Roddy Ricch - The Box [Official Music Video]

Roddy Ricch

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    Roddy Ricch - The Box

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    1. Roddy Ricch

      Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial

      1. Groovy

        we accept the excuse



      3. Fresh Fruit


      4. Hoax


      5. Sanjay Patil


    2. Barry McHugh

      I just found this song & I must say I'm impressed it's definitely a hit in India & all over da World!

    3. Bruce Brown



      Roddy Ricch I LOVE 💙💙🎵🎵🔥🔥

    5. cocos George

      🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩👍👍👍 Romania

    6. Yannick Greighe DOUCKAGA

      The boxxxxx wonderful song 🔥👏🏼👏🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥 thank's

    7. marites santos

      Corvette vs mustang

    8. Orhun Kaan

      rinenta yata yung mga sasakyan dito ni boss dogs corvvetteeeeee tsaka dodge

    9. נדב סורסי

      Hhdyee oare sisa roriuw neke seong siso diele really was vsie qak sweder on ehsia ueyir iruye kalay home yqhaoedem' gtfbpov doemem Llay eodaeome" Downold wanna noanna nownodlo ahcllnoy

    10. Hindustan Gamer cc

      I findi it😀😀

    11. Diego Martinez

      1:06 “STOP THE CAP!!!” STOP THE CAP RIGHT NOW!!!! 🤣

    12. Hamza S

      Stop the cap .. Stop the cap right now stop the cap !

    13. ميمز جوكر

      Is niss

    14. Reylenza Atalla Belvas

      Sheesh srt VS viper

    15. Cool Dude


    16. jeff mcdonald

      mean mean mean best singer

    17. Jalapeño and Banana Productions

      Kid uses grandma's voice box for auto tune

    18. Lionel Noel


    19. Da Alemanha


    20. Dxm Klebin

      Se ela quer só fé só fé


      Dam robby rich nice girl

    22. Sl!mGoop💯🐥


    23. *- Axel -*

      other people: this song is cool! me: E O, E O, E O , E O, E O, E O, E O, E O, E O, E O, E O

    24. David Hinds

      Your great and your job is so cool


      Who is that girl 😁😁😁😁

    26. Joshua David Xplicit-Beatz

      The Production of the song and video is 🔥

    27. Vasley Fernandes

      This is me

    28. Ben Donahue

      I'm weirdly addicted to that "eee oh" in the beat

    29. Wazmu

      Iu iu iu iu iu iu ....

    30. Aesthetically _ Pleasing


    31. Sashita 24


    32. PinkieGam

      gta in a nutshell :

    33. Kingsley Saseri

      You owe me money roddy for busting my speakers

    34. GojiraPlayz

      ee ur

    35. turopita zesti

      good edit

    36. Andrea Morgan

      My 3yr old son sitting by himself singing eeeeeeee.eerrrrr🤣🤣🤣

    37. Slynt

      2020 president candidate💯

    38. Fatma Said


    39. Karna Patel

      Came here after listening this song's remix in memes😂😂😂😂

    40. J7

      Funny how they used a R34 sound at 0:39. Then again at the nitrous part: 0:41 Probably from 2F2F idk.

    41. Thomas Jones

      I Iove you

    42. Арина Алиева

      Кто помнит ,этот трэнд из лайка?

    43. Thabang Nkopane

      Trick of the century



    45. V3nØM Nub

      Legends searching for the girl with flag ig😁

      1. NOEL FF


    46. Samuel Camboa

      Br no bagulho 💪🏾

    47. E Man and Fam

      have fun in hell Roddy ricch

    48. E Man and Fam

      N WORD TIME😠

    49. x Vahora x


    50. sans bg

      The background music : e o e o e o e o

    51. Ghotem Roullat

      Am i the only one who taped "e u e u" because he didn't know the title of the song?

    52. Äbśt Edits

      Out of context, roddy would have realistically won that race be hes in a dodge demon which is a lot faster than a corvette

      1. Äbśt Edits

        @ZESKIMO i was cloase, but he still would have won by a mile

      2. ZESKIMO

        It was a "Hellcat" :)

    53. Mike B

      The erect punch antenatally complain because purple beautifully prick including a old-fashioned frost. roomy, useful mole

    54. Kaua Nascimento bispo

      El no fal muyt inglec

    55. Dingleberry

      E ER😲😉😏🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

    56. Sami_Chowdhury

      this nigga rocked this shit

    57. tawfiq

      Type e u song and got this . Yes youtube are awesome

    58. _ £¡£ kev _

      This and will always be a bop I'm here again 🔥

    59. phone wai

      Like song from Myanmar 😍

    60. LUCIO 99


    61. glory editz

      Mission impossible glass

    62. Naeem Hudson

    63. RedX

      My bed felt that when he said "I'm gona get lazy"😢

    64. Abdul Hakeem

      Asphalt racing game 😎


      1 Minutes Silence For Those People Who Never Found This Song 😂

    66. zachary Charz gaming

      this is top 10 worst song on earth LoL

      1. zachary Charz gaming

        if you guys dont like my comment then leave

      2. zachary Charz gaming

        i dont like it cause a lot of slender and paste and copy play it a lot. is annoying

      3. zachary Charz gaming

        it called opinion not hate-

      4. Rajat Singh

        bro u play roblox, ur opinion doesnt count

      5. Thank you egg, Very cool.

        That's a bit harsh

    67. 46erKurdi


    68. seba921 i

      soy el unico consio por su idolo en m i caso spreen dmc

    69. Briight SStars

      he really doesnt like gravity 2:00

    70. Family Day Care Plus Fd

      bruh toddy rich looks like my dads brother

    71. Juan Ramon Hernandez


    72. Tavo FF ツ

      Algum BR por aqui? 🇧🇷

    73. Stephen Jimenez

      Roody rich is a crip gang unit ? Roster

    74. Mike B

      The honorable caption virtually blot because tablecloth superfamily prefer into a bizarre authorization. ripe, dependent ocelot

    75. GRIM Mully

      Imagine how many people are listening to this right now ¡¡

    76. Ben Rivas


    77. Fábio Afonso

      Olá tudo o que eu não

    78. JOVAN YT


    79. DG Studios

      Burnouts be like: *ee urr*

    80. RAMIDAS ;NNDE CACA Sfefiu


    81. David Harris

      Ok go off

    82. Z RICH

      this shit trash

    83. Lucky Sunshine

      must be that MBOX files for your mail provider... where is JSON? come on AI... download your info from your computers and see what this song actually means. DIGITAL SLAVERY.... Chasing a $ number on our digital devices. everything you ever see on your screen can be changed, down to your statement at the bank, and that new phone is $1700... shame.

    84. leyla davranmaz

      Eyed lissen to this to make my Drifting beider eet zo

    85. Isaiah Modeste

      Eeh ooh

    86. əfat offîcîaL.

      I am here from - mere sapno ke rani × the box 😎

    87. milani


    88. X Q

      Lockdown vibe

    89. Land of Oz

      you just croossed him over


      these comments are made by 2 year olds jesus christ

    91. Dryft_Lists

      EH OH

    92. Qpac Graviti

      Its a box of mirrors it's it's eyes

    93. Vannah Graceful

      I love you

    94. Karan Sharma

      Vibe 🔥🔥

    95. 3Nemy carrot

      E ER

    96. /isma\

      Can't believe this was a year ago Man time flies faster than I thought...

    97. otilia tingote


    98. Rahul Vijay


    99. Leticia Neri

      Mano é o MH rap cantando

      1. Louco Loucado VLOGS