This Is SO SMART!!! 😂



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    This Is SO SMART!!! 😂
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    1. Masum Kedi Alex

      This is SO CRINGE! 😂

    2. Stephanie Torres

      This is so SMART :me. It is😎

    3. Hassan Khan


    4. Nataly Paola Saavedra Correa


    5. Rae Schultz

      Omg stop copying bro

    6. - Pamonha ッ

      Puts nem um brasileiro?

    7. AdamikovCZ


    8. Marion Rivers

      Like no one see that tape on the other side

    9. King. Yeet

      How did he not see that the handles were the rong way???

    10. KasenArt2

      It was literally 1 dollar

    11. רות חבקין


    12. Trina Mcneilly


    13. Korey Davis

      Did he really put cheese on it

    14. Trina Mcneilly

      V Wg.

    15. kashmiri Desi Vlogger

      I'm Super smart i watch this video 2 times🤣

    16. Taylor Crawford

      4.5m likes for this video.. I’m done lol

    17. Mohsin Ibraheem


    18. Pranay Mukherjee

      It's funny how in the first frame he's pouring into bothugs but in the last frame both mugs are upside down. 😂

    19. Chuckeima Kincade

      What The going to do with one dollar 😆

    20. Huraiyah_.

      My Google Assistant Suggested this vd :D

    21. Juanchito Chispas


    22. Naseem Khan


    23. floky haïti

      All sviv mw floky HAÏTI 🇭🇹🇭🇹

    24. Karthick Latha


    25. RabaBrawls

      Dude has a dollar 😑

    26. Mia Curtil

      This is the song in shark bite ROBLOX

    27. Alina Nuri

      Gvvihr z z

    28. Georgiana Munteanu

      Its not smart🤦‍♀️

    29. Tian Tianz

      Lol its obvious

    30. Krypton Gaming

      This is so genius! - Average Tiktok user

    31. szumiś

      XDDDDDD KIDS -,-

    32. Amine Amine

      الفيديو مخدوم

    33. shraddha Sahu



      The cameraman👻👻

    35. ✿Leaf_

      Who drinks milk with wip cream-?

    36. Galaxy J1mini

      Am au ka vako

    37. Dani Guevara


    38. Roblox girly103

      Ya we are just going to pretend that there is not a camera right in front of his face

    39. Rey Magundayao


    40. Della Della


    41. Bibiana Molz


    42. Bilal

      Bro how does this have so many likes?

    43. Mirrah’s squad Susman

      I don’t have a reason to look at this thing lol🤣🤣🤣

    44. Luleka News


    45. Un'que Melanin

      This ain't smart it is as dumb as the person doing this rubbish.

    46. Shruti Malviya

      Both glasses are inverse

    47. Quoc Hung Tran

      Haha 😅 lol

    48. Deon Copeland

      No way I watch them on RScamera

    49. Imelda Sanchez

      Good job I like it,

    50. Alba Segura badia

      Spanish hola eres el mas tonto q conozco

    51. Arnav The Superhero wildcraft

      Song name?

    52. Pintu Kumar

      Hi honey need of hi is hi boo

    53. Nirupama Mishra


    54. Treza Levian

      Idiot gank 😂


      This is the old one

    56. sytict varsesh

      I have a problem this video has been used a lot

    57. ZDB 2 bishara

      Your videos are the best!!!

    58. Anjali Mirajgaonkar


    59. Fabiano Ghisi

      He is so smart

    60. F45T

      Camera is invisible

    61. Heart barrientos


    62. shilvie Shilvie

      k ( wow)

    63. Manfred Xolile

      Young man realy smart

    64. veronika b


    65. Miguel Duran

      The guy paused and took the milk out and then fliped it to make it look like there is still milk inside

    66. Abedullrazzak Abo Shakra

      Well i will prefer the cup for the 1$ 😂😂😂😂😷😷

    67. Mick Bowes

      Wow smart

    68. eenshcobob

      Why does this have four and a half million likes?

    69. Vašek Trojan

      This is not ,,so smart”, this is fckin stupid

    70. TechAWN

      ❤️🙏😭 Your one click can change my whole life🙏😭❤️

    71. TRANSLATE 102X

      This Is So SMART😂

    72. كاي kai l


    73. Arjun Shete

      Cringe ×1000 😵

    74. Zaa2 Zaa2

      Hey urgʻochi

    75. 𝙢𝙞𝙜𝙪𝙚𝙡✌︎☻︎

      I just hate when that stage it🤦‍♂️

    76. Назар Костюкевич

      Я помив дупу

    77. REPOMAN641

      Mother: alcohol won't affect my child The child:

    78. Wilson Goat


    79. Lona Grasso


    80. howtodraw.comart

      These dud had 1dollar 1

    81. Tian Sinyo

      Apasih blok

    82. marcela govea

      lol +100

    83. How To Videos

      This is so fake lol

    84. Imran Ahmed

      E 😎 DJ and photos from break with your mom

    85. Yayanskuyy

      Where the cameraman?

    86. Liliana Sagrero

      Both cups were fliped and one was empty and one with money

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    91. IMPOSTER ^~^


    92. Anuwat Kuree


    93. Swaggy


    94. Sandesh

      "Yesterday is history "Tommorow is mystery "Today is gift "That's why it's called present😍😍