Trying to enter the world of #shorts


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    Just Annabelle and Ian racing towards the finish line :) #shorts

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    1. Эльдар Черкесов

      Девушка супер👍

    2. Kaliph Nickens

      What are those

    3. Cody Crabtree

      She makes $8 an hour unfortunately

    4. karthikeyan senthilvelan

      What are those?

    5. Ricardo Chavez


    6. Ricardo Chavez


    7. JustAKHype11

      He's so calm with it tho

    8. Snipez

      Can someone tell me what this candy js called I wanna buy plzz

    9. Blind Goku

      How foolish of you thinkin of outfighting the guy who had been using his hand doing the same routine since the very beginning of his adolescence year !! he merely showed the true potential of guy right hand iykyk😏

    10. Achilles Zeus

      What are they cutting?

    11. Hoshea Yahawadah

      Look closely...the guy is cutting twice the amount as she

    12. 구리

      winning the war without winning the battle

    13. Logical Faith

      What am I watching?

    14. Brandon Romero

      The guy did like his 6 th sense who is the rookie blonder

    15. IAmEarl Benji

      Not even that he likes her he just know the routine to make them the perfect size as u can see she started off fast and good but they started getting bigger

    16. Neo_ Playz

      The guy almost beat her and he wasn’t even trying 😂

    17. 3rdVoid Men


    18. Stephen Wiegman

      What the hell is that

    19. Christina Vy Nguyen

      He let her win as he know he is a man. He doesn’t have to fight with a girl. It’s should be a good man ( I know it because I have 2 younger brothers and they always yield to me )

    20. Vihloah

      i do my lil dancy dance

    21. Patria AG

      Very cool

    22. TimeSauce

      What’s this job

    23. Rui Silva

      Can i have 1 ?

    24. Jay's Garage

      I just want to know what they're cutting dude

    25. FadedDexter

      He doing 4. Shes doing 2. And he slowed down for her😂

    26. BRL Booga

      What are those

    27. Myka

      please yall need to pray that you repent your sins and Accept jesus christ as your Personal Lord and savior, Because Matthew 12:36 But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken. In judgement day if your name was not found in the book of life you will be Thrown into the lake of fire because you did not accept jesus as your personal lord and saviour and bear the fruit of the holy spirit By Reading bible Galatians 6:22-23 "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.".....

    28. seanna Spickler

      Would you let her win.

    29. naif majid

      Get a life get a life please you are not doing Genius thing

    30. 강낑깡

      Iron man

    31. Reptile Obsession

      Is that rock candy?

    32. carlos quintero

      He won anyways cus he was doing double the strips!

    33. Paulo Alvarenga

      Whats is It?

    34. Sid Sam

      This honey is cute.

    35. Nolehg

      jaja el man se ríe xd

    36. Robert Li

      What they cutting?

    37. sanaullah alom

      The boy is very humble and gentle ☺️☺️☺️ he take is so easy his win a beautiful smile !

    38. Aakash Mandal

      2 minutes of silence for the man no one is seeing him.

    39. Котов Артем

      У него аккуратнее красивее получились конфетки

    40. Eduardo Torres

      Nobody Will talk about the fact that, They both almost finish at the same time and she didn't even recognize he did 4 Not 2!

    41. liljared711

      If he let her win that’s basically treating a woman as if she’s of infantile mind , a person doesn’t grow by having ppl let them win but do what you do.

    42. samuri king

      Am I the only one who realize she has elf ears on

    43. BeautyLilyaa

      This guy is toooo soft...

    44. James Powell

      I'm in

    45. evil daughter evil


    46. liamese

      is it just me or does the dude kinda look like Leafy

    47. I’M LONELY

      the guy is so gentle

    48. 김PC

      그래서 저게뭔데

    49. Yamato

      what are they cutting

    50. 소으니SOEUNNIE

      That cute smile when he looked at her being super concentrated🥺🥺 lovely

    51. Jjjj Phhh

      People analyzing this video wtf😂


      The guy is a simp. He can finnish it faster than the girl.

    53. Louis G

      The guy had 3 and slowed down multiple times on purpose

    54. Jason Nester

      What is going on here what are they cutting

    55. Tedthebed

      Wtf are they cutting though?

    56. ka x

      Lata ćwiczeń

    57. Mr whompski

      What are they even doing? It looks like candy, it looks super good!!!!

    58. Dirty Frank

      I wonder why the man is a lot faster 😩😂😂😂 I think we all trained for this moment boys!

    59. Guadalupe Almazan

      lol the dude already holding more than the ghurl

    60. Shark3

      Is it me or do these sound like fellow Aussies 🇦🇺

    61. Hfffbfn Fhbffhhf


    62. Bill NyeTheBlackGuy

      What candy is that?

    63. Anis Airi

      He do more than her..just look at all the candy..

    64. Victor Hugo

      Cute 🔥😍

    65. Iqbal Fvnky

      Tajam banget yh

    66. Missaka Sooriyaarachchi

      The boy cuts many but girl cuts only 2

    67. yes its me

      But, it's 4 against 2. You know what that means tho

    68. spaghetti saucer

      Everyone: yeah the guy lost on purpose and is nice Me: what are they doing

    69. Clyde e

      The girl is definitely named Abigail

    70. Dark Lord

      Are ya winning son?

    71. Jacob Howard

      Wtf is this?

    72. Summer Bliss

      The guy cut it more evenly tho. The girl's candy pieces were unevenly cut.

    73. Finlay Brenninkmeijer

      He is so much faster

    74. am a

      What is it?

    75. Vallie

      Who else is stuck in a endless loop of watching RScamera Shorts for no reason? You click on one and you just can’t stop watching the rest

    76. Harvey Dent

      Soo ppl are saying he slowed down for her which is true but even if he didn't did nobody notice he did 4 sticks and she did 2......come on ladies you gotta earn that 30% lol

    77. Kawaii Gaming

      Why is she so cute?

    78. агент агент

      Девушка красавица

    79. A R

      So uhh what were they doing?

    80. D G


    81. Ankana Shee

      This is a candy

    82. CatchLuvsU

      what is this tho candy a toy

    83. Sigma Male

      Mans farming for brownie points. Class act.

    84. Обэме Абоба

      Где-то я видел эту мадам но не скажу где

    85. Simon Says

      Dude had more to chop. Why is nobody noticing this

    86. Sulman Sahotra


    87. Damn Yeast

      He had 3 she had 2 lmao he beat her if he didn’t have to do the 3rd one

      1. Damn Yeast

        4 lol my bad

    88. fernanda cv

      Qué es eso?

    89. いむたくんちのきぬ


    90. Infinity Gamerz

      If Indian Street Chef Do This They Need 2 secs Maximum

    91. Kierra Williams-falkner

      This girl was havin fun with it

    92. Nate Guerrero

      I thought these were gun shells lmao

    93. Owen Cunningham

      That what she said

    94. GAMING

      صدق من قال البنت على المطبخ

    95. Santos Gandhi

      Trying to enter the world of #shorts

    96. carlos rincon

      Q eh fufgse

    97. iQOSマニア

      very cute😍

    98. フクロウ


    99. Bryson Morgan

      What are those ?

    100. Tackleberry 93

      The man done twice the work in the same time, just saying ;) haha lets see if we get any bites