Tion Wayne x Russ Millions - Body 2 ft Arrdee, 3x3E1 & ZT, Bugzy Malone, Fivio Foreign, Darkoo, Buni

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    1. Yung Boi

      Bugzys verse was the coldest. It was so gd

    2. LLG

      Who knew some uk rappers could make the biggest song in the world right now

    3. AbrahameEsqee Vallejo


    4. HeavyMetalBoy4

      2:29 Fivio Foreign

    5. Naquita Adarkwa-pobi

      Arrdee part is the bessst

    6. Henime

      Who's the white guy he killed it


      Where the 9mm’s at? Oh right

    8. Daian Qurashi

      Overrated af

    9. Crypty :D

      0:27 No offense, but can somebody explain why I’m laughing at this 😂 😂

    10. Theo Akintoye

      No one has probably read the whole title

    11. Stiffy up The bum

      voddy oddy lime and soda englands englands free lockdowns over

    12. Dan Lz

      Is it me or did this song go like FUCKING SICK📲🙌🏻

    13. -Gacha_Zone-

      0:40 SEE OLD YOU ITS NOT MORGZ 💀✌️ You also can’t turn subtitles on bc yt doesn’t know what there saying bc most of them

    14. D Medilicious

      Arrdee brought me here

    15. tawanda mmmaa

      Smoke cigarettes" was the best part

    16. Joanne Perks

      H wanna be

    17. Ice

      🔥BEST RAP

    18. Black Miz

      UK drills are fire!!!!!

    19. Hilmi


    20. Rohan Heer


    21. tanisha gatale


    22. Bernie Fitzpatrick

      That is sick

    23. )

      0:30 )

    24. CHARLIEZARD-_-

      I prefer the remix with feel good inc...

    25. Sleepy_Joe Biden

      *This song kept on playing in my mind during summer exams, wtf I left class to go dance in the bathroom*

    26. Yaren Okcu

      omg i live there in edmonton lmaooooo

    27. Charmaine Roussel

      I still hear James's 1

    28. Kamel Yacia

      Se qui vienne de tic toc mdr❤️😜💖

    29. Thomas Ndhlovu

      Cool man its a hit n he doesn't wear no jewellery

      1. Thomas Ndhlovu

        He is one of a kind one day will kill it with him

    30. Lacey Smith

      I’m 8 I loVE THIs song

    31. Lacey Smith

      NICE 👍🏻

    32. R V

      Ksi should have been in this

    33. ZackyPlayz

      I may be minority but 2:56 was the best part in my opinion

    34. Mete Erzurum


    35. Taylor Colley

      Good morning

    36. Ari Valdez

      Arrdee is the off-Brand but still better jake paul

    37. SyKa

      0:27 😱🤯😎

    38. Eryon Bytyci

      ''State of her body.''

    39. wysbrudd4h

      Have you seen the state of her f4nny

    40. Just a picture with a big blue J

      12 Mil last time I checked 🗿

    41. Nick Urso

      Must’ve watched this music video 100 times in the last three days... a true cinematic masterpiece pared with some of the best UK rap I’ve ever heard. Well done, even the imposter

    42. narkologs


    43. Electro Skull

      Arrdee's verse was the hardest 🔥💯

    44. Jabran

      This Is One Of The Best Collab Ever!!

    45. gntyh

      how this song a month old i feel like ive heard this forever

    46. Kataleena Trice

      Ofc the only american is fivios dumbass

    47. Alex Mugambi

      This is 🔥 no 🧢

    48. pele 2020 galaxsy dario

      Arrdee did the impossible

    49. Jacob Parks

      The adlibs 😂

    50. Ece Arıç


    51. specialist

      fiona african girl named adiola

    52. Jabran

      Yo this song hits different 🥵🔥

    53. Raees Ahmed

      ENGLISH girl named Fiona, African girl Adeeola, Back up back up, wrist . Smoke

    54. นาตาชา โลมาน๊อบ

      Get out titok

    55. Ilyas

      Darkoo' flow tho wow

    56. DROP REMIX

      British Ardee Russian look African accent 👀🔥

    57. Joshua Jepsen


    58. Andre Joseph

      As an American, *I like this song more than Taylor Swift's whole career*

    59. Wetbroom 476

      White boy go crazy

    60. Purple Llama

      Bugzy s part is cold

    61. FNB PEEN

      ⁱᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇⁱⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡⁱᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰⁱˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ!!🥶

    62.  Black pink

      Dis zo cool 👌👌👌👌☺️☺️☺️😝😝😝😘😘🥰🥰😍😍🥰

    63. raZin aZam

      Arrdee's verse hits different tho

    64. †Triggered†

      love allah its amazing!!!

    65. Nightraven

      “When the song finished” was the best part

    66. Pate

      Arrdee’s verse slaps harder than African parents

    67. Pate

      "Smoke cigarettes" was the best part xd

    68. Pate

      this production is insane

    69. Samantha Lawrence


    70. Ferra Player

      0:40 best part

    71. theoprohd97 Stoyanov Tonev

      White boy showing there good too

    72. Ali Khan

      Love the song but bugsy the toe rag of crumpsall simply disgusts me when he appears on screen - they didn’t need this human turd on this banging track!

    73. VizionAU

      bro yall sleeping on E1s part.

    74. Isalk Afe

      Fucked up man i don give a f

    75. Chilled Soup

      anyone else just come her for fivio

    76. فيكن - VEGN

      ديييم يلحماس 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    77. GomiTatsu

      This is just way to fucking good, thank god for English rap

    78. johnikanonis

      Respect from greece🇬🇷

    79. Anu Bhandari

      Who coming from tiktok??

    80. abdimalik Mahamed

      Foverite song from somalia🇸🇴🇸🇴

    81. Nathan Easom wright

      doroad should of been on this

    82. PaperCut

      Tik tok will be the downfall of humanity

    83. Drill Tok

      Digga would be good on this if russ wasn't robbed 😂

    84. Akai Shuiichi


    85. Ryan Hicklin

      Why does nobody mention bugzy in these comments?😅

    86. goku solos


    87. lennox magoqoza

      Damn this slaps

    88. Jesse Jones

      Arrdee hit's

    89. Dankyu

      What's the name of the guy at 1:49

      1. S 1

        Bugzy Malone

    90. yaboichris

      From 0:26 all the way to 1:07 it was lit b4uh the part that says you can do all you want your whole life dont give a f was my fav part

    91. Brinky De bink

      First time in life where the whiteboy rhymes bussin

    92. TD Double

      People I skip in this song- Ardee, the American and that lesbian looking guy

      1. TD Double

        @Drill Tok yh yh my bad

      2. Drill Tok

        *American 😂

    93. Tochi Chita

      Ardee is british ain't he?

      1. Andre Joseph


    94. Tochi Chita

      That first guy dance is out of stock. 🛌

    95. 04_conrad aruldas

      When u enter in 'Da Hood'

    96. SaHaR OsMaN

      Tiktok ruined the whole song

    97. Pate

      almost 1 mil likes

    98. Rorisang poo

      That white boy fire 🔥

    99. dadas beats25

      If murda was in this would be much better