Verstappen & Hamilton Clash at Monza | 2021 Italian Grand Prix


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    Title rivals come together once again! Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton clash at Turn 2, causing a double retirement and for a safety car to be deployed. Thankfully, both drivers walked away unharmed.

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    1. rubensosatuub

      "Get under there Lewis"

    2. eioshen boboi

      Lewis after crash: "Tyres are going off."

    3. Blackrod Trainspotter

      Absolute banging race

    4. I DONT GIVE A ****

      Hamilton saying he’ll continue to “give nothing” to Max. He’s basically saying he’d rather ruin his race (and Max’s) than being overtaken. What a ******* clown!

    5. Psikolog Jalanan

      Arrogant Maxx...He will lose the title this season.. and he will regret about that moment And Hamilton will still breaking his record

      1. eioshen boboi

        the way that Vestappen get off the car and look Hamilton ,means alot !

    6. Psikolog Jalanan

      The Trouble Maker Max...

    7. Rainer Tannnebaum

      Sascha Roth und Ralf Schumacher 😴👎🙄

    8. TrialMester Gaming

      The second a major crash happens it is the only thing being talked about but the halo did the right thing by saving Lewis

    9. Bill Mo

      Still hate the look of the halo but in moments like this just glad it exists

    10. HurricaneSkills NZ

      If you don't go for the gap you're not a F1 racer anymore

    11. Alex Perez

      0:12 verstappen and hamilton collide 0:16: Steward: Green flag, all clear

    12. Dajon2

      Max is going to end up hurting someone with the way he drives. Someone had to do something

    13. Tristannn :]

      Verstappen is still above hamilton if u get what i mean

    14. MNAIRN42

      That Honda downshift 😍

    15. Revez 999

      Lewis ran him out

    16. André Deketele 'AstuteComplexTheory'

      So, Max gave lulu a portion of his own medicine. Lewis had more too lose so he should have backed down. His own words. Karma!

    17. Tono Maria

      Kalau saya liet sih lewis yang salah karena dia baru keluar pit stop.seandainya loh kita lagi kenceng kenceng nya orang keluer dari tikungan kiri masak kita mau kasih jalan ke dia dak mungkin kan gambaran saja kalau max di hukum tak adil

    18. Jason Riffle

      It's a pity Hamilton lived..or at least broke his neck

    19. Cy Spiegel

      So sick of Verstappen... THE CRASH KID!

    20. sehhi vooty

      the way that Vestappen get off the car and look Hamilton ,means alot !

    21. dcoog anml

      the way that Vestappen get off the car and look Hamilton ,means alot !

    22. xRAF1NH0x

      When two fighting Lando smiling 😄

    23. Johny Truelove

      Макс м# Дак вот и всё !!!

    24. Rich

      Max "Accidents Happen" Verstappen

      1. sehhi vooty

        Red bull gives you wing 😁

    25. Fede Rico

      so the overtake engage rules? if you can close the way to the overtaker, this is going to be a nasty season

      1. dcoog anml

        Clearly, these cars are too big for the tracks they race on. No refueling, turbo-hybrid engine, etc have contributed to the cars gradually getting bigger.

    26. qopoy dnon

      the way that Vestappen get off the car and look Hamilton ,means alot !

    27. Gabriele Mattia

      Obviously, Ericcson fault

    28. yosua yoga

      keep crashing boys but safely, let bottas win the championship

    29. Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin

      My personal take is that this is an incident that both drivers can avoid. Either Hamilton don't squeeze to Verstappen or Verstappen can back out a little bit.

    30. Don Homerone

      Netflix: 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑💵💵💵

      1. qopoy dnon

        Halminton ha chiuso max esagerando...e max che nn e' a dito in bocca ha tenuto la posizione fino al riepilogo di quel che succede poco dopo....go max sei gia leggenda

    31. Phil Barrett

      Verstappen wasn't at fault as such but in almost identical situations, Hamilton backed out every time this year.

    32. SeaPen

      Oh!! The 'injured' Hamilton was trying to reverse his car when Max is half in the air and he himself has a wheel over his head. So for the dumbwits asking why Max hadn't checked on Hamilton, guess Lewis wasnt that injured to be trying to reverse and had to be told by his race engineer to off the engine. As for the stewards, most of these old farts are mostly demented and hand out ridiculous penalties destroying the sport.

      1. SeaPen

        @kristers porietis Ha ha

      2. kristers porietis

        I found a salty max fan🙋‍♂️

    33. Mohd Shayan Baig

      The more I look at it, the more I think it's not a big incident. Yes, halo save Hamilton but Verstappen's car went in air due to rare coincidence, not like he flipped Hamilton's car or something.

    34. Steven Ducati

      Max's competitive spirit is being channeled the wrong way. He's racing against himself. You can't win against a proven champion by throwing the book at him.

    35. Vojta Dúbravčík

      jebe vam. wat ar dous? justis for frstapn

    36. nieooj gotoy

      the way that Vestappen get off the car and look Hamilton ,means alot !

      1. Shulker

        Get out of this room. For god's sake

    37. Neil Cross

      So should you just open the door and let someone pass? That’s not racing. You don’t submit the lead.

    38. Bhathiya Dassanayake

      Red bull gives you wing 😁

    39. Krunal Patel

      Clearly, these cars are too big for the tracks they race on. No refueling, turbo-hybrid engine, etc have contributed to the cars gradually getting bigger.

    40. Danilloko X

      Verstappen new Rosberg

      1. nieooj gotoy

        If Alonso was the one on top of Lewis he will be like: ALL THE TIME YOU HAVE TO LEAVE THE SPACE ALL THE TIME

    41. Tom Bystander

      Russia is gonna be insaneeeeeee

    42. Riccardo Contri

      Buitre dove sei?

    43. Samuele Bartolotti

      Okay l'incidente tra hamilton e verstappen ma ricordatevi che junior aha bevuto 8 medie in 2 minuti

    44. sardegna libera

      Halminton ha chiuso max esagerando...e max che nn e' a dito in bocca ha tenuto la posizione fino al riepilogo di quel che succede poco dopo....go max sei gia leggenda


      The winner of this fight will be so happy.... lol

    46. rayz77

      The Merc strategists squarely to blame for this crash, Hamilton could've pitted after one more lap. A costly lapse of judgment!

    47. Simataa Nyambe

      Nooooo why

    48. Andre Gallippi

      Brings a whole new meaning to "We race as one"

    49. Speed

      F1 on this video title: Crash, nah. CLASH

    50. Bier Walker

      Hamiltons fault

    51. I R

      I guess Max shouldn’t have let Lewis pass in Bahrain then.

    52. AdriPV27

      Is Lewis fault, he didn't give him enough space when was already in the inside line.

      1. Andrew Roberts

        Grid pen for Verstappen.

    53. vinasu maaj

      i just realized this is hamilton's 1st DNF in 3 years

      1. Shulker

        I just realized of your profile picture.

    54. Racerxx2

      If Alonso was the one on top of Lewis he will be like: ALL THE TIME YOU HAVE TO LEAVE THE SPACE ALL THE TIME

    55. K.O. Khalil

      Three crashes this season, Still leading drivers championship

    56. Dennis Thompson

      Sky Sports guys always quick to defined max

    57. Mihaly Liviczki

      Sajnos ez van mikor a modern kori lovagog küzdelmében már nincsen Fair Play. Ha valakinek az "apukája" a volt F1 vezető jóbarátja ,sőt még a mai kor hullámának hátrányos megkülömböztetjének is tartja magát,bár nem az,de promotálja. Na azzal a személyel sosem lessz egyenlő elbírálásban egy hasonló tehetség.

    58. bansaiboi

      Whos fault this was? Max or Hamilton? I dont understand anything about F1. I only know that they are driving a circle ~60laps? Is this fun to watch? Usually it must be boring AF, without any crashes. 😂 2 drives who can win. Over and over again. I must watch the next race. Let me see if i like it. I have NEVER before in 35years watched a single lap of F1 😂🙈

      1. Emre Suliman

        @bansaiboi Yeah, the race is always on Sunday (the next one will be next week in Russia). As for the money, I think starting from next year there will be a limit, I don't know if there's one this year, but there might not be (I'm not that old of a fan, so I don't know that much, I started watching this summer) The rich teams the likes of Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren or Ferrari win more than Haas, Williams or the other ones Have fun next Sunday! :)

      2. bansaiboi

        @Emre Suliman Sure thing. If i remember right the race is always on sunday? I think the reason i have never seen a single race is because some of the teams are so much better than the others. Mercedes mercedes red bull red bull 😂 Is there any limits how much money they can use each year? Mercedes and RedBull are the rich teams. Is that the main reason why they always wins? Drivers are important ofcourse, but there must be some other advantages too for these 2 teams? Money? Let me check the next race and i will be back then. 😅

      3. Emre Suliman

        As far as I'm aware, FiA have awarded Max a penalty. (Though this is coming from a fan) F1 really isn't boring, even if they only circle the track. There are always interesting moments. And then there's the tension, especially if you root for someone in particular. I think you really should watch one time to see if you'll like it. If you do, welcome to the community, and if you don't, well, now you can say that you at least watched once :)

    59. Walter Chavers

      And these announcers are supposed to be experts? They're at least supposed to know what they're saying. A lot of wrong information in that 15 seconds.

    60. Jonathan Cannon

      0:50 Martin - "Max did nothing wrong." FIA - And I took that personally

      1. Shulker

        @vinasu maaj get out of this room... Please.

      2. vinasu maaj

        역시 개보다 못한 헤밀턴 개버릇은 남못주는것은 여전하네~~~~~~정신병자 같은 .......쯔쯔

    61. John Verdejo

      I'm with MAX.

    62. DJ

      reminds me of Senna and Martin Brundle crashing in 83 i think, Senna was on top just like Max. The difference is Senna immediately checked on Brundle. But nothing against Max cuz Lewis was trying to reverse.,

      1. I see arabs 😱😨

        Yep In f3 that was.

    63. Timepiece Enthusiasm

      First Silverstone, now this and all the other fights these two already had...this F1 rivalry is getting insane

    64. Ssss Ssss

      Chicane is by definition to let only a single car through at a time. So, you can't overtake through it. If you can that's not a proper chicane. As simple as this.

    65. Mitchell Webb

      Lewis didn’t cross over until the line ended. Tf

    66. João Marcos Vasconcelos

      1:15 Verstappen is such a spoiled brat! He gives Hamilton no space*, but he complains when Lewis does the same! * first lap incidente where Hamilton is forced off track.

    67. M M

      ham was blow up the sausage !! :P

    68. M M

      Get everyone off the track, Hamilton passes ! Whoever does not move will be penalized in the next race with 3 places backwards :P That spoiled brat knows no other way to win unless he pushes Max off the track , or with the wholehearted help of the aquifer V. Bottas ! Go Max you are the man !!!!

    69. Panagiota Ch

      If max had space he'd have used it, d He didnt have space and Lewis drove into him

      1. Andrew Roberts

        Max was behind so had did Lewis drive into him?

    70. Simon Peschke

      what r u doing step merc

    71. 천호령

      역시 개보다 못한 헤밀턴 개버릇은 남못주는것은 여전하네~~~~~~정신병자 같은 .......쯔쯔

    72. Omar Siddique

      Lads may we be able to see a 2021 Lewis v Max movie soon

    73. Tipsi94

      One Way to win the F1 Crash and Kil the better driver ..

    74. Jose Segado serrano

      Yo creo k Hamilton tiene la culpa fijaros en la primera curva por donde pasa Norris y por donde pasa Hamilton mucho más abierto lo k lo penaliza en la segunda curva de la chicane ahí está el detalle que determina todo lo sucedido

    75. Peter Aron

      I think max did it on purpose payback for Silverstone

      1. mijuo roui

        On another note, Monza is turning out to be quite an unexpected interesting race. Im excited to see what happens next year.

    76. Unfound

      Bro that halo saved hamiltons life

    77. Senelisiwe Gule

      Max's comment after the accident was nonsense!

    78. Kudzaishe Tarwira


    79. lior yunfh

      "Redbull Gives You Wings" now it makes sense

      1. Shulker

        And the agents terminates your profile picture!

    80. Павел Ермашкевич

      Why can't anyone see that Lewis ignored the blue flag on the way out of pit-lane? 0:46

    81. Millos Manager

      It reminds me old with with Schumacher vs Hakkinen, vs Sena, Vs Villeneuve.

    82. Rido Iwe

      Mantap..ehe hhe

    83. Kevin Sweeney

      Max was in the wrong again. How many times will he be allowed to be such a liability?

      1. Kevin Sweeney

        @Bas Jager Hopefully then the bobblehead will learn to drive like a formula 1 Champion. Time will tell.

      2. Bas Jager

        Many more times because he has many years of racing ahead of him. Unlike Mr hammer the competition of the track Shambleston, who needs to retire his old @ss when this season is over.

    84. Soinas Doyi

      the way that Vestappen get off the car and look Hamilton ,means alot !

    85. THEssSFM

      Hamilton knows how to be fast. But because hes leading for so long and is allowed to blue flag pass he just cant overtake.

    86. stoffe larsson

      Is the blue flag for hamilton or verstappen?

    87. Harry

      Did nobody notice that Hamilton got a blue flag to let them

    88. Mitcheak

      When Max came on the F1 scene, I thought that here is a driver I will support once Hamilton retires. Unfortunately, I started loosing respect for Max as time passed. Everyone around him are idiots when things do not go his way. He has not grown up yet, and I doubt if he ever will. This is a sport and sportmanlike behaviour is expected from everyone. He has become too arrogant to my liking. He has ability and has proven it, but with ability comes humility. For me that is where he is lacking. I have never supported teams, but drivers. Over the years I have supported many drivers and not all of them turned out champion material. My eyes are currently on Russell, Norris, Leclerc, Ocon and Perez. With the rule changes, 2022 promises to be interesting.

      1. Mitcheak

        @TheThailandExperience, you said it. The more I see of him, the less I like his ways. Not sure what influence Jos has over him, but he should reign him in.

      2. TheThailandExperience

        Couldn't agree more with you. Max is probably the reason Daniel left RedBull. Max is lucky he was given a great car to start with. Spoilt brat if you ask me.

    89. gtoss chddy

      On another note, Monza is turning out to be quite an unexpected interesting race. Im excited to see what happens next year.

      1. Soinas Doyi

        Halo has saved quite a couple of lives already since it's implementation.

    90. TheThreatenedSwan

      Max is technically correct, but it would have been prudent of him to avoid such a risky situation

      1. Andrew Roberts

        Very fair comment

    91. Hvy Duty

      When are they going to send L.H. down to the stock car division

    92. Alceu Chaves


    93. Lucas Nagliate

      Perigoso o Senna com a MacLaren ?1988 atropelar esses dois frescos com os carros atuais deles.

      1. gtoss chddy

        I missed this crash. I came upstairs to the race on to see a battle of Mclaren and Ferraris and was like..... Did this race just travel back in time?

    94. sannio komi

      The character of a man is revealed in the time of a crisis.

    95. animetibiconfide

      Stay on top of Hamilton! Max really took that advice literally 😃

    96. davidkosa

      Each side has valid reasons for why they are in the right. What stood out for me is Verstappen walking away from Hamilton in utter disregard for his well-being.

    97. Gregorio Carreño

      Please brothers drive carefully. the most important thing is life.

    98. Dániel Nagy

      Everyone seems to have missed the blue flags being waved to Hamilton when exiting the pits, including the stewards...

      1. sannio komi

        Max nailed the breaking in that corner 👍 Lewis squeezed him out heading into the 2nd corner. If it wasnt for the sausage kerb, Max would have overtaken Lewis eazy cause M

    99. LightHouse Photography

      Looks like The spirit of Nico Rosberg returns in 2021 for Lewis Ham. I crash you it's your fault. lol

    100. Cristián Paris

      Bad sportsmanship by Hamilton, he clearly moved to his left to block Verstappen. You should always leave a car's width space.