Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic | 2021 Roland Garros | Semi-Final | Tennis | Eurosport


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    Watch the highlights of Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic 2021 Roland Garros | Semi-Final

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    1. wayne pinnock

      At last Novak approached Rafa at Roland Garros with a solid game plan; and sufficiently warmed up on clay via his triumph at a clay tournament preceding RG.

    2. Anton Ekstrand

      The court looks slower than a snail mating with a sloth. Were there particularly 'heavy' conditions during this match?

    3. Djordje Caranovic

      Next 2-3 years will be enjoying watching Djokovic giving tennis lessons...

    4. Mithun Niranjan

      nadal wasnt hitting his backhand as crisp as he had started hitting it over the last few years. most points were being dominated by Djokovic.. Nadal wasnt his best here clearly was nervous . no matter if Djokovic is the best .. I will never like him .. I find him unlikeable.


      If Novak was from Western Europe or the five English speaking countries he would be respected and loved way more, let’s be honest here folks! If you notice Eastern European athletes who dominate their respective sports are always disliked form lendal, to salles , martina nav to the klitschko brothers etc they always disparage them call them boring, robotic etc.. it’s disgusting... and I’m from a western so called first world country... it has too stop but it won’t...

    6. Lesandar2020

      The Best match I ever seen...these guys are remarkable!

    7. Sander E

      Djokovic will probably be the GOAT and how hard that sometimes is to accept and believe he never has cheated a GS-title. Did he play with steroids? Néver. So a little more respect for Djokovic is justified!

    8. Alexandru Mihalis Nicolau

      Eurosport didn't even want to let us know the number of likes and dislikes because there would be too many of the latter. Disgusting. And they think that we the viewers don't notice how they are against Djokovic, a sportsman from Eastern Europe. I am from Romania, a neighbouring country to Serbia, and everybody thinks of us as the worst nation in the world, even in movies like American hustle we are being laughed at

    9. Sladana Prvulovic

      NOVAK DJOKOVIC👏👏👏❤❤❤🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸👑👑👑🍀🍀🍀

    10. drtash21

      Payback for last year's beatdown. Now Djokovic has a historic DCGS and only 1 GS behind Federer & Nadal.

    11. weskergeorge97

      Atrocious, atrocious commentary. Fire these idiots.

    12. Ivan Potic

      It's away, and Djokovic is through. Hahahaahahha, sorry for your loss...

    13. decan287

      НОВАК 🎷🎷🎷🎶🎹🎵🪗🪗🪗🤣😀🤣😀👑👑👑🏆

    14. Juan Martín

      I can red a lot of opinions about the GOAT.... I must say you dont sell the bear·s skin before hunting it....

    15. James Hunter

      Weakest part of novaks game is his smash

    16. Deepak Gulrajani

      this is sport, rafa stopped Federer´s dominance in 2008 wimbledon final, djokovic finally stopped rafa´s dominance at FO in 2021, someones gotta stop novak at the AO sooner or later.

    17. Miguel Cotelo Ibañez

      si nadal corriera más...

    18. DEYVI

      The world is not yet aware that he will not be watching such quality tennis much longer, Novak has shown for the first time that he is the undisputed genius of tennis and that it is unique to him that unlike Federer he plays with heart and soul and shows his emotions which makes him unique! We have to understand that we won't be watching matches like this much longer, it'll be thousands and maybe millions of years for this talent to be born!

      1. Luka

        Seriously, I believe vast majority of people are watching Tennis ONLY cause of these three or one of these three.. When last one of them retires it will be a major blow for tennis. Even when Murray dissapeared you would felt something is missing

    19. Sinisa Lazic

      Јест га лијепо демолирао.

    20. zoran savic

      Bravo. Srbine

    21. Milan Stamenovic

      Novak is not to compare. Giant.

    22. JotaEle

      Federer the best!

    23. Queen Ezgi

      Goat Djokovic 🐐

    24. Zagorka Petrović

      Venga Rafa vete por tu casa cariño🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    25. Lily Yi Jiang

      I love Federer, but I do agree that Djokovic and Nadal are GOATS too!

      1. Katerina Patiniotis

        You're funny just like Mr 40-15 Chokerer. A GOAT doesn't pack his bags and leave the tournament from the back door as soon as he sees a clash with Djokovic in the quarter final just because he knew what was coming to him. He stays and fights despite the result.

    26. Tom Holden

      too bad nobody can compete with those two and before that roger, three record breakers in one era, too bad rogers grand slam, record is smashed, he was the most gracious player


      This the Future and This is Now #rjwd

    28. John Stromboly

      even if Rafa won that third set Novak would beat him in five sets , it was one of those Novak's plays when you just cant beat him whatever you try ... last year final will remain forever mistery to me coz conditions were even better for Novak then and Rafa destroyed him

    29. Svaba Pancevo

      Djokovic didn't sweat at all and Rafa just leaks ?????

    30. Samo Ja

      The best tennis player forever, Thank you Novak e for all the wonderful and unforgettable magical moments you did in tennis, You still play the best tennis in the world at the age of 34, what can I say but respect

    31. Milan Djordjevic

      Teniss from another planet

    32. Charl Hill Dav

      Fantastic match, incredible quality, but couldn't help but notice how biased the commentator was towards Nadal. This is highlighted at 1:39 where Nadal hits a great winner and we get "oh yes" and then Djokovic hits a great winner at 1:59 and we get "oh no". Confirmed as well when the match comes to its conclusion with Djokovic winning and it sounds like the commentator is voicing a funeral and not a classic tennis match.

      1. C R

        The commentator is Simon Reed. And yes, he is the WORST !!

      2. Katerina Patiniotis

        Aaah!! Ohhh!!! Ohhh!fabulous shot from Nadal!(Djokovic) Oh! No!! Hahaha!! He made it! I can't believe it!

      3. Душан Девић

        Thank you for this, perfectly put. This is a disgrace for Eurosport.

      4. Milos Tomic

        Does it surprise you?This is Eurosport afterall.

      5. Katerina Patiniotis

        Exactly. They're ruining the epicness of this this special match with their pathetic comments and moans instead of appreciating the match. Naomi Osaka was absolutely right.

    33. vladan gojkovic

      where is steuwz

    34. Aleksandar Traykovski

      Djokovicccccc bravo majstore

    35. Vojvoda Pomoravski

      NOLE KING👑🇷🇸

    36. John John

      Unbelievably bad commentary. ITV4 had the best

    37. Asem Naeem

      I'm not a fan of djoko, but I have to say this match has absolutely everything thing you need in tennis! Legends

    38. rage man

      Jebi ne vadi Nole

    39. Mittke88

      Eurosport must be so salty these days.

    40. Renate Buchholzer

      Danke ihr spielt wunderbar,das ist ein voller Genuss. Ich umarme Euch denn mir macht es seid vielen Jahren sehr großen Spaß,Euch spielen zu sehen.Bleibt gesund und weiterhin viel Glück und Erfolg. Danke 🙏👍👍❤️🍀🍀

    41. Kiril Dogoshev

      Too many unforced errors by Nadal

      1. Katerina Patiniotis

        Because Djokovic made him make the errors. That's part of tennis tactics. That shows that Djokovic is a master tactician.

    42. Gabriele Tricarico

      Hulk Novak Djokovic

    43. Kontext

      It must be hard to pick highlights from this match. The whole match was superb!

    44. AFROSRB

      Bro, this was one of the best Tennis matches ever played in history of the sport, without exaggerating. What both men have delivered was not human. The quality was throughout the whole match was simply incredible! Nadal's crazy Forehand is unmatched by anyone, it's nasty and Đoković's mental strength played a big factor again in this game. I hope Đoković will get the 19th big trophy, IDEMOOO BREEE! 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸 EDIT: He even got the 20th GS in his pocket now!

    45. Zoran Vukanovic


    46. Mr AR

      That 3rd set solo lasted longer than most of the women's matches, and it was better than any of the women's matches ever played. Are they still getting that equal prize money?

      1. Katerina Patiniotis

        Yes. Men get paid the same amount as the women. Ridiculous isn't it????.

    47. Frano Dugandžić

      idemoi breeee

    48. Gaganmeet Singh

      The highlights do not do any justice to what really happened yesterday on the court.

    49. Stephen Brown

      Novak is kryptonite to rafa

    50. wallythewhale

      This match can change the history books. We had 20-20-18 in terms of Slam titles (Nadal - Federer - Djokovic). If Nadal had won it would have been 21-20-18 and Djokovic at age 34 can not compensate for the difference of 3 slams. Now we are likely to finish RG with 20-20-19 and Djokovic can catch up by the end of this year. To me the best outcome would be that Nadal, Federer and Djokovic end their careers with the same amount of Slam victories

    51. The Tech Guy

      Sick match🤯😎

    52. The Tech Guy

      The level of tennis🤯🤯🤯

    53. Steffo T

      Djokovic and Nadal respectively can be called the best tennis players in History of the sport. All of their titles are made in one of the hardest era. Federer is out of the questions half of his grandslams are against people before retirement or players not on the same level as these 2, statistics clearly says that. Hopefully we will have a US open where 3 people will appear with 20 slams. Rafa get stronger for Wimbledon and Djoko bring home the RG trophy.

      1. Katerina Patiniotis

        Kneedull left Wimbledon. Because they reduced the prize money.

    54. [owner]Hologram BOSKO

      Warum Kommentatoren für Rafael jubeln. sie sind nicht professionell und machen ihre Arbeit nicht richtig..... Why commentators cheer for Rafael. they are not professional and do not do their job properly

    55. Billy the Goat


    56. an la

      Sooner or later it was bound to happen, let's not forget, for a lot of players it is the retirement age and of course it will become more and more complicated for Nadal to win another GC since he is not not a specialist in others. surfaces

    57. Judy Webster

      Quote from commentators in the third set tiebreak, "it's been three and and a half hours and we are only in the third set" " Yes but one and a half of those has been ball bouncing" 😁

      1. Stefan Mladenovic

        True lol but they need to rest also

    58. Minea Marius




    60. Lana Poet

      Fabulous match, Nole once again proved that he is ...simply the best!

    61. Francesco Nardone

      Nadal is better than Djokovic

      1. Boogie Boo

        Djoko is better than you😋😋🤪

      2. EWV

        @Katerina Patiniotis i said he was luckier in the important moments... the third set was very close and the key for the match, if nadal would won this set, it would be a very different match... a lot of things have to do with mental strenght when nadal plays against djokovic... but not only, luck is also a relevant thing...

      3. Katerina Patiniotis

        @EWV "Lucky" again!??? He won three sets and the match. Was he lucky again?

      4. drtash21

        The only thing Rafa has over Novak is one more GS and a gold medal and that could all change by the end of the year. But Novak has things that Rafa will NEVER achieve: 5 WTF trophies (Rafa=0) Nole Slam (won 4 slams in a row, Rafa=0) More weeks at No. 1 (325+ > 209) More YE1s (6>5) Winning H2H (30-28) Double Golden Masters (Won all Masters titles Twice or more) A Double Career Slam (won all 4 slams TWICE)

      5. EWV

        Both are equal strong... some times win nadal, some times djoko... last sept it was the turn for nadal, this time djoko was luckier in the important moments...

    62. Maza Mamina

      Shut up ! No more words...and Djokovic is throw...sorry 😂😂😂

      1. Katerina Patiniotis


    63. Walid Waloda

      Djoker's drop shots in this match were lethal ,

      1. Walid Waloda

        @Geografthe majority of them were efficient when it matters .

      2. Geograf

        Drop shots and smach cost him first set

      3. Kakashi Hatake

        For once. thank God

    64. Slobodan Krdzavac

      Nole Nepobediv Neumoran Champions und der best der Welt grüß aus BRD

    65. zarko zivkovic

      Počisti Nadala sa šljakeeeeeee

    66. w WW

      Novak 🦁

    67. OnurSevenDoğan

      How many times he has to prove himself that he's the best tennis player. He's better than Fed and Nadal that's obvious.

      1. Boris Kostic

        @Bogdan Petrovic The point is to find an excuse for Federer's defeats. If no Djokovic Federer would have at least 25 slams now

      2. Luka Kekic

        @theboss ur a wallad

      3. Katerina Patiniotis

        Statistics and records prove that. And winning at the toughest era. He arrived exactly in Mr 40-15 and Kneedull's prime, in the Fedal celebration. New ones were coming too, like Murray, Wawrinka, Del Potro, and others... And he had to carve his own path, through adversity, pain, suffering, perseverance, stubbornness, and constant bullying to emerge victorious against all of them.

      4. John Bamouk

        Novak is without any doubt the best player in tennis history..i mean he has won all 14 big titles twice, i don t think anyone will achieve that..

      5. Goran Marinic

        @Bogdan Petrovic He has no point. Let us just enjoy the fact tha Novak is the GOAT. Mee-ee-ee-e...!

    68. June Foote

      Dear Novak congratulations on winning the semi-final. You played brilliant tennis.xx

    69. George L

      It’s actually scary when Djokovic gets into that tennis cheat code mode. Doesn’t happen too often but when it does he’s genuinely unbeatable

      1. Katerina Patiniotis

        Simply his skill level is unmatched.... Literally unmatched.

      2. FiћFiriћ

        @kohtalainenalias One tennis coach once told me that top 100 players all have very much the same technical skill level. Only thing that separates them is mental strength. When you are for example No75 on atp list, you are always motivated as you want to reach the top. When you face opponent who is 120 on the list, he is more motivated in that match then you as he want to beat better ranked player then he is, and your motivation is very low as it is expected from you as a better ranked player to win that match. Staying on No1 position is very hard as you cant motivate your self that easy as you already reached your destination, you are the best in the world, all that left is some numbers on paper aka records. While motivation of every single player you face is on the highest possible level as they can possible beat the best player in the world, with no pressure on them because it is expected from them to loose.

      3. Master Craft

        @George L correct Novak is so perfect ....sometimes i really wonder is he really human.....come on....that athletic capacity, mental strengh, tactic, techiques......out of this world!

      4. George L

        @kohtalainenalias I insinuated that Novak was like a cheat code because he was unplayable and yes an almost perfect level and execution of tennis skill, tactics and fitness

      5. kohtalainenalias

        cheat code mode ?-D Isn't that just... skill?

    70. Bloody Angel

      Nadal need to visit Bosnian Pyramids, Novak was 3 Times, that's why is He the Best.

      1. John Stromboly

        @Deno Cerimovic ljudi se smeju kad neko spomene Novakove posete bosanskim piramidama , to su obične budale koji nikad nisu čuli za negativne jone i njihovo isceliteljsko dejstvo na organizam ...kažem većina ljudi su obične , neobrazovane budale i zato ovim svetom vlada mali broj pametnih ljudi koji su nažalost totalno poremećeni , gramzivi i nikad im nije ddosta bogatstva

      2. Deno Cerimovic

        You might be right,novak getting that pyramide energy, those pyramids do have a special feel and air is so fresh and clean, he is a guy who really likes to explore life and Nature.

    71. David 777

      Now Novak has the chance to achieve the rare Calendar Grand Slam

      1. Marek Czyz

        @David 777 This is "calendar year golden slam"" Steffi Graf did it in 1988. Novak can do this same and become GOAT.

      2. David 777

        @Tim Varghese Also if he wins all the slams this year he’ll be officially the greatest ever with 21 grand slams

      3. Tim Varghese

        @David 777 calendar year golden slam

      4. David 777

        @Mr AR damn, forgot about the Olympics . I don’t know what that will be called

      5. Mr AR

        All Grand Slams + the Olympics?

    72. Gizo02

      Their grand slam head to head is now 10-7 in Nadal's favour, but 9 out of the 17 matches have come at RG on clay, and Djokovic has now beaten him at least twice apiece in grand slam matches on hard courts, clay and grass. Of course from Djokovic's perspective he now has to go on to win the final; beating Nadal only to fall short in the final like he did in 2015 would be very frustrating for him.

      1. Sarica

        H2H 30 for Novak 28 for Nadal.

      2. Rag

        facts, hope he will successfully win this time. Fingers crossed for him!

    73. Ciaran Selva

      What a match by both of these titans, it will be a sad day when they retire bcos watching the other semi final was like watching the B team, they have spirit and try their best but the quality isn't there.

      1. Mark Ahmadieh

        @fundhund62 Tsitsipas and Zverev's semi looked like a WTA match in comparison.. no where near Nole and Rafa.

      2. Ciaran Selva

        @fundhund62 did you watch both matches??? The 2nd semi was on a different planet in terms of drama, quality and everything else.

      3. fundhund62

        I thought the other semi was more interesting. Not as dramatic or intense, but better tennis.

    74. caunteya

      Tennis at its best ❤️

    75. Petar Petros

      2nd roland garos completed✅✅✅

    76. alessia serafino

      Come vi esaltate ad ogni punto dello spagnolo, novak ve la messa in culo pure questa volta

      1. marc Stauffenberg

        @alessia serafino Hai la coda di paglia? non mi sembrava di essere stato scortese.

      2. alessia serafino

        @marc Stauffenberg menomale che ci sei te professore

      3. marc Stauffenberg

        Ti sei dimenticata una H

    77. kerker

      Начал за здравие, кончил за упокой.

    78. Svinja Debela

      eurosport just can't stand djokovic for some reason. for a few years now, in the middle of his domination, they exclusively keep showing rafa's and federer's winning moments during breaks. when djokovic wins, they prefer to talk about how and why opponents lost, rather then admiring novak's skill. a few times they just ignored novak and skipped his interviews. and they keep insisting on number of grand slam titles, because djokovic got EVERYTHING else in his favor. h2h vs both, most weeks on top, bost big trophies, he's the only person that won all the atp titles there are, and if he wins his second RG it will be EVERYTHING TWICE. but nooo, media keeps talking only about slams, even making graphics so that 20 looks as if it's 30% bigger number than 18. and they love to they keep saying that if novak wins 20 slams - he will be GOAT. and that humors me. when you consider everything, not just slams in which he's almost tied, he is already GOAT and by a decent margin. and it's not just eurosport. the way they are making schedules and selecting courts is also terrible, always in favor of federer and nadal. for example, if there's gonna be rain, they are sure to put novak to play in that time so that he needs to deal with delays. same goes for giving him less time to recover before hardest matches. the way they DQ him from us open is another level of being unfair. not many people would ever come back after such treatment. draws are extremely fishy, too. even when first in the world, in 90% of cases novak gets to play vs 3rd in semis (instead of 4th, which was almost always the case for others). maybe it's all about sponsors making pressure, but i genuinely believe that it's because they prefer western europe over eastern. they need to make a villain out of someone, and novak was a perfect choice. he stopped rafa-fed domination. he intruded their party by dominating them both. this can sound as some conspiracy theory, but these are all facts. anyway, seeing so many people, organizations and media houses biased just makes the victories that much sweeter. go novaaaak!

      1. Dejan Sekulić

        Bravo debeli :) I would just add that Novak is a living man who is neither a rolex model nor politically correct. He is a person who does not obey the imposed patterns. The ATP, like any corporation, does not like the disobedient. It seems to me that this is more significant than all his records.

      2. Philip


      3. Goran Vuletic

        @GrobarooS The guy is Serbian, and all of us Serbs share his opinion.

      4. Maguslloret Munoz

        Nobody can say it better and clear, CONGRATS!!!! NOLE IS THE GOAT

      5. Katerina Patiniotis

        @wallythewhale I like his father. He sticks up for his son and calls Mr 40-15 Chokerer and Kneedull out of their disrespect towards Djokovic and the double standards they enjoy at the expense of the rest of the players.

    79. Станислав Кучевский

      That missed volley at 4:3 in tie-break will haunt Rafa for a long time

      1. Luka

        Errors like that happens in a matches with high stakes and highest intensity

      2. Milos Sobat

        Nadal seemed to be afraid of getting 2:1 sets down. He is the king of clay, he is one of the kings of tennis in general, but he may not be the king of comebacks.

      3. John Stromboly

        yes , that was crucial moment for third set and outcome of the entire match

      4. Kakashi Hatake

        Not as bad as the Djoko running into the net in the 2013 semi

    80. Martin Gore

      Total disappointment in the voice of the commentator, followed by the utter silence, and that was the best tennis match on ATP tour in recent years by two greatest players this sport has ever seen. That was Novak Djokovic's masterclass in the the greatest tennis rivalry of all time. Let's face it, Federer never reached this level of tennis, and that's why he has loosing record against both of these great players.

      1. Juan Martín

        Nadal was not physically well, thats all. Now Nadal wins RG 7/2 Rg against Novak. Agree?

      2. Martin Kopic

        @string strin Weak champion ,weak goat🤣

      3. Martin Kopic

        @Boris Jugovic Great analysis.Well done Boris👍

      4. Goran Marinic

        1. Novak 2. Rafa 3. Sampras 4. Federer

      5. Katerina Patiniotis

        Western media. They're probably paid to glorify only Mr 40-15 Chokerer and Nadal. They're probably told not to praise Djokovic or otherwise would lose their job.

    81. Milenko Stanivukovic

      Србија,брее ... Идемооооо!!!!

      1. sanja ivic


    82. RickeGnool

      It really felt like when the tiebreak started like whoever won it would win the match. I mean how can you recover from losing a set like that? And Nadal couldn’t, his fighting spirit just wasn’t there anymore in the fourth set.

      1. RickeGnool

        @AFROSRB Nadal had clearly lost all belief that he could win when he served to stay in the match in the fourth set.

      2. AFROSRB

        I don't agree with that. His fighting spirit was there all the time, but he simply couldn't enforce his game plan this time on Nole. You could see when Đoković screamed at the end of match against Berretini, how bad he wanted to meat Rafa and get the revenge for last year's clear defeat in 3 sets. Rafa was even leading in the 4th set after that tie break

    83. gledalac 05


      1. Katerina Patiniotis

        Master. Not maestro.

    84. red beard

      This match is one of the best matches Ive ever seen. Quality of tennis is just on another level, 2 of the best players ever IMO! LEGENDS

      1. Hiroki Mori

        @Максим Рижук agree. Some time ago, these two played superb games, Stan pushed very hard Novak. Watchable!

      2. Максим Рижук

        Watch wawrinka vs djokovic in hard. Its top level

      3. Hiroki Mori

        Basically agreeable, in fact this is a historic moment! We all have witnessed something quite unusual. Meaningful in various aspects not only for a winner, but also for others including Rafa. 1. Rafa was, & is, fit for competition, not injured or degraded in his competitive edge. 2. Honestly, unexpected was Novak's victory. So many times they've played at later stages on GS. Nothing new might be expected particularly on clay .... Novak has learned much from Rafa game on clay as did Roger. For even top class players, yet margin to improve! Rafa effects! 3. Novak insisted his game plan, but with better performance backed by his mental strength, self-belief. Pushing further his game resulted in an incredible victory is really significant for him & his team. 3-6 loss in 1 hour the 1st set was in hindsight one of the key moments. He resisted & fought hard instead of discarding it for the sets to come. 4. The longer last games, the more favorable for Rafa they become. That's what all might have predicted, & failed! 5. Novak's toughness. What a player he has become (owing much to likes of Roger, Andy & Rafa)! At a quick glance on their previous a couple of matches, he was considerable time longer on court! His fitness & determination is as such! 6. At this stage of his professional career, this reward would compensate for all the effort that he's made. He can now put in rest all his forestalled challenges. Extra. Pity, but Rafa would be convinced of Novak's better performance. In that sense, much better than tripped up by an unknown player. A positive side I suspect is Rafa would get his motivation renewed! This is very likely given his personality. Also, important is he must be proud of his achievement in Paris, for he set a big target for all other players to challenge him, improving the level of game! This is tennis we love!! Thanks guys!

      4. Zoran Vukanovic

        Onli 1 the best,IDEMO NOLE

      5. Marinko Marinko

        RG should do like W does. Give us full length matches on YT. I find myself going for that W 2019 F time and time again or W SF vs Rafa 2018.

    85. Allexandra

      Is scary how good Nole gets! 🤭 👏🏻

    86. Pistol Shrimp Studio

      If you didnt know who is Nadal biggest nemesis, now you know.

      1. Katerina Patiniotis

        @Svinja Debela they have the same bosses in the star system, as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z Beyoncé, Rihanna...etc.. So...

      2. Svinja Debela

        but when asked, nadal says it's federer. xD probably because he has positive score vs him. actually it's 24:16 in nadal's favor, so it's not even a competition. some "rivalry" when one wins 67% of h2h games. on the other hand, rafa had MANY more games vs djokovic. precisely - 18 more! but it's 30:28 in djokovic's favor, so.... you can do the math and tell how much he's honest in this situation. at least he's not like federer, who always congrats rafa when he wins vs novak, but never congrats novak when he wins over rafa. federer is one of the sorest losers on tour. i do think he feels better now that he accepted he can never be goat.

    87. Milos Tomic

      2:47 The turning point of the match.

      1. Bogdan Petrovic

        @RickeGnool tbf if you had watched the match you wouldve known, at 5-4 30-0 in the third for novak, novak missed a sitter with his forehand. And that turned it around and rafa got the tiebreak after.

      2. RickeGnool

        Nadal will have nightmares about that missed volley.

    88. Marek Czyz

      Novak Goatovic will win all 4 slames this year and will become the best ever

      1. vultur311

        Well he won Wimbledon

      2. Martin Kopic

        He will win Wimbledon this year ,but he should ignore US .

      3. Станислав Кучевский

        Even if he wins only Roland Garros he will be the GOAT As he will become the first player to win all Slams at least twice

      4. Yusuf Luhar

        If he does that then theres no doubt hes the best ever.

    89. Milos Tomic

      Roger's withdrawal now has much more sense.He saw what was coming to him.

      1. Katerina Patiniotis

        @Milos Tomic Exactly. King of grass my @ss...

      2. Katerina Patiniotis

        That's why Mr 40-15 Chokerer packed up his bags and left. Not because of his "legs". Mr 40-15 Chokerer will leave Wimbledon as well as soon as he sees Djokovic waiting for the fourth round.

      3. Milos Tomic

        @marc Stauffenberg When you lose not 1 but 3 Wimbledon finals from the same man it gotta hurt.A lot.

      4. marc Stauffenberg

        @Marko Milijanovic Haha ok Sherlock, your inductive reasoning is flawless. Better stop it here, I wouldn't want you to overheat your gray matter. (P.S. I'm a Nole' supporter too but, hey you know what, you can enjoy his victory even without being at war with the world, piiiisss and love)

      5. Marko Milijanovic

        @marc Stauffenberg You are obsessed by claiming that we claim something against RF or RN but it's all you defending in advance when we state only the obvious. Peace.

    90. Sasa Radojkovic


    91. Lee Cooper

      When these two retire, I'll stop watching tennis. Simply, there will be nothing left to be seen... Fed, Rafa, Novak - it has to be some kind of anomaly, dropped out of nowhere, presented unearthly level of tennis and then gone to the legend... In a 100 years people of those times will consider this a myth, conspiracy theories will question if this actually ever happened...

      1. Luka

        OP best comment I never red about BIG 3(4)

      2. D

        The BIG 3 are definitly a myth and this sport, will never ever see something similar. Its almost impossible to believe what they have done in this sport. You choosed the perfect words: "Their achievment will be a conspiracy theorie in the future". Thanks god, that every match of them and all the battles between each other is caught on camera.

      3. akcidroni

        @fundhund62 Well, if Becker said that, than it has to be true 🤣

      4. fundhund62

        @Itachi Uchiha Oh yeah? Boris Becker famously said that out of the big 3, Federer would have been the only one "able to compete" in his era. Pat Cash has said similar things many times. Michael Stich even went so far to claim it difficult to sit through a whole modern match because of the lack of variety. But okay, you are the only one who understands the game. Sure.

      5. Itachi Uchiha

        @fundhund62 the Tennis is even more impressive than the Numbers. You seem to have 0 clue about how the previous gens played and how rafa novak and roger play/ed. Their tennis is the best to ever ever happen in tennis history if you don’t see that you are unable to figure out and compare to other greats like the ones I already mentioned

    92. Ridhwan S

      One of the greatest games that will go down in history... gutted thay Rafa lost though

      1. James Hunter

        It was one of the greatest matches because Rafa lost

      2. Niels Ohlsen

        @Malphas Mikaelson but why woukd Rafa make more mistakes that Djokivic?

      3. Malphas Mikaelson

        @Niels Ohlsen Djoko's 50 winners 37 errors is good. Nadal his 48 winners 55 errors is bad for his standards. At the same time they also got into brutal rallies. The longer the rallies are the more errors you'll see.

      4. Niels Ohlsen

        Really? check winners/errors rate, mate.

    93. Dominic Maine

      Consistent, high-level play. Wonderful tennis match.