      Amen of Austria the beat is like in I bielive i can fly

    19. Maximilien Carayon

      I laughed at the Icelandic one I feel bad

    20. Rebecca Maria Luce Sinigaglia

      italy deserves to be the winner

    21. Hick Hack

      Germany? WTF 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Bullshit Song

      1. Hick Hack

        Ukrainische Band?🔥🔥🔥🔥🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    22. sam en Ien gaming

      I fucking love lizzo😂 (Malta) she was sooo good but she don't win the eurovision😭😭

    23. elena madalina

      From what I see in this video, Italy didn't had a real competition. :)))

    24. Vanesa Jevicka

      Ukraine though is so good- Im addicted to it-

    25. Kiev

      When your country gets an undeserved 0 points.

    26. 2k is decent _

      Ukraine was robbed

    27. Gabriel Torres

      Kinder Bueno

    28. Jovan Nedeijković

      Top 10: 1. Poland🇮🇩 2. Georgia🇬🇪 3. Germany🇩🇪 4. North Macedonia🇲🇰 5. Denmark🇩🇰 6. Austria🇦🇹 7. Estonia🇪🇪 8. Letonia🇱🇻 9. Australia🇳🇿 10. Netherlands🇳🇱

    29. Ady 2000

      Last 4 years was the best from entire history of Eurovision !

    30. R Massiha

      I am not really sure how they select these songs from each country for the Eurovision Song Contest though ! All of them really suck and horrible , except Italy and France. Italy is my number one . That's it .

    31. Kuba Biegun

      My fav are sweden Finland and Poland cause i am from poland

    32. Estrela Matutina


    33. Scripture Examined

      0:05 Albania 0:28 Australia 0:48 Austria 1:09 Azerbaijan 1:29 Belgium 1:50 Bulgaria 2:11 Croatia 2:33 Cyprus 2:54 Czech Republic 3:16 Denmark 3:38 Estonia 4:02 Finland 4:23 France 4:43 Georgia 5:05 Germany 5:26 Greece 5:46 Iceland 6:04 Ireland 6:24 Israel 6:44 Italy 7:05 Latvia 7:27 Lithuania 7:46 Malta 8:07 Moldova 8:27 North Macedonia 8:48 Norway 9:09 Poland 9:30 Portugal 9:51 Romania 10:13 Russia 10:34 San Marino 10:55 Serbia 11:18 Slovenia 11:41 Spain 12:01 Sweden 12:22 Switzerland 12:55 The Netherlands 13:07 Ukraine 13:30 United Kingdom

    34. עליזה כץ

      The best are -Switzerland -Italy -Finland -France -Romania NOT IN ORDER but I like the most Switzerland and Romania

    35. Lukas, Gerhard Stiel

      This year’s esc was good. Maybe better than the years before, but I’m ashamed of my home country germany. This song was the worest song ever. I don’t know if I should throw up or laugh

      1. Cold Milk

        @Lukas, Gerhard Stiel i quite liked israel and belgium but yes i loved italy and finland

      2. Lukas, Gerhard Stiel

        @Cold Milk England was extremly Bad, but Germany was even worse. My favorites were Finnland and Italy

      3. Cold Milk

        @Lukas, Gerhard Stiel which one was your favourite?

      4. Cold Milk

        @Lukas, Gerhard Stiel you think so? tbh i thought they were both bad

      5. Lukas, Gerhard Stiel

        @Cold Milk Germany was way worse

    36. K4Z4R0N1

      France deserved that second place. Italy, Ukraine, and France absolutely kicked ass this year

    37. SoLu

      All of the pop-songs sounded the same. My friends and I couldn’t even tell them apart in the end 🙄

    38. Zloty Karp

      My Favourites: Albania, Azerbeijan❤, Belgium❤, Cyprus❤, Finland, Greece❤, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia❤, Lithuania, Moldova, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino❤, Sweden❤, Switzerland❤, Ukraine❤ Order: A->Z Favourite of Favourites: Ukraine💛💙 Songs with ❤ are better than Songs without ❤. It's only my opinion🙂

      1. Zloty Karp

        @Sneaky Beaky ❤❤❤

      2. Sneaky Beaky

        Dzięki złoty karpie ,pozdro z Ukrainy

    39. YoonBum

      really just don’t understand the U.K. sending english ppl and having them sing in english. you have northern ireland, scotland and wales that are each individually more culturally interesting than england. and their native languages are more interesting than mainstream english language in songs.

    40. YoonBum

      I really wish the U.K. would maybe send someone who ISNT english??? the U.K. DOES include ireland and scotland and wales. And it’d be so much better if we had someone from the U.K. singing in gaelic or welsh or just something other than english? the reason i watch eurovision is to see other cultures and languages and hearing english songs is already overdone in mainstream pop. let’s see more culture, U.K.!

    41. Zain

      Australia did amazing

    42. alissa

      I think Spain is crying rn

    43. Veraxu

      4 songs out of this entire 39 song list were the only ones that felt unique and i liked. every other song felt like the same generic "stuff" as a nice way to put it. just with a different singer inserted into the video. they all started to blend together and were very very boring. ukraine i think was the best. the other 3 i liked were just barely.

    44. Sophie Fellner

      Sorry but you can't tell me that Germany and great Britain are the worst 2 😂

    45. Добромира Бангева

      Can we get Ariana Grande? Israel:no we have ariana at home Ariana at home: 6:25

    46. im a weasel

      Can boney m be the singer for russia next year please because of Rasputin?

    47. tyrese lin

      Look like Europe music is still stuck in 80s.

    48. Juliana Hielkema

      I love Efendi especially her song cleopatra

    49. BearPlays1

      Germany was the best I thought

    50. Louis Select

      gosh that's why I never watched esc

    51. Who are you?

      Finland has the best song prove me wrong

    52. Venis Zeka


    53. Tierra Grace Official

      5:51 THE BEST ONE

    54. Arkhalis

      Real names of songs: Germany: The Middle Finger Song Australia: Epilepsy Netherlands: You can't break me Moldova: Diabetes Israel: high pitched sounds Albania: Kosovo Czech: Failed my spelling test Serbia: Bad song but simps ;P (it's also a serbian saying this) Azerbaijan: mata juan (football fans will understand) Finland: lit chorus song Ukraine: the owl song Iceland: tik tok song bop Zitti e Buoni: sanja's favourite song (sanja as the part of hurricane) Bulgaria: "Potato (way to say it: potejto) potato! (way to say it: potato)" In a nutshell Cyprus: summon the devil in 3 easy steps France: failed magician Switzerland: toad of le universe

      1. Arkhalis

        @[Go̸da] Well, this comment is supposed to insult songs, and Lithuania's song's best name is Discoteque anyway.

      2. [Go̸da]

        Wheres lithuania?

      3. Emma Dielemans


      4. Jesper

        Israel’s song name is hilariuos, just think about it. «Set me free» Like ...?

    55. Lorenzo Conti

      10:07 step on me

    56. Gregorian Allan Heavans


    57. Dogmatil

      can anyone explain what israel and australia have to do with europe? and why basically 90% of all songs are english pop/dance songs? who would spend hours watching this b***s***


      why is australia in it

    59. Gert Schellen

      Sweden and France are sooo good!!! Lots of love from the Netherlands❤️❤️❤️

    60. a b

      My top 39: 39. Germany 0/10 38. Netherlands 0,5/10 37. Israel 0,5/10 36. Azerbaijan 0,5/10 35. Denmark 1/10 34. North Macedonia 1/10 33. Czech Republic 1,5/10 32. Austria 1,5/10 31. Ireland1,5/10 30. Croatia 2/10 29. Moldova 2/10 28. France 2,5/10 27. Australia 2,5/10 26. Slovenia 3/10 25. Latvia 3,5/10 24. Georgia 3,5/10 23. Estonia 3,5/10 22. Albania 4/10 21. Poland 4,5/10 20. The UK 4,5/10 19. Cyprus 5/10 18. Belgium 5/10 17. Serbia 5,5/10 16. Malta 5,5/10 15. Portugal 5,5/10 14. Bulgaria 6/10 13. Romania 6,5/10 12. San Marino 7/10 11. Sweden 7/10 10. Greece 7/10 9. Russia 8/10 8. Lithuania 8/10 7. Spain 8,5/10 6. Switzerland 8,5/10 5. Iceland 8,5/10 4. Norway 8,5/10 3. Ukraine 9,5/10 2. Finland 10/10 1. Italy 10+/10

    61. Matheus Sasso

      Russia should have chosen Little Big again, this year's song wasn't good.

      1. ChocoMyCoco

        The song was better then from that Spanish song that the were singin in 2020 in the video clip.

    62. Ron

      Love Ukraine, from a Polish Rusyn Slav 💪

    63. Gregorian Allan Heavans

      Gotta admit they kickass. Often these contest are full of generic music, but this time there are lots of good pieces

    64. KH Fan

      I just love how my favourite songs always end up in the front and in the back of the final rankings. My favourites were for example Finland, Italy and Lithuania but also Germany and UK. Romania and Irland didn’t even pass the Semi Finals 😅

    65. James Porter

      Australia wtf?









    70. Marcus Lloyd

      Yikes, I guess I'll look up history of this show to find a way to appreciate european music. Phew wow im American. Lol its terribly awful I'm sorry guys. Now I understand why: beats and rhythm. Ur continent definitely did not benefit from black rhythm and beats. Anyway cheers back in 5 years. My ears hurt.

    71. M M

      🇦🇱🇦🇺🇦🇹🇦🇿🇧🇪🇧🇬 🇭🇷🇨🇾🇨🇿🇩🇰🇪🇪🇫🇮🇫🇷🇬🇪🇩🇪🇬🇷🇮🇸🇮🇪🇮🇱🇭🇷🇭🇷🇮🇹🇱🇻🇧🇴🇲🇹🇲🇩🇲🇰🇸🇯🇵🇱🇵🇹🇷🇴🇷🇺🇬🇹🇷🇸🇸🇮🇪🇸🇸🇪🇨🇭🇱🇺🇺🇦🇬🇧

    72. DOOT DOOOT

      kurwa wstyd na całą Europę

    73. Owen Purdy

      Text me when Australia gives a song in the aboriginal language, ill be waiting

    74. marina markovic

      Ukreine is the worst

    75. Αννα Γιαννακου

      Φιλική συμβουλη στην επομενη eurivision θελω μελισσες

    76. julinka


    77. ImNotCasi

      As italian I say that the best song is the finland one. Overrated songs: France, Switzerland and Malta. Ukraine sounds like a meme song

      1. Matthew LEACH

        Malta was good, but I agree that France and Switzerland were overrated. In the end its all opinion though

      2. Luisa Acevedo

        I'm not italien but I prefered the Italian song and after the Finland song

      3. DontTouchMyTea

        i thought finland is also pretty nice

      4. engene home

        Switzerland is not overrated. Its a very cool song

    78. Chem Z

      I’m not convinced Norway isn’t Nicolas Cage in disguise

    79. cek22

      The UK did pretty well

    80. cek22

      El Diablo is pretty good

      1. Thomas

        Copy of a song of Lady Gaga. I dont remember the name

    81. M Frey

      Ukraine ....first Und Germany letzter.... Was für ein schwuler Song....omg

    82. Lyde

      I still dont get it... uk had a good song, but got 0 points!!

    83. Sonnigen

      I never watch anything but the final so I can be surprised watching this recap I really would have loved to see Croatia on the final stage :o

    84. huytonbaddy

      Belgium's would cry they do not have a real language .

    85. Cassandra Blo

      As a German I'm embarrassed once again, god why is Germany so bad every damn year

      1. Emilia Clapp

        Me, a British: 👁️👄👁️

      2. Das W

        Dann mach es doch besser :)

      3. Anna ._.

        @NOT YOUR BUSINESS umm...did you know that makeup started out for men? so...

      4. Cassandra Blo

        @NOT YOUR BUSINESS bruh the f*ck are you talking about? Everyone can wesr make up, it's got nothing to do with being gay and even if, being gay is nothing bad

      5. ChocoMyCoco

        @Cassandra Blo I like the song from the germany artist this year and in the year 2018. Because this year the germany have letterly the most happiness song of the whole Eurovision.

    86. supercalifragilestic

      What the hell happened in Iceland

    87. Mango Mochi

      Why did the UK get 0 points their song doesn't sound bad

    88. Mango Mochi

      0:30 uh since when is Australia in Europe-

    89. Ironmoon Darkwing

      So, that one time we had to hold a presentation about our favorite songs in English class. I didn’t have a favorite song back then and we had watched „The Life of Brian“ in class just a few days prior, so I chose „Always look on the bright side of life“. Couldn’t stop laughing during my own presentation, really wasn’t my best work, but everyone was giggling and having fun. That’s the vibe Germany’s song gave me this year.

    90. StarLight Of Vos9230

      If they picked a better song for Germany then they could've gotten some points but it's with this song for Germany is the reason why Germany lost

      1. Demo

        The song isn't that bad but if Germany have chosen a better song, it could be hard to win with these competitors from this year

    91. Bartek Jamróz

      is Senhit the new Flo Rida?

    92. Mateusz Andrzejewski

      None of the songs this year were worth to win, all of them are bullshit

    93. Sax Garcon

      My biggest problem with Finland’s entry is that it reminds me of Tim Minchin.

    94. Renjith s

      Uk should have send english english girl fiona - bodyyyyyy

    95. Chris Tine

      The Biggest Issue ihad with Malta was why you have a confident Plus Size Lady with a lot Charisma and give her extra slim Dancers. This ruined the whole Feeling of being different and special

    96. Antho

      This year was awesome. Personal favorites were France, Switzerland, Lithuania, and Ukraine. Fantastic job to everyone involved

    97. Arc0w

      I don't get this talk about native language. Every year some nations send songs in their native tongue, some don't, always changing. If the Zeitgeist of the nation is not about music in their official language than it's also representing of what is going on. Also nice, I just love the party and that one great, weird, unexpected song every year, we all can love and listen too all the time, Ukraine this year, for sure.

    98. Mik De willigen

      France omg

    99. Aiyana Mae

      My favourites: Australia Sweden Norway Romania Azerbaijan Ukraine Russia Italy Finland Belgium France Switzerland

      1. Matthew LEACH

        @Maria Luiza oh jeez, have you even watched the video

      2. Aiyana Mae

        @Maria Luiza darling ;)

      3. Aiyana Mae

        @Maria Luiza don't try to make me look like a fool, I liked Montaigne from Australia

      4. Maria Luiza

        It's Austria darling, not Australia

    100. V C

      So many great songs this year. I've been listening to the playlist on Spotify for days.