Stefanos Tsitsipas: 2021 Roland Garros Final Loss Interview

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    Stefanos Tsitsipas (GRE) gives a speech following his loss at Roland Garros 2021.

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    1. Vidya Dadheech

      You won our hearts champ ! ❤️

    2. rantanplan wouf

      He is sooooo sad ! poor boy!

    3. abbsnn cose

      Well done Tsitsipas, definitely a step forward! He's a more mature player now as well.

    4. sokin jon

      Nice young man! Future champ, for sure. He’s already steel. Just needs to be forged.

    5. Sashok Sashok

      You Lost to the GOAT! In the Future you're gonna hold Majors as well

    6. doliio volay

      Tennis today!! The future is ahead, waiting and exciting for you!!

    7. niddg viiut

      Nice young man! Future champ, for sure. He’s already steel. Just needs to be forged.

    8. Angela Zak

      No no...

      1. abbsnn cose

        Not as dangerous as Thiem (on clay), but still gave us a good show.

    9. doire aintu

      concerns Djoker is one of the nicest players and totally did not deserved that. Glad he won.

      1. sokin jon

        Tsitsipas has me as a fan now. Great performance, great skills.

    10. Sylvia S

      I wish it was Rafa to hold the trophy. But too bad Stefanos couldn't win.

      1. doliio volay

        Definitely a future Grand Slam champion.

    11. Nag thelostboy

      Tsitsipas will win many grandslams in the future definitely.. he's just 22..👍❤️..surpassing zvererv and Medvedev to clash the GOAT is incredible!!!🙏

      1. niddg viiut

        Το μελλον εισαι εσυ !!!!!

    12. aola wili

      Proud of you Tsitsipas you Will have others occasions to win RG no doubt

    13. Rémi Garin

      On voit bien qu'il n'avale pas la pillule de la défaite, car il n'est pas très honnête dans ce commentaire. Cela aussi, la next Gen devra l'apprendre !

      1. doire aintu

        To all of you saying he didn't take the loss well... he learned of his grandmother dying five minutes before walking on court. He didn't bring it up during the presentation becaus

    14. Cammy Grosman

      “I’d like to thank my team for all their hard work and dedication; We almost did it, too. But honestly folks, tennis is incredibly boring when the same two guys continue to win, and win, and win all the time!! God, haven’t you won enough majors?! Retire already, bro!!”

    15. Bikrulmal Dr

      Tsitsipas haven't mentality for champion.

    16. K Kim

      The choker

      1. aola wili

        1998 and not earlier,this way he has much better chance for better results and career. :)

    17. kuya sam

      Kudos to Tsitstipas !

    18. H Pn

      He's only 22.

    19. Joseph L. Kelly

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    20. Manuel Soto

      Tsitsipas has me as a fan now. Great performance, great skills.

    21. just dev

      Not as dangerous as Thiem (on clay), but still gave us a good show.

    22. Alison Smith

      Definitely a future Grand Slam champion.

    23. george groundas

      Το μελλον εισαι εσυ !!!!!

    24. Giuseppe SALVAGGIO - Traduisons des chansons

      Sorry for Djokaïne's behaviour... He went back from toilets, after taking...

    25. Nadine Papazian

      Me or Tsitsipas Roger Waters

    26. mikea hiooi

      I love Stafanos, and he will be back. He has a very bright tennis future.

    27. Eddie Ingalls

      T.pas lost the match rather than Djoko win it but it happens - he started to imagine lifting the trophy but was up against a most seasoned, durable opponent who has seen and done it all before.

    28. Lucas Anastassiou

      To all of you saying he didn't take the loss well... he learned of his grandmother dying five minutes before walking on court. He didn't bring it up during the presentation because he knew this is Novak's moment. Seriously guys, have some fucking heart! And if you didn't know... that is the point! You never know someone's story so ease off when you go to call him or anyone a bad loser. You never know what's going on for them behind the scenes

    29. Angela Chang

      Tsitsipas , your time will come soon!! I’m looking forward to waiting that day. ;)

      1. mikea hiooi

        I love Stefanos❤U are amazing and a great player. U did well.❤💙💖

    30. Sinisa Sinisa

      Friendly advice for Tsitsipas is first of all to learn how to loose,it is very important. At present he takes a loss too hard and few more lost finals would do a big damage on him.Novak is still a better player ,that s why he won this title,end of story.He did beat Novak few years back in Canada i think and he was quick to declare himself,Kyrgios (yes,him) and Zverev new bosses on tour. Well, he ate few humble pies since then,but also had some fine victories,too. When it comes to winning a major title,his best chances are on RG,i think for hard courts Medvedev has his number pretty solid so far,we 'll how it develops.After all,he should feel good about the fact that his parents produced him in 1998 and not earlier,this way he has much better chance for better results and career. :)

    31. dilip joshi

      Title for tat

    32. dilip joshi

      What you should have done is you too should have taken a break to cut his rhidum

    33. MsBojana007

      After what you insinuated about Djokovic being a completely different man after coming from a brake, I wish you to always lose from him and Rafa and all other players. It is a shame to see such a profi not being able to accept that a better man and a better player defeated him. Look at Rafa how he behaved afrer the defeat. You must learn a lot! And you cannot truly believe that Novak is your equal. He is one of the best tennis players ever in the history of the sport! And to be honest, the real final was played on Friday, not Sunday. You did not even deserve to play the final, so be happy that you got the opportunity to play it since Rafa and Novak were selected to play flvefore the final. Unbeliveable...such a bad behavior.

    34. Thoukis Thoukis

      My Stefanos you were great ... but you were against the ultimate ball pusher ... who knew he couldn't compere against you if he played real tennis so he had to resort to tricks to just loop the ball your way until you made a mistake ... be proud YOU ARE NOT A Djokovic and be patient and persistent ... one day he will be extinct

    35. Amelia B

      Poor guy…you should drink the same cool aid as djoker.

    36. odell abeb

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    37. C C

      Please do not make Tennis a nationalist show by bringing flags, it is not a competition of countries, let alone war!

    38. celebre inconnu

      Il faut savoir de perdre et rester digne! Je trouve que Stéphanos mal éduquer. Tous les joueurs essais d'être souriant et surmonter leur defaite surtout quand vous etes à coté de géant de tennis mondial comme Borg.

    39. Glen D'Almeida

      Great match, Great players, Very good Camradiere, Overall Tennis as a game Wins. Long live Roland Garros Tournament.



    41. mad young gamer

      Played amazing tennis and was definitely getting novak on the back foot in his first slam. Maybe he played even better than possible after his grandmother just passed away before the match started

    42. basagintel

      sit see pass equally a champ

    43. muamer mizdrak

      Go home, boy...

    44. Olivia Torino

      I love Stefanos❤U are amazing and a great player. U did well.❤💙💖

    45. dari bertz

      I understand him and probably even like him. but he could be much easier in his aftergame emotions. he played against great player. hope and wish one day Stefanos will become great too

    46. David Dowling

      Looks like he is in total shock,you almost had him,next time.

    47. Taxationis Theft

      Back to back matches up 2-0 and going to a fifth 😬😬

    48. bigie forua

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    49. Anna Marina Bevilacqua

      Questi ragazzi cresciuti ai 2 su 3 fintanto che i favolosi giocheranno non vinceranno mai uno Slam

    50. Aneil Kaushik

      1st time finalist vs 28 grand slam finalist 22 years vs GOAT young sportsman vs experienced and world class trained sportsman

    51. Nadine Papazian


    52. Nadine Papazian

      Maybe we should accept that Tsitsipas won’t be a slam winner

    53. Mariya Zhytynska

      Stefanos!You are the best.Your time its coming. Don't worry!

    54. Hotel Velkom

      Noleeeee bravooooooo. Laku noc

    55. Stella-Maria Rallis

      Stefanos is a great champion. Soon Grand Slam Titles will follow. Don´t forget he is only 22 years old. He will be on top of the game soon...

    56. carlos

      He should give the cup to tsisipas, her grandmother died and that's why he lost, it has to be a bit legal and return it

      1. 96ΚΟΝ

        Stefanos did't know that.They did't tell him...

    57. Jared

      Is adidas selling his track jacket yet?

    58. lil sicko

      He did great better luck next time

    59. Kien Vo

      Unlike professional boxers, tennis players have never talked down about each other, maybe except Nick Kyrgios.

    60. Yolly Zurclab

      Next time be wise in handling your opponent. You should study the tactics of your opponents. Lately what I have noticed in Djoker games in the first 2 sets he studied his opponents weakneses. He gave some points to them. Even the whole set He pretend that he had bad shots or as if he was disappointed giving his opponents the confident. Then after half time, he'll change his t shirts. And all of a sudden he attacked his opponents the way he wanted it to be. A sudden change on his game. Hope tsitsipas learned his lesson very well.

    61. Neelan B

      Tsitsipaas u r useless. U cn never win

    62. Paul Johnson

      Wow, Jesus looks sad, cheer up, time to go to the desert, for 40 days, and 40 nights, then you'll be a resurrected player!

    63. Aristos Miliopulos

      Bravo Stefane may she rest in peace my friend.....after those news you still played well.......PAME

    64. Gregory Noronha

      Wanted to see him winning the RG. His fighting spirit is very strong but these young players lack consistency. RF, RN and NJ have ruled decades with tremendous guts. Would like to see DM, SS, DT and AZ the new gen players to win big games like grandslams.

      1. Gregory Noronha

        @Aristos Miliopulos that sounds very sad. But he is playing at Halle without a break. He should not stretch too much which may impact his performance as well as physical fitness.

      2. Aristos Miliopulos

        He's grandmother died right before the match......he would have won he had him

    65. Kinto Zhimo

      Bravo Stef! You're a humble man 👍

    66. Prithipal Singh

      in present young brigade.. Tsitsipas is the best.. wish him to rule the future tennis world.. 🎾🎾

    67. Payroll Department

      Something tells me that this will be the last time he will be the runner up at the grand slam event. Let's hope so.

      1. Payroll Department

        @Eliandra Vilena what I meant is that he will work harder and use this as an experience to take a step further when he faces top players at a Grand Slam finals. I think he is too good of a player to accept anything but winning.

      2. Eliandra Vilena

        What do you mean by your statement?

    68. Nena Mitrovic

      He should be happy to have opportunity to even play a match against Novak at this stage.

    69. Srba Milic

      Great humble guy. I wish him beautiful carier. And he will have it. Very talent, inteligent player. Greatings from Serbia.

    70. Colter Rule

      Real Champ. Epic Match. Great job, Stef ! 💥❤️🙏

    71. Cobe

      At the end of the match he behaved very incorrectly and rudely. As if learning from Federer and Nadal.

      1. Aristos Miliopulos

        @Dejan Sekulić wow......and wow.....hating is not good......don't hate him he will be number one soon and you will have to stop watching tennis of you hate him like that.......your boy will loose he's titles in a couple of years for being on steroids

      2. Dejan Sekulić

        @Aristos Miliopulos Hehe, He has nothing in him, neither Greek nor Russian. He is currently just one little crying ATP girl who thinks something belongs to her. Like I said one day he might become a man and learn to lose. He certainly has a talent for this game.

      3. Aristos Miliopulos

        @Dejan Sekulić be nice.....he's half Greek half boy better stop going to the bathroom like a little p.....s

      4. Dejan Sekulić

        Tsitsipas is not Greek. Greeks are proud and don’t act like p.....s. But there is time for him and maybe one day he will become a real Greek.

      5. Aristos Miliopulos

        @Cobe he could....but he was not all there yesterday.. he could have destroyed novac .....anyway bad day all around for my boy but he will be back

    72. Βιργινία Μπεκιάρη

      Congrats to Novak! But there is always a but… I was always wondering when top players go on a bathroom break, they come refreshed like they took something… Djokovic went in the bathroom after 2-0 and came back like a newborn baby!!! Mysterious things… Pardon me… but I have seen this scenario a lot of times happening… You cannot be 34 and come fresh out of a sudden,,,, something smells here… I don’t know… waiting for replies and comments…

      1. dari bertz

        it's their job. they used to play by hours. and maybe that was even such a tactic to win 3-2 after 0-2

      2. Nenad Savkovic

        😂😂You're alluding to doping? That's not the point. Novak is a wizard. It's a quantum leap. .

      3. Aristos Miliopulos

        I'm with you

    73. ricky chou

      You fail

      1. Aristos Miliopulos

        He's the the news and say that again if you a human

    74. Wiwong Lan

      I really don't understand how Novak Djokovic come sback.

      1. Aristos Miliopulos

        Nobody does ....bathroom breaks help.....and also. Stefs grandmother died so he was not all there yesterday

    75. K Twine

      It's boring when the same guys keep winning the slams ay Stef 😉

    76. Toto Silaban

      He is going to be a Grand Slsm winner in the coming years. Djokovic has taught him how to be a real winner. Consistency and concentration in every game. Bravo Stefanos.


      When the comments are filled with stefanos cheering instead of Novak victory......we all understand that stefanos is a next generation legend ❤️✅

    78. Mauricio Denardi Peterlevitz

      Tsisipas made another fan

      1. Aristos Miliopulos

        You will be a bigger one once you learn the news about he's grandmother

    79. Water Dragon

      The rest of players just mentally not tough enough for the Big 3. That is why Big 3 is in another league when it comes to Grand Slams. Once Djoker won third set that easily I knew it was game over for Stefano.

      1. Aristos Miliopulos

        Stef is tougher than all 3 put together the news and you will see

    80. French Keyz

      Tsitsipas proving once again he's BY FAR the Best player on the tour What a year by the young Greek Nothing can stop him

      1. 96ΚΟΝ

        Except his bad himself...

    81. Yellowait

      That’s right, he’ll win grand slam tournaments... but he’ll have to wait a bit for thé big 3 complete retirement. He’ll be a great player without too much competition ;)

    82. Shihab Km

      Serbian super star novak 😘 world number 1 king 😘

    83. Mario Philippo

      Your team is the problem cause they are filing your brain will false pretenses!!u need work to teach the standard of the holy trinity

    84. Djezon

      Don't worry Stefanos, you'll learn from this. We've all watched a future Rolland Garros winner this afternoon. This tournament demands huge physical endurance and strong mental conditions.

    85. James Goodsir

      He always looks, walks and talks like a spoiled little brat.

    86. therainbowsnake

      Stefanos, I have a vision that you are holding the Grand Slam Champion Cup high. You can do it! I am your fan forever.

    87. pejue cuhuo

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    88. Ugo Branchaud

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    89. beniz

      And the fact his grand mother passed away just before he entered the court. Imagine playing this match after hearing this heartbreaking new. He has been so strong and even if he hasn’t won, he has played so well. 👏🏻👏🏻

    90. Sting3R

      its crazy how mindset sometimes is as good if not better than skill. Novak by far has the most bullet proof mental in tennis hands down!

    91. strelac strelac

      When Novak retires I can only support Greek and Russian players .... In 3-4 years it will be much easier for new guys to play .... It really sucks to be new player in last 10 years ....

    92. peter hansa

      still wondering what happened in the changing room. Djokovic came out different plyer

    93. Dan Holland

      He will win at least 20 gs

    94. Leo

      It was like a battle between an old & young lion. Tsitsipas is not ready to take the pride over.

    95. rock star

      Winning 2 consecutive sets is not a Joke... You gonna win 3 and title 👍👍👍 cheers

    96. Angelina T.

      5 mitutes before the game he lost his grandmother. And yet he gave his heart to the game

      1. aola wili

        Tsitsipas is born on August 12 just like the greatest player of Greek origin, the GREAT Pete Sampras. This kid is destined for greatness.

    97. Roberto V

      He is just an absurd Greek warrior.

    98. navahohoe _

      I'm sorry, the French fuck up...federer nadal and joker in one talk about trying to make it rig. they wanted someone besides them to win, it proves it. just like Wimbledon, John and and whoever did that stupid thing and some how they met again lmao rig

    99. ML 0909

      I just wished He won this