T-bone Steak with Vegetables Cooking on the Sadj

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    As a Country Life Vlog, we love to share what we do at countryside, engage with nature and make the most out of village life. Come and see the colorful videos of nature, unique cooking recipes and just the beautiful life at a countryside. Sit back and relax by watching our content!

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    1. Doglover 2021

      Steak well done not rare?

    2. Baaghii Su

      İsti suyu birbaşa torpağa tökməmək daha yaxşıdır. Monqollar da eyni şeyi edirlər.

    3. Putnik Kavkaza

      По-любому оператор пухлый😂. There is no way that the operator is not thick😂.

    4. Bodhi Utthan

      This is real cooking love it!

    5. Nasir Faizi

      Which country is this? wish to visit this place.

      1. Bodhi Utthan


    6. R000KETMAN


    7. Julie Hagger


    8. No Jab for Me Educate your self

      Such Tranquility. Where is this place? thank you for sharing your video with us.

      1. Vusal Mustafayev

        In Azerbaijan

    9. Лариса Тарасова

      Добрые, хорошие, здоровья вам и вашей семье

    10. Mehmet Akif KÜPELİ

      Bu sessizlik, bu huzur, tamamen doğanın sesine yer var... Allahııııımm sen büyüksün..

    11. Имя Фамилия

      Это сейчас снег?

    12. H1GH ALPHA

      They went crazy when the last time you seen someone do this year this dope asf 💪🏾💪🏾💯🌹 gotta love that country side and that frozen tundra season

    13. M R


    14. Amy Loo

      Beautiful food and beautiful countryside

    15. Ornella

      Удивительные люди. Всех вам благ

    16. Roberta Battisti

      Cara signora, l'aglio sulla bistecca alla fiorentina non si mette. Se lo faccia dire da chi a Firenze ci abita. Faccia la baklava, ma lasci fare la "fiorentina". Grazie

      1. Dionea Liguori

        Pur essendo napoletana, inorridisco davanti a questa stressante preparazione in cui la carne non sembra affatto protagonista, poi cotta con le verdure mi fa davvero star male, non so !

    17. Bagaimana dan Cara

      beautiful scenery..love it..i love nature..

    18. isa olloni

      Fantastic 👏👍 I love it !!!

    19. freedom free

      Beautiful beautiful

    20. Virtuool

      Very nice and traditional want to spend some days with you

    21. Conceicao Olino

      Parabéns pra vc dois vio

    22. patriot faith

      Hello to everyone out there. I have a question for who ever can answer it . The two large green vegetables in the basket at time stamp 24:46 what are they. Any help will be appreciated.

      1. Nadra נד'רה leah.g

        wonderful ..I enjoyed watching.

      2. Linda Witherspoon


    23. Wayne Church

      I love how you work closely together as husband and wife in all that you do, and I love how much time you spend outdoors. When I was a boy in Western Canada, where I am from, houses were small because they were affordable that way, and people also spent a lot of time outdoors. There was no television and entertainment, and Canadian people worked hard like you two do. I also like the way that you make your own sturdy outdoor furniture, and of course, all the hearty and wholesome food you make. But you make so much! I hope you have family to help you eat it all. hahaha

    24. ray cayce

      I'm jealous of that knife!

      1. Pamela Scalora

        Me also.

    25. Recep Bilget


    26. Canal Lumiartes

      Muito bom ☺️ Very good 😉 🇧🇷

    27. Janet Classen

      Does anyone ever love on that cute little dog 😘

      1. Danyellg

        Right! I'm thinking its a Jack Russell? 🐶

      2. Penny Elliot

        I can't imagine anyone not loving it! Its so stinking cute!!

    28. Erik Thompson

      I think it's cruel. Kicking back and feasting on such glorious bounty, while the camera person toils and hungers in the cold without getting so much as a measly bite of that wonderful looking food, haha.

      1. Natanael Aranda

        Erik if you not noticed that she add 3 rd. plate with massive TBone steaks plus load of veg and she also put out tree portions of the same when pouring the TEA' was for the camera person, is her son ??

      2. Vusal Mustafayev

        Cameraman is their son. Lol

      3. Elsa Ypanto

        don't you worry, the couple leave food for the camera man☺️😀

      4. Joyce Hamer

        If you had noticed she cooked 4 massive TBorn steaks plus load of veg and she also put out three potion the same when pouring the tea

      5. Maria carmen Marrodan

        Una forma de vida autentica

    29. Татьяна Жирнова

      Как хорошо вдвоём,на природе! Счастья вам и здоровья, дайбог!

    30. Ewa Ewatoja.

      Inny piesek?Ciekawe co z tamtym...

    31. Random Exitus

      Dobrá dvojka. Uklidňující.

    32. badra almadij



      I love the fact, you put a dish for us!

    34. George Smith

      Them… Sitting in the must beautiful scenery in the middle of the day cooking T-bones and veggie feast over an open flame… Me…. Laying in my bed in the middle of the night with a bowl of maple and brown sugar cream of wheat cooked in a microwave…

      1. James S

        You should feel guilty that you have it so good 😀

    35. Rodriguez Ortega

      I love to watch them cook. Sort of reminds me of my own growing up years. I had them on my Facebook watch list, but I lost that computer with the Facebook account, it broke in half and at the same time my cell phone broke down for good. So I am so glad to finally find them again. God bless them.

    36. Giovanni Ciannavei


    37. Naima Louchen


    38. Inan Korkmaz

      Çevreye duyarlı, saygılı ne güzel insanlarsınız. Allah sizinle olsun. 🌳🌲🌴🌾🪴🌼🌻👍👏👏🙏🙏🇹🇷🇹🇷

    39. bouchra elharrak

      Le calme la nature vraiment magnifique 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    40. NekaybaawTV

      I will put money on it that SHE is a Fire sign! lol I cook with my hands in hot fires also!

    41. Ash Cash

      never seen not a single fly 🪰🥰🥰

    42. Сергей Сухов

      руки хоть помойте,кулинары(

      1. Вист. Вист

        Они готовят для себя и очень даже все клево.Уже эти гламурные стерильно показушные поварята сгадили...своими понтами.А это реальные люди.Живут и готовят для себя и без мух всех как там нож держать и куда палец оттопыривать когда вилку береш.

    43. Александра Давыдова

      Эх... бензопилу вам надо бы приобрести...

    44. utube

      Would love to spend a weekend there? How do i find out?

    45. Dr Haroon Khattak


    46. Gregor Miller

      Good to see god gets a bowl, after all his hard work.

    47. Royal Blue

      It’s a whole feast. It looks amazing and delicious 😍😋😋😋

    48. NoSaltiesAnd RoosHere

      👍 Danke fürs Hochladen! 👍 Thanks for uploading! 👍 Very good and beautiful, thank you! 👍 Sehr gut und schön, danke!

    49. r s

      Oh my God, my mouth is watering!!!

    50. Pepe De La Cruz

      y xq 3 vasos si solo son 2 ?¡?¿

      1. El Brandito OIE

        El camarógrafo también bebe té xd



    52. Ирина Макарова

      Автору канала большой респект ! Попросил двух взрослых людей подниматься по снежной траве вверх, как они не скатились вниз ? Ещё раз поражаюсь трудолюбием, молодцы!!!

    53. mitchie hiscocks

      same old bollocks chop wood light a fire

      1. Evelyn Cortez

        There's more to life than frozen pizzas, buddy.

      2. Chantel Boyd

        U certainly don't have to watch if it's....."the same old Bullock's" to u.....problem solved, move along!🤷🏼‍♀️

    54. Тони Старк

      Там на березе вырезано было "Воркута" ? Или мне показалось)

    55. палач палач


    56. Marz Brownie

      when covid -19 is over.. I want to visit them.. inshaallah

    57. Tapdiq Veliyev

      It's Azerbaijan.


      chzmare!!! notable y la recogida de basura mejor un ejemplo a los valores chilenos

    59. Politically Incorrect

      Good people and a good Dog!

    60. Stella Judickas

      Que lindo rikisimo todo y con mucho amor..los miro siempreee

    61. nihat kaya

      küsmüsünüz hiç konuşmuyonuz la

    62. Heike Vögele

      Sweet Black dog🐕❤️

    63. Kavitha Naganathan

      What a beautiful relationship between the two souls. They're sharing all the struggles as well as the happiness. Nature gives a lot of resources to all living beings. We must take care of it. We must change our lifestyle and live with nature.

    64. Rose Bittencourt Paes

      Que lugar lindo!.. Tudo que se come, E natural, os chás comidas ....bjs JENTE lindas trabalhadoras amo vcs...

    65. Marcello Bravo

      A lot of things catch my atention, and if you notice you will see that they are not used to cook this way. Its not that easy to cook in a campfire. You dont achieve that heat potential, even for the water boiling can. This video shows just a display of food before and after cooked (probably in common fashion out of the cam, or with the help of some heat supply not displayed). I live in Brazil and here when you are in the wild, you have to pass some sticks through the meat and put on the ground surrounding de fire, and keep feeding the fire with wood or coal. Take hours to prepare that unless you cook some fish, and I'm talking about a warm to hot weather!

    66. Zoya il Patel

      Wow a true feast,keep cooking guys,i see youf love for it,wish i could join you someday for a cooking taste and lessons,wonderful

    67. nora ai

      الهدوء ، الهواء الطلق ،،، الالوان جنة فوق الارض و الحياة البسيطة و الطبخ الصحي . اعجبني جدا حتى اني شعرت بالراحة و السكينة .

      1. اليمن الحبيب

        اللهم ارزقنا جنات الفردوس الاعلى يارحمن يارحيم اللهم نجنا. من عذاب جهنم. وعذاب القبر اللهم امين يارب العالمين وصلاة الفجر بتكون. فيها. راحت اليوم الكله والهدوه والسكينه نسال الله ونرجو الله سبحانه وتعالا ان نكون من اهل جنان الفردوس الاعلى اللهم امين

    68. eril

      I like your video

    69. pims pam

      ca fait 2 heure quelle est cuite cette viande elle ta saboté la recette fait cuire d'abord ces legumes avant !!

    70. Cristian Guainora


    71. Jaime Cervantes

      Big respect ✊ for y’all I wish I live with y’all greetings my friends 🙏

    72. Jamsheer Babu

      Where is this place...

      1. Xokuma Quliyeva


      2. Jamsheer Babu

        @زهرة Jasmine thank you

      3. زهرة Jasmine


    73. Yalnız Kurt

      köpek çok güzel :)

    74. True Gamer

      these are the type of grand parents, you need, the ones that live the simple good life

    75. Derrin Ballard

      Hello from USA. Your food looks delicious. I enjoy all of your videos.

    76. Ivanovna Giraluna

      Pero que perrito tan tremendo, hasta ayudan el ambiente , que pareja tan bella

    77. елена ефимова

      а где ваши очаровательные собакевичи....обажаю рыжынького.....но где он....

    78. Nuray


    79. Miss Jenny Gutiérrez

      Simplemente encantador el lugar, las personas con su estilo de vida sencillo, la comida deliciosa. Que bendición sería vivir así.



    81. Susan Kirksey

      I’d love to see inside your cute home

    82. Mirrka Rakita


    83. Margarethe Calixte Nazaire

      Love,pure , fraternité yes

    84. joe tiller

      Thats some good looking food, you find trash everywhere no mater where you go..

    85. Ali K.

      Sahtein from Lebanon

    86. Margarethe Calixte Nazaire

      Et pourquoi il y avait eu le carnaval

    87. Judy Whiting

      Their eating outside..it looks FREEZING...their bundled up...cuz its FREEZING....what fun is tgat

      1. Wild Cat

        As long as they enjoy their life

    88. W Bishop

      Should've showed them cutting into the meat 🔪 What kinda of dog was that, its a cool looking dog. Nice location, I too would pick up after litter bugs to keep it clean and beautiful. 🥩🥕🥔🧅🧄🥖👍✌

    89. La Laoday

      Is that a wok? What is it? I have been looking for one to cook with.

      1. Ali K.

        That's a sadj, what is amazing is that in Lebanon a far away country from Turkmenistan is called a Sajj, we put in reverse and we use it to make bread.

      2. La Laoday

        @Zubair thank you.

      3. Zubair

        it's a sadj, kind of like a pan, used over coal

    90. Musab abrahem

      الله عل طبيعه

      1. nael DD

        بالفعل طبيعة خلابة

    91. Bert Valle

      Watching this is crazy relaxing.

    92. Максат Карымшаков


    93. Максат Карымшаков


    94. Nadan589

      Tuzik is such a well-built, smart little dog!!!! I do enjoy watching him. And of course the video in its whole is very relaxing but Tuzik is a little extra!

    95. Section 14

      Beautiful food and location...what a grumpy pair, not a single smile ??

      1. besribify

        Eventhough they grumpy, but they are loving couple

    96. William Aguilar


    97. Keresi R Lomata

      What's the name of your dog? I don't see him in any episode's.

    98. Jorge Barranco

      Beautiful please to live!!!!!

    99. basia basia

      PYCHA!!!!! ... i can't watch them grab boiling pots ... OUCH!!