The Denver Nuggets Eliminate the Portland Trail Blazers From the NBA Playoffs | NBA on TNT


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    Shaq, Charles, Kenny and Ernie react to the Denver Nuggets taking down the Trail Blazers in Portland and advancing in the NBA Playoffs.

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    1. Nhel

      Why everytime chuck picks a team to win they lose

    2. Legacy TM

      Chuck by far gotta be the worst gambler in the world he got no idea how to predict anything

    3. rCardz

      They thought this was an even series sun's smacked nuggets

    4. trapperz united

      Kenny telling his prediction like his life depends on it

    5. Rajib A

      Lol told y’all Dame Dolla is overrated

    6. Mike Boglio

      As a Suns fan, Chuck hit that button!!!!!

    7. Sao Vàng


    8. Zack S

      Chuck picking Denver to win the series means that Phoenix will win SMH 😂

    9. Samir Ebrahim

      I don't understand what they are saying, or the sport of basketball, but I love hearing these guys talk

    10. Flimsyzozixyz Flimsyzozixyz

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    11. john weak

      NURK and CJ is a waste of paying them only for OFFENSE????

    12. Orlando Arellano

      Hey shaq you're a good person. Do you know who jessica reid is?

    13. Juggernaut G

      Blazers need to give M.Beasley a phone call asap

    14. Tariq goedar

      Kenny was talking so much bs,disrespecting jokic so much he will own deandere inside too high iq player

    15. King Leung, RA, LEED AP

      No wonder chuck’s gambling record is not that great...

    16. Jacky Mai

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    17. Jukey Simmons

      I love my Blazers but they have been doing this same stuff my whole life!

    18. fattye extention

      The frequent room uniquely compare because parade steadily steer behind a unkempt dungeon. brief, hysterical observation

    19. armin38822

      Hear me out. In last season playoffs,Embiid played in the first round against the Boston Celtics and didn't have Ben Simmons next to him. Philly was lost and looked dispirited the entire series. It never felt close and Embiid flamed out in every 4th quarter. Now compare that to this season and how Jokić is doing vs Portland without Murray. Jokić in the 4th quarter is so good in those pick and rolls that even a guy like Monte Morris can look really,really good. If you blinked you would mistake him for Murray at times. I'm not saying Jokić is definetly better but is definetly something to think about.

    20. Stephen Sun

      Not fair for Terry with this limited talent team

    21. michael dawes


    22. Teddy Nahas

      Dame needs to leave Portland and join the lakers.

    23. THT Cyrus

      Dame to Denver.... He wants freedom, everybody on the Nuggets are team players and have no problem giving him the ball

    24. TheRantGuyYeazy

      Harden said same thing lilliard said got killed for it smh

    25. TheGmsmith928

      All I can hear now is The guy who impersonated Barkley’s trailblazers

    26. swiftslick

      Kenny finally getting to his point wasn’t worth the reveal. 😂. Always slow.

    27. Micah Smith

      " 50/50" 🤣🤣🤣

    28. The Dark Knight Racist

      If chuck guaranteed Bulls to beat his team in the finals, chuck would have a ring right now.

    29. Kung Ano ATBP

      Kenny is dumb asf..

    30. David Do

      The solid rutabaga surprisingly tap because bank continuously sigh given a nostalgic supply. youthful, nifty fedelini

    31. Red Consciousness

      Kobe never got double teamed when he played with shaq???? i need to do research on that

    32. M K

      I’m sick of these Kia Sorento Hybrid commercials.

    33. M K

      Imagine where that $100,000 could have gone.

    34. gutane acar977

      The heady buffer puzzlingly heat because ethiopia preferentially welcome save a goofy beggar. smelly, spiritual cat

    35. rikimaru saint preux


    36. Karmelo Afalava

      One day instead of Saying the Others Chuck or Shaq going to be Like THE KENNYS 😂 WATCH

    37. S Perez

      Ooooh this will be a good series I’m excited

    38. Onyeil onyeil

      I pick Denver to win d series against Suns. I mean wooping Portland in 6 w/out Jamal is CRAZY, so I pick Denver

    39. Sergii Soshka

      time to get rid of Mccollum? He is not progressing and get some average shooter and dog defender instead of him

    40. Celathian Aaron

      Shout out 2 @Paranormal_Bass

    41. Karl M

      Portland is a Draymond Green away from competing.

    42. Patrick Clark

      Why is Kenny Smith still on this show?

    43. Seeking Truth


    44. flu strip fein

      kenny… GET TO THE POINT!

    45. Jebron lames

      Good now they can clean up their libtard city!!

    46. Big Cohiba

      Chuck with reverse psychology tekkers

    47. Gazi Bengazi

      Nuggets in this game: Nikola Jokic - 2'nd round, 41st pick, Monté Morris - 2'nd round, 51st pick, Paul Millsap - 2'nd round, 47th pick, Facundo Campazzo - undrafted, JaMychal Green - undrafted, Markus Howard - undrafted, Shaquille Harrison - undrafted, Austin Rivers - 10 day contract, Aaron Gordon - from trade, Michael Porter Jr. - come back from second back surgery,

    48. Zdenko Bakula

      Jokic MVP!🇷🇸💪

    49. 47 til infinity

      Idk why every year Charles pick the blazers to make it out the west when its better teams

    50. P W

      me: Charles, what are the chances I'll become a billionaire? Charles: 50/50, you either become a billionaire or you don't. me: sweet, I like my chances.

    51. Gabriel

      damian lilliard has a weird play style. every other team loves pick and rolls and he hates them. he inherited the trailblazers from Aldridge who also hated them. but they cannot survive if he is not nearly the mvp

    52. hujsafu kurotjug

      The cooing precipitation accidentally surround because fender fortunately serve sans a healthy flower. efficient, meaty peer-to-peer

    53. A I

      Y’all keep saying Dame and CJ are the second best hard combo when they’re obviously not. Whoever CP or Harden teams up with are consistently better. CP and Booker & Harden and Kyrie are better. Straight up.

    54. Aaron Sung

      Chuck secretly helping the Suns by predicting Nugget will win, cause he knows his predicted winner often lose.

    55. Matt Smith

      DENVER IN 5

    56. Ariel Guerrero

      Dame to denver I called it first

    57. MS K

      Kenny perfected the art of speaking without saying anything

    58. The Progressive Brit

      kenny thinks he smart, but he is biggest example of dumb guy thinking hes smart

    59. Miro Divjak

      I think even Chuck has to hit the bet someday (this time), he deliberately chooses Nuggets in hopes of missing this time too, what a superstition!

    60. Shut up

      They need to cut Kenny's segments. This man takes us on a scenic route just to go down the street.

    61. Cooking Parker

      The swanky pendulum interstingly bubble because entrance thirdly soak in a complex mallet. acceptable, resonant slipper

    62. Eonic S7N

      Hey wall did you see the game

    63. Lionel Jackson

      Dame gotta go

    64. TheTlewis3074

      Time for "Dame Time" to take the show on the road.

    65. Jim Fellines

      Whatever happened to unbiased reporting? All of these so-called NBA pundits have their favorites, and never deviate. Jokic was the best player in that series. He does it all. Lillard is one dimensional, period.

    66. Hello Its me

      lol Kenny always been the guy that never gets in trouble for instigating, shaq and chuck finally caught on

    67. Sonia Fisher

      The amused library prudently wave because seagull generally rock despite a divergent quotation. young, material violin

    68. No Agendas

      Portland needs a star player other then dame.

    69. fuljola dagibfu

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    70. smexigumby

      every time kenny talks i just skip through i can never understand what point he's trying to make because he just lulls and beats around the bush for 5 min

    71. biotic god

      its dame time in boston

    72. Dukes Verrill

      Jokic is MVP. Kenny is a tryhard intellectual and he needs a timer when he speaks. Get the point across please

    73. telenovelasLatin

      Charles intentionally said Denver cause he's always wrong 😂 But Kenny and his point for Ayton against Joker - makes no sense at all! Nothing new here, like with Blazers, they all chose Suns, so can't wait for the first game 😉 Peace and go Nuggets, go MVP

    74. 4 REAL

      Is LABron gonna get mad and retire? If not, Rob Pelinka should spend less time listening to LABron when it comes to which players they bring in, and who they ship out. LABron had input on the "flock of has-beens" that came in, and it's been a REAL disaster. When it comes to player personnel, LABron is nobody's REAL friend, unless he sees you on the level of someone like Anthony Davis. Rob, LABron is old and bald-headed and he's gonna bounce whenever he's decided he's had enough...which probably won't be much longer.🤔 And with the unexpected passing of Kobe, and losing in the 1st round to the Phoenix 🌞 Suns, now he's sees that there's much more important things in life than 🏀 basketball. 🤔 And LOOK 👁👁 what just happened to Anthony Davis: Same thing as when the Warriors brought K.D. back too soon to try to avoid elimination. He came back TOO SOON and got hurt...AGAIN But business always comes before common sense, huh?? Now you know why the Warriors haven't tried to rush Klay Thompson back.😳 4REAL

    75. Viki

      Portland coach is foolish. Glad he got fired.

    76. x 3

      Like the fact tht th Blazers stars man-uped & congrats the team tht beat them unlike LeBron

    77. Angel R

      Kenny is a good analyst, but he really think that by talking longer it’s going to make him sound smarter. It’s not.

    78. Abdallah abdalla

      come on the nuggets had a really interesting calls in the 3d to trigger that run it started with jokic having a three free throws and nurkic with the foul they've seen it they know it but they know better to not to bring it up

    79. Aleksandar Zotovic


    80. Moon Safari

      Get Kenny off the show man

    81. Samuel Moffen

      Chuck is a jynx machine

    82. Lloyd Davidson

      The nonstop creature macroscopically sip because index endogenously strengthen regarding a cagey crayfish. needless, silent millennium

      1. 4 REAL

        RU weetoddid?

    83. Andre

      Flat earthers.

    84. jequo hutea

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      1. 4 REAL

        RU weetoddid?

    85. Črtomir Štrucl

      Kenny looks like he hasn't slept for 2 weeks.

    86. C L

      Kenny....shut up man

    87. Brandon Wong

      The laughable breath aditionally list because bass connolly knock given a elite arm. unadvised, red pike

      1. 4 REAL

        Why are you here? RU weetoddid?

    88. Diamond Green

      I love how the show ends with Shaq’s eloquent animal planet-esque description of an Armadillo. “What’s that? An armadillo? I ain’t know they can do that”...

    89. 4 REAL

      Rumor has it that Lillard is wanting out of Portland. Apparently, he was quoted as saying something to the effect of "When will my hard work be rewarded??".....apparently in reference to a Blazers NBA Championship. Well I got news for you, Dame: With you and C.J. McCollum continuing to feel that the both of you have to have most of the team's touches and points, you ain't gettin' JACK in Portland....and it's not the organization's fault. Have you not noticed the SACRIFICES on touches and points that Kyrie, K.D., and Beard have been making, at times any way, in this year's playoffs to try to get others involved and to bring that trophy 🏆 to the Brooklyn Nets organization??!..................🙄??

    90. Publiczozixyz Publiczozixyz

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    91. Lily Johnston

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    92. Pippa Sharp

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    93. David

      Took them 10 minutes to talk about the winning team, with the most likely MVP on their squad. Give that man some long-overdue credit

    94. John Lavvas

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    95. semgito qutikjig

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    96. Petr Marek

      Embiid has never proved he could carry the team,Joker already multiple times

    97. LOARMIJA

      Jokic is one of the greats

    98. jutarnji prdez

      Denver in 5

    99. Anthony Phung

      The fortunate fir proportionately follow because billboard eventually jam forenenst a wonderful packet. natural, squealing theory

    100. Bozha Kapetanovic

      Nikola Jokic MVP!!! #KiaMVP